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You’ve come to right place to learn everything about online poker sites for US players! We have some great poker sites with the best bonuses as well as great gaming variety, excellent customer service, and a bevy of banking options. We have done a great deal of the leg work to direct you to the crème de la crème in terms of online poker in the US.

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Not only will we cover the best online poker sites for real money, but we will touch on some general poker terminology, the benefits of playing for real money vs. free poker, the current legal status of the game in the United States, and the places to find the best mobile poker apps.

This game is a great staple in American culture and is enjoyed all around the world. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what is available to you and how to up your game via the best real money poker apps!

Best Real Money Poker Sites

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Benefits of Playing Real Money Poker Online

Why should I play poker online for real money? Here is our short list of how this can benefit you!

The Chance to Use Bonuses

Playing poker for real money opens the door to online casino bonuses and other promotions that otherwise could not be accessed in free play mode. Extra free money helps to keep a player’s account well-funded and viable.

The Ability to Elevate Your Game

If you enjoy playing poker online in the US for the competitive aspect, then real money poker apps are likely the perfect choice for you. You can find a ton of good strategic players who can help you hone your skills and refine your playing techniques.

The Opportunity to Make Real Money

Yes, there is some real money that can be made playing online poker. However, this all depends on your skill level and expertise, but it can be done!

What to Look for Before Playing Poker for Real Money

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for the right real money online poker sites. Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, there’s universal criteria for finding a high-quality site to play online poker.

Online Poker Cell Phone

These are the same standards we used when reviewing our top-rated casino apps for this post.

Here are some good questions to ask during your own research for the right poker site.

Is this Site Fully Licensed and Legal for Use?

We advise you to seek out the best real money poker sites in terms of reputability. Make sure each one is fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority and be certain that they are legal for use by US players.

Avoid fly-by-night operations or sites that have negative customer reviews.

Check out our favorite online poker sites to play for real money. We have done all the vetting for you.

What Kind of Poker Bonuses Does This Site Offer?

Look for that great welcome bonus! This will boost your bankroll to great heights, all for being new! Be sure that any poker site you use also has weekly promotions, VIP programs, or loyalty schemes because the welcome bonus can only carry you so far.

Other bonuses and promotions outside of the initial welcome deal help to keep returning players’ accounts steadily funded and viable.

We understand if you want to do your own research, but seriously, check out our favorites! Each one offers the best in strong welcome bonuses and weekly promotional offers.

What Games Varieties Are Available?

Who doesn’t love variety? Be sure each site offers a wide assortment of gaming including the basics—cash games, sit n’ gos, and online poker tournaments.

The biggest and best real money online poker sites will carry a large game variety, which means players can revel in a larger variety of betting odds as well!

Ready for great poker variations? You can find them at our favorite online poker sites for US players!

How Can I Bank at This Site?

Not everyone uses the same banking methods. This is not a “one size fits all” category for each individual.

It’s important to make sure your real money poker site carries good options for depositing and payout withdrawals, including credit cards, prepaid credit cards, Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies), and money transfers.

Or you can check out our top-rated favorites! It is totally up to you.

Is This Site Compatible With My Mobile Device?

We are getting to the point where there is either an app for almost any conceivable activity or some way to achieve access via phone or other smart device.

Real money US poker sites should be no different! Use a poker site that can be easily accessed from any smart device and enjoyed from anywhere where there is an internet connection. Our recommendations will help you do just that!

Legality of Online Poker in the US (2022)

The poker sites we stand behind are operated in other countries such as Panama and Costa Rica and do not fall under US jurisdiction. It is their right to accept customers from anywhere on the globe, and this includes taking in players from the United States.

There are no federal laws on the books in the US that make it illegal for individuals to use real money poker sites or online casinos, and there are no current examples of anyone that is in legal trouble for partaking in such activities.

Online gambling laws do vary from state to state. States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada have legalized online poker rooms, while others like Washington and Utah have passed legislation banning online poker rooms.

The important thing to keep in mind is that restrictive legislation is applied to gambling sites and banks, rendering them impotent from making transactions within the country. It does not apply to individual players.

States That Offer Real Money Online Poker

  • Delaware
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania

States We Anticipate Will Offer Real Money Online Poker in the Future

  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • West Virginia

The moral of the story with the legality of online poker in the US in 2021 is that users of online poker sites need not worry over any ramifications from partaking in this activity.

It is completely legal and legitimate due to the fact the companies are operating in other countries and are therefore not held to any laws or standards set by the US. And US players can relax and enjoy playing online poker for real money with a clear conscience.

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

These are safeguards that ensure individuals who sign up for online poker site accounts are providing correct identification.

US online poker sites cannot accept new players unless they provide Personal Identifiable Information. This is in order to comply with legislation concerning anti-money laundering and under Know Your Customer requirements,

The following are a few information requirements in compliance with PII:

  1. Full legal name
  2. Social security number
  3. Address

Real Money Poker vs. Free Poker

There is no real answer to which method of play is superior to the other. This comes down to a preference. While some are competitive and have a hunger to win big money, others are much more motivated by leisure and having a fun, relaxing time.

Laptop With Poker Image

And of course, there are individuals who want to have both!

Below is a good look into the pros and cons of either real money or free play mode online poker:

Real Money Poker Free Poker
There is real money to be won Casual and more relaxing
Your competition will be greater and more tense You can try different poker variations with no risk
Bonuses and loyalty schemes will be available to you You will not lose any money
Faster pace and more exciting atmosphere Your competition will be less aggressive
Your techniques and strategies can be honed and improved more rapidly This provides risk-free practice time for those looking to improve

Terminology and Poker Varieties

Here are some simple poker terms all player should be familiar with before enjoying real money poker online.

  • All-In: This move is not for the faint of heart. When you go all-in, you are betting your whole bankroll on your hand. It is a great way to discourage the competition and get other players to fold.
  • Ante: This is a mandatory bet that players need to place in order to play the hand.
  • Blinds: These are mandatory bets that are placed by the two players to the dealer’s left.
  • Bluff: Most people should be familiar with this one even if they do not know the game of poker. This is where the player has a cruddy hand but attempts to trick players into thinking they have a good one. It is used to get opposing players to fold.
  • Flop: These are the first three cards that are dealt.
  • Pot Odds: The ratio of money in order to call the bet on the table.
  • River: This is the fifth card dealt out of a five card hand.
  • Tilt: This is the phenomenon of a player becoming frustrated or visibly upset, mostly due to unfavorable outcomes or bad luck, and their performance begins to suffer as a result
  • Turn: This is the fourth card that is dealt out of a five card hand.

Here is some more poker terminology but this time in comes in the form of online poker games that you can enjoy at any of our best real money poker sites!

Three-Card Poker

This is a game where the player competes against the dealer. The objective of the game is to see who can make the best three-card poker hand. When you beat the dealer, you take home the big pot.

Five-Card Draw

This is considered by many to be the simplest poker variant and the basis for video poker. The objective is to win chips, and this is done by the player who has the highest five-card poker hand that did not fold.

Texas Holdem

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular variants of the card game of poker. Two cards, known as hole cards, are dealt face down to each player, and then five community cards are dealt face up in three stages.

Omaha Poker

This game is similar to Texas Hold‘em except the player is dealt four cards and needs to make their best hand using only two plus three out of five community cards. The player that does this takes the pot.

Pai Gow

This is a favorite that is based on an Ancient Chinese domino game. Players must use seven cards to create a five-card poker hand and a two-card poker hand to beat both of the dealer’s hands.

Mississippi Stud

This is another game where players compete against the dealer, the objective being to meet or beat a pair of Jacks. The five-card hand if formed using two layer cards plus three community cards.

Best Real Money Online Poker Bonuses

Here are some of the best online poker bonuses now available at our favorite online poker sites for US players!

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    • Every $50 earned in rake will earn $5 release
    • Use code: NEWBOL

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  • SportsBetting Logo

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      $25 to $1,000
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  • Bovada Logo

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Types of Poker Bonuses Available Online

Here are some great bonuses that can be found at any one of our preferred real money poker sites. There are a number of methods for customers to creatively build their bankroll!


Freerolls allow players to enter the game at no cost but reap all the rewards of winning! In so many words, this is free online poker.

Percentage Bonus

Players can get a percentage of their deposit in the form of a bonus. That’s extra free money just for depositing a certain amount!

Loyalty Bonus

These are available for all the loyal customers who have chosen to stick around for the duration. These can be quite generous and are designed for those who know it pays to be a regular.

Refer a Friend

Getting a friend onboard at your favorite poker site can allow you access to some special promotions and exclusive bonus codes.

First Deposit Bonus

This is a reward for the initial deposit on a poker site. Percentages can vary site to site, but some offer 100% on the first deposit. Not bad!

Repeated Deposit Bonus

This is access to extra bonus money just for depositing frequently!

No Deposit Bonus

These are bonuses that can be achieved without the need to deposit. You will still get your real money winnings much like freerolls.

Welcome Bonus

This is extra money to go toward your bankroll as a “housewarming gift.” These are bonuses you get just for being new!

Free Poker Apps 2021

Playing for real money can be a heap of fun, and there is always the potential reward of cash prizes for compensation. However, many like to play poker for free, and this can be accomplished through the use of great free poker apps now available for Android and iPhone devices!

Free poker apps are geared toward individuals that want something more leisurely or relaxed. These top-rated apps can also help players get in some practice without actually having to risk any money!

Here are some great ideas for anyone looking to play free poker on their smartphone or other applicable devices.

Android Poker Apps:

  • Winning Poker App
    Winning Poker
    Bluff and raise, improve your skills, gain experience, make new friends!
  • Zynga Poker App
    Zynga Poker – Android
    Join one of the most popular free poker games with more tables than ever before!
  • City Poker App
    City Poker
    Play free poker – Omaha and Texas Holdem – and compete in the Weekly Club tournament!

iPhone Poker Apps:

  • Poker Heat App
    Poker Heat
    Put your Texas poker strategy to the test & place your best bet like a true VIP!
  • Zynga Poker App
    Zynga Poker – Apple
    Whether you prefer casual Texas Holdem Poker or tournaments, Zynga Poker is your home.
  • Texas Holdem Live App
    Texas Holdem Live Pro
    Enter the world of free, online poker! Join Poker Live Pro to feel the thrill of real entertainment!

Stay up to Date With the Latest Poker News and Tips

If you’re serious about playing poker for real money then it pays to read about the latest poker tips, strategy, and advice from the experts. We also publish weekly news updates so our readers can stay current on what’s happening in the world of poker.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Poker

Hopefully, we can tie up any loose ends! Here are some commonly asked questions from our readers.

  • What Is the Best Poker Site to Play At?

    We will let you figure that out for yourself! Each site is unique and offers a different experience for each player. One may excel at bonuses or game variety while others may exceed in customer service and banking variety. We highly encourage you to sign up at multiple sites, which is completely legal, to get a good idea of what it is you are looking for.

  • Can I Play Online Poker for Free?

    Absolutely! We highly recommend using one of our preferred real money poker sites to enjoy the safest and finest experience possible. There are versions of free poker that can be enjoyed at each of these great online poker sites. Players can also seek out free poker apps available in Google Play or Apple app stores.

  • Can You Play Poker Online for Real Money?

    Of course you can! To get started playing poker for real money online, just follow the steps outlined in this guide. And, make sure you stick with our recommended list of sites to ensure you are playing at only the best and safest real money poker sites.

  • Is It Safe to Play Poker Online for Real Money?

    Yes, of course. Not only has our team vetted each online poker site we recommend, but they dug up some interesting information along the way pertaining to customer safety and security. All online poker sites for US players are fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority and use software that guards personal and financial information against any unsavory characters or seedy entities that may be lurking around online.

  • Do All Poker Sites Take US Players?

    The good news here is that we have done the leg work. All of the real money online poker sites we recommend are safe for use by US players. All have been thoroughly researched and vetted, making them some of the best places online for US players to play poker for real money.

  • Does Poker VR Use Real Money?

    A growing trend today is the use of virtual reality for online poker games. Right now, many online casinos have not caught up with this trend of technology yet, but they’re not far behind. To find real money VR poker games would be a stretch, but if you do find someone offering real money games, just proceed with caution.

  • Are There Real Money Poker Apps?

    As we stated earlier, unless they’re apps directly from the casinos themselves, we would hesitate before depositing any real money. However, there are real money poker apps out there that are safe to play at.

  • Do Poker Sites Use Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin?

    All of the real money online poker sites we recommend in this post offer Bitcoin as a way for customers to make deposits and collect payouts. But the benefits don’t stop there! There are additional cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin that can be utilized for these purposes as well including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.