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If you are not from the United States it would not be surprising to hear that you have never heard of Rhode Island. Situated in the Mid-Atlantic, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US and has some of the least attractive gambling options. This does not mean you are entirely out of luck when it comes to gambling at casinos, but the type of gambling you will do at Rhode Island’s casinos is a bit different than if you were moving up and down Las Vegas Boulevard. Rhode Island, as such a small state, has a small government. This leads many people to believe that expanding the state’s gambling laws is something that may not take very long like it would in a state much larger than Rhode Island.

Online casinos have a major foothold in Rhode Island, and this is quite honestly the best way to gamble in the state. People who have a good understanding of how gambling in Rhode Island works think that regulated and legalized online casinos are the next most logical move for the state to make.

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Legal Status of Online Casinos & Gambling — Rhode Island

Rhode Island CasinosRhode Island has never been known as a gambling destination, but to be fair the state has never been known as being much of a tourist destination to begin with. To be completely honest, Rhode Island’s citizens have said no time and time again to the establishment of online casinos in the state. Though no measure has ever been put up to a vote, the general consensus is that Rhode Island does not seem keen on creating an intrastate network of online casinos like what you will find in New Jersey.

With all this being said, there are still hundreds of online casinos that are available for Rhode Island residents to play at. These casinos come in all shapes and sizes and are able to satisfy the wants and needs of most any gamblers. Though you may think otherwise, there is no law on the books that make it illegal to gamble at online casinos in the state of Rhode Island.

If you want to know a bit more about the types of online casinos in the state, look no further. The offering of online sites is as expansive as they come. No matter how obscure the casino game you would like to play is, it is available at a Rhode Island online casino. What’s more, most of the online casinos that exist also offer mobile gaming which means that you can play games at any time, any place. No two sites are created equally, so we encourage you to do your own research in order to find the site that most closely aligns with your individualized gambling needs.

Legal Status of Brick and Mortar Casinos — Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island has attempted on multiple occasions to establish brick and mortar casinos but every attempt has crashed and burned. In 1994, whether or not casinos can exist in the state was put up to a vote, but Rhode Island citizens decided that they didn’t want any brick and mortar casinos. Then, nearly a decade later, the establishment of a Native American casino was halted due to opposition from local residents. This is unusual considering many New England states, and East Coast states in general, happen to be mostly pro-gambling. In fact, if you look at Rhode Island’s neighbors, almost all of them have brick and mortar gambling in some form or another. Most have full casinos similar to what you will find in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

As it stands, there are two casinos located in the state. Seeing as how small Rhode Island is you might be led to believe that 2 casinos is enough, but the fact of the matter is that what these casinos have to offer pails in comparison to what you will find in other states across the country. Currently, the only types of games offered at Rhode Island casinos are electronic. So, if you want to gamble in the state you will only be left with slots, video poker, and other similar games. What this ultimately does is drive residents out of the state and over the border to gamble at other, better casinos. This means that millions and millions of dollars in potential revenue are funneling over the border and being lost. Rhode Island, being as small as it is, needs that money to stay home. For this reason, one would think that an expansive offering of legalized casinos would be a wise move on the part of the Rhode Island state government. Up to this point however, no one has made the move to make this a reality. We will be closely monitoring things in this state going forward, because the small square mileage of the state means that new laws and regulations can be put in place much faster than they are able to in most other states across the country.

Rhode Island Online Casinos & Gambling FAQ

  • Abbreviation: RI
  • State Motto: Hope
  • Capital City: Providence
  • Population Estimate: 1 million (43rd)
  • Website: http://www.ri.gov/

Why are Rhode Island citizens against online casinos?

Of all the states in the country, it seems as though Rhode Island has always been against most types of gambling. On two separate occasions they shot down brick and mortar casinos, and the topic of legalized online casinos has been shot down time and time again.

Can I play online poker in Rhode Island?

Yes. There are hundreds of online casinos offering their services to Rhode Island citizens and most of them offer poker as well. With that being said, there are certain sites that specialize in poker, so if you are an avid poker player it would be wise of you to seek these sites out.

Do Rhode Island online casinos have matching deposit bonuses?

This all depends on the online casino at which you are playing, but most often new players are greeted with deposit bonuses that match the amount of money which they initially deposited. Not every online casino is created equal, so some sites offer better bonuses than others. By doing some research you will ensure that you are taking advantage of the best bonus for you.

Will I end up in jail for having played at Rhode Island online casinos?

While Rhode Island is definitely a state that has historically been against all types of gambling, there has never been anyone who ended up in jail due to having played at an online casino. Though there exists no laws that make it legal for people to play at online casinos, there is also nothing on the books that says gambling at these sites is in any way against the law.

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