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Washington Casinos

Tucked all the way up in the Pacific Northwest, Washington is the last state you pass through before Canada. Being such an international crossroads, you would think that the state is incredibly friendly to all sorts of gamblers. If that was your thought process, you are exactly correct. Washington is indeed friendlier than most states when it comes to all things gambling. When it comes to gambling at casinos you could literally not have picked a better place as the state has many of them.

As far gambling online, there are hundreds of options there as well. Unfortunately, at the present moment in time Washington online casinos are not regulated by the state which means that players need to rely on online casinos operated from abroad. Even though most players might prefer to be able to play on the online casino site of their favorite local gambling house, this is not possible at the moment as the state has yet to regulate online gambling.

The good news for residents of Washington interested in gambling online is that dozens of trustworthy online casinos offer their games to residents of Washington and we can confidently recommend those listed below. We have reviewed hundreds of online casinos based on their history, safety, security, real money deposit and withdrawal options and of course the casino games they offer. Based on these reviews, we recommend the online casinos below to players residing in the state of Washington.

What Are The Best Washington Real Money Gambling Sites?

The Best USA Online Gambling Sites (Player Rated)
  1. Vegas Casino
    • #1 Overall US Casino
    • Visa, MC, Amex, BTC
    • Fast Cashouts (3 Hrs.)
  2. BetOnline Casino
    • Brand New Casino Site
    • 300+ Betsoft Slots
    • 3-6 Hr. Payout Time
  3. Las Vegas USA
    • Excellent Reputation
    • Frequent Bonus Offers
    • 6-8 Hr. Withdrawals
  4. MyBookie Casino
    • Popular US Casino Site
    • Easy Deposit Options
    • 6-8 Hr. Withdrawals

Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — Washington state

Washington CasinosRight now, Washington has no laws that make it illegal to play casino games online for real money. For this reason, you will find hundreds of different casinos from which you are able to choose when you log on to your computer or device in Washington.

None of the online casinos that exist there are regulated by the state of Washington itself, but nonetheless most are trustworthy and can be depended upon. Even though these casinos are not based within the United States, they are generally safe options for real money online casino play. Licensed out of places like Curacao and Costa Rica, a quick search of internet review sites will show you that customers have had little issue with a majority of these sites. Even though there have been onlin casinos taking advantage of customers in the past, the way the internet has progressed has made it almost impossible for a site to pull the wool over the eyes of customers. Long story short, you should have no worries regarding the trustworthiness of most of these casinos and no worries at all when it comes to those we recommend.

We have handpicked from the hundreds of online casinos those most suited for the residents of Washington and the safety and security of real money casino play was at the forefront of the elements we reviewed. The online casinos we commend for Washington state residents offer not only a great experience, they are trustworthy and reliable gambling websites for your real money casino play.
As for the future, people are holding out hope that Washington will institute some sort of legal intrastate casino network so that people can play casino games online regulated in the state. Unfortunately, the state’s many brick and mortar casinos are fighting back against any such moves out of fear that it would take away from their profits. The next few years are going to be huge for the state of Washington because so many people feel as though intrastate gambling is just around the corner.

Something to note about the online casinos available to Washington residents is the fact that they are almost all capable of being accessed on mobile devices. Whether it is an Apple or Android, tablet or smartphone, the fact of the matter is that real money casino games are always available so long as your device can access the internet. And, to that end, just about every casino game that can be accessed at a casino’s desktop site can also be accessed via the mobile application.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Washington state

If you came to Washington hoping to play a live hand of blackjack, you are in luck because the state offers such a wealth of casino options that you are quite honestly spoilt for choice. Between card rooms and full-scale brick and mortar casinos, Washington has everything the live gambler wants and then some. Most people feel as though it is their proximity to Canada that accounts for why so many casinos exist in the state, but regardless of the reason it is truly impressive to see how expansive the brick and mortar casino scene is in Washington.

As you might have gathered from the previous statement, Canada has a lot of gambling options. Because the state of Washington did not want to deal with citizens going over the border and spending their money there, they rapidly expanded their gambling options over the years. Now, Washington is one of the best places in the nation to gamble, even though so very few people know that. Before any type of intrastate network of online casinos is created, we expect that the State of Washington is going to more heavily promote their brick and mortar industry.

As is the case in many other states across the US, most every full-scale brick and mortar casino in the state is run by and located on land controlled by Native Americans. Thankfully, Washington also has a very large Native population relative to most other states, so it makes sense as to why there are so many brick and mortar casinos from which to choose. As we move forward, it will be interesting to see if brick and mortar sites continue to be built or if the online gambling scene will throw a monkey wrench in that plan. As it stands, there are no pieces of legislation circulating. Until this happens, we have to think that legalized and regulated online casinos are still a long ways away but thankfully residents of Washington can rely on casinos regulated abroad for their real money casino play online.

Washington Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: WA
  • State Motto: Bye and Bye
  • Capital City: Olympia
  • Population Estimate: 7.4 million (13th)
  • Website: https://access.wa.gov/

Do Washington brick and mortar casinos offer games online?

At the present moment in time, the state law does not authorize local casinos to offer real money casino games online. Residents of the state of Washington need to play at online casinos licensed abroad but thankfully this is a safe and easy process, especially if you play at one of the online casinos we recommend on this page for residents of Washington state.

How can I deposit and withdraw real money?

Depositing real money to an online casino player account is something that only continues to get easier and easier. At most sites you have the option of depositing either by credit/debit card or by way of a direct bank transfer. Both methods are fairly simple, and both can afford you the ability to begin playing almost instantaneously. The online casinos we recommend here for residents of Washington also offer deposits through Western Union or Moneygram as well as by Bitcoin. Come the time to withdraw real money winnings, these casinos offer the same options of wire transfer or Bitcoin but they also can send your casino winnings by cheque.

Will intrastate gambling in Washington soon become a reality?

These questions are always difficult to answer with any degree of certainty, but when it comes down to it, the state of Washington really does look like one of those states that may move to create an intrastate network of online casinos sooner than later. Though there are no laws being voted upon quite yet, it is easy to see why people think that this might change in the near future. Multiple states in the USA have already passed regulations authorizing online casinos and poker and it is likely that Washington State will soon join them.