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South Carolina Casinos

South Carolina is your typical Southern state in that they hold true to their conservative values. What this really means is that gambling is generally frowned upon in all corners of the state. This wasn’t always the case, but it seems as though that with each passing year South Carolina lawmakers dislike gambling more and more. This is a truly interesting prospect due to the fact that, as far as money is concerned, South Carolina is in dire need of some additional sources of revenue. If you are a big brick and mortar casino player, you have to understand that South Carolina does not present you with many options.

Online casinos are abundant for citizens in the state of South Carolina, and this does not seem likely to change anytime soon. Unfortunately, as far as the establishment of legalized, regulated online casinos is concerned, that does not seem like it is in the cards. Like many other states in the South, South Carolina seems to be more interested in other sources of revenue rather than those that stem from legal gambling.

What Are The Best South Carolina Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — South Carolina

South Carolina CasinosYou may be well-aware of the fact that South Carolina is generally against the idea of legalized gambling, and this may lead you to believe that you will land yourself in trouble if you choose to play casino games online. While it is true that South Carolina is not at all a proponent of legal gambling, there are hundreds of online casinos which citizens can play their favorite games at. As it stands, there are no laws on the books that make it illegal for South Carolinians to play at casinos that exist online.

As for the idea of a legalized and regulated online casinos, that much has not gained much momentum at all. In fact, South Carolina’s state government has not even really entertained the idea of establishing an intrastate network of online casinos like what you will find in Nevada. It is unlikely that this will change anytime in the near future. South Carolina’s conservative roots are mostly to blame for the lack of gambling options in the state. Like most Southern US states, South Carolina deems gambling to be unnecessary and, in many ways, something that does more harm than good.

With that being said, state law is written in such a way that online casino play is an option. Now, because there really isn’t much casino play in the state, you may be wondering what age you must be in order to begin gambling. This is often confusing and difficult to figure out, but a general rule of thumb is that you should be at least 21 years of age in order to gamble online or otherwise in the state. In fact, most online casinos that are on offer for residents of South Carolina will mandate that you be at least 21 and will often force you to prove that you are as old as you say you are.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — South Carolina

To give you some perspective on just how anti-gambling South Carolina is as a state, all you need to know is that even friendly poker games held within the confines of one’s home are illegal so long as any amount of real money is at stake. While this may not necessarily mean that the police are going to be raising your basement poker game anytime soon, it gives you a good idea of just how illegal gambling is in the state. Over the course of history, there have been countless stories of South Carolina residents being reprimanded and prosecuted by law enforcement for all sorts of different gambling activities. When it comes down to it, the state has taken a very firm stance opposing gambling of all sorts, and any moves to change that have been killed as soon as they took shape.

South Carolina has not always been against gambling, however, as many places hosted video poker and slot games up until the 1990s. To be fair, those brick and mortar sites did not come even close to replicating what you will find in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but they were a hit as it gave residents some outlet for gambling. Laws have changed since then and now it is nearly impossible to gamble at any brick and mortar locations. Despite the state’s dire need for additional sources of tax revenue, the establishment of brick and mortar casinos is something that does not seem to be on the table. As other states move to legalized and capitalize off gambling, South Carolina seems to be headed in the complete opposite direction. In fact, as far as pro-gambling legislation being introduced is concerned, things are quiet. There are very few lawmakers who are willing to risk the opinion of the public in order to push for legalized gambling. It is sad, but that is how politics work in states like South Carolina.

South Carolina Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: SC
  • State Motto: While I breathe, I hope.
  • Capital City: Columbia
  • Population Estimate: 5 million (23rd)
  • Website:

How many online casinos are based in South Carolina?

At this point, there are absolutely no online casinos that call South Carolina home. What there is, however, are hundreds of offshore online casinos that are able to offer all sorts of casino games to anyone in the state with an internet connection. While South Carolina is definitely a anti-gambling state, the fact of the matter is that there is nothing that makes it illegal to play at online casinos.

How can I deposit money at a South Carolina online casinos?

Depositing funds at an online casino in South Carolina, as it is in most other states, is something that is very easy to do. Whether you are executing a debit/credit deposit, or wiring money from your bank account, the fact of the matter is that depositing is easy and only takes a few minutes for the entire process to play out. This means that you can get to playing your favorite online casino games quite quickly.

Can I play poker against live opponents?

There are hundreds of online casinos available to South Carolina residents, and most of them offer poker. The thing is, some of these sites only offer video poker type games while others offer the type of poker games that sees you pitted against other live players. By doing a bit of research you will be able to differentiate between sites that are known for poker and sites that are not.

Is cashing out easy?

Yes. There are two methods by which you can cash out and both are easy. By either having a check mailed to you or by having a direct bank transfer, you can have your winnings in a matter of days.

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