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BestUSCasinos.org is here to provide you with any ounce of information that you may need to know about gambling in the United States. Thanks to an editorial team that has an extensive knowledge of the industry in the United States, the information provided on this site is as current, inclusive, and fact-based as possible. We have casino reviews, news, information about specific casino games, and just about anything else you might need to get started playing casino games for real money in the United States.

We have an expansive FAQs section where you can find answers to all of your questions regarding online and offline gambling throughout the United States. This is a section that is constantly being added to in order to provide the most current answers to some of the most pressing issues brought forth by players like you.

Through our privacy policy and site disclaimer, you can find out what we do with the information we are given and how it is meant to be utilized by you. We do our best to be as transparent as possible and strive to communicate with you what it is we do, how we do it, and how it affects you.

Finally, this site also boasts a section entirely dedicated to problem gambling. This is an oft-overlooked facet of gambling, but is something that should not be ignored. No one is above learning about responsible gambling, and the fact of the matter is that much of the information can be of use to any type of gambler new or old.

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Our Team

Here at BestUSCasinos.org we strive to provide the most useful, accurate, and up-to-date information to players in the US so that they can be well-informed when it comes to often tricky legal landscape of the country’s online casino industry. We provide that information by way of our small, yet professional team of writers and editors. The following sections highlight our team and what they bring to the table.


Jim Hall is a 39-year-old online gaming writer that resides in Pennsylvania. An avid gamer, having sunk countless hours into many console games, he’s now turned his attention to casino gambling and the online casino landscape in the United States. Though not necessarily a legal expert, he knows a lot about the real money online casino websites servicing players across the country.

Throughout the years, Jim has been an enthusiastic video game reviewer, and his love for writing will come across in the online casino articles he writes for BestUSCasinos.org. As a console gamer he’s always trying to improve on his highest scores, and this determination will come in handy during the course of his journalistic endeavours for this website and others.

Jim still finds the time for gaming with his 8-year-old son in his daily routine and also operates an online store so he’s always busy. But his career means he can enjoy his newfound love of online casino games.


Carson is one of our newest additions. From sunny California, he enjoys anything to do with the outdoors. In the same breath, it is difficult to believe someone who spends so much time can have any knowledge about online casinos. While this may be your first thought, Carson brings to the table an extensive knowledge of the finer legal workings of the United States.

His massive deposit of knowledge is aimed at helping players all over the country gamble legally and freely at online casinos. There are so many misconceptions surrounding the online casino industry, and it is absolutely imperative that we do everything in our power to set the record straight one any number of issues or points of contention.


As a quiet guy, Steve’s role as site researcher and strategist serves him well more often than not. He calls New Jersey home and has spent more time than he can count down the shore. Steve is really analytical in his thinking, which makes him perfect to do all the real tough, gritty work when it comes to online casino reviews. He looks at sites on a level deeper than their surface, and really looks into what makes one casino better, or more appealing, than another.

Steve is quiet both in person and in his role with us, but his contributions speak volumes. Without him, all of our detailed reviews and other information about the finer-workings of a specific online casino would never be able to be so carefully articulated. There is so much that Steve knows about the industry, and that knowledge combines with his ever-analytic self and the product is a major asset.


Wyatt is also from the West Coast, but he calls a small town a few hours outside of Seattle home. There is no one on the team who cares more about sports than this guy, but in all reality we don’t utilize him for his sports betting “expertise.” Wyatt is obsessed with grammar, and he does his best to ensure that every single word posted by this site is up to par with the highest grammatical standards.

Wyatt does much more than make sure commas are placed accurately, as he ensures that every article and piece posted is fully functional and able to be accessed by anyone and everyone. He makes sure all of our site looks pretty at all times. It may sound like an easy job, but it is much more than it sounds.


Kyle is not from the West Coast at all, in fact, he calls a small town in Pennsylvania home and has lived there his entire life. He loves sports as well, but takes this love to a new level through his constant insistence on being injured through playing rugby.

Kyle is another master of the online casino landscape of the United States. Though not necessarily a legal expert, he knows how players across the country can play their favorite online casino games for real money whenever and wherever they want. He has not only travelled all over the United States in his life, he has spent many hours learning all about the places he hasn’t been to. Though not so straightforward, the landscape and realm within which online casinos exist in the US is amazing and confusing, and altogether wonderfully unique. He helps the average player make sense of this confusing mess such that players can get back to what they do best—play online casino games.


Douglas is really the top-dog at BestUSCasinos.org. He is the webmaster and ensures that the site stays up and running with the most up-to-date information as possible. Wyatt manages more of the writing and words that are on this site, but it is Douglas who really makes the gears go. Whenever there is a roadblock Douglas is the one we call to clear it. This is a very vague statement, but it would take days to list the individual times Douglas has come to the rescue in situations that can best be described, as he would put it, as “precarious.”

Douglas is from a seaside town in the UK by the name of Brighton. He enjoys, as most Englanders do, a tall pint and a nice, long, sometimes boring, match of football (soccer). Douglas’ accent may simply make him sound like he knows what he is talking about, but the fact of the matter is that “webmaster” is really an understatement when you consider all that Douglas does.

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