Best Colorado Online Casinos in 2022

Colorado online casinos provide residents and visitors to the state the chance to gamble for real money from a connected device. These casinos provide the kind of excitement and winning opportunities that you would expect from going to the casino. But they do it all with extreme convenience and simplicity, revolutionizing the way that people think of casino gambling.

In the following article, we’ll help you navigate the world of online casinos in Colorado and all that goes with the process. We’ll tell you what to expect from them and how you can choose the best of them. In addition, we’ll go through the legalities of the issue, both in the state and in the US, while also talking about the other forms of gambling available in the state of CO.

The Best Colorado Online Casinos

When you’re searching for where to play casino games online in Colorado, you are bound to find dozens of websites that give cater to your gambling needs. But of those, very few of them rise to the top in terms of quality and reliability. But we’re here to help you with your search by providing you with this list of what we believe are the very best Colorado casinos online.

Rank Online Casino Key Info Bonus Info Visit Casino
  • 250% First Deposit Bonus
  • Fast Payout Times
  • Large Selection of Games
  • Excellent Payout Speeds
  • 280% Welcome Bonus
  • Brand New Casino
  • A Top Rated US Casino
  • Visa, MC, Amex, BTC
  • Fast Cashouts (3 Hrs.)
  • Large Selection of Slots
  • Variety of Banking Options
  • 300% Bonus up to $6,000
  • Caters to US Customers
  • 200% Welcome Bonus
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Site for Mobile
  • Play 300+ RTG Games
  • 3-6 Hr. Payout Time
  • 350% Deposit Match
  • Great Ongoing Bonuses
  • 4-8 Hr. Payout Time
  • High Quality US Casino
  • Several Deposit Options
  • 200% Match Bonus

This is not a list that we arrived at by pure chance. By contrast, we did ample research on the entire list of CO online casinos that we found on the web. And we also relied on the feedback of experienced online gamblers to see what they thought of these sites.

Colorado State Flag

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to only choose solid real money Colorado casino sites. There is a lot at stake: your betting money, your personal information, and your financial data. That’s a lot to consider, and it doesn’t even begin to consider the effectiveness and enjoyment level you can expect from Colorado casino sites.

But we understand if you’re the type who wants to find out on your own about not only the list of CO casinos online that we’ve provided above but also sites which might pique your interest that aren’t on the list. For that reason, we thought we’d give you a leg up on doing your own research on the topic of online casinos. Let’s take a look then at the most important parts of the online gambling experience.

Best Colorado Casino By Category

When reviewing the online gambling sites our team gives the site awards so that we can help you narrow down the best choice for your online gambling needs. Here is the breakdown of the awards given for the top real money gambling sites in Colorado:

Important Qualities of the Best Colorado Gambling Sites

Casino Bonuses for Players

When you check out the various online casinos available in Colorado, you’ll immediately see that pretty much all of them will be offering you bonuses just for signing up at the site. This is necessary because online gambling is an extremely competitive arena. To stand out, it’s absolutely crucial for these online gambling sites to find a way to reward the players who sign up with them.

Slot Game Reel, Small Icon of Person Pushing Slot Lever

There are many different ways that these bonuses can be awarded to you when it comes to real money online casinos accepting Colorado players. You can get them for signing up, often in the form of percentage bonuses on your initial deposits. But the best Colorado casinos will work hard to keep these bonuses coming, even after you’ve been gambling with them for a while.

Some quick tips for judging online casino bonuses at Colorado gambling sites:

  • Make sure that the bonuses are tied into games that you’re interested in playing. There’s no sense in activating a bonus for a casino game that you either don’t know how to play or doesn’t interest you.
  • Keep an eye on the rollover or playthrough rules for any bonuses you get, because they’ll affect the overall impact of the bonus. This is especially true if you are only going to be a part-time gambler at real money Colorado online casinos since you might not play enough to meet those requirements.
  • Take the time to shop around a little bit. As you bounce around between the real money online casinos that we’ve named and others you might be inspecting, use the level of the bonuses as a kind of tiebreaker if two sites you’re considering appear equal otherwise.

Online Banking Considerations

As you play at Colorado online casinos, you might just be worried about winning and losing. But you should always keep your eye on the bigger picture. Any gambling site that you use will be handling your money, receiving it, holding it, and sending it back to you.

You should make sure that the banking practices used by any online casinos you consider are solid and fair. First of all, the best sites give you a variety of payment and withdrawal options in terms of payment methods. This will give you the best chance of using the method that is most efficient and cost-effective for you.

In addition, you should feel comfortable with the time taken between when you start the deposit and withdrawal process and when those processes are carried out. If you win money but can’t ever get your hands on it, it doesn’t really mean that much. The finest casino sites for Colorado residents will make this process run smooth and quick.

Casino Game Selection Table Games List

Ideally, you’ll have the chance to play many different games when participating in real money online gambling in Colorado. When you walk into a land-based casino, especially some of the bigger ones in the United States, you know that you’ll find rows and rows of machines and table games. With the best online gambling sites, all of that is transplanted to whatever device you happen to be using.

Obviously, you might not have an interest in playing every single variation of every single casino game ever created. But you might want to dip your toes in the water of many different games, including, but not limited to:

Within those games, there should be further options for you as you do your Colorado casino gambling online. For example, if you like roulette, you should want to play the versions that offer the best payback percentage (American vs. European, imprisonment rules, etc.). The idea is that you get variety at Colorado gambling sites that improve your chances of winning.

Online Customer Service

You have to understand that not everything will always run smoothly at online Colorado casinos. There can be all kinds of hiccups that take place, even at sites that we have listed above as the very best for Colorado residents. When problems arise, you’ll be glad that a site has a track record of excellent customer service.

The first part of the customer service equation pertaining to Colorado online gambling is simply being able to contact them. You should have multiple avenues for doing so, including calls, texts, e-mail or chat rooms. And you should have a representative in place who knows your gambling account very well, so that you don’t have to keep explaining everything anew every time you reach out.

In addition, you’d like customer service that is proactive without being pushy. By that we mean that it’s OK, even beneficial, if the representative at real money online casinos in Colorado gets in touch with promotional opportunities and pertinent information. But they should also be able to take no for an answer if something that they present isn’t up your alley.

Casino Website Operations

By this, we are referring to your actual interaction with CO casino websites in terms of being on the website and getting things done. Many websites might have all their other ducks lined up but fail in this crucial area. If you can’t use the site in the way that you want, everything else will pale in comparison.

Checklist with Green Checks on Clip Board Icon

First of all, the best Colorado online casinos are free of glitches that affect gameplay. In addition, they should have a site that runs smoothly as you move from page to page finding your favorite games. If pages take forever to load or you end up at a page that does not exist, those are ominous signs.

On top of all that, the sights and sounds presented by Colorado betting sites should be pleasant to you. After all, you’ll have to deal with them every time that you play. If they’re obnoxious or oppressive, that won’t make for a very enjoyable experience, even if you’re winning your bets.

Comparing the Top Colorado Gambling Sites

Casino Apps Offered to Colorado Residents

This is another area of Colorado casino action that pretty much runs parallel to CO casino gambling websites. After all, many of the top casinos possess mobile elements attached to them. That allows for a seamless addition from playing at the website to playing on Colorado casino apps.

Why are Colorado gambling apps so important to have if you’re going to be gambling online? Think about the convenience of being able to play your favorite games for real money at any time even if you’re not near the computer. If you have the urge to play, you can just fire up Colorado online casino apps and have at it.

The process for using Colorado online casino gambling apps is quite simple. Take a look:

  1. Search the app store
  2. Download the app you’ve chosen
  3. Create a username and password
  4. Verify your account
  5. Fund the account
  6. Type in any promo codes to activate bonuses
  7. Start playing

If any Colorado online casino doesn’t include apps, it could be problematic if you want to play on the go. And being on the go is a necessity in the modern world. With CO casino apps, you can play from your phone or any other portable device that you can always take with you.

The Legality of Online Casinos in Colorado

It’s understandable for those who are using casinos online in Colorado to be wary about whether or not what they’re doing is legal. And, quite frankly, it is a bit of a confusing situation. But as you’ll see once we get to the end of this section, you are pretty much in the clear when it comes to gambling online in the state.

If you’d like to really go in-depth, this page from the state’s website is quite informative on all forms of gambling allowed and disallowed in the state. When you get to the part about online gambling, you’ll see reference to the following two American federal laws:

  • The Federal Wire Act was constructed in 1961 as a way of restricting mob control of illegal sports betting. It has, throughout the years, also been interpreted at times as proving that online gambling in the United States is prohibited unless allowed by state laws.
  • The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was instituted in 2006. Its aim was to ban payments for internet gambling from being authorized by credit card companies and other financial institutions.

Colorado has no laws on the books saying that internet gambling is legal, so you would think that would make it an illegal practice. But the key here is where the legal burden lies. That is something of concern for:

  • The gambling sites that accept the bets
  • The payment processors that the gamblers might try to use

As for the first group, we’ve been talking at length about Colorado online gambling sites with poker and other games. But technically, we mean that these are sites that allow gambling from people in Colorado. The bases of operations for the gambling sites to which we’re referring are actually overseas, in locations where there aren’t laws restricting real money internet gambling.

Concerning payment processors, there is certainly a possibility that a bank card or credit card you use might deny you funds for online gambling. That’s why we stressed choosing the best Colorado online casinos with many different options for funding. In that way, you can have alternatives if your top choices are denied.

The Colorado laws refer to the risks that you run by betting at online casinos, because they are unregulated, and you’d have no recourse from getting bad odds or being scammed. But if you choose the reputable sites we’ve mentioned, you won’t have those issues. In other words, you don’t have to worry about being prosecuted or fined for online gambling from within the state of Colorado.

Colorado Land-Based Casinos

Like many states in the US, the options for casino gambling in Colorado have greatly expanded over the past couple of decades. In the early part of the 2000s, state governments started to approve casino gambling as a way of increasing revenue. That started the ball rolling for states like Colorado to allow licenses for commercial casinos to legally operate.

Wildwood Casino Colorado

In addition, there are also casinos located on Native American reservations, which were allowed to operate even before other casinos in the state. That’s because they are technically located on tribal land, which are independent of the laws of the US states that contain them. As a result, Colorado now has a strong contingent of land-based casinos to go with the casinos online that we’ve been describing.

Take a look at some of the best land-based casinos in Colorado.

CO Casinos Address Phone # of Games
Ameristar Casino Resort – Black Hawk 111 Richman St., Black Hawk, CO 80422 (720) 946-4000 1,550+
Monarch Casino Resort Spa – Black Hawk 488 Main St., Black Hawk, CO 80422 (303) 582-1000 1,200+
Bronco Billy’s Casino 233 E. Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO 80813 (719) 689-2142 800+
Sky Ute Casino Resort 14324 CO-172, Ignacio, CO 81137 (970) 563-7777 600+
Century Casino Central City 102 Main St., Central City, CO 80427 (303) 582-5050 500+
Wildwood Casino 119 N. Fifth St., Cripple Creek, CO 80813 (719) 244-9700 500+
Double Eagle Hotel and Casino 442 Bennett Ave., Cripple Creek, CO 80813 (719) 689-5021 450+
Saratoga Casino Black Hawk 101 Main St., Black Hawk, CO 80422 (303) 582-6100 450+
Red Dolly Casino 530 Gregory St., Black Hawk, CO 80422 (303) 582-1100 100+

Sports Betting in Colorado

Little by little, legal sports gambling is moving into the United States. And Colorado is no exception, with a 2020 law that allows sports gambling as long as it done though a licensed operator within the state. It’s no surprise that many of the biggest names in the sports gambling world have quickly stepped into the fray to set up shop in Colorado.

These legal sportsbooks in the state may also court online gambling customers. Where does that leave those offshore sites that offer Colorado sports gambling sites? Well, the situation is pretty much the same as we mentioned before on the casino side.

Technically, it is illegal for you to bet at these offshore online casino sites with sports betting. But again, there is little evidence that any kind of prosecutorial action will be taken against you. Lawmakers and law enforcement have bigger fish to fry other than going after people who are betting at online casinos with sportsbooks, especially since the trend in the United States is towards legalization of these practices on a wider scale.

Colorado Online Casino FAQ

  • What Kind of Playthrough or Rollover Requirements Might Be Attached to My Betting Bonuses at Online Casinos?

    The need for these restrictions comes from the fact that, without them, online gamblers could just pocket the bonuses offered by real money online casinos and walk away. That wouldn’t be very good business, hence, the rollovers and playthroughs.

    The way they usually work is as a multiplier attached to the entirety of both your deposit and the bonus attached to it. As an example, imagine that you were offered a bonus of 50% of your initial deposit of $50, but it’s subject to a 10x rollover. Let’s do the math:

    • 50% of 50 is 25
    • 50 plus 25 = 75, which is the total of the bonus plus the deposit
    • 10 times 75 = $750, which is the rollover requirement

    As a result, you would have to play through at least $750 in bets before you could collect any winnings that come from bonus play. Most bonus restrictions at online Colorado casinos work off similar formulas.

  • How Do I Know That Online Casinos in Colorado I Might Choose Are Reliable?

    Well, first of all, you can trust the list of the best Colorado online casinos that we gave you above. We’ve checked all of these sites and have found that they come out looking good in most online gambling characteristics. And we’ve consulted the feedback of other bettors.

    One shorthand way to check on the reliability of real money Colorado casinos online on your own is to look at how long they’ve been in existence. If they’ve been around a while, that’s a good indication that they can be trusted

  • When You Talk About “Real Money” Online Casinos in Colorado, What Does That Mean?

    Quite simply, it means that you can win money gambling online in Colorado courtesy of these sites. The first step, of course, is funding an account so that you can build a bankroll. Then, you can make bets and win real money in return.

    There are some Colorado gambling sites online that give you the option of playing for free. In the case of these sites, you can use them as practice for when you do decide to play for real. It can let you get a feel for certain games to see if they fit your preferred levels of risk tolerance and potential reward.

  • Is There Any Benefit to Signing up for Multiple Colorado Online Casinos at Once?

    The main benefit of such a practice is to get bonuses for signing up at more than one site. This can help your gambling bottom line and push you a bit closer to reducing the house edge. Just remember that getting multiple bonuses means that you have to gamble a lot at multiple sites to meet the rollover requirements.

    One other benefit to going with multiple online casinos is that you’ll be able to get a wider variety of games. Just remember to stick with sites that we’ve either recommended or that you’ve researched on your own. Remember that more sites also means more chances to be victimized; they aren’t all trustworthy.