Online Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slot machines are fashioned with different payout schedules, according to various strategies which look to find a suitable mix between dispensing more smaller wins and less frequent larger wins.

While slot machines do differ somewhat in this regard, the idea is to have enough frequent wins to keep a player’s interest and therefore keep him or her wanting to continue playing on, while also introducing a level of excitement based upon the prospects of larger or much larger wins.

The ultimate large win is a jackpot win, where enormous sums of money can be won, with some jackpots awarding prizes in the millions of dollars. These big payouts aren’t offered exclusively, in other words players still have the opportunity for the smaller, more frequent wins as is customary with slot machines, but a portion of the payout is set aside to fuel the jackpots.

Lotteries are created in such as way, they generally will have a jackpot payout plus the potential for smaller prizes of various amounts, and lotteries are immensely popular so you know that the jackpot strategy is as well.

Just like progressive slots, a portion of the proceeds is dedicated towards the jackpot, although with lotteries a larger proportion will be set aside for the biggest wins, since lotteries are essential jackpot draws primarily. With progressive jackpot slots, the jackpot doesn’t play quite as prominent of a role, but still is a major feature of the game.

The difference in strategies lie in the immediate nature of slots, people may play the lottery once a week for instance, and there is therefore plenty of time in between decisions to play, while with a slot machine the decision to play again is constant and immediate, so more needs to be done to entertain the player with smaller payouts to keep them going.

Best Online Casinos For Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive Jackpots Add a Lot Of Excitement to Slots

One of the real advantages of slots, and one of the main reasons why they are by far the most popular form of casino gambling, is the opportunity for bigger payouts than you generally see with casino games. Often, casino games will just pay out 1:1, but a lot of players have a bigger appetite for larger payouts than this, and this is why many roulette players will bet on single numbers to hit it bigger with a 36:1 payout.

With slots, payouts can be enormous, and the prospects of hitting it big do influence players a lot. The ultimate big payout is of course a jackpot win, and the fact that this could happen on any given spin serves as a real enticement to players.

Jackpots are also progressive, and this is the case with lottery jackpots as well, and is why the jackpot grows week over week when it is not awarded. This tends to generate a lot of additional excitement among players, and not without reason, as the odds improve as the jackpot grows.

It’s not that the chances of winning it go up, but the money odds involved do improve, and with progressive jackpot slots, this can even mean that players are no longer playing with a disadvantage as is almost always the case with casino play, they can even play with an advantage, in other words, have an edge over the house.

This is why players get together and form teams in land based casinos which seek out and play slots that have accumulated high jackpots, even though this generally is discouraged by casinos due to this not giving other players a fair shot at these big jackpots. The idea is to find a machine with a high payout and stay on it, and switch off with other team members to better ensure the team plays with this edge.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

In any case, playing progressive jackpot slots with higher jackpots does add to your chances as well as making playing these slots more exciting. Most online casinos do offer jackpot slots, although most slots are not of the jackpot variety, so if you’re looking to play these you need to seek them out.

Jackpot slots are clearly marked though so this isn’t a problem, although some casinos offer more jackpot slot options than others, or may offer bigger ones, so this can factor into a player’s choice of online casino if they enjoy playing these mega payout games.

Online casino sites which are networked with other sites tend to offer the biggest jackpots, as in this case the jackpot doesn’t just progress based upon play at this one site, it grows based upon the action of players at many sites, which of course will have the jackpot growing faster and even much faster in some cases.

The chances of hitting a jackpot aren’t that great of course, but that’s why it’s a jackpot, and each time you spin on one of these machines, there is a chance, as opposed to no chance of doing it at a non jackpot slot. There are players who have been set for life on a single spin, so the potential rewards with these slots are tremendous, even mind boggling, and players do tend to relish the thought of having their mind boggled with a win this huge, and that’s why lotteries are so popular.

So this is in a way the best of both worlds, with all of the fun and excitement of slots combined with the thrill of playing a lottery, and you can even get better odds than normal as well if the jackpot is high, so it’s no wonder why so many players just love progressive jackpot slots.

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