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If you know anything about the Southern United States you know that conservatism abounds. Understanding this, it makes sense when you find out that the state of Alabama has made all forms of gambling illegal. Apart from the existence of a few Native American-operated establishments, Alabama residents are left only with online casinos accepting players from the state.

In Alabama residents that are 18 and older are able to play bingo games and wager at horse tracks. With that being said, in order to gamble at the in-state Native American casinos one must be 21. Though there are no specific laws stating this, it is customary that you must be 21 in order to gamble at online casinos in Alabama as well.

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Alabama?

Alabama CasinosThroughout recent history, Alabama has not exactly been on the leading edge of states that are looking to establish intrastate online casino frameworks.

In fact, of all the states Alabama has consistently kept quiet when it comes to online casinos.

The reasoning behind this has much more to do with Alabama’s conservative roots than anything else. Even though they have been relatively quiet as a state when it comes to legalized online gaming, there has not been a loud voice of opposition.

This means, to some, that perhaps the Alabama state government is leaving the door open for legalization sometime in the future.

Fortunately for those who are living in the state, playing real money casino games online is something that can be done quite easily. Whether on a computer, laptop, or mobile device, there exists a plethora of real money gaming options for people from Alabama. There are many online casinos catering to Alabama residents, and those who wish to play do not have to fear facing any legal ramifications for doing so.

Like so many other states in the United States Alabama has no laws written that make it illegal for residents to gamble with real money online. We have searched the laws of the state and there is not anything in writing that states that it is illegal to play games like baccarat and roulette. Though there is a feeling that this may change in the future, online casinos are still offering their services to Alabama residents.

The great thing about most of these casinos is that they are home to some of the newest software, innovative site designs, and of course the most up to date games.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Alabama

Now that you are well-versed on Alabama’s status as a conservative state it should come as no surprise that brick and mortar casinos are mostly non-existent. The closest entities resembling casinos are the greyhound tracks and off track betting sites located around the tracks. Bingo is also an accepted form of gambling in Alabama. Bingo, however, is a far cry from the type of real money gaming that most people are seeking. You will very rarely find die-hard casino-goers who look to play bingo for real money.

Though the brick and mortar casino history of Alabama is fairly lackluster, the greyhound betting sites did stir up some controversy in the early 1990s. This is when they discovered a grey area in state law that allowed for the operation of gambling machines that basically equated to video poker and slot games.

After operating for some time these machines were also outlawed due to action taken to tie up what some people saw as loopholes in the way the law was written. This story serves to highlight just how ridiculous the laws of Alabama can be at times. For seemingly no reason whatsoever, the only gambling that the state had was taken away overnight.

Nowadays, the three brick and mortar casinos located throughout the state are all owned and operated by Native American tribes. Unlike Native American casinos in other states, those that exist in Alabama are only able to offer slot and video games. Tables games are still outlawed.

This means that if you are looking to play live blackjack or poker you are going to have to do so in another state. Further adding to your difficulties is the fact that many of Alabama’s neighboring states are just as restrictive when it comes to live casino play. In fact, throughout most of the Southern part of the United States you will find that brick and mortar casinos are found few and far between.

Alabama Online Casinos FAQ

  • Abbreviation: AL
  • State Motto: We dare to defend our rights.
  • Capital City: Montgomery
  • Population Estimate: 4.8 million (24th)
  • Website: 

What is the legal age to play at online casinos in Alabama?

Though you are able to place wagers on bingo and dog races in Alabama at 18 years of age, you will find that most online casinos do not allow those who are under the age of 21 to play. This is something that you will find is a reality in most states across the US.

How do I deposit at Alabama online casinos?

When it comes to depositing at online casinos in Alabama this can most often be done via a direct bank transfer or by way of debit/credit card. When you deposit with a debit or credit card, the process is simple, straightforward and takes only a few seconds. This means that your funds will become playable almost instantaneously.

How do I cash out my winnings?

The exact avenue by which you receive cash outs depends on the online casino you choose to use. Nowadays, however, most reputable online casinos offer a few different ways by which you can receive your winnings. Most popular of all are either a check delivered by courier or a direct bank transfer. Because of US banking laws, most credit and debit cards cannot process cash-outs like they are able to process deposits.

Are Alabama Online Casinos safe to deal with?

So long as you do your research you should have no safety issues when it comes to dealing with and playing at Alabama online casinos. If it is your financial information that you are concerned with protecting, you will be happy to hear that most every reputable online casino employs some of the best financial security measures that exist at the present moment in time. Furthermore, any reputable online casino will have a customer service department capable of rectifying any and all issues that you may encounter.

From a legal point of view, you should never be worried about the police knocking down your door and arresting you for playing real money casino games online in Alabama. The fact of the matter is that online casinos are not and have never been illegal in Alabama. Though there are some people who feel as though this may change sometime in the future, right now you are able to gamble at online casinos in Alabama.

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