Virginia is ranked number one in fewest gaming machines per capita and fewest casinos per capita! Why? Because they have zero brick and mortar casinos! Okay, we’re not sure why we’re acting excited about this because it’s awful news for gamblers. Luckily, you do have several top Virginia online casinos you can go to for action. They offer real money wagers on table games, casino-style games, sports betting, slot machines, and more.

Check out our up-to-date list of the best Virginia online casino sites now!

Why These Are the Top Virginia Online Casino Sites

State of Virginia Icon, Hand Holding Poker Cards, Slot Machine, Roulette WheelOur list of the top Virginia online casinos is not a directory listing. We didn’t seek out to list every available site. Instead, we put together a team of casino and gambling experts to identify the best Virginia online casino sites servicing gamblers in the Commonwealth.

What makes an online betting site the best of the best? There are hundreds of elements our teams analyze. Here are a few of the most significant factors.

Trustworthy Gambling Experience

Slot Machine Game Screen, Security Lock on ScreenWe insist on only recommending top Virginia online casinos we fully trust, and we don’t give out our trust easily. Online betting sites need to demonstrate they have the right systems, processes, and people in place to facilitate a safe and secure online gambling experience to earn our trust.

If we catch wind of anything that even hints at an issue, we’re not going to be recommending that site.

Here are a few of the most important traits Virginia online casino sites must possess to get our seal of approval.

  • Fair games operating at true random
  • Internal processes that protect your money and personal information
  • Proper monitoring processes for identifying external threats
  • High-level site encryption and security measures in place
  • A track record demonstrating excellence in safety and security

24/7 High-Quality Customer Service

When you gamble in person, you can walk right up to the pit boss if you need help. At Virginia online casinos, though, it’s a little different. You have to utilize one of their digital methods to get help. At quality sites, you can get the same level of service and customer support you would in person.

Smiley Face with Headset On, 24/7 The Virginia online casino sites we recommend understand the importance of excellent customer service. They’ve put the right people, processes, and technology in place to deliver this. Specifically, they all have the following:

  • Agents available 24/7 all 365 days out of the year
  • Multiple avenues for contact (mail, chat, phone, contact form, social media, etc.)
  • Fluency in English
  • Agents with the tools, ability, and authorization to help with issues

Mobile Betting Options

Two Casino DieIn the US, our culture is one that likes to be on the go. It’s hard to find time to sit down at our computer and play our favorite casino games. Thankfully, the best Virginia online casinos offer mobile betting action to all customers. You can play table games, slots, and more from your phone or tablet as long as you have a phone or internet connection.

These days, almost everywhere in Virginia has Wi-Fi. No matter where you are, you’ll have the ability to get a quick mobile gaming session in.

Imagine winning several hundred thousand dollars on a slot machine while sitting in the dentist’s office. Suddenly, that cleaning doesn’t sound so bad after all!

Are Virginia Online Casinos Legal?

State Flag of VirginiaIf you look through the law books of the Commonwealth of Virginia, you’re not going to find anything about Virginia online casinos. While you will find aggressive language against brick and mortar gambling, there are no provisions in place to deal with gambling online.

What does this mean for the million-dollar question? According to our interpretation, you are free to use Virginia online casino sites because doing so does not break any laws. Some would argue we are wrong. They’d argue the answer is not so clear and the answer is more ambiguous. But until you can point out what law is being broken, we refuse to agree it’s illegal.

Currently, there are no state-regulated Virginia gambling sites for you to play. Your only options are offshore operations. These businesses service VA gamblers but choose to keep their base of operations outside of the state lines. While the landscape for you as a player is slightly gray, the situation for casino providers is very ambiguous. But this doesn’t concern you unless you are looking to start your own online casino.

Please remember we are not attorneys. Yes, we are well-versed in the world of online gambling, but that does not make us attorneys.

If you need a better answer to this question, we highly recommend seeking out counsel from a VA gaming attorney.

Land-Based Gambling in VA

Casino Building IconCurrently, there are no land-based casinos operating anywhere in Virginia. The Pamunkey Indian Tribe is attempting to push through a $700 million casino property somewhere in the state. The tribe’s council has approved the project, but they will need to work things through the state and the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. We don’t expect the property anytime soon, but it is nice to see some hope on the horizon.

The only form of land-based or online gambling in Virginia that’s legal is the state lottery.

Despite having such a hard stance against gambling, the state lottery brings in $2.01 billion annually (2016)!

It’s clear that the state’s stance on gambling does not line up with the will of the people.

Future Predictions for Virginia Online Casino Sites

Thought Bubble with Casino Chips Inside and Questions Marks FloatingThe future for Virginia online casinos and online gambling in the state is a mixed bag. The state’s stance on land-based casinos is a big red “x” in the negative column. But there are some online gambling bills currently working their way through the Virginia General Assembly.

HB 1638, introduced by Mark Sickles, looks to legalize sports betting and have it regulated through the state’s lottery system. Additionally, it wants to allow online lottery sales and clarify daily fantasy sports are not illegal and do not fall under the definition of sports betting.

For now, we must wait to see if the bill is able to pass. We predict a favorable chance as the bill has several revenue producing elements for the state tied in.

These include $250,000 license costs, $200,000 renewal fees, and a 15% tax on gross gaming revenue. This would bring a massive boost to the state’s budget if passed.

Outside of this bill, we don’t anticipate many other changes to the landscape in the next two to five years. If the Pamunkey tribe are able to get their land-based casino property approved, we may upgrade this prediction. Anytime a state gets a taste of the tax revenue from gambling, it’s a good sign for all forms.

Virginia Online Casinos FAQ

Can I Play Casino Games for Real Money in Virginia?

If you are looking to play casino games in person or on a casino boat in Virginia, you are out of luck. There are zero casinos or riverboats operating within the state. Your only options for real money casino action are Virginia online casinos.

Can I Win Big Bonuses at Virginia Online Casinos?

Yes! All of the top Virginia online casino sites listed in this guide offer real money bonuses on table games and slot machines. They have some of the largest progressive jackpots in the industry.

Am I Able to Try Virginia Online Casino Sites for Free Before Making a Deposit?

Yes, you can. If you’re on the fence about online gambling in VA, you can try it risk-free thanks to the free play option. All games are available for you to play for as long as you want without any financial risk. When you decide you’re ready to play for real money, you can switch tables and have the chance to win big.