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Java Online Casinos & GamblingJava is a computer language that is designed and owned by Sun Microsystems. It was first rolled out in 1995 and since then has been incorporated into literally billions of devices, not only computers but just about anything else that uses microprocessors. Java’s claim to fame is its compatibility across any platform, meaning that regardless of the operating system that you are using, Java can be written for it. A good example would be the different operating systems that we use for computing, whether it be a Windows computer, a Mac, a Linux machine, or an Apple, Windows, Android, or Blackberry based mobile device, Java works perfectly with all them. Not only that, but this all requires that just one set of code be written for all of them, instead of needing different variations of the code to suit different computing environments. This is what has really driven the popularity of Java to where it is today, being pretty much ubiquitous in the world of computing.

Online Java Casinos

In order to run Java, you need a Java plugin, but this isn’t something you buy, it already comes pre installed with just about every computer, unless you are using a custom made one where the builder just hasn’t loaded up the popular plugins yet. So in other words, Java is free, you almost certainly already have it, and if you don’t you can very easily get it for free just by going to the Java website. It will also allow you to test your version to make sure it’s the latest one, and if not, update it. You can also allow for Java to automatically update, which is the preferred method. From a user’s perspective, Java isn’t something you ever will be aware of operating on your machine or device, other than the fact that you may notice that you will be downloading updates to it from time to time. So if you do have automatic updates enabled, once in a while when you turn on your machine, if it’s a desktop, you will see a prompt to download an update. Other than that, you won’t ever notice it or even know it’s there. Flash is somewhat like that, although Flash does tend to crash once in a while, and you may have issues with web pages in particular, because Flash is software, even though it’s embedded software and you don’t generally see it. Java on the other hand is a programming language, used to write various software programs, and the Java software on your computer that you install and maintain allows it to read and speak the Java language so it can run programs and software written in Java.

Java’s Role In Online Casinos

If a computer program is written for a specific operating system, then this presents limitations. For instance, if it’s a Windows program and you have something else besides a Windows computer, a Mac or a Linux machine, or an iPhone or an Android device, you aren’t going to be able to run it. Online casinos could just write programs for all of the different operating systems out there, and some do cover off the major ones, but it is expensive to write and maintain software programs, and when you have to write and maintain several ones, these costs are multiplied. Ideally, online casinos would just offer one version, and no software would be offered to download, and players would just go to their site and start playing, regardless of what operating system or device they are using. Java, with its cross platform compatibility, is helping make this a reality. It doesn’t matter what you are running if you have Java capability, and just about every computing machine on Earth already does, so the potential is there for online casinos to realize this dream. We’ve moved a long way toward this already in just the past couple of years, using not only Java but other technologies such as Flash and HTML5, and the goal is to get rid of downloads altogether and also render meaningless what sort of device that people are using to play. The real goal here is to not only bring users instant play, on whatever device they are looking to play on, but to also provide a top quality gaming experience, without compromise. In fact, by concentrating all of their resources to one format, which we may see someday soon, this will allow them to offer even higher quality experiences than we see today.

Java and the No Download Casino Experience

We’re already seeing this happen at some sites, and no download casino play has gone from a clearly inferior secondary option to playing a much more prominent role in the business. Some sites, the more innovative ones that were born during this transformation of the last couple of years that we’ve seen, have already taken the big step of dispensing with downloads entirely, while at the same time offering users very high quality online gaming experiences. A lot of this movement is powered and run in the Java Runtime Environment, although users don’t even have to worry about whether or not they are playing in Java, it just runs in the background and helps make such things possible. As the technology continues to improve, we may expect better and better no download casino experiences, as well as more and more selection of games offered in it. In fact, the days of downloaded casino software are probably numbered, and this also includes apps written for specific mobile devices. As we move closer and closer toward this ideal situation for both online casinos and online casino players, we can all be thankful that Java is playing a leading role in driving these positive changes to make online casino play better and better.
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