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Mobile Online Casinos & GamblingOnline casinos have been around for many years now and represent the biggest breakthrough in gambling since the creation of the first casino itself. No longer do players have to physically visit a casino, often involving traveling great distances, to enjoy playing their favorite casino games.

Now, all the fun of slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and whatever other casino games you enjoy are right at your fingertips, completely online.  All of the popular casino sites now offer either apps or web based play for Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and many other mobile devices and tablets.

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It did take a few years for the online casino business to start paying attention to mobile users, although casinos have been offering browser based online casino games for years, and mobile users could always access these games through a browser, although anytime you’re accessing computer optimized web pages on a phone this is a real pain.

However, the idea was out there, to look to make online casino gaming more accessible to mobile users, and as time went on, a few casinos started rolling out dedicated software for phones and tablets, and the word was that mobile casino gaming was the new frontier and the next big thing.

As the market opened up more and more as more and more people started using smart mobile devices, which had the ability to have apps written for them, more and more casinos spent the money to design these apps, and nowadays mobile online gaming is a major force in the industry, with virtually all online casinos offering it to some degree or another.

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Gaming

The first consideration when it comes to mobile gaming is the screen size, and even if you use a tablet, it is going to be considerably smaller than your average computer monitor these days. This is a much bigger deal with online poker than it is with casino games, as many players like to have many tables going at once, and the screen size is going to limit this a lot, especially with a phone.

When it comes to casino games though, the smaller screen size of mobile devices doesn’t really matter much. Sure, the experience on a computer monitor is going to be bigger, but you aren’t really giving up anything playing slots or table games even on your phone, as the screen is plenty big enough to follow the action and enjoy the gameplay.

Of course, you can’t take your home computer with you, and that’s where mobile devices really stand out. Now, players can gamble whenever and wherever they want, and that’s a real game changer indeed.

Since this does all happen over the internet, mobile players may have to pay attention to the amount of data they are using when they are out of WiFi range, depending on their package. Even those with modest data packages though can still enjoy mobile casinos though.

Playing At A Mobile Casino

There are two types of ways to enjoy mobile casino gambling, which are software or app based, and browser based. If you are using a casino app, it will of course have to be specific to your devices’ operating system. As a rule, different operating systems require separate apps to be written for them, and if you are looking to use an app you need to make sure that your chosen casino offers an app for it.

Just about all of them these days offer software for both Apple and Android devices though, which comprises the overwhelming majority of mobile devices these days. Apps for other devices are also available at select casinos.

Downloading apps used to be somewhat of a pain but nowadays, at many casinos, you just go to the site on your device and it recognizes what software you need and presents the download link to you.

The latest innovation with mobile gaming is HTML5, which allows for optimized mobile gaming experiences on any phone with browser capabilities. The code recognizes the type of phone you have and the browser you are using and automatically optimizes things for you.

Not all online casinos offer this yet but more and more are, and this is the best solution by far, as it not only removes the inconvenience of downloading an app, it allows casinos to offer a wider selection of casino games to mobile users.

With app based play, the games need to be written into the app separately, and this requires a commitment of time and expense on the casino’s part. If it’s browser based, they can offer more games more easily, and as a rule, the ones that offer browser based mobile gaming have better selection.

It’s not to the point where you can play whatever you want on your phone yet, and some casinos offer more games than others, but just about all online casinos offer at least a decent selection these days, up to an excellent selection depending on the online casino.

Playing on a mobile device is also easier and more fun by the way, compared to using a mouse on a computer, and many players prefer mobile gaming and won’t ever go back. Mobile gaming is at the very least a real blast though and everyone should try it.

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