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iPhone Online Casinos & GamblingApple’s iPhone was the world’s first massively successful smartphone, which combined a mobile phone with the functionality of a computer. This really was a lot like a computer actually, and the phenomenal success of smartphones in general these days are a testimony to just how powerful of a device smartphones really are.

With mobile phones, it’s all about their portability, and the idea that you could make and take calls from anywhere is a fairly new phenomenon actually, even though we completely take this for granted today. For most of the telephone’s history though, you had to find a phone to make a call, meaning having access to a landline.

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Computers not long ago used to have the same restriction, if you wanted to be on a computer you had to use one plugged in and connected to landline data access if you wanted to go on the internet with it. Smartphones changed all that though.

So when the iPhone was rolled out in 2007, this was a very exciting time indeed, perhaps even one of the most exciting times in human history, as this really was a game changer as far as how people lived their lives. It was all about connectivity now, not just with voice but complete internet connectivity on the go.

Online casinos had been around for about a decade already at the time of the emergence of the iPhone, and people were dreaming about a great many things that this new and innovative device could do for people, including opening up the access to online casino gambling completely.

This is exactly what happened, and when enough people got an iPhone and also got other popular smartphones that started appearing on the scene shortly afterward, the dream of playing at casinos anytime and anywhere you wanted soon became a reality.

As the years passed, the demand for mobile gaming and iPhone casino gaming grew and grew, and today mobile casino gaming represents a very significant portion of the overall online gaming market, with both the number of people having smartphones and the percentage of people who use them to play at online casinos both taking off.

Making iPhone Casinos a Reality

One of the challenges in serving this new and emerging iPhone casino market was to allow players to access online gaming sites with their iPhone. Traditionally, online casino software has been written primarily for Windows home computers, but the iPhone is neither a Windows product nor a home computer.

While no download, flash based online casino gaming has been around for quite a while, this also was written for home computers, and prior to the coming of the smartphone, users could browse the internet with their phones, but the experience wasn’t the best, as the display of web pages was far from optimized for small screen phone use. This is still an issue today to some degree, even though we’ve made a lot of progress with this lately with web pages recognizing that users are using a phone to access them and tailoring them accordingly.

What makes smartphones smart though is their ability to use apps, software written specifically for them to perform certain tasks, and it wasn’t long before the online casino industry was writing specific iPhone apps to get players to give their casinos a try on their iPhones.

Online casinos have generally not been all that eager to cater to users that use devices off the beaten path, for instance, even today there still are a lot of online casinos that don’t offer Mac compatible software, which doesn’t mean you can’t play there, but access has always been somewhat limited without running casino software.

With the iPhone though, things were different, and casinos became more and more excited about the potential for tapping into the growing iPhone market, and eagerly produced apps so that iPhone users could enjoy the full experience at their casinos.

Playing At An Online Casino On Your iPhone

This commitment continues, and today virtually all online casinos provide great access to iPhone users. Users can download their app, which works with iPads as well, and have access to a large selection of games.

Mobile access isn’t quite up to par with home computer access yet though, but new innovations in web technology is serving to narrow the gap even further, allowing no download software to be offered which is pretty close to the experience playing with software, without the need to download anything at all.

With today’s more advanced iPhones, players can really enjoy the features of their phone at online casinos, particularly the stunning graphics with retina display that the latest iPhones now use.

Of course, playing at a casino with the iPhone’s touch screen brings a whole new level of convenience and enjoyment to the online casino experience. Naturally though, the most exciting feature of iPhone based casino gaming is that you can take your favorite casinos with you wherever you go, which is certainly a long way from the old days where you had to do the opposite, travel to a casino.

Now, the casino travels to you, right on your iPhone, wherever you are. That’s the ultimate in convenience and enjoyment right there.

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