Top Colorado Online Casinos 2021

If money grew on trees, the entire country would probably move to enjoy the lush vegetation Colorado has to offer. While this isn’t a reality, the ability to make money gambling online in Colorado is real! In fact, real money casino action is alive and well at the best Colorado online casinos. Here’s an up-to-date list of the top Colorado online casino sites currently available to you.

Rank Online Casino Key Info Bonus Info Visit Casino
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 150% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • High end game graphics
  • Visa, MC, BTC, Neosurf
  • Fast payouts
  • Instant Play & Download
  • Over 250+ Online Slots
  • 4-8 Hr. Payout Time
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000

Why Are These the Top Colorado Online Casino Sites?

Offering online casino action to Colorado residents is not the only criteria needed to make our recommended list. These online casino sites need to excel in many different areas for consideration. Here are some of the things that we feel are the most essential traits required:

  • A track record of excellence in safety and security
  • Offers Colorado residents their favorite casino games
  • High-quality games, software, and experience

For a detailed breakdown of our review process, check out our page on how we rate online casinos.

A Track Record of Excellence in Safety and Security

Checklist with Green Checks on Clip Board IconSafety and security are the first two factors we always look at when assessing top Colorado online casinos. They are the foundation for a positive online gambling experience. Without a strong track record in these two areas, online casino sites can’t possibly expect to thrive in today’s gaming climate.

Some of the questions our team asks when reviewing and ranking are the following.

  • Do they have proper SSL encryption installed?
  • Are they proactively working to eliminate digital threats?
  • Do they have dedicated fraud specialists on staff?
  • Are they using up-to-date servers and security protocols?

Colorado Residents’ Favorite Casino Games

Residents of Colorado have a particular love for certain casino games like blackjack, craps, and slots. With an annual gross gaming revenue of almost a billion dollars, it’s no secret they love their action.

2018 Gross Gambling Revenue by State (In Million US Dollars)
Colorado 842.1
Nevada 11,917.37
Pennsylvania 3,251.2
New Jersey 2,903.48
New York 2,587.74
Louisiana 2,561.46
Indiana 2,240.84
Mississippi 2,142.06
Ohio 1,863.94
Missouri 1,754.47
Maryland 1,746.36
Iowa 1,467.33
Michigan 1,444.1
Illinois 1,373.46
Rhode Island 656.55
West Virginia 623.76
Florida 569.02
Delaware 432.51
Kansas 408.57
Massachusetts 273.07
New Mexico 235.45
Maine 143.73
Oklahoma 139.61
South Dakota 106.32
Total 41,684

When deciding on the top CO online casinos to recommend, we put a lot of weight on these games. While our primary goal is a well-rounded real money online gambling experience, we want to know that quality versions of the games Colorado residents love are available. We test all games, but we dedicate additional time and resources to these specific offerings.

High-Quality Games, Software, and Experience

Slot Game Reel, Small Icon of Person Pushing Slot LeverSafe and secure online environment? Check.

Offers games Colorado residents want to play? Check.

High-quality games, software, and experience? …

The key to getting on our list of the best Colorado online casino sites is offering the highest-quality across the board. Here’s our quality control checklist when evaluating Colorado online casinos.

Quality Control Checklist for Online Casino Sites

Newest games, updated to latest versions ✔️ or ❌
Classic games available ✔️ or ❌
High-quality, high-resolution graphics ✔️ or ❌
Seamless animations with no lag ✔️ or ❌
Sufficient servers for optimal game speed ✔️ or ❌
Fair games and true random number generation ✔️ or ❌
Quality customer service ✔️ or ❌

A Look at the Legality of Brick and Mortar Casinos in Colorado

Colorado gambling is regulated by three specific sections of code:

  • COLO. REV. STAT. §12-47.1-101 et seq
  • COLO. REV. STAT. §12-60-101 et seq
  • COLO. REV. STAT. §12-47.1-101 et seq

According to Find Law’s breakdown of the CO gambling laws, brick and mortar casino operations in Colorado are legal on a limited basis. Casinos are permitted, but they can only offer slot machines, poker, and blackjack (with a maximum bet of $5).

There is one exception:
Indian casinos in Colorado can offer full action to Colorado residents and guests.

Here is the complete list of takeaways from the breakdown:

  • Slot machines and live poker are legal in Colorado
  • Blackjack is permitted with a maximum single bet of $5
  • Greyhound racing and off-track simulcasts are legal (as of April 2003)
  • Indian casinos can offer full-service casino action to patrons

The Brick and Mortar Landscape in CO by the Numbers

  • 38 casinos
  • 14,346 slot and gaming machines
  • 220 table games
  • 118 live poker tables
  • Maximum casino bet is $100
  • 7 cities offering gambling

Are Colorado Online Casinos Lawful?

Flag for the State of ColoradoIf you read through the Colorado legal codes that were stated above, you may have noticed something—there’s no mention of online gambling or Colorado online casino sites at all. It’s our stance that because this isn’t addressed, online casino action in Colorado is legal. For something to be illegal, it must break the law. If there are no laws to break, it can’t be illegal.

While this is cut and dry to us, there are some legal interpretations of the code that differ. Some claim that because it’s not outlined clearly, it’s illegal by default. Our counterargument to this is simple and takes many forms.

Going bowling is not listed as a legal activity in the Colorado legal code. Does this make bowling illegal? According to their logic, it would.

The bottom line is this. Yes, the legality of Colorado online casinos could be more explicit. But just because the legal code isn’t crystal clear does not automatically make it illegal. In our interpretation, online gambling in Colorado is legal. If you need a more definitive answer, though, consult an attorney.

Bold Predictions for the Future of Colorado Online Casino Sites

We predict that Colorado will help lead the charge towards full online casino regulation in the near future. We expect the Colorado government to outline legislation that regulates and paves the way for significant expansion in the gaming market.

Why? Well, Colorado has a track record of making liberal decisions. Typically, liberal governments push to let people do what they want (within reason). Additionally, we’ve seen movement and rumblings within the gambling community in the state hinting towards changes on the horizon.

When do we expect this to happen? We can’t say for sure.

Governments move at their own pace, and that pace is usually not as quickly as we would like.

We can’t even guarantee that our predictions will come to fruition. But in the meantime, you’re free to enjoy the Colorado online casinos already servicing the market.

If changes happen, we’d expect many more Colorado online casino sites to enter the market and for overall regulation to increase. For now, the non-government regulated gaming market in Colorado does an excellent job of governing itself. We’ll save the argument for or against more regulation in the market for another day.

FAQ’s About Online Casinos in Colorado

  • Are Colorado Online Casinos Safe?

    Yes! Your money, bets, and personal information are safe as long as you’re betting with safe and reputable Colorado online casino sites.

    Additionally, we have a few security recommendations you can take to keep yourself much safer when gambling online in Colorado:

    • Use a strong password and never share your passwordit with anyone.
    • Never store your password online.
    • Don’t log into your gaming account from a shared computer or device.
    • Keep your antivirus and system updated.
    • Only bet with reputable and trusted Colorado online casinos.
  • What Games Can I Play at Colorado Online Casino Sites?

    When you gamble online in Colorado, you have plenty of different options to choose from. You can play slots, table games, keno, bingo, scratch-offs, sports bet, and bet on dog/horse races. There are no limits to the real money betting action you can get at Colorado online casinos.

  • Can I Gamble Online in Colorado for Real Money?

    Yes! Online casinos in Colorado offer real money action on all casino games, slots, and table games. Unlike the brick and mortar casinos where the maximum bet is $100, you can play for as high or low of stakes as you would like. The minimums are lower, and the maximums are higher when you bet online.

  • Am I Able to Test the Casino Games Before I Play for Real Money?

    Yes. CO online casinos give you the option of playing games for free play before you deposit and play for real money. This option is a great opportunity to test drive the games, learn the rules, practice a new strategy, hone your skills, or get acclimated to the gaming system. The play money tables use the same software and random number generators as the real money tables.

  • Are Online Casino Games the Same Ones I’m Used to Playing in Person?

    Yes, all of the games offered online are the same as the games offered in person. If you’re looking to get the same in-person action you’re used to online, you are good to go.