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Casinos have been around for hundreds of years, and have always been quite popular, but nothing like the wave that we’ve seen over the last while. Hundreds of billions of dollars are now spent on casino games every year, dwarfing other forms of gambling, even lotteries.

A lot of people play lotteries and in terms of reach, nothing really comes close, but with casino games, people spend a lot more on them, which is the reason why they generate so much more revenue.

With casino games, it’s not just that you can win money, the thrill of gambling, it’s that you can become very well entertained along the way, whether this is by way of playing slots specifically designed for their appeal, classic table games like blackjack and roulette which have really stood the test of time, or some of the newer casino games which are now quite popular as well.

With the building of more and more land based casinos, as well as the coming of online casinos, the reach of casinos has really been expanded lately. With more casinos comes easier access and players now don’t have to travel so far. Computer based online casinos brought these casino games into every home, and mobile casinos even allows you to take these casino games with you wherever you go.

Casino games really haven’t changed all that much over this time, because they already have such a wide and even fierce appeal that simply offering people better access to them is all it takes for the industry to keep exploding in popularity.

Casino Games
Slots Blackjack Baccarat
Roulette Progressive Jackpots Casino War
Casino Holdem Craps Keno
Let It Ride Live Dealer Pai Gow Poker
Scratch Games Sic Bo Three Card Poker
Video Poker Caribbean Stud Poker Ultimate Texas Holdem

Slots Are King Both At Land Based and Online Casinos

The majority of the action and betting at both land based casinos and online casinos is at the game of slots. Slots have several characteristics that many players find very appealing, even irresistible, and this is the game that tends to be the favorite of problem gamblers in fact, it’s that tempting.

Slots offer very fast action and this is the case both with land based slots and online, although online slots tend to be even faster paced, where you can pack in a huge amount of gambling per hour. You spin, you see the results, you then spin again, without having to wait. Compared to table casino games, slots are super turbo charged, and that’s what so many players like.

Slots also have the benefit of having access to bigger and even huge payouts, especially when playing progressive jackpot slots. This serves to add a whole lot of excitement to the game and with slots it’s not about just winning the size of your bet, it can almost be like a lottery, with big, bigger, and biggest wins being available.

Popular Table Games A Hit Both At Land And Online Casinos

Casino gambling has been around for hundreds of years now, and the most popular table games are also ones that have really stood the test of time. Games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps have been the top games at casinos for a very, very long time and remain so.

Casinos do look to introduce new games to look to add some variety, and some of these games have indeed caught on pretty well, but none have even approached the success and popularity of these classic favorites.

Blackjack and roulette are the kings of casinos, the most popular table games and second only to slots in terms of overall popularity. Roulette’s appeal is primarily centered around the way which spins are decided, and players still become enchanted enough with watching the ball go around to keep this game on top.

While there is no real strategy with roulette, blackjack does offer a little at least, whether you should hit or fold, double down, split, and so on, and this is something that many casino players enjoy. The house edge at blackjack, when played correctly, is also the lowest among all casino games.

Craps is the most popular game involving dice, and combines elements of chance with direct participation from players, as well as the camaraderie that develops among players at the table. Baccarat is a card game which is very popular with high stakes players and has a level of prestige that exceeds all other games, as well as being entertaining.

Other Casino Table Games That You Can Enjoy

The game of poker is fabulously popular, and although a lot of people play poker these days, especially online, a lot of people simply aren’t good enough at it to dare sit down at a table with experienced players. So the idea of casino poker was born, to accommodate everyone regardless of skill level, where players instead play against the house.

So the games of Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Holdem emerged, and these games are easy to learn, and while there is some strategy involved, the game is much simpler to become proficient at then standard poker games such as Texas Holdem, which involve playing against and outwitting other players.

Three card poker Let It Ride, and Pai Gow poker are other popular card games based upon poker which are available at casinos, which are also structured so that it is easy to learn and play.

Sic Bo is a game played with dice based upon the ancient Chinese game which used dominos, and was at one time only played by Asian players but has now found a fair bit of popularity among players all over the world.

Even More Games To Provide Even More Fun

Keno is a very popular lottery based game that was first played in China thousands of years ago, and now that the rest of the world has had a taste of it, it is now widely offered by both lotteries and at many casinos.

Video poker brings the game of poker to slot machines, and has been around for decades now, and it remains a very popular game. Like slot machines, it offers fast action, faster than you would see with any other form of poker, as these cards are displayed on a video screen and can be dealt instantaneously.

Online casinos now also offer scratch games, which are virtual scratch tickets which offer all the fun of playing scratch cards from the lottery without having to go out and buy them.  They are scratched so to speak with the click of a mouse so this is even faster paced than the traditional scratch games.

Finally, online casinos have now come up with a way to offer real casino table games accessed right from your computer at home. A real casino floor is used, with real dealers, real wheels and cards, and this is as close as you’ll ever come to the real thing, in fact it is the real thing other than watching the action live via video feed.

So the selection of different casino games to play is very substantial indeed, and players can find lots of great selection regardless of their individual preferences.

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