Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em Online 2024

Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a variant of the best-loved poker game with some added twists for extra fun. While the game is very similar to Texas Hold’em, it has its own features that give it a distinct playing experience that is closer to three-card poker or Caribbean Stud.

If you’re looking to find out more about the game — the rule, the best strategy, and where to play — we’ve got you covered.

You’ll also learn the key differences between Texas Hold’em and Ultimate Texas Hold’em and some tips to keep in mind when choosing somewhere to play.

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Live Ultimate Texas Hold’em Alternatives for US Players

Although Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em isn’t that popular at US casinos, you can play a similar version at the following sites, which we consider the best online gambling sites for US players.

How to Choose the Best Ultimate Hold’em Casino

When choosing an online casino, there are certain features you should look to have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience. Here are the factors we rate as worthy of some consideration:

Safety & Security

Online casinos will require you to register with them before you can play. This process involves sharing personally identifiable information. The casinos may also require you to deposit funds to a wagering account and thus collect your banking information.

You don’t want this information to end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, look for safe online casinos that offer a secure gambling environment for their clients. Such online casino will have the following qualities:

  • Registered and regulated by a recognized government authority

  • Use TSL encryption technology to ensure data protection

  • Offer prompt payouts

  • Games provided by a well-known, quality software company

In most cases, online casinos that do not have any of the above features will probably be blacklisted, unless they are new to the market. Therefore, confirm that your casino of choice isn’t on this list of blacklisted casinos before signing up.

Game Variety & Quality

Always check out the game selection of an online casino to ensure it offers the games you want to play. For instance, you can only play Ultimate Texas Hold’em online at a site that hosts the game in the video version or at live poker tournaments.

Therefore, you might want to check the table games and poker sections of an online casino, just confirm they have the game you’re looking for. If you’re stuck, chat with the casino’s customer support team. Most of these sites have live-chat capabilities.

If the online casinos lets you practice for free, even better.

Bonuses & Promotions

Casinos bonuses and promotions boost your bankroll and allow you to wager with less of your money, consequently lowering the casino’s house edge. You’ll many types of bonuses, which include:

  • welcome offers

  • reload bonuses

  • loyalty reward schemes

Moreover, make sure these bonuses are redeemable on Ultimate Texas Hold’em and any other games you wish to play.

Read the casino terms and conditions, especially the rollover requirements and bonus duration. Going for bonuses with low rollover requirements with a long play-through period increases your chances of withdrawing bonus winnings.

Payment Options

As mentioned above, playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em for cash may require you to deposit funds with a casino of your choice. You’ll also need to withdraw your winnings from the gambling site to your bank account. Popular payment methods include crypto, credit cards, and PayPal.

Here you’ll need to choose an online gambling site that supports banking options that work for you. Some of the features you should look for include:

  • A good selection of payment methods, including those you prefer

  • Low transaction fees

  • Non-restrictive minimum and maximum transaction limits

  • Fast payout speeds

Make sure the payment method you choose is secure and convenient for you for hassle-free transactions.

Customer Support

No matter how well-designed a gambling site is, problems will arise. Maybe a game bugs out on you during a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and you want to know when your cash will be returned. Because of this, you’ll need a gambling site with a reliable support team to help you out when needed.

The best online casinos offer 24/7 customer support with multiple communication channels. These can include:

  • Live chat

  • Telephone

  • E-mail support

  • Self-help guides and FAQs

Make sure any online casino you choose has a good selection of the customer support channels that work for you.

UI & Mobile Experience

The best gambling sites feature a simple design that’s easy to use. New users won’t struggle to find information, select games, fund their accounts, redeem bonuses, and process withdrawals. Games — like Ultimate Hold’em — should look great on smaller screens and the in-game interface should be easy to navigate.

Go for gambling platforms with intuitive designs for hassle-free navigation. Find out what devices are compatible with the casino’s app, especially if you wish to play on a mobile.

Ultimate Hold’em vs Texas Hold’em

They’re very similar games and they have very similar names. However, there exist key differences between Texas Hold’em and Ultimate Texas Hold’em. If you’ve been asking yourself what Ultimate Texas Hold’em is, the following lists should help set you straight.

Texas Hold’em

  • Played against other players

  • Side bets not available

  • No progressive jackpot

  • Players adapt their strategy changes depending on hand and opposing players

  • No house edge, as you’re playing against other players

  • Bluffing can be used

  • Players can fold when they receive their cards

  • Need to bet if they want to see additional streets

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

  • Played against the dealer

  • Side bets available

  • Progressive jackpot can be available

  • Strategy always the same

  • House edge (2.19%)

  • No bluffing

  • Must place ante and blind bet

  • Can see additional streets without betting

How To Play Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a matchup poker challenge between a player and the dealer. The game uses a standard 52-card deck. This simplified guide to Ultimate Texas Hold’em will get you started.

1. Placing Bets

You’ll need to place equal bets – called the ante and the blind — to begin the game. You can also play a third bet called the trip, which is a bonus side bet.

Once you place your bets, the dealer deals two cards face down to you and them. At this stage, you can look at the cards and assess your odds.

2. Check or Bet

After assessing your two face-down cards, you have the option to check or bet. If you opt to bet, your wager must be 3-4 times the amount of the ante.

If you bet, the dealer deals the rest of the cards, and you won’t make any additional bets.

3. Dealing First Three Community Cards

Once you make, and if you didn’t place a bet, the dealer will deal three community cards in the middle of the table. If you checked in the previous round, you can make a bet — double the ante bet — or check.

4. Dealing Final Community Cards

Now the dealer will then turn over the final two community cards.

After the dealer lays these cards at the center of the table, you’ll have one more opportunity to bet.


You can place a bet — which is equal to your ante  bet — or you can fold, which will result in the forfeiting both the ante and blind bets.

5. Show Your Hand

After all five community cards are on the table, you and the dealer will reveal your hands.

If you haven’t folded, you and the dealer will use the five face-up cards and your face-down cards to form the best possible poker hand. Whichever of the two hands is best as per the poker hand ranking system wins.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Hand Rankings

The table below shows Ultimate Texas Hold’em hands in order from the best possible score to the least.

Hand Combination

Royal Flush

A, K, J & a 10 of the same suit

Straight Flush

Five consecutive cards of the same suit e.g. K, Q, J, 10, & 9

Four of a Kind

Four cards of the same rank

Full House

Three cards of the same rank and a pair


Five cards of the same suit but aren’t in a row


Five cards in a row

Three of a Kind

Two cards that don’t match and three cards of the same rank

Two Pair

Two pairs with different ranks

One Pair

A pair of cards with same rank and three random cards

High Card

All cards are of different ranks

This is the same poker hand ranking used in most other variants of poker.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Payouts

The different bets payout different amounts in Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Ante and Play Bets

These bets pay out 1:1.

The play bet pays out if the player beats the dealer.

However, the ante bet is subject to another condition: whether the dealer “opens.” That is, if they qualify.


To “open”, the dealer’s hand must be one pair or better.

If the dealer opens, the ante bet is paid. If they do not, it is pushed.

This works the same if the player loses. For instance, if the player’s hand loses but the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet is pushed rather than lost.

Blind Bet

Like the play bet, the player wins the blind bet if they beat the dealer. Whether the dealer qualifies does not affect this bet.

If the player’s hand is worse than a straight, the blind bet is pushed. If the hand is a straight or better, however, the blind bet pays out according to this table.

Hand Payout

Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of a Kind


Full House






Trip Bet

The trip bet pays out whether or not the player beats the dealer, even if the player folds their hand. Payouts on this bet vary from casino to casino, but you’ll likely find a payment structure similar to this.

Hand Payout

Royal Flush


Straight Flush


Four of A Kind


Full House






Three of a Kind



Playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em and its payout structure may seem confusing at first glance, but it’s simple: if you have the better hand, you’ll always win.

Strategy & Tips for Playing Online Ultimate Texas Hold’em

To master Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you’ll need to know what calls to make at a few key moments. You’ll make these calls based on your hand and the community cards. Let’s take a look at those key moments.

Before the flop

If you have one of of the following hands, you should bet the 4x raise

  • A pair

  • An ace

  • A suited king

  • King / 5 (suited or not)

  • Queen /  8 or better (not suited)

  • Queen / 6 or 7 (suited)

  • Jack / 10 (unsuited)

  • Jack / 8 or 9 (suited)

For all other hands, you should check.

On the flop

If you have one of the following hands, bet the 2x raise:

  • You have a pair including one of your hole cards, unless it’s a pair of 2s

  • 2 pairs or better

  • 4 suited cards when one of the cards is at least a 10

If you have any other hand, you should check.

After the river

This is your final opportunity to bet.


You should bet if you have at least a pair that includes one of your hold cards.

Otherwise, you should fold.

If you follow this strategy, you can keep the house edge at its minimum of 2.19%.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options for Playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em

The best online casinos have a wide range of payment methods that players can use to deposit funds and withdraw their Ultimate Texas Hold’em winnings. These range from the traditional to the state of the art.

Here are some of the payment methods you should expect to find at the top online casinos.



Credit Cards


Digital Wallets


Ultimate Texas Hold’em FAQs

  • A trips bet is an additional bet you can play besides the ante and blind bets. This bet is optional, and you aren’t required to take it. Taking up this bet increase the casino house edge by 1.9% and thus reducing your chances of winning.

  • Not at all. If you play the game at a reputable online casino regulated by a recognized government authority, you can be sure that the game isn’t rigged. Such sites won’t risk losing their licenses by offering rigged games. On top of this, they have independent professionals audit their games to ensure customer fairness.

  • No. Although free Ultimate Texas Hold’em is available in demo mode, you’ll have to deposit funds to your gambling account and wager real money bets to win cash.

  • Yes! Check out the live lobby section of your favorite casino to confirm. You may need to confirm with the casino support team if you can’t figure it out.

  • It can be. If you follow the suggested strategy and luck is on your side, you can walk away with the pot.