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Arizona Casinos

The landscape of the casino industry in Arizona is one that has changed constantly in recent years. Though many people remain confused about what is and isn’t legal in the state, you can rest easy knowing that there are hundreds of options for casino gambling. Knowing that Arizona is a state with many Native American reservations, you are not far off if you think that this is where most of the land-based gambling takes place.

With that said, there is also a thriving online casino industry in the state that caters to people all over. Unfortunately, the state of Arizona does not regulate any casino industry—online or off. This makes the idea of playing casino games in Arizona somewhat difficult to trust. With that much being said, you can rest-assured knowing that there are plenty of casino options in the state of Arizona.

What Are The Best Arizona Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Arizona?

Arizona CasinosThough Arizona does not exactly approve of nor facilitate online casinos, you are still able to play at any site that will accept your deposit. There exist many fears surrounding what playing online casino games might mean for a person from a legal standpoint, but the fact of the matter is that no one has ever been arrested for playing slots online in Arizona.

This has not happened and will not happen anytime in the near future. With so many people playing at online casinos in Arizona, there is no way the government would be able to keep up with arresting everyone and anyone. Players who are worried about whether or not they can trust an online casino in Arizona need not worry too much.

The reason for this is due to the fact that most casinos offering their services to residents of the state are licensed and regulated. Though they might not be licensed in the United States, they are licensed by countries from the Caribbean, Europe, and Central America. There has been some talks of a legalized intrastate online casino network, but seeing as Arizona is known for being conservative, those discussions have not advanced too far. In fact, even daily fantasy sports, which are actually considered to be legal in most states, are against the law in Arizona.

For this reason, we do not see the state of Arizona jumping to make online casino play legal and regulated.

Like so many other conservative states in the country, Arizona seems to be content ignoring the millions and millions of dollars that could be created by taxing and regulating an online casino industry. Just the cost of applying to host an online site within the state could bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, but the interest just simply doesn’t seem to exist.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Arizona

In the early 1990s, the existence of brick and mortar casinos in Arizona was something that raised more questions than anything else. After many Native American establishments were forced to deal with “illegally” offering casino games, the state acted by making it legal for Native Americans to offer casino games on their own land. This was a long time coming too, because most other states with large Native populations had already enacted similar rulings. The fact that it took as long as it did was strange considering the state of Arizona has a higher population of Native Americans than most. Still, you will now find a few of these casinos strategically located across the mostly desert state.

At first, only a few tribes were allowed to offer casino games in the state, but in the coming years more than 15 additional tribes were granted licenses. Nowadays you can find casinos all over the state, though they only exist on Native American lands. This makes it very easy for some people to gamble, but very difficult for others. Because Arizona is such a massive and desolate state, there are many people who live within close proximity of the brick and mortar casinos while others live hundreds and hundreds of miles away. Just as it is in Nevada, gambling is available so long as you can access it. Being that Arizona is such a conservative state that is generally opposed to gambling, we do not feel as though there will ever be a time where brick and mortar casinos exist in any other way than they do now. Will there be additional Native American casinos? We are almost certain. But, there is no way of being sure of how many sites will be added, and when. This is why online casinos are becoming so popular in Arizona.

Arizona Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: AZ
  • State Motto: God Enriches
  • Capital City: Phoenix
  • Population Estimate: 6.9 million (14th)
  • Website:

Is depositing funds easy?

Short answer: yes. Typically, deposits can be executed by way of a credit card and can be processed in a matter of minutes. This means you can get right on your way to playing your favorite real money casino games without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.

Will I end up in jail for playing at online casinos in Arizona?

No. There has never been one single legal case brought against an Arizona resident for playing casino games online. Though you may be scared by Arizona’s rather rigid reputation regarding gambling online, the fact of the matter is that there is no way you will get in any trouble by playing online casino games in the state.

Is there a nice variety of online casinos to choose from in Arizona?

Yes. There is an extremely large quantity of online casinos offering their services to Arizona residents. Offering all sorts of games across a bunch of different stake levels, even the most stringent online casino players will find what they are looking for in Arizona. As time moves forward the number of casinos operating in the state is only expected to grow.

Are there regulated online casinos in Arizona?

No. The state of Arizona, unlike other states across the country, has not even really considered the idea seriously. There have been rumors that already-operating Native American casinos might set up an intrastate network, however that has not come to fruition as of yet.

Is my personal and financial information safe and secure?

So long as you are dealing with an online casino that has a solid reputation you will have no concerns about the safety of your personal and financial information. Most online casinos nowadays operate with the highest security standards, and do not ever attempt to risk letting unscrupulous hands grab ahold of your information.

Are live games just as good as a brick and mortar experience?

Live games allow players to play with a live dealer without ever having to leave their homes. These games perfectly blend the brick and mortar casino experience with what you get from an online casino, and it really is great. Being able to interact with a live dealer truly changes how a game feels.

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