Free Spins Slots Bonuses

Free spins slots bonuses give you the chance to amass winnings without putting any of your money at risk. They can sometimes be an in-game reward, or they could be awarded by gambling websites for those who sign up to play. No matter how you earn them, they can provide a great boost to your potential payback when playing online slots.

Free SpinsOnline slots offer gamblers the same kind of action they can get from playing online, only without the hassles that land-based casinos can sometimes create. And bonuses are a big part of the online slot gaming experience. Free spins represent some of the most valuable bonuses you can hope to achieve when playing slots online for real money.

When you earn free spins slots bonuses, you’ll essentially be able to win money without having to lose any. You’re guaranteed to make a profit or, at worst, end up with what you started during a round of free spins. The more you can earn during free play, the better your results will be.

In the following article, we’ll explore the concept of free spins slots bonuses. We’ll explain how they work, how you can achieve them, and what they’ll do to gameplay. And we’ll also answer some of the questions you might have about free spins during real money online slots play.

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How Free Spins Work

When you’re playing online slot games, you’re digitally “spinning” the reels and awaiting to see if any of the combinations on the reels are winning ones according to the pay table. To do that, you have to make wagers. In other words, you have to put money at stake to potentially win money in return.

But when you’re playing with free spins bonuses, you don’t have to bet anything. Even though you’re not losing any money from your bankroll while the free spins are taking place, you can still win money from the game. In general, winnings during free play are generally based on the size of your wagers before the free spins were activated.

As you can imagine, a big number of free spins is a sure way to boost your payback. After all, the odds are against you when playing online slots. Free spins slots bonuses help to even out the playing field, giving the edge to the player for as long as they last.

How to Activate Free Spins During Game Play

Slot MachineMost online slots games these days feature multiline play. You’ll see five symbols in each of three rows across the screen. All 15 of these symbols come into play when you make a digital spin.

The most common way to earn online free spins slots bonuses when playing is to spin and end up with a symbol that has been determined by the game to be one that activates free spins. You might be able to activate even more free spins in the middle of the free round if you get that symbol again. There may or may not be a maximum number of free spins that you can activate in a specific stretch of play.

It’s also possible that certain symbol combinations can enact the free spins.

Perhaps there might be a restriction placed on where such a symbol has to appear. There’s a wide variety of online slots games that offer free spins slots bonuses, which means that there are many different potential ways that the can be activated.

The Value of Free Spins

While they’re available, free spins can really increase your chances of ending your session with a profit. Think about it from a mathematical standpoint. Imagine playing a multiline slots game where you were betting five coins per lines and five lines per spin, for a total of 25 lines at a time.

If you spin 10 times at this level, you’d be putting 250 coins at stake. Perhaps during that stretch, you manage to earn back 200 coins. You’d be looking at a 50-coin loss for that stretch of play.

But if you had 10 free spins at your disposal, you wouldn’t be losing anything. Assuming you managed 200 coins of winnings once again, you’d be looking at 200 coins of profit. As you can see, amassing free spins slots bonuses during online plat should be a priority.

Earning Free Spins From a Website

The top gambling websites offering online slots will be highly competitive in an effort to draw in players. One of the ways they could lure players into the fold would be to offer free spins. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t have to do anything special while you play to activate these spins; they would be in place when you start play.

Free spins allow websites to lure in those players looking to get an immediate boost. It’s just one of many perks that might be available for players. You might also be able to take advantage of deposit bonuses, loyalty perks, and much more, depending upon the frequency of play and the amount of money that you put at stake.

Taking Advantage of Free Spins Offered

The key to earning perks like free spins slots bonuses is shopping around. There are literally hundreds of different websites offering online slots games in all shapes and sizes. You have to do the research to find the ones that might offer a bonus such as free spins for signing on.

You shouldn’t be afraid to actively seek out free spins slots bonuses from online gambling websites. As said above, websites are very proactive about seeking out new customers. For that reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to haggle a little bit to get what you want.

In addition, you should consider signing up for multiple sites to play online slots. By doing this, you might be able to get free spins as a welcome bonus multiple times. That will help maximize your possible bonus.

Being Aware of Restrictions

One of the things you have to realize about online free spins slots bonuses offered by gambling websites is that they often come with a catch. And it’s understandable that they do. Otherwise, these bonuses would take a good chunk out of the bottom line of the websites in question.

Without any restrictions on these free spins slots bonuses, a player could conceivably sign up for a site, play their allotted free spins, and walk away with their profits. If enough people did that, the site would take a serious hit. That’s why they often put some sort of play-through restriction in place.

In other words, you might have to bet a certain amount before you could accept any winnings earned from the online free spins slots bonuses you were awarded. Or you might not be able to get at those winnings for a certain period of time. Be aware of these possible restrictions before you decide to sign on in search of online slots free play.

Tips for Maximizing Free Spins

For the most part, earning free spins during online game play will be a matter of luck. But there are ways to give yourself a better chance of putting free spins slots bonuses into play. Here are a few ideas to help.

Choosing Games That Offer Free Spins

This sounds obvious, but it should be your first step. It’s easy to get so excited about playing online slots that you might overlook what the specific game you choose has to offer.

If you do that, you might end up playing games that don’t offer you any of the free spins slots bonuses that you covet.

If you get the chance to sample a potential online slots game, that’s a good way to determine how often to expect free spins to show up. You should also look for something that says “help” or “rules” on the screen. This will let you know what kind of free spin possibilities might be at play before you decide to commit to the game.

Knowing How to Activate Free Spins

Free Spins LogoIn many cases, you won’t be able to control your ability to activate free spins. But if you check out the rules as we said above, you might be able to improve your chances. For example, free spins slots bonuses might be awarded based on the size or your bet or the lines that you choose to play.

If you can control your chances for free spins with the overall size of your bet, you should try to pay the cost. Online slot machine makers might try to scare people out of paying the prices for the free spins. But some online slot games are set up to reward those who bet the most, and that’s certainly the case if you can get free play out of a bigger bet.

Dangers of Chasing Free Spins

When free spins are involved in an online slots game, the pay table is often adjusted, discounting what you might expect from winning combinations. The reason this occurs is that it keeps the house edge in place. If you were playing a game that paid back well for certain spins and awarded copious free spins, the house edge might disappear.

As a result, online games with free spins slots bonuses can be very volatile. You have to be careful that your bankroll doesn’t sink too low, perhaps even evaporating, as you look to earn free spins. Try to avoid pursuing free spins at all costs.

Online Slots Free Spin Bonuses FAQ

  • If an Online Game Offers a Lot of Free Spins, Does That Mean That It Pays Back Well?

    Not necessarily. As we said above, free spins slots bonuses often result in lower payback for winning spins. Depending on how big the discounts are, you could find that any advantage afforded by the free spins disappears.

    The ultimate judge of how much a game pays back on average is payback percentage. Use that as a means of comparing games with free spins slots bonuses to each other.

  • Is There Any Strategy I Can Use to Earn More Free Spins?

    As we said above, there might be certain online slots games which offer you a better chance at free spins if you bet more. Read the rules to find out.

    But mostly you’ll just be spinning and hoping. You’ll be at the mercy of luck as you try to earn free spins online slots bonuses.

  • How Can I Get More Free Spins Offered to Me by Gambling Websites?

    Ask them for them. Often, it’s just a matter of seeing what a site will offer to you. Remember that the best gambling websites don’t want to lose your business.

    They might say no, of course. But it can’t hurt to ask.

Conclusion on Free Spins Slots Bonuses

We hope that you understand the importance of free spins slots bonuses for online slots games. Now that you do, you can start seeking them out for your online slot play.