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Below exists a disclaimer which states the extent of liability BestUSCasinos.org has to the people who utilize any of the information presented to them on this site. Before you read any other information, please take time to read and fully understand this disclaimer page. If you have any issues, concerns, or problems with what is written below, you can exit our site by simply closing the internet browser which you are using. If you proceed to utilized the site and view its content, you are in agreement with everything that is laid out in the disclaimer below without objection of any sort.

This particular page can and will be refurbished as our site changes, and it is up to the visitor to check for updates to this disclaimer.

General Disclaimer and Waiver of Liability

The information that exists on this site is strictly meant for informational and entertainment purposes only. Any of this site’s content is the sole opinion of BestUSCasinos.org. Everything posted to BestUSCasinos.org is meant to be as accurate and current as possible. However, there are no expressed or implicit warranties nor representations with regard to the content’s accuracy, completeness, and/or reliability.

If you utilize the information on this site at online casinos or anywhere else, you are doing so at your own risk. Under no circumstances is this not the case.

Under no circumstances will BestUSCasinos.org be held liable for any damage/loss, financial or otherwise, that results from you relying on the site’s information in any way. The only purpose of this website is to provide information. This information is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used to make any sort of investing or gambling decisions. As such, we will not be held responsible for any outcomes that result from the reliance upon this site’s information.

Links to Other Sites

You will find that BestUSCasinos.org links to sites that are owned by other people and companies. Being that these sites are not under our direct control, we assume no responsibility for the content nor the claims being made by any other site. By making use of outbound links to other sites, you are agreeing that BestUSCasinos.org does not necessarily support the views and opinions put forth by the site in question. We are not liable for any activity that happens on sites other than BestUSCasinos.org.

Personal Information

BestUSCasinos.org does everything in their power to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure at all times. However, in the event of stolen or compromised data, BestUSCasinos.org does not make any representations nor hold any liability for the information that was taken. Any personal information that you share with BestUSCasinos.org is done so entirely at your own risk.

US Online Casinos—Players

BestUSCasinos.org will hold no liability for the consequences of actions that occur at offshore casinos that accept USA players. The content of this site is for entertainment and informational purposes only, and as such, we do not condone financial dealings with any of these sites. It is the sole responsibility of the person playing to ensure that their online casino play falls within the realm of local, state, and federal law. If you use a link that exists on our site to navigate to a third party casino, this is something that is done of your own free will and also at your own risk. Once again, we take absolutely no responsibility for anything that happens at or is posted on sites other than BestUSCasinos.org.


BestUSCasinos.org takes no responsibility for any issues relating to the taxation of funds from 3rd party online casinos. It is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure that any deposits and withdrawals are done so within the realm of the law in the part of the country they live in.

Gambling Responsibly

The content of this site is not intended to be a lure to gambling. Instead, the information we present is meant for nothing more than informational and entertainment purposes. BestUSCasinos.org is not liable for any losses that are incurred or problems that arise at online casinos or elsewhere after the reading and consideration of this site’s content. If you are gambling online utilizing information from this site, you are doing so completely and totally at your own risk.

If you feel that you may have a gambling problem or addiction, there are many outlets by which you can seek help. Our Problem Gambling page outlines the various signs of problem gambling and highlights how one can get help. If you do not know what responsible gambling is, we suggest that you read this page.

Updates to this Disclaimer

Any additions or detractions from this page can be made at any time at the sole discretion of BestUSCasinos.org and without any prior notice to players or site visitors. It is the individual’s responsibility to check for updates.

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