Best North Carolina Online Casinos 2022

When it comes to gambling in “The Tar Heel State,” you’ve got options. If you’re specifically looking for the most exciting and convenient options, you’ll want to check out our list of the top North Carolina online casinos. Play your favorite casino games for real money without stepping outside into the beautiful humidity NC always has prepared for you. The list below showcases the best North Carolina online casino sites delivering the safest and most secure experiences.

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What Makes These the Top North Carolina Online Casinos?

North Carolina State Outline Icon, Slot Machine Icon and Spade Icon InsideWhen reviewing North Carolina online casino sites, we’ve got an extensive list of factors we include in the process. Everything from the color scheme to security procedures play a role in our decision-making process. Not every factor carries the same weight, though.

Below, we want to show you the top three most important factors we assess when creating our list of the best North Carolina online casinos.

Focus on Safety and Security

Guy with Binoculars Sitting on a Chair, Focusing on Security Lock and Poker IconsThe title of this section might be misleading. We’re looking for real money North Carolina online casinos that don’t just focus on safety and security but pour their hard work, effort, and resources into the process. Ultimately, we need to know your money, bets, and personal information are protected. If there are any doubts in these areas, the NC betting site will not find a home on our recommended list.

Here are the main criteria we look at for the safety and security of North Carolina online casino sites:

  • SSL encryption installed
  • Dedicated teams identifying and eliminating possible threats
  • Upgraded servers with top-level security software
  • Trusted banking partners properly integrated
  • Tested random number generation
  • Internal processes that protect your information
  • A clean track record with safety, security, and trust

The Right Casino Game Offerings

Icon of Hand Holding Mobile Phone Displaying Casino Icons, Play Now TextGamblers from North Carolina love table games! From our anecdotal research, the top three favorites are blackjack, roulette, and craps. For those wondering, slot machines were a very close fourth (honorable mention).

When we’re creating our list of the top North Carolina online casinos, we pay special attention to these three games. Our goal is to recommend the top casinos for gamblers from NC, and we can’t do that without paying particular attention to the games you love. All of the North Carolina online casino sites recommended here offer exceptional quality blackjack, roulette, and craps games.

What happens if you’re not a big table games player? You’re not out of luck!

While we dedicate special attention to these games, we don’t shift all of our focus. The primary goal will always be finding well-rounded online casino sites offering action on every game.

No matter what you’re looking to play, these North Carolina gambling sites have options for you.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Offering a safe gaming environment and having the right gaming options available are only parts of the equation. The real champions are made in the quality department. Our teams spend time analyzing the quality of North Carolina online casinos from top to bottom. Quality should not just exist in a few areas but it should cover every aspect imaginable.

Our process for determining the quality of North Carolina online casino sites is governed by our quality control checklist.

This checklist (attached below) showcases the seven critical areas we look at for quality when building our recommended list.

Regular updates to casino game technology ✔️ or ❌
Classic games kept available ✔️ or ❌
High-resolution game graphics ✔️ or ❌
Seamless animations with no lag ✔️ or ❌
Sufficient servers for optimal game speed ✔️ or ❌
Fair games and true random number generation ✔️ or ❌
Quality customer service ✔️ or ❌

Are North Carolina Online Casino Sites Legal?

North Carolina State Flag on a Pole WavingWhen you read through the North Carolina statutes, you’ll find something unusual regarding North Carolina casino sites and gambling online in NC—it’s never mentioned. Nowhere could we find the laws address the legality of gambling online in the state.

Some legal hardliners argue this means online gambling in North Carolina is illegal. Without precise regulation and the state’s blessing, it must be illegal.

However, our interpretation is different. For anything to be illegal, it has to break a law. If doing something breaks no laws, it can’t possibly be illegal.

For example:
The law doesn’t say baking cookies is legal.
Does that automatically make them illegal? No.

So, why would this be any different when it comes to playing at North Carolina online casinos? It’s because people like to warp certain interpretations in order to fit their narrative. Those who are against online gambling will twist logic to make their case.

Would clearer statutes be favorable? Yes. Would we like to see the issue addressed by the NC government? Of course. But, just because they haven’t yet, does not mean it’s illegal.

Our stance is online gambling in North Carolina is legal. If you’d like a second opinion, we recommend reaching out to a gaming attorney from NC.

We would have recommended reading the laws on online gambling in the state, but none exist.

The Legal Breakdown – Land-Based North Carolina Casinos

Land-based casinos in North Carolina are governed by North Carolina General Statutes Article 37.

Feel free to read the laws for yourself. If not, we’ve included the highlights for you below:

Definition of Gambling: Operating a game of chance or playing at or betting on any game of chance at which money, property, or other thing of value is bet, whether the same be in stake or not.

  • Casinos on tribal land in NC are permitted.
  • Casinos off of tribal land are illegal in the state.
  • Horse racing is prohibited.
  • Dog racing is prohibited.
  • Gambling in houses of public entertainment is illegal.
  • Pyramid schemes, Faro banks, and tables are illegal.
  • Possession and operation of gaming tables, slot machines, or punch boards is illegal in the state of NC.
  • Bingo games can be operated by licensed game operators as long as the maximum prize does not exceed $500.
  • State lottery and raffles are permitted.
We classify the quality of casino laws in North Carolina as neither positive nor negative. Access to brick and mortar casino action at six different properties is great. However, the lack of racebook action is not ideal.

Let’s look at brick and mortar casino action in North Carolina by the numbers:

  • 6 licensed casino properties (tribal land)
  • 4,355 slots and gaming machines (2017)
  • 170 table games
  • 20 live poker tables
  • 420,000 square feet of casino space

Future Predictions for North Carolina Online Casinos

We predict no significant changes in the near future for North Carolina online casino sites and players. The state holds a mixed stance towards online gambling with no real indicators of looks to shift either direction. For now, we expect the status quo to stay for some time.

UPDATE: We’ve recently learned that legislation passed legalizing sports betting at two brick and mortar casinos in North Carolina. While this does not deal with online gambling, any legal changes advancing gambling of any kind are positive indicators. We’ve upgraded our prediction from neutral to positive-leaning on the future of North Carolina online casino sites legislation.

North Carolina Online Casinos FAQ

Are North Carolina Online Casino Sites Safe to Play?

Yes, playing casino games online in North Carolina is safe as long as you follow a few straightforward guidelines outlined below:

– Only wager with trusted North Carolina online casinos.
– Never bet more money than you’re okay with losing.
– Avoid playing if you are emotional or intoxicated.
– Use a strong password and keep it protected.
– Never wager on a game that you don’t full understand.

What Are the Different Casino Games I Can Play Online in North Carolina?

The top North Carolina online casinos give you the option to play table games, casino-style games, slot machines, sports bet, racebook bet, wager on fantasy sports, and play bingo or keno.

Can I Play Casino Games for Real Money in NC?

Yes! All casino games offered online in NC are available to play for real money. The minimum wager is $0.01, and the maximum is as high as you want to play.

Can I Play Real Money Casino Games from My Phone in North Carolina?

Yes! Every one of the North Carolina online casino sites listed in this guide offers a high-quality mobile betting experience. You can wager on any game as long as you have a smart device (phone, iPad, tablet, etc.) and a connection to the internet. Unless you’re tucked up in the Blue Ridge Mountains or the Smokies getting away from civilization, you’ll be able to have the option of mobile gaming.