Best Iowa Online Casino Sites in 2021

Casino gambling in “The Hawkeye State” is alive and well! On land, you have 24 licensed casinos in 19 different cities. On water, you’ve got riverboat gambling cruises departing daily. And in the air, you’ve got plenty of Iowa online casinos to choose from. Wherever you are in the state, you can get action. Due to how spread out the state of Iowa is, you may not be close to one of the casino properties. If that’s the case, or you just don’t feel like getting dressed, you’ll want to check out the top Iowa online casino sites listed here.

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  • Large Selection of Games
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • Caters to US Customers
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  • Great Customer Service
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  • 300+ Betsoft Slots
  • 3-6 Hr. Payout Time

Why Are These the Top Iowa Casino Sites

State of Iowa Icon, Poker Cards With Casino Chips Flying UpBefore accepting any recommendations, it’s important you know how those recommendations were derived. Our review process follows strict guidelines ensuring we’re only recommending the best real money Iowa online casinos.

No casinos on our list bought their position, bribed us for better reviews, or are friends of ours.

The only way to secure a spot on our top Iowa online casinos list is consistently delivering the best online casino action in the state.

Want some specifics? Here are three areas we put a lot of time and focus during our review process.

Safety and Trust

Handshake, Two Hands Icon, Four Casino DieNo Iowa online casinos even start our review process unless we are 100% confident they can be trusted. It’s not that the casino industry is extra shady or anything different from any other industry in the world. But when you have large sums of money on the line, you want to pay more attention to these things.

We put these Iowa gambling sites under the same scrutiny we would with a bank or other financial institution.

Here are the critical questions we ask during the review process.

  • Do they have a history of delivering a safe and secure online gaming environment?
  • Are their systems, servers, and games updated to the newest and safest versions?
  • What sort of internal processes do they use to mitigate security risks?
  • Are they proactive about threat identification and elimination or do they only react after something has happened?
  • Would we trust them with our own money?

Overall Quality of the Casino Game Offerings

Laptop Displaying Online Casino Game Win, Gold Security LockYou join Iowa online casino sites to play the games. If those games aren’t the best options available, you’re wasting time, money, and missing out on the fun. When we’re analyzing the quality of Iowa casinos, we spend a lot of time looking here.

We’re looking for a wide variety of options, the newest and most up-to-date games, great graphics and animations, big bonuses, and our favorite classic games.

High-Quality Banking Options

Icon Hand Holding Phone on Online Bank, Money BillAs we’re sure you’re already aware, you can’t insert money into your computer like a slot machine. You will need to use an online banking option to get money on and off of Iowa online casino sites.

When determining the top betting sites to recommend, we look for Iowa online casinos offering several safe, fast, and efficient banking options.

The most popular options we look for include:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin)
  • Money transfer programs (Western Union)
  • Bank transfers
  • Paper checks

Are Iowa Online Casinos Legal to Use?

Iowa Flag on a PoleCurrently, there are no laws in the state making gambling online at Iowa online casinos illegal. The only law addressing any online gambling in the state is SF617, making online sports betting in the state legal. The law lays out all the framework needed by gaming companies to enter the market as a state-regulated option.

Regarding online casino action, it’s our interpretation that you’re legally allowed to play because you’re not breaking any laws. You may get some pushback from legal hardliners who say this creates a gray area. But we think it’s reasonably clear.

If you’d like a more complete answer, get in contact with a gaming attorney familiar with Iowa law.

For now, Iowa online gambling sites operating in the state are offshore ventures. They service residents of IA, but their offices of operation are not located within the state.

What Do You Predict for the Future of Iowa Online Casinos?

Thought Bubble Pointing Towards Government Building with Casino Text and Question MarkWithin the next five years, we predict more legislation outlining the process for online casinos to become fully regulated by the state government. Currently, casino operators are in an ambiguous position when it comes to federal laws and how they apply.

You’ve got nothing to worry about as a patron, but it’s the reason why you don’t see any online operators opening up their offices within Iowa itself.

We predict the state will lay out regulations for brick and mortar casinos to offer their own state-regulated online casinos. Additionally, we anticipate the barriers to entry for this to be low. When the state rolled out SF617, the licensing fee was only $75,000 for a casino to apply. This figure might sound like a lot, but in most other states, that number is north of half a million.

Land-Based Casinos in IA – The Law and Status

Casino Building Icon with Casino Dealer on Top with Table GameHere’s a look at the current status of brick and mortar gambling in the state of Iowa.

  • $1.467 billion in casino gross gaming revenue (2018) – Ranked 11th in the US
  • $370 million in annual lottery sales (2016)
  • 16,947 slot machines (2017)
  • 459 table games
  • 93 live poker tables
  • 24 licensed casinos
  • 19 cities with gambling
  • 799,980 square feet of casino gaming space

The positive state of gambling in Iowa is thanks to its favorable laws. Currently, brick and mortar casino operations are governed by the following laws and statutes:

Here are the major takeaways from these publications:

  • Casinos owned and operated by Indian tribes are legal
  • Riverboat gambling cruises are legal
  • Horse and dog racing are legal
  • Bingo, licensed adult game nights, and social gambling are permitted
  • Sports betting is legal (SF671)

Remember, laws can change at any point in time. We do our best to keep this section up to date. If you need the most up-to-date status of gaming laws in Iowa, please contact a gaming attorney or consult the statutes.

Iowa Online Casinos FAQ

Are Iowa Online Casino Sites Safe for Me to Play?

Playing at the best Iowa online casinos is 100% safe as long as you do your part. Follow these five steps and you will ensure a secure online gaming experience:

1. Never gamble at Iowa online casinos that have not been reviewed and vetted. Safety can only be guaranteed at sites we’ve checked out.

2. Don’t gamble more money than your gambling budget allows.

3. Do not chase losses, ever.

4. Don’t gamble when you’re drunk, high, upset, or angry. You’ll be more likely to make rash decisions you wouldn’t make in a more relaxed state of mind.

5. Use a secure password, and update it regularly.

What Casino Games Are Offered at the Top Iowa Online Casino Sites?

You’ll have real money casino gaming action available on all games at top Iowa online casinos. These include table games (blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, Let It Ride, Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, etc.), slot machines, keno, bingo, racebook wagering, daily fantasy sports, and sports betting.

Can I Win Real Money Jackpots Gambling Online in Iowa?

Yes! One of the most exciting perks of Iowa online casino sites is the big jackpots. You can win hundreds of thousands of dollars with the single pull of a slot machine online. Just because you aren’t sitting at a slot machine or table game in person does not mean you can’t still win big while online gambling in Iowa.