Casino VIP Programs

Casinos are interesting places, that much is for certain. One of the most difficult to understand aspects of casinos is the fact that they offer VIP programs that seem to reward a player for anything and everything. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or perhaps someone who is new to brick and mortar casinos, there is probably plenty that you do not know about VIP programs at casinos.

These programs may seem like they only reward you for losing money, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many benefits of VIP programs and the way in which many of them work will be elaborated upon a bit below.

How to Sign Up

While the exact sign-up method may vary from casino to casino, it is often a fairly standard procedure. The first and sometimes easiest way to become part of a casino’s VIP program is to visit a casino host and ask how you become a member. From there, a few key pieces of information, such as your name and address, will be requested in order that an account and player’s card can be created. In all, you will likely spend less than 5 minutes signing up for a VIP player card when it comes down to it.

Another method by which you can sign up for a VIP program at a casino is by asking your dealer or the nearest pit boss. After inquiring about how you can sign up for the program, a few minutes will pass, a few questions will be asked, and before you know it you will have your own card in your hands and ready to go.

Signing up is free, painless, and really only stands to benefit you in the long-run regardless of how well or poorly you play at the casino.

How to be Rewarded

Now that you have a VIP card, you may be wondering how you can reap the benefits of it. This is also something that can be done in a number of different ways, but the easiest of them all is to play games at the casino from which the card originates. Playing, whether you are winning or losing, is the fastest way by which you can earn credit as a VIP and ultimately reap the rewards of your membership.

Players can be rewarded in many other ways too, but the easiest, fastest, and most straightforward way by which you can be on the receiving end of awards is to play casino games. Most often you will be given the opportunity to swipe your player card as soon as you sit down at a table or in front of a game. As soon as that swipe is recorded, your play will be tracked by the casino and the longer you play the more you will be rewarded. The swiping of the card is the most important part, however, because if you do not swipe it will be impossible for the casino to know who they should be recognizing.

How You Are Rewarded

The rewards you can receive from a casino’s VIP program are numerous and can vary dramatically from casino to casino and from program to program. One of the most common types of rewards will come in the form of free hotel rooms for a certain number of nights. Let’s say, for example, that you went on a trip to Las Vegas for 5 nights and played on the casino floor frequently. If that was the case, you should not be at all surprised to see a free 3-night stay offer from that same casino in the mail within a month or two.

Free stays are not the only awards either, as players can receive free casino play, tickets to events, free meals, and so many other rewards. The one consistent you will find regardless of what casino’s VIP program you are speaking about is that the more you play the more you are rewarded. From the casino’s perspective, the more a person plays, the more likely it is that they will be giving the casino money. If you only play a few hours out of a week-long trip, the casino will not be eager to have you back because you do not offer them much value. At its core, this is really what VIP programs boil down to.

Casino VIP Program FAQs

Are they all free?

Yes. No casino will charge you to be a VIP.

Is there a catch to the rewards?

In most cases there isn’t. If you are given a free 2-night stay, there really are no strings attached.

Is it possible to find out which VIP Programs offer the best rewards?

Yes, by doing a bit of research these sites will be made apparent quickly.

Do I have to lose money to be eligible to win something?

No. Winners and loser alike are able to benefit from VIP programs.

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