How to Choose the Right Video Poker Machine

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Millions of dollars are won every year by video poker players. You can get in on the action too if you know how to choose the right video poker machine.

It can take time to learn how to pick the right machine. Luckily, our experts are here to help you learn everything you need to look for.

This guide will teach you the basics of choosing the right video poker machine. It will also tell you how to play video poker games online using the top gambling sites.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Video Poker Machine

To get the most out of your video poker experience, you need to pick the right game to play. Here are some suggestions from our poker experts to help you in choosing the best video poker machine.

Study the Pay table

All video poker games will have a pay table they use to determine winning amounts. These tables make it easy to see what you could earn based on your final hand.

To make the most money, you need to use video poker machines with player-friendly pay tables. Casinos can adjust the pay tables of video poker machines. This means the odds on one machine may be different than another, even if they are the same game.

You should look for machines that use the most rewarding pay structures. This is usually done by looking at the payout value for the Full house and Flush options. A 9/6 table is considered a “full pay” game and is usually the best you will find at most casinos.

Find Games with High RTP

One of the reasons the pay table is so important to choosing the right video poker machine is that it changes the return to player (RTP). Using games with a higher RTP is important to increasing your odds of winning.

Some video poker games, like Deuces Wild, can even have an RTP of over 100%. This means you are almost guaranteed to win money if you play with the optimal betting strategy. Casinos do not always advertise the RTP of their games, but you may be able to find it online.

Look for Bonus Features

One of the best parts of video poker is that many developers add bonus features to their games. These give players additional chances to win money from the game.

Playing a game with bonus features can also be more fun than standard games. However, these bonuses are usually not free.

You may need to place an extra bet in order to activate the bonus. Bettors should plan ahead of time for this additional cost as it can add up very quickly.

Read Customer Reviews

Another great tip for how to choose the right video poker machine is to read customer reviews. Some casino sites, like Lucky Duck, allow players to leave reviews on the games themselves.

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You can also find reviews of specific machines or casinos online. These reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, however. Disgruntled players may be too negative in their reviews because they are mad about their experience.

In general, though, learning from other players’ experiences is a great tool for finding the best video poker machines. Reading reviews can even keep you from playing bad or unfair machines.

Multi-Hand vs Single-Hand Games

One of the first decisions you need to make is the type of video poker machine you are looking for. For instance, you need to know how many hands you want to be able to play at once.

Deciding on a single-hand or multi-hand game will immediately narrow your choices. This will make it easier to find the right game to fit your needs.

Both styles have their advantages, but single-hand games are the better option for beginners. Experienced players, though, may enjoy the challenge and added chances of winning that come with multi-hand games.

Play Video Poker Games Online

Choosing the right video poker machine can take some effort, but it is well worth it. You can make the task much simpler by starting your search at one of the best US casinos.

If you want to play in person, then you will need to live near a casino or an establishment with video poker games. Sadly, this is not an option for everyone due to differing gambling laws in the US.

That is one reason why we recommend playing real money video poker games online. It is more convenient and online sites offer more gaming variety.

Our experts have even created a list of the safest betting sites to use for playing video poker games. According to our research, you should play video poker at these casino sites:

All of the sites above offer a great selection of casino games, including video poker. They also all received high praise from our experts who completed thorough casino reviews of all the sites above.

You can start playing video poker games online by signing up at any of our recommended sites above. Some of our suggested sites, including Bovada and Las Atlantis, offer demo versions of their popular games. These let you test out a video poker game for free, you do not even need to make an account.

The sites we recommend also have great casino bonuses for new and existing members. These offers can give you a ton of extra funds to use for playing video poker online.

More Video Poker Tips

Knowing how to choose the right video poker machine is a great way to improve your chances of making money. Here are some other video poker tips to keep in mind while you play. Using this advice from our experts will help increase your odds of winning.

Use Online Video Poker Games

Online games are, in our opinion, the best way to play video poker. Casinos are able to offer a better variety of games to online players because they do not have to manage space on a gaming floor.

Also, players can find more bonus and reward programs by comparing casinos online. These will allow you to get the most out of your playing experience.

Jacks Or Better Video Poker Strategy

You can even use mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets, to play online video poker games. Some casinos allow you to play straight from your mobile browser. Others may require downloading their casino app in order to play.

Manage Your Bankroll

Regardless of how you choose to play, you need to know how to manage your video poker bankroll. Without proper bankroll management, you risk losing any winnings that you accumulate along the way.

To prevent blowing your budget, you need to set strict betting limits. This includes the stake amounts you want to use and how long you intend to play for.

Reviewing your bankroll regularly is also a necessary step in bankroll management. This process will let you see how effective your video poker strategy has been in helping you win. Also, it will tell you how much you have won or lost over that period of time.

Always Bet the Max

Another helpful tip for video poker players to keep in mind is that they should also wager the maximum number of coins. Most video poker machines require you to bet the max if you want to be eligible for bonus prizes.

This is something to keep in mind when you are setting your bankroll for video poker. These prizes are often an important part of why you chose the game in the first place.

As a result, you need to make sure you bet the most number of coins. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and will not be eligible for the best prizes.

Know Which Cards to Keep

Knowing how to choose the right video poker machine will only get you so far. You need to win, too, if you want to make a profit.

The only real opportunity for players to affect the outcome of video poker is by keeping or discarding cards. Knowing which cards to keep and which to throw away is a vital part of any video poker strategy.

Read the Rules

Every casino has its own rules when it comes to video poker games. These rules can change the pay table and prizes for the game.

Some casinos also have specific rules for how you can use bonuses in video poker games. You should read the casino’s rules regarding video poker games thoroughly before you start playing. If you skip this step, then you may miss important information that can come back to haunt you later on.


Learning how to choose the right video poker machine does not need to be difficult. The tips above will help you pick the right gambling machines to fit your needs. Check out these classic video poker games for more examples of what makes a great game.

Also, read these casino blogs to learn more about video poker and other casino games.

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