Unless you’re solely a bingo player who favors creative workarounds, you’re not going to have much in the way of in-person gambling options in the state of Utah. Your only options are “dinner bingo” and a few local card rooms. But you’re not completely out of luck if you’re looking for real money casino action. Top Utah online casinos offer real money action on table games, slots, casino-style games, and more.

To get the most exciting and secure online casino action, check out the updated list of the best Utah online casino sites currently available.

Why Are These the Top Utah Online Casino Sites?

State of Utah Icon, Casino Icons on Top of State IconOur review, ranking, and recommendation process is not one we take lightly. The bread and butter of our operations is the ability to ensure we’re showcasing the top online casinos in Utah. Through our time-intensive process, we’re able to identify which Utah online casino sites are worth your time and which aren’t.

Here are three of the most important elements we assess during the process.

Secure Online Casino Platform

The safety of your personal information and your money are vital to a fun online gambling experience. Nobody wants to worry about getting robbed or having their data sold to the highest bidder while they’re trying to have a good time. When determining the best Utah online casinos, we pay particularly close attention to the security setup each site has to offer.

Specifically, we look at their:

  • Security processes
  • Software versions and update schedules
  • Auditing process and schedules
  • Management and ownership team
  • Company track record
  • Industry reputation

Mobile-Friendly Platform

With no casino options in the state, your only opportunity to get action is to go online. But do you really want to be forced to sit at your computer whenever you want to play?

We didn’t think so. For that reason, we only recommend Utah online casino sites with mobile-friendly betting platforms. It’s a requirement to be supported by us.

Not only do the best Utah online casinos need to have the mobile betting option available, but it needs to be a fast, efficient, and secure option.

You should be able to enjoy the same high-level experience you get from your desktop, but also on your phone, tablet, or smart device.

Quality Customer Service Options

Customer Service Icon, Guy Wearing Headset Talking to Different Customers, Arrows Pointing to Customers, Available 24/7“It’s hard to find good help these days.” This famous old-person quote is nightmarishly accurate in the world of online casinos. Thankfully, some Utah online casino sites got the memo and did something about it. We will not recommend any Utah online casinos unless we’re confident in the availability and abilities of their customer service team.

  • Are they available 24/7, 365 days out of the year?
  • How long does it take to get a live agent on the line?
  • Do they have live options like phone or chat available?
  • What is their email response time?
  • Are their agents intelligent or was the job given to the lowest bidder?
  • Are they fluent in English?
  • Have the first-level agents been given the tools to solve problems, or are they glorified secretaries?

Are Utah Online Casino Sites Legal?

Unfortunately, the legal landscape for UT online casinos is not ideal.

Title 6: Chapter 10 – Part 11 – Section 1102 of the Utah Criminal Code:
A person is guilty of gambling if that person “participates in gambling or fringe gambling, including any Internet or online gambling.”

State of Utah FlagWhile most states in the country have either legalized and regulated online gambling or haven’t mentioned it at all, Utah is one of the few that makes it clear they are not fans.

Regarding enforcement, we’ve not heard of any cases where anyone has gotten into legal trouble for playing at Utah online casino sites.

We’re not advocating you do so, but we do want to provide the full picture. There are many gamblers within the state who have been playing for decades without issue.

If you’re considering playing, we highly advise you read the statutes yourself and consult a gaming attorney.

The Future of Utah Online Casinos

The future for online gambling in the state of Utah is not great. In fact, it’s terrible. Not only does the state take a hard stance against brick and mortar gambling, but they also have taken a rare stance against online casinos as well. Additionally, they have provisions in their law stating if any federal laws legalize online casinos and they have the option to opt-out, they will.

If you have any hopes for the full regulation and legalization of online casinos in Utah, you should go ahead and tuck that away under your pillow for another day. It’s not happening anytime soon unless the federal government forces it without an opt-out clause.

Land-Based Casino Operations in UT

It was tempting to draw a sad face here and write nothing more. But, surprisingly, there are some forms of brick and mortar gambling in the state.

Let’s talk about the different options.

If you’re a gambler looking to play some poker in UT, there are two card rooms in the state.

At the peak, there were three options, but one option was closed down by city officials.

These card rooms operate in a constant state of fear that the state of Utah will find a way to shut them down.

The only other form of gambling in the state is bingo. But it’s not the game of bingo you’re used to, since that would be illegal. Restaurants are offering meals that come with a free bingo card to enjoy during dinner. Technically, this skirts a loophole, allowing the games to continue. The state has tried on multiple occasions to shut these establishments down. They note the meals are much higher priced than any other restaurant in the area. Certainly this isn’t to cover the cost of the bingo card, right?

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Utah Online Casino Sites FAQ

What Games Are Available at Utah Online Casinos?

You’ll have access to all popular casino games for free play and real money action. This includes table games (roulette, craps, blackjack, etc.), casino-style games, slot machines, and more.

Can You Win Bonuses and Jackpots at Utah Online Casino Sites?

Yes. All of the top UT online casinos offer sizeable bonuses, jackpots, and progressives on their most popular games. Expect to see bonuses in the five and six-figure range regularly.