Top Kentucky Online Casinos

When it comes to gambling in “The Bluegrass State,” your only options are top Kentucky online casinos. With brick and mortar, the state only allows horse racing wagering and less than 1,000 slot machines state-wide. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality, safe, trusted Kentucky real money gambling sites. The recently updated chart below showcases the top options in your state offering real money betting action.

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What Factors Make These the Best Kentucky Online Casinos?

Kentucky State Icon, Poker Card, Casino ChipClimbing onto our recommended list of the top Kentucky online casino sites is not an easy task. Many have tried, and most have fallen short. Why? It’s because we’re extremely strict when it comes to rating and evaluating Kentucky online casinos.

We’ve made it our mission to only recommend the best of the best. We must stick to our guns to accomplish that mission.

For more insight into the process, let’s look at three of the most critical elements possessed by the top Kentucky online casino sites.

Secure, Safe Gaming Platform

If you have to worry about your personal safety or the security of your money when gambling online, something is wrong. The most important assessment we make when determining the top Kentucky online casinos is whether or not they are safe.

Safety extends to your money, your bets, your personal information, and you.

Cloud Icon with Security LockHere are the critical questions we ask when choosing the top Kentucky casino sites:

  • Do they place importance on safety and security?
  • Are their servers and software regularly updated to patch holes and curb threats?
  • Have they hired experts in the fields of safety, security, and fraud prevention?
  • Are they using high-level encryption and SSL certificates properly?
  • Have they selected trusted banking partners? Are they integrated properly?
  • Do their internal company processes protect your money and information?

Casino Games Kentucky Gamblers Want

Determining the casino games Kentucky residents like is challenging. Why? Most Kentucky residents haven’t experienced much more than horse racing and a few slots due to strict brick and mortar legislation. For those that have ventured outside of the state lines, we’ve found a propensity to play blackjack, roulette, and craps.

You’ll find that all of the top Kentucky online casinos recommended here knock it out of the park with these three games. These preferences are important to us because we want to ensure you’re getting proper access to the games you want to play.

Slot Machine Icon, Bingo IconFor those of you that like to play other games, we didn’t leave you out. All of the Kentucky online casinos we’ve recommended have a wide range of high-quality game options. So, if you like slot machines, keno, Let It Ride, bingo, or any other real money casino game, you’ll be squared away.

Top of the Line Quality

Our tolerance level for subpar quality Kentucky casinos is 0.0. There are zero acceptable excuses for not delivering the highest game quality, the best graphics and animations, and an overall experience that gets people excited.

Ribbon Stamp Guaranteeing Best Quality, Icon of Person Sitting on Top of Stamp We can confidently say that all the Kentucky online casino sites listed here are the best of the best.

Making our determinations is a long process consisting of testing, evaluating, and research. The structured process utilizes our quality control checklist, which we’ve attached below for your reference.

Quality Control Checklist for Online Casino Sites

Routine game updates ✔️ or ❌
Classic games preserved ✔️ or ❌
Quality game graphics ✔️ or ❌
Seamless game animations ✔️ or ❌
Servers equipped to handle gaming volume ✔️ or ❌
Fair games ✔️ or ❌
24/7/365 Customer service ✔️ or ❌

Are Kentucky Online Casino Sites Legal?

Flag for Kentucky StateThe number of laws on the books in Kentucky stating online gambling is illegal is zero. Now, there also are no laws regulating online casinos or addressing the legality of it. But, in our opinion, that doesn’t matter to answer the question of whether Kentucky online casino sites are legal or not.

If you are not breaking any laws when you do something, it can’t be classified as illegal.

It’s our interpretation that online gambling in Kentucky is legal.

Does everyone interpret things as clearly as we do? No. Many legal fanatics feel without proper regulation or legal framework, playing at Kentucky online casinos is illegal. But that argument does not hold water. Statutory regulation is not a requirement for something to be legal. The legal requirement is that it breaks no laws.

Are there any KY laws regulating the use of bongo drums? No. Are there any KY laws that state the use of bongo drums is legal? No. So, are bongo drums illegal? No. This simple analogy demonstrates the counterargument commonly used is invalid.

Future Predictions for Kentucky Online Casinos

We predict the legal landscape for Kentucky gambling sites to remain at the status quo for the foreseeable future. We have seen some proposed bills for online gambling moving through the state, but no concrete decisions just yet. These attempts are a good indicator which normally would lead us to predict positive movement for Kentucky online casinos. But the reason we are hesitant to do so is because of the state’s stance on brick and mortar gambling.

Usually, there is a natural progression states follow, with brick and mortar gambling leading the charge followed by online gambling.

If that is to remain valid, online casinos will need to wait for the brick and mortar side of the aisle to get it together.

Thankfully, there are no laws in KY labeling online casino play as illegal. So, even though it would be nice to see further regulation, we can deal with the current climate. You won’t be gambling in person in KY anytime soon, but you can still get action at plenty of Kentucky online casino sites.

Laws Surrounding Land-Based Casino Operations in Kentucky

Kentucky takes home the blue ribbon for possessing one of the strictest stances in the country towards brick and mortar gambling. Unless it’s horse racing or a few select slot providers, it’s banned in the state. Even though federal law allows for Indian casinos on tribal land, there are none in Kentucky.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 230.010, et seq. & 528.010, et seq. govern gambling.

Their definition of gambling is “Staking or risking something of value upon the outcome of a contest or game based upon an element of chance.”

Sadly, we don’t have better news about the brick and mortar laws in the state. The future for in-person gambling in KY does not show any signs of improvement anytime soon. While we hope we are wrong, all indicators point to a continuation of the status quo for the foreseeable future. Your two options are to stick to horseracing betting and limited slots or check out a few of the best Kentucky online casinos.

Kentucky Online Casinos FAQ

Are Kentucky Online Casino Sites Safe to Play?
Yes! As long as you follow a few simple safety guidelines, the top Kentucky online casinos are 100% safe:

– Only gamble with trusted Kentucky gambling sites
– Never wager when you’re intoxicated, confused, or emotional
– Don’t bet more money than you’re okay with losing
– Keep your computer updated (antivirus and system updates)
– Never log into your account from a shared computer or device

What Games Can I Play Online in Kentucky?
Everything! If it’s a game you can bet on, it’s available at one of the Kentucky online gambling sites listed here. This includes table games, casino-style games, keno, bingo, scratch-offs, slots, sports betting, racebook wagering, and fantasy sports.
Can I Play Casino Games for Real Money in Kentucky?
Yes! All of the casino games offered at the top Kentucky online casinos listed here are available for real money play. Stakes start as low as $0.01, and the sky is the limit for the big players out there. Additionally, all games are available for free play which gives you an excellent opportunity to test out a casino site to see if you like it before playing for real money.
Am I Able to Play Real Money Casino Games from My Phone?
Yes. All of the Kentucky online casino sites recommended here offer high-quality mobile gambling platforms. You can play all of the games for real money from your iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, or other smart devices.