Are you an eager beaver looking to get into real money online casino action? If you live in the “Beaver State,” you may not be aware you have many options. The chart displayed below has our recently updated list of the best Oregon online casinos. These options are the safest, most trusted, and highest-rated options available to residents of the great state of Oregon.

Why Are These the Top Oregon Online Casinos?

Earning a place on our top-rated list is not an easy task. Some might call us sticklers, but we pride ourselves in not making this easy. By having strict standards, we ensure the Oregon online casino sites we recommend are the best available. Here’s a quick look at the top factors we look at during our rigorous selection process.

Trust, Safety, and Site Security

Shield Icon with Security Lock InsideReferred to as the trifecta of importance by us, these three traits are the most critical factors we look for when assessing top Oregon casino sites. You must be able to trust your money is safe, your personal information is kept private, and you are protected when playing casino games online. Here are the most important questions we answer when determining the best Oregon casino sites.

  • Do they properly use SSL encryption site-wide?
  • Do they take a proactive stance toward on-site security?
  • Are their servers regularly updated?
  • Have they chosen respected banking partners?
  • Are their banking partners properly integrated?

Oregon Residents’ Favorite Casino Games Available

Computer Icon with Let It Ride Casino Game Logo On ScreenWhen determining the best Oregon online casino sites available, we ensure the most important games to Oregonian players are available. Based on our anecdotal evidence, their top three favorites are blackjack, Let It Ride, and roulette.  All options on this page offer top-tier action for all three of these casino favorites.

Have a different favorite game? We haven’t left you hanging out to dry. All of the best Oregon online casinos recommended above have a well-rounded selection of games. You’ll find new games, classic games, and all variations of the most popular casino games.

Highest-Quality Gaming Experience

Quality is key to your online gambling experience. The online casino sites we recommend stand out above the competition in all areas of casino quality. How do we enforce quality standards? We conduct an in-depth quality control review. Below is the checklist we use during the review process.

Quality Control Checklist for Online Casino Sites
Consistent game updates ✔️ or ❌
Classic game options available ✔️ or ❌
High-res, original graphics ✔️ or ❌
High-quality animations and gameplay ✔️ or ❌
Adequate servers for top game speed ✔️ or ❌
Trusted fair games ✔️ or ❌
Multiple quality customer service options ✔️ or ❌

Are Oregon Online Casinos Legal to Play?

State of Oregon Shape Icon, Slot Machine Hitting Jackpot with Coins Flying OutWhen you search through the Oregon legal code, something stands out. There are no laws written about online gambling in Oregon. For something to be considered illegal, it must break the law. If there are no laws to break, it can’t be illegal. It’s our stance that the best Oregon online casino sites that we’ve recommended are legal because they don’t violate any laws.

Not every interpretation of the law matches with our view. Some legal hardliners claim the law must state something is legal and there should be specific regulations for it to be legal. While this might sound good in theory, it’s an easy argument to debunk.

Searching through Oregon’s legal code, we don’t see it listed anywhere that eating donuts is legal. Does this mean eating donuts is illegal? 100% of people would say no, but according to this legal argument, it would be.

For a concrete answer on the question, reach out to a gaming attorney in Oregon. Our stance is online gambling in Oregon is legal.

Land-Based Casinos in Oregon – The Legal Breakdown

In the state of Oregon, here are some options for in-person gamblers by the numbers:

  • 25 land-based casinos
  • 7,940 slot machines
  • 124 table games
  • 77 live poker tables
  • 18 cities with gambling
  • 5 horse tracks

Numbers speak volumes. Land-based casino gambling in OR is widespread and flourishing. This success is thanks to legal codes favorable to gambling.

Gambling law in Oregon is covered in code sections 167.108 et seq. and 462.010 et seq. These sections of code declare Indian casinos, horse racing, dog racing, bingo, social gaming, and charitable gambling are all legal within the state.

While land-based casinos are abundant, they’re restricted to 18 cities across the 98,386 square miles of state land. If you live close to one of these cities, great. If you’re in rural parts of Oregon, you’ll need to use top Oregon casino sites for your action.

What Does the Future Look Like for Oregon Online Casinos?

Thought Bubble with Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club Icons InsideThe primary place to look for the future of online gambling in any state is the status of land-based gambling locally. As land-based casinos are flourishing in Oregon, we predict the future for online gambling in Oregon is bright. The surrounding states of California and Nevada recently pushed legislation to regulate different online gaming sectors to appease residents and grab their share of taxes.

These strides forward so close to home will inevitably help the push for regulations in OR.

What do we expect specifically? Within the next five years, we predict the state of Oregon will roll out laws regulating online casino providers. While some of these laws may deal with players, we anticipate the bulk to deal with casino operators.

These changes would mean a few things for you. First, you’d see more online casinos in Oregon enter the market. Second, you’d see an increase in competition amongst these providers, resulting in juicier bonuses offered. Lastly, you’d see more players gambling online in Oregon. While this wouldn’t affect individual casino games, it would drive up jackpots.

Oregon Online Casino Sites FAQ

  • Are Oregon Online Casino Sites Lawful to Use?

    Yes. We interpret the OR legal code as favorable for online gambling. We found no specific laws classifying online casino betting as illegal. Additionally, we found no reports of anyone getting into legal trouble for gambling online in Oregon. If you want a complete answer, we recommend reaching out to a gaming lawyer in the state.

  • Are Oregon Casino Sites Safe?

    Yes. As long as you choose to gamble with reputable Oregon casino sites, your experience will be safe and secure. Additionally, you will need to do your part to ensure the safety of your experience.

    Here are some quick guidelines to follow while wagering at top Oregon online casinos:

    • Don’t use the same password on all of your accounts
    • Ensure you are using a strong password
    • Never gamble on a shared device or open internet connection
    • Keep your computer and antivirus software updated
    • Never wager more than you are willing to lose
    • Avoid playing when you are intoxicated or emotional
  • What Online Casino Games Can I Play for Real Money from OR?

    You have a multitude of options when you gamble online in Oregon. If you choose to gamble at any of our recommended Oregon casino sites, you’ll get access to table games, casino games, slot machines, video poker machines, bingo, keno, racebooks, and sports betting.

  • Do Practice or Play Money Tables Exist?

    They do! All of the best Oregon casinos online listed here offer play money options. You can test-drive the real money games without the risk of losing money. This option to play free games is an excellent opportunity to practice a new strategy, see if you like the games, compare different casino options, and get acclimated to your new gambling home. We highly recommend the play money tables before moving to real money action.