How We Rate Online Casinos

We do everything we can to give you the most unbiased and well-rounded opinion of every online casino that we encounter. It is our goal to provide players with the tools to choose the best casino for them, and that is exactly what we do. We provide ratings and rankings for all US casinos and go in-depth as to compare like casinos with other similar sites.

The following few sections will give you a bit more insight into how we rate our featured online casinos so that you can figure out how we reached the conclusions we did.

Game Offering

One of the first things that we look at is the offering of games a casino boasts. As you may or may not be aware, no two casinos are exactly identical. Understanding this, it follows that no two online casinos have the exact same selection of real money casino games.

Naturally, players tend to think that the larger the number of games the better. This is not so far off, but it must be noted that a large selection of games does not necessarily make 1 online casino better than one that offers fewer games. What it really comes down to is not only the quantity of games, but the variety of games that really matters.

If one casino has 600 total games, but 550 of them are slot games, most would agree that this hypothetical casino is anything but well-rounded. What we look for are sites that have a large number of games across a wide variety of game types.

Software Utilization

Tying into the offering of games boasted by an online casino is the software providers that created these games. Historically, online casinos tended to offer games from only one software provider, but more recently we are seeing sites boast games from many different software providers and this is creating a new industry standard.

Nowadays, you will find that some of the most highly-ranked online casinos in the United States boast games from many different software providers. This provides a sort of variety that allows you to experience many different software providers without having to play at a boatload of different sites.

Banking Options

No real money online casino is complete without some sort of avenue by which you can fund your newly created player account. When it comes down to it, if a player cannot deposit or withdraw they will take your time and money elsewhere.

Our highest rated sites are most often the sites that boast a wide array of banking options—for both depositing and withdrawing. Funding a newly created player account is one thing, but ultimately a player would like to cash out winnings. This is why we look for the one-two punch of a healthy number of deposit and withdrawal options. The easier it is to fund an account and cash out winnings, the better the site is considered to be.

Customer Service

An oft-overlooked aspect of online casinos is the customer service offered to players. When creating and funding a player account at an online casino, the last thing one thinks about is having to sit on hold, waiting for a customer service agent to pick up and resolve whatever problem it is that you encountered. This is a big mistake due to the fact that there very well might come a time when you need to get in touch with customer service.

As such, our highest-rated sites are those that make it very easy for you to talk and converse with a real, live customer service agent. The days of an email address being the only way to resolve the problems you encounter have passed, and now it is frowned upon if a site does not also boast telephone and live-chat methods of contacting customer service agents.

Player Testimonials

We scour the web to find out what real players have to say about a specific online casino. Typically, a player will only go out of their way to voice their opinion about a site if they are overly pleased or overly disappointed with their experience there. Luckily for you, it is much more common that a displeased player will voice their opinion and, as such, it becomes very easy to pick out the sites that are generally regarded as being sub-par.

We go through review after review to make sure we are giving you the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Just because a given site had trouble a few years ago does not mean they are having those same issues today. By taking note of the ever-changing opinion of the public, we help you determine which sites people really like and which sites you might do best to stay away from.

There is much more that goes into the rating process for a specific online casino, but these are the main facets of a site that are analyzed. Really, what it boils down to is what you are looking for out of an online casino. Once you establish your own, personal wants and needs, you will have a much easier time figuring out what online casino you would like to utilize.

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