Best Scratch Off Apps that Pay Real Money

We’ve all played a scratch off lottery ticket before. Whether your grandma gave you one in your birthday card, or you picked one up at a gas station, scratch offs are fun and easy to play. But did you know that you can play online scratch off games?

These virtual scratch tickets give you the option to immediately claim your prizes while also having better odds than traditional tickets! Below are the best online scratch off apps in the industry today.

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In this article, we’ll detail how online scratch offs work, which apps you can play them on, and why they’re the next level of lottery games.

What Are Online Scratch Offs?

Online scratch offs are a type of lottery that allows players to scratch off virtual lottery tickets for chances to win big prizes.

These lotteries work in much the same way as traditional scratch offs, with players scratching off panels to reveal symbols that match those on their ticket. The only difference is that the symbols are displayed on a computer or mobile device instead of on paper.

Online Scratch Off Game
Most online scratch offs offer players the chance to win big jackpots, as well as smaller prizes. Some lotteries even have progressive jackpots that increase in size as more people play. This means that the potential prize pool for each drawing can be quite large, making online scratch offs an attractive option for lottery fans.

Types of Online Scratch Offs

Most online scratch cards fall into two different categories: renditions of traditional lottery cards and unique virtual casino scratch offs.

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but the replicas of existing scratch offs tend to be featured primarily on apps for Android and iOS. The more unique scratch offs resemble slot-style games, found at online casinos.

Best Real Money Scratch Off Apps

Scratch Off App ScreenshotReal money online scratch off apps operate a little differently than a traditional ticket. When you win $100 from that Halloween scratch off your aunt sent you, all you have to do is travel to your nearest dealer, hand over the ticket, and you walk out with a crisp Benjamin.

But with online scratch off apps, you’re playing for free most of the time, or it’s to earn points that will equate to prizes.

Winning tickets will award you with a certain number of points which you can use in-app to claim real prizes. It’s not like you scratch off the Gold Rush Doubler and immediately win $1,000.

There are plenty of mobile apps out there in both the Google Play and Apple Store for scratch off fans. A lot of these games are free to play, and some of the more high-baller games cost a few bucks on the app store.

Below, we’ve selected a few of the best virtual scratch off apps out there.

Lucky Dollar – This app is available on the Google Play Store and offers both free and paid scratch offs. Unlike some other free scratch off apps, this one actually pays out, sending your winnings right to your PayPal account. There are also daily prize drawings of $1,000 and jackpot opportunities up to $100,000. This app is a great alternative to traditional tickets with it’s realistic scratching feature and plenty of games to choose from.

Lottery Scratchers – This app is available on both the Google Play and App Stores. It does feature a pay-to-play system, where users have to buy coins to be able to scratch off tickets. However, it does pay out big prizes, and sometimes more than one prize per ticket! It has a 4-star rating, with a few people claiming their games are buggy, but generally the reception for this app was very good. Plus, purchasing coins on this app is much cheaper than buy scratch offs in person.

Scratchers Mega Lottery Casino – This app is available for both Android and iOS users, and it has great reviews on both platforms. The developers are very responsive to player reviews and take a great deal of pride in their game. This app features many new and exciting scratch off tickets, as well as tickets you can find at every gas station or bar. Plus, the game is free to play with daily drawings and prizes!

Online Casinos That Offer Virtual Scratch Off Apps

There’s one other way to play real money scratch off apps, and that’s with an online casino. Not all casino apps offer real money scratch off games, but those that do make it a simple and fun process.

Plus, playing scratch offs with a reputable online casino ensures that you’ll be paid your winnings, and you can use your casino bonus to get some extra scratching in. And because online casinos have a larger budget than small app developers, they’re able to increase the rewards and jackpots for each scratch card.

These are two online casinos that come to mind when thinking about virtual scratch offs.

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline LogoBetOnline is one of our favorite online casinos because they offer great bonuses and a vast selection of games. At BetOnline, you can play 14 different scratch offs, including Symbols of Luck, Dream Vacation, Kings of War, and Journey of Ra. Each of these scratch offs have different betting limits, some as low as $1, with chances to win big!

Wild Casino

Wild Casino LogoWild Casino offers some of the best bonuses in the game, with a welcome package worth $5,000! They have loads of slots and table games, plus scratch off games like King’s Alchemist, Viking Crown of Destiny, and Lucky Plunder.

Can I Win Real Money Playing Online Scratch Offs?

The short answer is yes, you can win real money playing online scratch cards.

A lot of the “free” virtual scratch off apps require some kind of in-app purchase before you can win anything, and you should always be wary of suspicious apps asking for your personal data. When in doubt, check for reviews online to see if an app is worth your time.

But, playing at a reputable online casino is perfectly legit. You can make a deposit to your account, play scratch cards until you win, and withdraw your funds to your bank account, e-wallet, or crypto wallet!

Online Scratch Off Games vs. In-Person Tickets

Many online scratch off players like the convenience and variety of games that come with playing these lotteries online.

Since online scratch off apps are available to play 24 hours a day, lottery fans can play from anywhere—at home, on their commute—and never miss out on a drawing. In addition, some lotteries allow players to purchase tickets in bulk, giving them more control over their game experience.

Some people prefer playing traditional scratch offs in person, however. This is because physical scratch offs offer players the chance to see and feel their tickets, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. Additionally, many state lotteries offer bigger prizes for paper tickets than for virtual games.

But online scratch off apps present some distinct benefits that make them better than traditional tickets.

Immediate Cash!

Money With a RibbonOnline scratch offs are paid out in real cash, meaning that players get their winnings instantly.

With traditional tickets, you have to go to an authorized dealer, like a gas station or bar, to cash in your winnings. Sometimes, if you’re a big jackpot winner, it can take days or even weeks to process your prize.

Increased Odds

Because physical scratch off tickets have a lot of overhead (designing the game, printing the game, distributing tickets, teaching people how to run the prize system, etc.), prizes are smaller than with scratch off apps.

There’s very little overhead for producing online scratch offs. One person could design and program the whole thing! For this reason, companies and casinos are able to increase the prizes and your chances of winning because they have more funds to do so.

It’s just like how certain casino slots or other games payout more online than in person because an online casino doesn’t have to pay rent on a facility, electricity to run the machines, or pay employees to standby and help you figure out the game.

More Game Options

Much like virtual poker or sports games, you can generally find a wide range of online scratch offs to play.

Each game typically has different rules and different types of symbols that players receive payouts for. For example, one scratch off might have black cats as wildcards while another has green 7s.

A lot of virtual scratch off apps are taking a page from progressive slot machine’s book, including jackpot prizes that increase as more people play the tickets. In some cases, the prizes for these tickets will outrival even the best in-person tickets.

And since it’s much easier to design and publish an online scratch off, developers can make new games on a consistent basis. It’s a win-win!

Online Scratch Off Apps FAQ

If you are still uncertain about playing on scratch off apps or have more questions, be sure to check out the FAQ below where we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

  • Are Online Scratch Off Games Legal in the USA?

    Gambling of almost every variety is legal by federal law in the US. However, all states have different laws related to gambling. If an online casino is available in your location, and they offer scratch off games, then you won’t get in any trouble for playing them.

  • Can I Play Virtual Scratch Offs With Crypto?

    While there aren’t crypto-specific cards, if your online casino accepts crypto deposits, you can use it to play virtual scratch cards.

  • Is There a Strategy for Online Scratch Offs?

    Nope, just like slot machines, scratch off games are completely random. It’s worth noting that the more expensive cards are likely to have better prizes, but they also have more risk associated with them.

  • How Can I Find Out What Cards Pay the Best?

    Almost all online casino games have what’s known as a return to player percentage (RTP). This percentage indicates how much money is returned to players over time. For example, if a scratch card has an RTP of 97%, for every $1.00 you bet, you’ll get back $0.97. Finding RTP is pretty simple; just do a quick Google search of the game’s name and RTP.