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Massachusetts not a long time ago was one of many states that did not want to see any type of gambling legalized. The simple fact of the matter was that, up until 2011, there were very few options for gambling. The online casino industry in the state has been doing well for a while now, and was thriving back when no land-based gambling options were available. Now that a few brick and mortar establishments have been erected, and more are on their way, Massachusetts is slowly but surely becoming one of the better places to play your favorite casino games in New England.

At the present moment in time, online gambling is the most viable option for most people from the state. There exist no laws making it illegal to play at online casinos, and furthermore, it is often viewed as the easiest way in which someone can gamble. After all, not having to leave your house in order to play your favorite casino games seems like a pretty nice deal. As far as setting up a regulated, statewide network for online casinos is concerned, there have been talks, but those talks have not really gone much further. The hope is that that will change soon, but very few people are holding their breath.

What Are The Best Massachusetts Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts CasinosIf you take a look at Massachusetts state law, you will find that there exists no laws stating that playing at online casinos is illegal. In fact, the online casino industry in Massachusetts has been thriving for quite some time. This is so because, at one point, playing at online casinos was just about the only way you were able to gamble in the state. Though brick and mortar casinos have since come into play, the fact of the matter is that the online casino industry in the state is healthy.

In fact, it is better than healthy seeing as the number of participating online casinos has grown consistently over the past 5 or 10 years. What with technology improving and the general number of casinos growing, this seems to be an industry that is very much on the rise.

With mobile gaming becoming an option too, there is no limit on just how popular online casino play can become in Massachusetts. The mobile gaming options, though still somewhat new, allow you the opportunity to play your favorite real money casino games no matter where you are. What’s more, the casino games you can play are exactly the same as the ones you will see on your desktop computer.

Going forward, it is widely believed that the state may be the next to move on creating a regulated system for online casinos. As the data pours in, it is impossible to ignore how much additional revenue is being created in places like New Jersey and Nevada, both of which have legalized and regulated systems. The laws regarding gambling in this New England state are always changing, so it is good to keep up with all that is going on there. With a more liberal attitude towards most social issues, Massachusetts seems like one of the more likely options when it comes to the next state to legalize an intrastate network of online casinos.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Massachusetts

Up until a few years ago, gambling offline in Massachusetts was not something that could be done easily; at least not legally. This is mostly due to the puritan roots that are still quite prevalent across the state. Founded by a religious group that hated alcohol, promiscuity, and especially gambling, it was never going to be easy for pro-gambling movements to succeed in this state. Then, in 2011, a bill was passed that would allow for Massachusetts to build and operate a few brick and mortar casinos. Nowadays it seems as though a new brick and mortar establishment is being put up with each passing week, and the industry just seems to grow.

All in all, brick and mortar casinos are becoming more of a mainstay in Massachusetts and are also working to provide millions of dollars in revenues for the state. Boston, which is the state’s marquis city, is seeing its gambling presence grow as well. A city that already had a huge tourist infrastructure is receiving an additional monetary boost thanks to the establishment of all these brick and mortar gambling sites.

As time moves forward, the hope is that Massachusetts will continue to expand their existing brick and mortar offering, but also combine that with a viable system for legalized online casino play online. Right now, Massachusetts is still in its infancy as far as land-based casinos are concerned. It will be truly interesting to see if this state moves more towards legalizing and establishing online games, or if they are going to continue pursuing brick and mortar resort casinos. All in all, the competition amongst New England states as it relates to gambling is becoming increasingly intense. As this rings truer and truer every year, gambling will become more of a mainstay and a reason why even more tourists venture to this part of the US.

Massachusetts Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: MA
  • State Motto: By the sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.
  • Capital City: Boston
  • Population Estimate: 6.86 million (15th)
  • Website:

What do I need to sign up and begin playing?

In most cases, signing up to play at an online casino is no more difficult than signing up for something like Twitter or Facebook. The account creation process often only takes a few moments, and deposits happen instantaneously such that you can begin playing your favorite online casino games within minutes of actually deciding where you would like to play.

Are there high fees associated with deposits/withdrawals?

The fact of the matter is that the fees you will pay for depositing or withdrawing money depends entirely on the site you choose to play at. While some sites force you to pay miniscule fees for depositing monies, others charge you a lot. Some other sites offer ways by which you can deposit or withdraw funds without having to pay any fees whatsoever, however this is a bit rare.

Are Massachusetts online casinos trustworthy?

So long as you take a small amount of time to do some research, you will find that most Massachusetts online casinos, if not all, are entirely trustworthy. Whether it be with your personal or financial information, these sites are not careless and do everything to keep your mind at ease.

What types of games can I find at Massachusetts online casinos?

This all depends on the specific online casino at which you chose to play, but because of the competitive nature of the online casino industry, you will find that most sites offer an expansive selection of games able to satisfy the needs of any type of online casino player.

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