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Mississippi Casinos

Mississippi is as conservative as it comes when you are talking about US states, and as such its gambling laws are no exception. With that said, there are plenty of gambling options for residents of the state. Throughout the years, Mississippi has become famous, world-famous even, for its riverboat gambling scene. With all of that being said, Mississippi does not take kindly to any type of gambling that is not sanctioned or regulated by the state.

Online casinos are not illegal under Mississippi law, but they are not strictly legal. Because of this grey area of sorts, many people have their reservations when it comes to gambling. With that being said, you should have no fears with regard to your legal safety when you gamble online in the state of Mississippi. As far as the future is concerned, the future does not look so bright as far as regulated online casino games are concerned.

What Are The Best Mississippi Real Money Gambling Sites?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Mississippi?

Mississippi CasinosAs was stated above, there is no law or set of laws that makes it illegal for residents of Mississippi to play at online casinos in the state. Though there exist many fears that placing a bet at an online blackjack table might land you in prison, the fact of the matter is that these fears are unfounded. There has never been one person in the history of the state that has been prosecuted for having gambled online, and that is not likely to change anytime soon.

Another thing that is not likely to change in the near future is the absence of an online casino network in the state. Unlike more progressive states like New Jersey, Mississippi does not consider regulated, online casinos a priority.

This, once again, reverts back to their nature as a more conservative US state. Do not let the overarching conservative attitude scare you, however, as no one in the state of Mississippi or any other US state has faced legal ramifications for having gambled online.

What’s more, with mobile gaming an option for almost every one of Mississippi’s many online casinos, it doesn’t matter where you are in the state, you are never more than a few clicks away from enjoying a real money casino experience. As it is with traditional online casinos, mobile casinos are also completely legal. With that being said, it is best that you stay away from these sites while driving, as distracted driving is not only a criminal offense in most US states, it is also highly dangerous for yourself and other motorists.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Mississippi

Like  many other states across the South, Mississippi does not tolerate gambling that takes place outside of state law. With that said, state law does permit Native American tribes to own and operate their own land-based casinos. This is a great option for people from the state, but it is important to keep in mind that Mississippi is quite large, and that land-based gambling establishments are not always within a few minutes’ driving distance. Compared to other states that have Native American-run casinos, Mississippi boasts a much weaker offering. The fact of the matter is that there are only a few of these casinos and they pale in comparison to what you will find in states like New Mexico and Wyoming. These states take pride in their brick and mortar casinos, and that much does not seem to be the case in Mississippi.

Another thing about Mississippi as a state is the fact that it does not at all allow citizens to gamble in a social setting. Basically, if the game is not taking place at a regulated, legalized establishment, it isn’t supposed to be taking place at all. And this means that violators sometimes face extreme penalties when caught gambling illegally. Even horse and dog racing tracks do not allow betting, and that is very strange for a state from the deep South.

Historically, even some of the most conservative states tend to love their dog and horse racing, so it is interesting to see Mississippi take this stance. As we look to the future, it does not seem like Mississippi is going to become any more liberal as it relates to internet gambling. Though they are one of the poorest of the 50 states, they do not seem at all interested in garnering revenue through gambling. This too is difficult to understand, seeing as experts have estimated that millions of dollars in tax revenues could be earned by states on an annual basis. Money coming from the online casino industry could effectively save the state from Bankruptcy, and still lawmakers do not seem to be interested.

The main reason behind this disinterest is the negative view that Mississippi—and most of the South for that matter—have as it relates to gambling in general. To these people, legalizing online casinos means that players have more opportunity to squander their earnings, even though this rarely ends up being the case.

Mississippi Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: MS
  • State Motto: Vertute et Armis
  • Capital City: Jackson
  • Population Estimate: 2.99 million (32nd)
  • Website: http://www.ms.gov/

How many different online casinos offer their services to Mississippi residents?

At the present moment in time, there are a multitude of online casinos that are offering their services to residents of the state. No matter what type of casino games you prefer, there is a good opportunity you will find a highly reputable site that offers it.

Mississippi online casinos, are they safe?

This is something that involves a little bit of research. While it is generally safe to say that these online casinos are safe no matter what, there are unscrupulous characters out there looking to take advantage of you. For this reason, it is important that you do some research in order to find the most reputable casino that fits your specific gambling needs and wants.

Do I have to download software in order to play?

Nowadays, most online casinos offer you two options. One is to download software that can be put straight on to your computer, circumventing the need to open up a web browser and play that way. Another option is to play directly within a web browser. With how high-functioning much of today’s casino software is, this is becoming a more viable and chosen option now than it ever has been before.

Is it difficult to cash out?

You have to do research in order to find this out. Most sites offer a few different withdrawal options and the amount of time they take to process can vary. In some cases, you can cash out via a direct bank transfer which wires money straight from the online casino to your bank account. Another option is to have a check mailed to you. Of course, depending on how quickly the courier service they uses operates, you may be waiting weeks before you ever receive a paper check.

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