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Missouri Casinos

Historically, the state of Missouri has taken a fairly harsh stance when it comes to casinos and gambling in general. Unlike other states, where casinos exist in just about every major city, that really is not the case in Missouri. Depending on where you live, playing your favorite casino games can be more of a chore than anything else. Because of this, residents of the state are put into a bit of a pickle when it comes to gambling.

Luckily, the online gambling scene in Missouri is something that rivals that of most other states. Not only are there plenty of options available, you do not have to worry about facing prosecution for having gambled at your favorite online casino. As for the future of online casino play in the state is concerned, that much is up in the air. The state, like many others in the region, is in desperate need for additional revenue streams, however they do not seem keen on utilizing gambling as a means to bring that money in.

What Are The Best Missouri Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri?

Missouri CasinosAs it stands, there are no laws in Missouri that prevent citizens from playing at online casinos. Though so many people feel as though they are going to land themselves in trouble if they gamble at their favorite online casinos, that is not true. The main law with regard to online casinos in the state of Missouri is that no online casino can operate out of the state.

This means that the only illegal online casinos in Missouri are those based in the state. Because almost every casino that caters to Missouri residents operates from another state or country, playing at the site will land you in absolutely not legal trouble whatsoever. Up to this point, not one person has been arrested nor prosecuted for having gambled at an online casino.

With that being said, it might be a bit unnerving to hear that Missouri online casinos are based, licensed, and regulated by governments other than our own. While this is true, you can rest-assured that only the most reputable and straightforward sites are the ones offering their services to residents of this state. Though it might be difficult to trust a website from Curacao, you must understand that this skepticism is entirely baseless. The fact of the matter is that most every online casino offering its services to Missouri residents is completely trustworthy and professional. With how quickly news spreads nowadays, any unscrupulous online casino operated would be sniffed out and avoided the second people got wind of it being a scam. Long story short, online casino play in Missouri is as safe as it is anywhere else.

As we look ahead to the future, it does not seem like Missouri is going to act on legalizing or regulating online casinos. They, like many other states, are not listing it as a priority and it does not seem like online casinos are going to be legalized anytime soon. There has been little to no push for establishing an intrastate gambling network, and until that happens the state’s laws are not likely to change anytime soon.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Missouri

Currently, there are no brick and mortar casinos that exist in the state. Unlike places like Las Vegas, Missouri residents need to search far and wide to just to play some casino games. The best option for Missouri residents is to head to Kansas City and gamble on the many riverboat gambling establishments. The Mississippi River is home to many riverboats and all of them have a variety of casino games. From table games, to slots, and even poker, you will have to head out on the water in order to participate.

These casinos are all fine and good, and do offer a unique, quality gaming experience, but they are not what most gamblers are looking for. What’s more, the Mississippi River only runs through a small portion of the state. If you do not live in close proximity to it or one of its tributaries, you are essentially out of luck as far as it relates to live, real money casino play.

The future of brick and mortar casinos in Missouri is as uncertain as the future of the online casino industry in the state. We really don’t foresee Missouri acting on adding brick and mortar casinos. In fact, there has been little to no push for legalized gambling legislation to be implemented in recent years. That much alone gives you a good idea of what Missouri thinks about online and brick and mortar casino play. Of course, as time moves forward and other states cash in on gambling revenues, there is a strong chance that Missouri might make that move as well. You must understand, however, that states in similarly dismal financial positions are just as dismissive with the prospect of gambling as Missouri is. It may make no sense, but these states seem content to be free from what they view is another vice.

Missouri Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: MO
  • State Motto: Let the good of the people be the supreme law.
  • Capital City: Jefferson City
  • Population Estimate: 6 million (18th)
  • Website: http://www.mo.gov/

Will I be arrested for playing at online casinos in Missouri?

In the state’s history, not one single person has ever been arrested nor prosecuted for having played at an online casinos. If a company were to attempt to operate an online casino within Missouri’s borders, they might face some legal issues, but because the sites are located offshore you have nothing to worry about.

If a site is offshore, how is my information protected?

Dealing with companies and websites that do not operate within the United States can raise some concerns, but if you do your research and only play at sites with positive reputations all of your personal and financial information will remain safe and secure.

Are live casino games an option?

Live online casino games are a fairly new aspect of the online casino industry, but they are really making an impact. These games offer players the opportunity to play casino games in front of their computer, but interact with a real, live dealer. These dealers turn cards, answer player questions, and do just about anything else that a dealer at a brick and mortar casino would do.

What kind of banking options are there?

This is something that heavily depends upon the site at which you are playing. In the US, banking options are fairly limited so you will find that most sites only offer a few different types of deposit and withdrawal options. When it comes to depositing, it is easiest to simply use your credit or debit card, but when it comes to withdrawing, you can execute a direct bank transfer, receive a check in the mail, or have funds loaded directly onto your credit card.

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