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How to Choose the Right Video Poker Machine
By Shaun Stack November 22, 2022 - 8 MIN READ
Millions of dollars are won every year by video poker players. You can get in on the action too if you know how to choose the right video poker machine....
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Casino Video Poker Machine, Deuces Wild Video Poker Game Screen
Deuces Wild Video Poker Tips Most Players Don't Know
By Shaun Stack 10/25/22 - 7 MIN READ
Ask any experienced video poker about Deuces Wild and you’ll likely see their eyes light up. That twinkle is tied to Deuces Wild’s status as one of the best bets...
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Two Rows of Video Poker Games
Does Video Poker Have the Best Odds?
By Shaun Stack 6/11/22 - 8 MIN READ
Video poker is widely known as one of the highest-paying casino games. With that said, many gamblers want to know if it features the best odds in the casino. Video...
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Man Holding Money on Right With a Video Poker Screen on Left
Can You Make Money Playing Video Poker?
By Shaun Stack 1/6/22 - 7 MIN READ
Video poker is one of the best games in the casino in terms of player odds. While some bets on table games give the casino big advantages, and even the...
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Close up of a Video Poker Screen
Has Video Poker Become Obsolete?
By Shaun Stack 1/2/22 - 8 MIN READ
Video poker is one of my favorite casino games. Any game that allows me to make a long-term profit will always sit near the top of my list. However, video...
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Royal Flush on a Video Poker Screen
Everything You Need to Know about the Royal Flush in Video Poker
By Shaun Stack 12/6/21 - 8 MIN READ
The royal flush is the ultimate prize in video poker, whether you’re playing on a standard Jacks or Better machine or a more modern video poker game with a progressive...
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Video Poker Machine on Right and Louisiana Logo on Right
The Best Video Poker Games in Louisiana
By Shaun Stack 11/24/21 - 9 MIN READ
Louisiana is home to some 13,000 video poker machines available in 1,800 different retail and casino sites all over the state. About half (6,000) of the state’s video poker games...
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Thumbs Up and Down Icons With a Video Poker and Blackjack Background
Reasons Why Video Poker Is Better Than Blackjack
By Shaun Stack 11/24/20 - 7 MIN READ
Some video poker machines and some blackjack tables offer a return to player of over 99%. This makes these two games better than other casino games. But you have to...
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Video Poker Graphic Text With a Video Poker Machine Background
Is Video Poker Really a Beatable Game?
By Shaun Stack 8/9/20 - 7 MIN READ
Not many casino games give you an opportunity to win profits. Poker games like Texas Hold’em, blackjack (card counting), and certain progressive slots (jackpots that offer +EV) are among the...
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Video Poker Odds
What Are the Odds of Winning on a Video Poker Machine?
By Shaun Stack 3/2/20 - 8 MIN READ
I never play slot machines. If I want to play at a gambling machine, I usually stick with real money video poker. I have various reasons for this, but one...
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