Top Live Dealer Blackjack Online Casinos 2024

Online live-dealer blackjack is a convenient way to play this classic game from home with all the interactive perks of a retail casino.

On this page, you’ll find out more information about the best live-dealer blackjack casinos in the USA. Also, you can learn some of the most useful tips and tricks to use when playing live-dealer blackjack.

Best Online Live-Dealer Blackjack Casinos

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Live-Dealer Blackjack Online — Our Recommendations

El Royale

El Royale Casino banner

El Royale is a casino that knows how to treat its customers well. Aside from offering a live-dealer blackjack lobby, they offer a 240% match bonus on your first deposit and 40 free spins.

Bet sizes for live blackjack at El Royale Casino range from $10 to $2,500. And while there are fewer tables to choose from — El Royale only has five — there are still early payout and unlimited bet behind options.

As well as traditional banking methods, they offer eight different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Bovada logo banner

Bovada is one of the oldest horses in the race, but it’s no one-trick pony. Launched in 2011, it has grown from being a premier sportsbook, adding a top online casino with a fantastic live-dealer lobby.

The live-dealer lobby has 34 blackjack tables, with betting limits from $5 to $10,000. Bettors can also choose to play at early payout tables or unlimited bet behind tables that allow players to place bets on a seat, even if they aren’t the player filling it. 

The live dealer lobby also includes table baccarat, roulette and Super 6 — but blackjack is definitely their specialty.

If you are looking for a trusted name in the game, Bovada could be the one for you.

How We Rank Live-Dealer Blackjack Casinos

There are a couple of factors that go into choosing the right live-dealer blackjack casino. The following are the main factors we consider when choosing live-dealer casinos to recommend.

Safety & Security

To keep your details safe, your online casino should use several security methods; including SSL protection and encryption, which is a standard security protocol that will protect your data and deposit details. If your casino isn’t using SSL or HTTPS, we recommend looking for another live-dealer gambling site.

On top of this, we need to see a robust privacy policy and a license from a reputable gambling authority.

Game Variety & Quality

Most casinos that offer some kind of live-dealer games have contracted a software provider that specializes in live-dealer tables. Microgaming and Fresh Deck Studios are two popular software providers that match class and integrity with exceptional streaming quality.

But you shouldn’t just consider the video and audio quality when looking at live-dealer games; live-dealer competency is just as critical. You don’t come across these scenarios often, but sometimes dealers aren’t super-familiar with the rules of the game, and as the player, you’ll be the one that suffers.

If you’re playing a live-dealer blackjack game and the dealer scuffs the draw or mishandles the cards, you might want to consider looking for a new platform to gamble on.

Bonuses & Promotions

We like casinos that treat their customers well and lavish them with gifts. We’re talking deposit bonuses, exclusive discounts, rebates, or free spins on slot machines.

Always make sure to read the terms and conditions of the online casinos bonuses and promotions. There are often wagering requirements associated with the free money, and if they are exorbitantly high, you might just end up losing more than you make.

Payment Options

To play with live-dealers, it is essential to have cash. Therefore, we need to be able to get money in and out of the online casino as easily and cheaply as possible.

That means we need to see many different payment options — from credit cards to cryptocurrencies — that have the lowest fees possible and the fastest transaction times.

Customer Support

Customer service is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most critical areas of concern when we review an online casino, especially live-dealer sites.

A great casino will have 24/7 customer service on staff to help with all your questions. Live chat, email, and phone service are all common tools you can use to get in contact with the support staff.

If the support staff can’t help you rectify mistakes and answer questions, it’s time to take your business elsewhere.

UI & Mobile Experience

Most gamers are playing on mobile devices these days, so it’s essential that online casinos optimize for operating systems like Android and iOS.

In the live-dealer context, this means that the user interface through which the player interacts with the dealer looks good on smaller screens and that all the buttons the player needs are easy to find, easy to understand, and easy on the eye.

Things to Consider Before Playing Live Blackjack

Before jumping into online live blackjack for real money, it’s worth making sure a few things are in order. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your live-dealer experience to the fullest.

  1. Is your internet connection secure? How much data can you use?
    In live-dealer blackjack, you are playing life with a dealer, which means that it’s important that you have a reliable internet connection. Video streaming can eat up a lot of data, so make sure you are using Wi-Fi or that you have a good data plan.
  2. Is the casino secure?
    No matter how good the live-dealer lobby, you shouldn’t play at a casino unless it’s a secure online casino. Look for SSL encryption, secure payment methods and a robust privacy policy before signing up. Keeping your personal data and money safe comes first.
  3. What kind of betting limit are you looking for?
    If you are looking to make small bets — say, less than $1 or $5 — you may not find a live-dealer table that takes bets of your size. If you want to play live-dealer games, you may need to be prepared to make bets of at last $5. If you are wanting to go lower, try playing online blackjack for real money. 
  4. How much time do you have?
    In online blackjack you play against a computer, which means you can play hands as fast as you please. However, in live-dealer blackjack, you are playing with a dealer who needs time to physically deal the cards.
    It’s also likely that you will play on a table with other players, which means you will need to wait for them to play their hands before you can play again.All in all, this means you should expect to play hands more slowly in a live-dealer situation.

You will find several variants of blackjack in live-dealer lobbies. Here are some that are common:

  • Spanish 21: Played with a Spanish 48 card deck rather than the standard 52 cards (the tens are removed). The player plays their hand before the dealer deals their cards.
  • Blackjack Switch: In this version, you are played two hands and can choose to switch the second card in each hand in the hopes of better cards.
  • European Blackjack: Similar to American blackjack, but the dealer cannot check for blackjack if his first card is worth ten points and you can only split your hand once.
  • Blackjack VIP: With in increased minimum bets, VIP games are meant to attract a specific type of bettor; specifically, the high rollers.
  • Blackjack Early Payout: Opt out of a hand at any stage in this variant, which bases the payout on the probability of your hand versus the dealer’s up card.
  • Blackjack HD

If you’re new to blackjack, we suggest brushing up on your tactics and memorizing hand rankings before you jump into a live-dealer game. Chances are, you’ll be playing with seasoned gamblers, so asking the dealer too many questions or taking too long to place bets is going to aggravate your counterparts.

How to Play Live-Dealer Blackjack

1. Head to the online casino’s homepage

2. Log into the online casino and go to the live-dealer lobby

3. Pick a table

There will normally be several tables on offer, with different types of blackjack and different bet limits.

4. Place your bet

5. Play your hand

6. Play again or cash out your winnings

Tips & Tricks for Live-Dealer Blackjack Players

While we won’t claim that we can turn average blackjack players into world-renowned pros, if you follow these tips, you’ll become a better live-dealer blackjack player.

Follow a Betting System

There isn’t a surefire way to win blackjack, or else everyone would be doing it. However, you can safeguard your bankroll by using a betting system.

There are multiple systems out there that are designed to minimize your losses while maximizing your earning potential.

The positive progression-wagering system increases bets by an increment of 1 for each win and decreases them by 1 for each loss. The negative progression-wagering strategy is the inverse, where you increase bets when you lose and decrease when you win.

Other systems like the Martingale, Fibonacci, or Paroli are all a bit more complex, but as equally as effective at managing your bankroll.

Practice for Free

Don Johnson didn’t win $15 million at the Atlantic City blackjack tables without practice! If you’re a bit rusty or are trying to learn the game, find a free-to-play blackjack app or website to practice with.

These services are easy to find with a quick Google search, and some casinos even have free demos of their RNG blackjack tables.


Get familiar with the game, test out betting systems, and hone your skills before jumping into a live-dealer game. Practice makes perfect, after all!

Live Blackjack vs. Online Blackjack vs. Retail Casino Blackjack

There are some differences between the three ways to play blackjack. The games are played the same, but when it comes to strategy and etiquette, there are some discrepancies.

Live-Dealer Online Retail

Moderately paced rounds

Fast-paced rounds

Slow-paced rounds

Moderately interactive

Least interactive

Most interactive

Available 24/7

Available 24/7

Limited availability

Relatively anonymous (play with a nickname)



Many deposit and withdrawal options

Many deposit and withdrawal options

Limited deposit and withdrawal options

Real table

Computer-generated graphics

Real table

Special bonuses

Many bonuses

No bonuses

Playing Live-Dealer Blackjack on Mobile

With mobile live-dealer tables, you can play from home, take your game on the bus, to the office, or out to the bar with your friends.

For mobile live-dealer blackjack, a stable data or Wi-Fi connection is a must. Moving between locations or switching from data to Wi-Fi while playing can slow down your game and decrease the stream quality. We recommend staying in one place while gaming on mobile, just because it will ensure you have a solid connection for the duration of the game.

More Live-Dealer Games Online

FAQs About Online Live Blackjack

  • While it’s possible, it’s pretty difficult. Live-dealer tables take a few precautions to combat card counting, including using multiple decks and an automatic shuffler, as well as burning cards before each deal. If you’re really dedicated to winning blackjack at a live-dealer table, we suggest brushing up on your gameplay and betting strategy before attempting card counting.

  • In most cases, yes. You have to read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus you claim. Some online casinos bonuses have wagering requirements or restrict you from playing certain games, like roulette. This is particularly the case for no-deposit bonuses.

  • We recommend using a system that’s simple and can easily account for all kinds of scenarios. The Martingale system is well equipped for most table games. However, the system you use will depend on your playstyle. If you like to be more cautious, use a positive progression method, where your bets increase only when you win. Check out our page on blackjack strategies for more guidance.

  • Practice for free! When you’re in a live-dealer game, you don’t have the luxury of using the internet to search up hand rankings or betting strategies because your turn is timed. Getting a firm handle on how to play and developing your own style of play is critical before even logging into a live-dealer lobby.

  • All the casinos we recommended here are great options for new or experienced players. If you like sports betting, you should sign up at Bovada. If you solely want to play casino games or want a bigger bonus, both DuckyLuck is a great option.

  • First off, you should look to see if they display their licensing credentials on their website. You can usually find the seal in the footer or on their legal page. Then, you should look for online casino reviews. There are many sites dedicated to assessing online casinos. And nothing is as helpful as player reviews. At the end of the day, nobody knows more about a casino than the people that use it every day.

  • You do not. The blackjack apps used by online casinos can be accessed from your mobile’s web-browser. You can create a shortcut for the online casino’s homepage which will make it seem like you have an app on your mobile device.

  • It is. In a game with a live-dealer, you are playing with a human croupier around a table with other players, with whom you can interact. In real money online blackjack, you are playing against the computer.

  • You can. All of our recommended online casinos offer live-dealer lobbies where you can play live-dealer blackjack. Bets range from $5 to $20,000.