Vermont is another small New England state whose gambling laws are about as confusing as they come. Though they have not ever been overtly against the idea of playing casinos online, Vermont has not really acted in favor of establishing any type of real gambling options for the state.

As we move forward in time, Vermont, like many other states, is going to see citizens leave the state in order to find more diverse gambling options in neighboring states. If this continues to be the case, most think that Vermont is going to move to create laws that are more favorable to gamblers.

Right now, if you want to gamble in the state of Vermont your best option is to get in front of your computer and do so online. This is not an illegal practice at all, and is one that has been facilitating casino games for years now. As we move forward, the thinking is that, Vermont, as a more liberal state, will move to create an intrastate online casino network much like you might expect to find in Nevada and New Jersey.

What Are The Best Vermont Real Money Gambling Sites?

Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — Vermont

Vermont CasinosCurrently, there are no laws in the state of Vermont that make it illegal for someone to get in front of their computer and begin playing real money games like blackjack and roulette. Because there are no laws making such games strictly legal, people worry that they are doing something illegal. The fact of the matter is that no forms of online gambling are illegal in the state of Vermont. If you do not believe me, you can hop online and take a look at the hundreds of online casinos that currently exist and are currently offering their services to residents of the state.

In addition to the online casinos themselves, almost each and every one of them offers a mobile application as well. For some, the application is able to be downloaded much like any other smartphone application you have ever used before. For others, however, the mobile applicaton functions within your phone’s web browser. Basically, so long as you are able to access the internet you are able to play real money casino games. What’s more, all the games available on the desktop site are typically also available on your phone or tablet.

In the future, the hope and belief that is held by many is that Vermont will establish an online casino network much like what you might find in Nevada. This has not taken much shape up to this point, so residents of the state will, for now, be left with the online casinos that are offering their services to citizens presently. This is not a bad option at all, as there are plenty of casinos that exist. In addition to this, there are more real money gambling sites being added all the time. With each new online casino there exists more and more options and more and more casino games from which to choose.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Vermont

It’s pretty simple to talk about Vermont’s Brick and Mortar casino industry because, quite frankly, none exists. Gambling to make money is illegal under state law, and even gambling on Native American lands is illegal too. The only type of gambling you will find are games of chance run by charitable organizations such as schools and churches. Other than that, citizens looking to play a live game of blackjack will have to cross over the border and go to one of the many neighboring states that offer these types of games; and there are quite a few.

The laws in Vermont are so restrictive that even real money games between friends are technically illegal. Of course, law enforcement has not been known to raid the houses of people who host poker games amongst friends, but they are well within their right to do exactly that.

As time moves on and Vermont loses out on millions of dollars of potential tax revenue every year, conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that it is just a matter of time before brick and mortar casinos make an appearance in the state.

After all, Vermont is like most other US states in that it is struggling to create additional revenue streams. With such a small land area and a diminishing population, Vermont is really running out of options as it relates to earning more money. For this reason, some sort of legalized real money gambling system seems to be a necessity. Whether it be an intrastate network like that in New Jersey, or a brick and mortar system like you will find in Nevada, gambling can bring in a lot of tax money for the state.

Vermont Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: VT
  • State Motto: Freedom and Unity
  • Capital City: Montpelier
  • Population Estimate: 625K (49th)
  • Website:

Will depositing money at an online casino result in my bank account being frozen?

There are all sorts of unfounded fears when it comes to gambling online in the United States. In Vermont, there has never been even one person who has landed themselves in trouble for having gambled online. Because online casinos are not illegal under state law, you have freedom of choice as well as the freedom to deposit real money at whatever site you choose.

Will intrastate online casinos ever become a thing in Vermont?

Vermont is a very liberal state, so the answer to this should be yes. Even more, the fact that so many of Vermont’s neighbors have recently lifted bans on online gambling might make it seems as though Vermont has no choice but to do the same. Unfortunately, up to this point we have not seen any real progress made as far as it relates to the establishment of an intrastate online casino network.

Is it easy to receive my winnings when I want to cash out?

In most cases it is quite simple to turn online money in your player account to cold, hard cash. The most secure method by which you can do this is by executing a simple bank transfer. This allows the casino to directly wire your winnings to your bank account. If you do not like that idea, you can always have the casino mail you a check. This, unfortunately, is a process that can take up to a few weeks before it is all said and done.

What kind of casino games can I play online in Vermont?

This is not easy to answer at the same time that it is very easy to answer. No matter what game you want to play you can play it at a Vermont online casino, however it is up to you to determine which casinos are offering the games you like and which ones are not.

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