Best Video Poker Apps for Real Money

If you love poker but want a more relaxed, slower-paced version where you can’t get bluffed, real money video poker is your jam. You can even play it from a mobile app. The game allows you to try and make hands without the need to monitor other players or run complex bluffs. Interested in getting started now? Here’s a list of the best video poker apps with real money action.

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In the old days, the only way you could play video poker was at the local casino or at a bar with a gaming license. Things have changed. You can now play video poker for real money on any mobile phone or tablet. With this guide, we’ll dive into all the important features to look for in the top apps for playing video poker.

Features Making These the Top US Video Poker Apps

Why do we recommend these as the best real money casino apps for video poker? It’s not because they come up first in a Google search. It’s not because they’re run by our pals. And it’s certainly not because they paid us off to give them a better review or ranking.

Video Poker iPhone

We’ve recommended these betting apps for USA players because they’re the top-rated apps and at the height of their game. We have dedicated research teams whose sole job is to dig through available options and find the highest-quality, safest online video poker apps.

The exact number of criteria they analyze is somewhere in the hundreds. We won’t bore you with the full list, but here are just a few of the important factors they use to make their determinations.

Variety of Real Money Video Poker Games

Whether you like Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, or some other variation of video poker, you should be able to get your action through real money video poker apps. We understand that many players may have a favorite, but they also like to jump back and forth, depending on how they’re feeling. All of the top video poker apps we’ve recommended don’t just have the game, but they carry multiple different variations so you can get exactly what you’re looking for no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Sizeable Progressive Jackpots

Video Poker Progressive Jackpot App ScreenshotProgressive jackpots give you the ability to win life-changing money for a small investment. For many, this is the allure of gambling. While not available on every variation, some versions of the game do offer progressive jackpots. We do our best to locate the best video poker apps in the US that do just that. Not only do we want them to offer the jackpots, but we want to make sure their player pool is large enough that the jackpots become big!

A Simple Video Poker Interface

One of the great aspects of video poker is that it’s a simple game. You get dealt cards, decide to hold or fold, and deal again. With such a simple game, it’s important that apps for video poker don’t complicate the process. When ranking the available options, we ensure that all betting apps making our list subscribe to the KISS theory when it comes to the interface—”keep it simple, stupid.”

Updated Graphics

Look, we love that video poker is a simple game. That being said, that’s not an excuse for casinos to skimp and purchase the cheapest version possible. When we recommend real money video poker apps, we recommend ones with the highest quality games. If it looks like it was built after a few beers in mom’s basement in the late 1990s, we’re not interested.

Are There iPhone and Android Video Poker Apps?

Yes and No Check BoxesYes! We’ve provided many great video poker apps for iPhone for you to choose from. These versions are specially designed to fit the iOS platform and deliver the best video poker experience possible. It wasn’t too long ago when you’d be hard-pressed to find quality iPhone video poker apps. Today, though, there are hundreds of options to choose from. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work and found the best, safest, and most trusted options.

Good news! Game developers did not forget about you. US video poker apps for Android are now just as popular and prevalent as ones for “the other guys.” Instead of having to use iPhone video poker apps that were morphed as an afterthought to fit your mobile device, you have access to options built specifically for your platform out of the gate.

Finding the Best Video Poker App for Real Money

While this might seem like an unimportant decision, you’d be mistaken. Picking out the best US video poker apps for real money games only takes a few minutes and can have a massive effect on the future enjoyment you get from playing. No, we’re not trying to be dramatic. We’ve heard far too many horror stories and too few happy stories from players. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of online video poker apps.

1. Research Different US Friendly Video Poker Apps

We’ve harped on it already, but we’re going to hit it again. Taking just a few minutes to ensure you’re choosing the best real money video poker apps that accept USA players will go a long way for months or years to come. Carve out the 10 minutes to check out a few different options, then make a decision on where you want to play. In the future you’ll thank us.

2. Make Sure They Carry All the Poker Variations You Want

While it’s okay to play at multiple apps for video poker, it’s not ideal unless you’re chasing bonuses. Before you make your selection, make sure they carry all of the different variations you want to play. If they don’t, try a different option. Unless you’re searching for an obscure variant, one of the top video poker apps listed here will carry everything you need.

3. Ensure The Video Poker App Has Adequate Payout Options

If you’re not planning on having a chance at winning, you can skip this tip. If you are planning on maybe getting lucky and winning, stay tuned. Make sure that the online video poker apps for real money play have at least one safe and fast payout option that works for you.

Following this tip will save you from a potential headache down the road. Imagine winning big and having no feasible way to get your money.

Take 30 seconds and just double-check an option exists. With the top apps for video poker we’ve suggested, they will, but just be sure they’re valid to your location.

Video Poker Apps FAQ

  • Are Video Poker Apps the Same as the Games at the Casino?

    Yes! The online or app versions of video poker are the exact same as the versions you are used to playing in your local casino or bar in Vegas. In fact, many of them are made by the same game developers.

  • Are Top Video Poker Apps Safe?

    Yes, as long as you understand the operative word here—“top.” Not all available options are safe, but the ones run by reputable companies that have been thoroughly vetted are safe. By sticking with the options recommended in this guide, you’ll ensure you’re utilizing one of the safest video poker apps on the market. Do that, and you’ll have a great time. Color outside the lines, and we can’t guarantee anything.

  • How Do Deposit Money Onto Online Video Poker Apps?

    You’ve got a lot of great banking options to get your money onto the US video poker apps you decide to use. The most common methods are credit cards, debit cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfer, and money movement services. With all of these methods, you should be able to fund your real money account within a matter of minutes.

  • Can I Try Video Poker Online for Free?

    Certainly! The top real money casino apps have built-in free play options to allow new users to try out the games first. It’s a great way to help you pick the best online casino and learn how the game controls work without actual money on the line.

  • Do Online Video Poker Apps Have the Variations I Want to Play?

    If you’re utilizing one of the best video poker apps listed in this guide, the chances they offer the variation you’re looking for are high. When we’re sourcing our recommended list, we make sure to only mention options that have all of the most popular video poker variations.