How We Rate US Online Casinos

While we love to joke around and have a good time, there is one thing that we take seriously here—our US online casino reviews. Why the sudden serious face? It’s because we know that when people are reading our reviews, rankings, and recommendations, they are looking to make a decision that will affect not only their wallet but their overall enjoyment (or lack thereof) when it comes to online gambling.

If we don’t take this process seriously and look to produce the most honest, accurate, and up-to-date US online casino reviews, then we’re not only wasting your time, but we’re setting you up for failure.

Thankfully, our expert review teams fully understand the importance of the decision you are looking to make. They work hard to make sure that the reviews, rankings, and recommendations we produce here are the best in the business.

To better illustrate this, we want to be completely transparent about our process. In the coming sections, we’re going to talk about what makes our US online casino reviews the best, what factors we look at when making our determinations, and why all of this is so important.

What Makes Our US Online Casino Reviews the Best Logo and 5 Gold Stars

We’re Not for Sale

Under no circumstances can any US online casino pay for a better review, higher rankings, or to be recommended. Sites can’t beg, barter, trade, or buy their way into our favor. If we allowed sites to do this, we wouldn’t actually be a review site; we would be an advertisement site parading around as a review site.

Additionally, do you think it’s the great sites that would be trying to pay for this? Absolutely not, because they would get a good review no matter what! It’s the shady and subpar US online casinos that would be trying to purchase our favor. How do we know they do this? Because we’ve been contacted hundreds of times by these crummy sites. In case you’re wondering, we sent them all packing.

Unfortunately, though, too many other US online casino review companies out there allow this to happen. It’s pretty evident when you click through to some of the casinos they recommend and you see that they are absolute and utter garbage. All this does is bamboozle their readers and destroy their credibility. You can 100% be confident that this is not the case here.

Our reviews are real, honest, and not influenced by any outside factors. The only way to get a great review from us is to meet and exceed the expectations we have for US online casinos.

Our Review Teams Are the Best in the Business

You’ve probably heard the cliché phrase before that a business is only as good as its people. Well, you’re going to hear it again from us because it couldn’t be truer in our industry. Our confidence in the quality of our reviews, rankings, and recommendations stems directly from our confidence in the quality of our review teams.

Here’s why. First, we look for people with experience in the industry both as a player and on the professional side. Our reviewers have been gamblers for years (both brick and mortar and online) and have experience working within the industry at all levels. With the ability to see both sides of the coin, it gives them a unique advantage to provide the most honest and accurate view of these US online casinos. They know exactly what gamblers are looking for because they are gamblers themselves. They also know the tricks that some shady US online casinos might try and pull to cover up issues. Mix these two together, and it’s the recipe for a perfect and effective review.

Additionally, we constantly review our reviewers to ensure there is no bias and that they are still delivering honest, quality content. Typically, we have multiple members of our teamwork on the same review to ensure you’re not just getting the viewpoint of one person. Then, we’ll have other members of our team review the review to ensure it’s accurate and unbiased.

Sound like a long process? It is. We don’t just pump out a review in a few hours and call it a day. Our team works for days and sometimes weeks on preparing reviews to ensure they are the best they can be. This dedication from our experienced team is why we can be confident our US online casino reviews are the best in the business.

We Can’t Be Fooled by Shady Industry Tricks

We mentioned “shady industry tricks” in the last section and want to talk a little more about them. US online casinos that don’t have your best interests at heart have developed some sneaky ways to try and hide the fact they can’t be trusted.

They’ll usually mask their major issues with flashy graphics, cool animations, and juicy bonuses and promotions.

To the untrained eye, these sites can seem incredible. They look great, and they’re offering a ton of free cash and bonuses. What could be wrong? Well, that’s why our reviews are so important. Our team already knows all of the tricks sites will use to cover up their tracks, and we make it our mission to uncover and expose them to you. Fool us once, shame on… No, you’re not even going to fool us once. Our team is too experienced in the industry and cares too much about keeping our readers safe and sound.

Our Reviews Are Updated and Checked Regularly

The second that a US online casino review is posted, it is already aging. The industry is a quickly-moving and everchanging landscape that can look totally different overnight. One of our biggest pet peeves with other US online casino review sites is that they will write a review or publish a recommendation or ranking list, and that will be the last time they touch it.

Two Men Sitting at Desk Reviewing Documents

What happens if the casino changes management to a shady operator? What happens if a whole slew of new customer complaints come pouring in? What happens if what was once a quality site is now garbage? Well, if you’re not actively reviewing, amending, and updating your reviews and recommendations, you’re going to miss all of this. While you may have had good intentions to begin with, you’re now promoting incorrect information that is leaving your readers in a bad spot.

It’s because of this that our review teams dedicate much of their time to following up on all of our reviews, rankings, and recommendations. They work hard to ensure that the information provided is the most accurate and up to date. It’s a tall task, but it’s essential to do if we want to maintain the confidence in the quality of our information. Sometimes, it means some sleepless nights, but we’d rather have to drink a little extra coffee the next day than hear someone had a bad experience based on a review or recommendation from us.

We’re Not Scared to Point out the Bad Stuff

If a review is nothing but rainbows and roses, there is probably a problem. You see, we could review the absolute best US online casino on the planet and still find things that they can improve upon. If a review site isn’t finding anything wrong, they are either choosing to hide the bad stuff, or they’re just not good enough at their job to spot the issues. Let’s put this bluntly—we are not scared of pointing out the bad stuff. We don’t care who you are, how awesome everyone else thinks your casino is, or if you can beat us up.

If there is something wrong with your casino or something you can improve upon, you are going to hear about it from us. The good news, though, is that if it gets fixed, we will update it in our review.

You can be sure with our reviews that you are getting the most accurate, honest, and blunt picture of how things really are.

Our Reviews Are the Most Thorough in the Industry

We have a saying around here, “If your review takes only a couple of hours, you’re doing it wrong.” Okay, so that’s not really a saying we have because that would be pretty lame, but that is a viewpoint we hold firmly. When completing and rating US online casinos, we find it extremely important to comb through every inch of the site and look in every nook and cranny to make sure we give the most honest and accurate picture of the casino.

Imagine if a firefighter was putting out a fire at a house and checked every room except for the attic. What happens if there are still flames in the attic? Even though you don’t immediately see them, they’re eventually going to burn the house down. Sorry for the morbid example, but we think it illustrates our point well. When we do our reviews, we work our tails off to make sure that nothing is missed. This ensures the quality and confidence we strive for in all of our casino reviews, ranking lists, and recommendations.

The Criteria We Look at Is on Point

As you’ll see in the next section, our review teams know exactly what to look at and look for when conducting these thorough reviews. Again, too many other US online casino review sites have a tendency to put too much weight on factors that are less important and little to no weight on the factors that should be the most important.

For example, we love US online casinos that have great graphics. But graphics are not as important as the security protocols that an online casino has in place. We see a lot of companies that talk about great graphics and rant and rave about how great the site is without spending any time digging into the security side of things. This is usually because of laziness, but we won’t get on our soapbox again today.

What’s important to take away from here is that we work hard to ensure we are spending time on the factors that are the most important to the quality and safety of your online gambling experience. We will look at the lesser important factors as well, but we know where our priorities should be.

The Factors We Analyze When Reviewing US Online Casinos

Click on any of the following topics to find out more about our different processes.

Trustworthy and Honest Operations

No matter what anyone ever tells you, there is nothing more important for a US online casino to be than trustworthy and honest in everything they do. When we’re analyzing and reviewing US online casinos, we spend a lot of time looking in several different areas to determine whether the casino is honest and can be trusted.

While we’re willing to give casinos the benefit of the doubt in other areas, that is not the case when it comes to trustworthy and honest operations. With our reviews, US online casinos are first presumed guilty and have to earn their innocence. This might not seem fair in the land of the free, but we don’t want to take any chances especially because there are so many options to choose from.

Rest assured that when you choose a US online casino that we’ve recommended or rated highly, they are a trustworthy and honest operation. If there is even an inkling or hint of something that is not completely on the up and up, you won’t see an endorsement from us.

Internal and External Security

The internet can be a scary place. Every day, there are new threats emerging from hackers and the like trying to get their hands on money and information that does not belong to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the internet gaming industry or any other industry on the web. The threats are real, and if you want to keep people safe, then you have to work hard at your external and internal security.

When we’re reviewing US online casinos and looking to make rankings and recommendations, we spend a lot of time looking at the level of security they provide to protect their users. Here are a few of the specific things we look at.

  • Are they using top-of-the-line servers with encryption technology?
  • Are they upgrading and updating their systems regularly to defend against threats?
  • Are their internal processes geared in a way that keeps you safe?
  • Do they utilize better business practices to make sure they aren’t taking unnecessary risks?
  • Are they proactively seeking out threats and looking for solutions to eliminate them?
  • Do they respond to your security concerns in real-time or is there an unnecessary delay?

These are a few of the important questions we use to guide our security evaluation. Again, if there are any potential red flags, it’s as Randy Jackson says, “ Yeah, that’s gonna’ be a no from me, dawg.”

Variety of Games Offered

While most online gamblers in the US have their favorite game, we still like to mix things up once in a while. When we’re analyzing US online casinos, we want to see a ton of different game options for you to be able to choose from. We want to see tons of different table games as well as different rule sets for you to choose from. If they only have a few options, you’re probably going to get bored or they may not have what you really want to play. There’s no reason you should ever have to settle when gambling online.

When it comes to slots and the other games offered, we want options as well. We want to see the latest and the greatest, but we also want to see the classic favorites that people started their gambling career playing. There are no floor space issues when it comes to online casinos, so there is no excuse why they can’t offer every single game under the sun.

Quality of Website and Games

Quantity is not the only important factor when it comes to the games offered at US online casinos. The games need to be high quality or else they’re just as bad as not having them in the first place. In fact, it might actually be worse because you have to sift through garbage to try and find a quality game to play.

When we’re breaking down US online casino game quality, there are a lot of factors that we take into account. Here are just a few of the questions that we ask.

  • Are they the real versions of the games or knockoffs?
  • Is the software the best available or a subpar version?
  • Is there enough server speed to keep the games running smoothly with no lag or jumpiness?
  • Are the graphics and animations top-notch?
  • Do the games give off an exciting and professional feel?
  • Are there any glitches in the games?

The Ease of Use and the User Interface

US online casino games are way more fun when they are impossible to figure out how to use, right? Wait, that’s not right. No one likes struggling to figure out how to do anything on the internet, let alone something you’re supposed to be doing for fun and relaxation. Online casino games need to be easy to use and not require a steep learning curve to learn how to play.

Additionally, all the other actions on the site that you might need to take need to be simple and straightforward. It should only take you a few minutes max to make a new account. Depositing and withdrawing money should be as simple as using an ATM machine. Searching for the games you want to play should be simple and of course, playing the games should be a breeze.

You would probably think that this is a no-brainer to an online casino owner and their management team, but that is just not the case. Far too many US online casinos absolutely whiff the ball in this department. But there are some rock star sites out there that crush it when it comes to the user experience, and those are the casinos you’re going to find us recommending.

Mobile Gambling Options

The world of gambling first moved away from the brick-and-mortar casinos to the online realm a few decades ago. Now, we’re seeing a massive movement from desktop computer play to mobile gaming from smartphones and smart devices. When we’re reviewing a US online casino site, we want to see the ability for you to play all your favorite games on the go.

Not only do we want the games to be available, but the quality of the experience should be the exact same as if you were playing on your desktop. Yes, this is a challenge for developers because your phones and tablets are going to have smaller screens. But, let’s be honest, that’s not our problem. If they want to keep our business, they need to know how to deliver incredible experiences in tight little packages.

Banking Options and Integration

Moving your money around online used to be a chore but, thanks to industry growth, it is now a simple and pain-free process… Or at least it should be. In order for us to truly love a US online casino site, they need to have their banking section in order. Here are some of the things that we deem the most important when it comes to online banking.

  • Do they have several high-quality deposit and withdrawal options available?
  • Do these options work well for US players?
  • Are the banking options integrated properly for speed and security?
  • Do they have a well-defined process for withdrawing money?
  • How quickly do deposits post and how quickly do withdrawals take?
  • Are their banking partners reputable companies?

The Management and Ownership Teams

Often, people forget that companies are run by real people who drive the decisions and business practices of that particular company. If those people running the show have their heads on straight and are trustworthy, then most likely, the business is going to operate in a way that is appealing to customers. If the business is being run by knuckleheads who value profit over their customers, then chances are, you’re going to have some issues.

When we work through our reviews and build out our rankings and recommendations, we take an in-depth look at who the faces are behind the scenes. What is their reputation like? Have they worked anywhere before? Have they owned a different online casino site before?

You’d be surprised how many times owners have issues with one casino that they run only to shut it down and open under a new name thinking that’ll solve all its problems. If you don’t have some insider knowledge of the industry, you won’t be able to spot these obvious red flags.

Industry Reputation – Insiders and Players

Not only are the people behind the scenes going to have a reputation, but the online casino itself is going to have some form of reputation within the industry. When we’re making our list of recommended sites, we like to look at what the overall reputation of the casino is amongst the industry insiders as well as the players.

What are people saying? Are there rumors of problems? What do people like and what don’t they like? While we don’t automatically trust rumors the second we hear them (our parents taught us this in kindergarten), we do use them as points to start digging a little deeper. If there are rumors of issues with cashouts, we’re going to give the system a try and dig deeper. If there are rumors of problems with customer service, we’re going to get on the horn with them and put them to the test.

On the same token, if we hear positive rumors about a particular US online casino, we’re going to investigate those as well. If there is a top-notch online casino out there that we’re not recommending or we don’t have ranked very highly, we’re going to see if we need to adjust some things.

Customer Service Availability and Effectiveness

In a perfect world filled with roses and rainbows, you would never need any help getting anything done with your online gambling. Everything would work 100% how it is supposed to, and you would understand everything fully the first time you heard about it.

Unfortunately, here’s an important newsflash—we do not live in that perfect world. There are going to be times in your online gambling career where things aren’t going to work exactly how you think they are going to. There are going to be times when you hear about something or read about something, and you don’t fully understand how it all works.

It is in these times where you’re going to want a top-notch customer service team that you can get in touch with quickly to help you sort things out. Here’s what we look for specifically.

  • Do they have several high-quality customer service options available?
  • Are any of their customer service options live (chat or phone)?
  • Are they available 24/7/365?
  • How long do you have to wait to get someone on the line?
  • Are the agents fluent in English?
  • Are the agents able to actually fix your problem?
  • Do they have a process for fixing issues the first agent isn’t able to correct?

Promotions, VIP Programs, and Rewards

The very last things that we look at when evaluating US online casinos are their promotions, VIP programs, and potential rewards. Why is this last? Well, we know that these things are important, but in order of priority, they should be the least important on the list. You see, we’d be willing to play at an incredible online casino in the US that had no promotions way more than we’d be willing to play at a dishonest online casino that has incredible promotions.

The good news is that we don’t have to pick between the two. The top US online casinos know that they too have to offer perk and benefits in order to entice gamblers to play with them. They also know they have to continue offering rewards and benefits to keep players loyal to them.

When we’re analyzing the promotions department of a US online casino, here are the things we’re looking for.

  • Are their promotions lucrative enough to be exciting?
  • Are their promotions actually attainable by all levels of players?
  • Do they have a good reputation in honoring their perks and benefits?
  • Do they have some innovative and creative promotions that set them apart from others?

Why US Casino Reviews Are Important to Pay Attention To

Shady Sites Exist

We don’t like being the bearers of bad news, but we’d rather you hear the truth. There are a lot of shady US online casinos out there who do not have your best interests at heart. Most of them aren’t trying to flat out steal your money, but they take advantage of you in other ways. This could be delaying payouts, not honoring promotions, having shady rules to their games, or doing anything else that separates you from your money in an unfair manner.

In order to ensure that your money is safe and you are protected during your time gambling online, you need to ensure you play with reputable online casinos only. This is why honest and accurate reviews are so important to the quality and safety of your experience.

You Really Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover

We’ve heard some absolute horror stories from players who were convinced the US online casino they were playing with was reputable. When we asked them how they determined it was reputable, they let us know that, “It had really good graphics and the site looked professional.” We hear this a lot.

Shady online casinos are great at hiding their shadiness. They pump out high-quality graphics, cool promotions, and other little tricks to take your mind off of the fact that they seriously lack in the important departments.

You only realize there is a problem when it’s too late. As we’ve already stated, our reviewers know how to pick out the bad apples from the good ones. There’s a lengthy, and in-depth process we go through to ensure that we aren’t duped by some fancy pictures or promises of great promotions. You can’t judge a casino by its homepage.

The Quality of Your Experience Depends on It

There are some things in life where, even if you use the cruddiest version, you will still get some level of what you are looking for. When it comes to online casinos, though, the gap between the best and the worst is huge. In fact, if you end up gambling with a casino towards the bottom of that spectrum, you might end up having all your money stolen.

The bottom line is this. If you want to have a good experience gambling online in the US, you need to take advantage of our reviews to ensure you end up playing with a reputable online casino. If you decided to go it alone and pick out a site by yourself from Google, you might be setting yourself up for a really bad experience.

Our Promise to You

If you’ve read this entire breakdown, this promise is probably not going to come as much of a surprise. We promise that we will do everything within our power to deliver you the most accurate, honest, blunt, and up-to-date US online casino reviews possible. We’ll never let any online casinos beg, barter, or buy their way to better reviews or higher rankings. You can rest assured that the only way a US online casino makes it into our good graces is through offering the absolute best product possible.

Take Me to the Reviews and Recommendations

Well, since we hyped up our reviews and recommendations so much, it would only be fitting to point you to them! If you’re ready to find the best US online casino for you, check out the links we’ve provided for you below. We know the perfect fit is out there; it’s just up to you now to find it. We promise spending a few extra minutes looking for quality will ensure you a lifetime of awesome online gambling.