Online Ultimate Texas Holdem

The game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em, though loosely based on the traditional version of the game that you likely know well, is unlike most other poker games you have ever played before. Unlike poker as you may be used to it, the game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em is often played electronically as it only pits a single player versus a single dealer. The game, in many ways, is more straightforward than Texas Hold’em and that is what so many people love about it.

While only a few years ago Ultimate Texas Hold’em was an afterthought for most casino-goers, it has quickly become one of the more popular, newer games that exist.

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How Ultimate Texas Holdem Works

Ultimate Texas Hold’em starts out by forcing the player to make equal bets on both the ante and the blind. Both bets must be made and they must be made in the same nominal value. Once the ante and blind bets have been placed, the player in question will receive 2 face-down cards much like they would in a traditional game of Hold’em.

Once the player has viewed and assessed their two face-down cards, they have the option of either checking or betting. If the player opts to bet, their wager must be 3-4 times the amount of the ante. Once the player has acted, the dealer will then turn over the first 3 card flop. Once the 3 community cards have been laid on the table, the player has the option to make a play bet so long as they have not done so already. If a player wagered already, they are no longer able to put any more money on the current hand. If the player checked previously, they are able to make a play bet, however this time the amount of the wager must equal 2 times the ante. If the player checked previously, they also have the option of checking a 3rd time.

After the action is completed, the dealer will then turn over the final 2 community cards. In this way the game of Ultimate Texas Hold’em differs from traditional Hold’em because there are two cards being turned over at once, rather than 2 rounds of 1 single card being turned over (basically, the river and turns have been combined into one). After these cards have been laid down in the center of the table, the player has one more opportunity to act. If the player has only checked up to this point, they now have the opportunity to either place a bet precisely equal to their ante or fold, which will result in the forfeiting of both their ante and blind bets.

Once all 5 community cards have been laid on the table, the dealer and the player will utilize the 5 face-up cards as well as their 2 face-down cards in order to form the best possible poker hand. In order to open, the dealer must have at least a single pair.

Ultimate Texas Holdem Payouts

The payouts, and exact amounts of the payouts, in a hand of Ultimate Texas Hold’em depend upon who won the hand as well as how they won.

If the player has the superior hand and the dealer had at least a pair that was defeated, the player will win their blind, ante, and play bets. Ante and play bets pay out at 1:1, however winning blind bets pay out depending upon the hand you have. To make a long story short, a straight flush pays out higher than 2 pair would.

If the player wins the hand because the dealer was unable to open, they will win their blind and play bets, but push on their ante wager.

If the dealer comes out on top after displaying at least a pair, the player will lose their ante, blind, and play bets. Finally, if the dealer wins but does not boast at least a pair, the player will lose their blind and play bets, but will push on their ante bet.

The game and its payouts may seem confusing at first glance, but really, if you have the better hand you are always going to win, while a weaker hand will always see you lose. In many ways, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is not entirely different than a heads-up, 1 v. 1 game of poker. The only real difference is that the player who wins is paid out based upon how strong their winning hand is. This is, in a lot of ways, better than traditional poker where even some of the strongest hands can, on occasion, see only a minimal pay out.

As time moves forward it is highly likely that Ultimate Texas Hold’em will become an increasingly popular game. Not only is it incredibly easy to play, it lends itself to anyone and everyone that is even the least bit familiar with how games of poker are played.

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