Georgia Online Gambling Legalities

Georgia CasinosFor those who may be unaware, states across the Southern part of the United States tend to be more opposed to gambling than most other places across the country. Though there are many reasons for this, most people choose to point to the conservative nature of their politicians as the overarching reason behind why gambling often proves to be so difficult in the South. Georgia is perhaps more strict than any other Southern state because casinos are something that simply do not exist in the state.

Whether you are in Atlanta or Savannah, the chances of you finding a place to play slots or roulette are slim to none. For this reason, the online casino industry in the state of Georgia is thriving. As is the case in most other states where gambling sites are difficult to come by, Georgia instead sees its citizens turn to the internet for all of their favorite real money casino games. As it stands, there are no laws on the books preventing the average Georgian citizen from sitting down in front of their computer and playing real money games. There is a strong belief that such will remain the case going forward as well.

Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — Georgia

In Georgia, there are no laws that make it illegal for someone to bet one slots, roulette, or sports online. Though there exist no laws that necessarily claim these activities to be legal, there has never been an instance where a Georgia resident faces criminal charges for playing casino games online. Herein lies the fear that so many people cannot go over. Simply because no laws exist saying that playing real money casino games online is illegal, they think that this does not allow for these games to be played. The opposite is true, however. Until there is a law on the books saying that real money online casino play is illegal, Georgians can play as much as they would like. What would happen in the unlikely event that the online casino industry is attacked by law enforcement is that the sites offering the games would be facing trouble, not the individuals using the sites. This is not unheard of, but there is absolutely nothing on the table to suggest that the government of Georgia is about to crackdown on the online casino industry.

Up to this point, Georgia has not really pondered the creation of an intrastate online casino network the likes of which you will find in New Jersey and Nevada. In fact, the story surrounding the legality of brick and mortar casinos in the state leads us to believe that Georgia very well might be one of the last states to look favorably upon the idea of an intrastate online gambling network. With that much being said, however, increasingly light revenue streams may force Georgia and other Southern states to rethink this stance. Still, Southern conservative roots are not simply done away with, so if online casino legalization and regulation is brought to the table at any point in the near future, you can bet that a long battle will ensue. That is how it has gone in less conservative states, and I imagine that is exactly how things will play out in Georgia too.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Georgia

In the United States, there are so many individual states where gambling is illegal, yet many casinos still exist. Whether it be horse tracks, dog tracks, or casinos located on Native American lands, the fact of the matter is that most states have some sort of gambling presence. Even in some of the most conservative states that are otherwise not friendly at all to the idea of legalized gambling, you will be able to play some element of casino games. This is not the case with Georgia. Apart from a lottery that was established in the 1990s, Georgia has no brick and mortar gambling establishments whatsoever. This includes Native American casinos, which have never had a present in the state. Just as it is with the prospect of online casinos being legalized and regulated in Georgia, it does not seem as though brick and mortar casinos of any type are soon going to become a reality in this state.

The closest a person could have came to gambling in Georgia would have been in a small, 2 year window in the early 2000s. Thanks to a loophole in state law, Georgians were seen purchasing video poker machines and hosting games in bars, restaurants, and many other locales. Within a short period of time, however, state lawmakers stepped in and banned video poker machines altogether. Since then, the only places where you are able to gamble are on cruise ships that will take you from the Georgia coast to international waters. Apart from that, you will be hard-pressed to find any sort of casino establishment in the state. If you do happen to find yourself on one of these legal gambling boats, you will find that the experience is on par with what you will get in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Being in International Waters allows for these casino boats to not be restricted to the laws of the state of Georgia.

Georgia Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

Are Georgia online casinos safe to use?

So long as you do your due diligence and ensure that the site with which you are dealing has a solid reputation, there should be no concerns about the safety of your personal and financial information. There is an abundance of online casinos serving Georgia residents, and a good majority of them are very user-friendly and simply looking to provide you with a top-notch casino experience.

Is cashing out money illegal?

No. The fact of the matter is that receiving your winnings will never land you in any sort of legal trouble. Whether you are cashing out via a direct bank transfer or a mailed check, you can rest-assured knowing that you will face no criminal charges.

Do live casino games exist in Georgia?

Live casino games in brick and mortar casinos do not, however, many online casinos offer live play that allows you to play your favorite casino games online but with a real-life dealer. These games are somewhat new, but are really changing the way in which people gamble online.

What is the level of competition like?

If you are playing a game like poker, the skill level of players on a particular site is difficult to judge. A little bit of research will tell you what the best sites for poker are, but when it comes down to it it is very difficult to judge the overall skill level of players on a site.

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