Trump’s Running Mate Supportive of Online Gambling Ban

Mike Pence

Mike PenceDonald Trump’s running mate in the Presidential election for the Vice Presidency position seems to be in support of an online gambling ban, with ties to Sheldon Adelson.

As it is an election year in the United States, all eyes are on who will take over as the President after Obama leaves office. In November, it will be Donald Trump representing the Republican Party while Hilary Clinton will be representing the Democratic Party. For those who want to see online gambling become a reality across the United States, eyes have been on Trump after he received the nomination for presidency and who is running mate is.

Mike Pence is the governor of Indiana who was chosen by Trump to be his running mate. Trump nor Pence have been vocal as of late on their stance involving online gambling but we do know that Pence has ties with Sheldon Adelson who is a strong supporter of an overall online gambling ban. While the Indiana Governor did not mention online gambling in his speech during his at the Republican National Convention, everyone seems to be waiting to see if he has something to say on the matter in the near future.

Republicans Have A History of Gambling Disapproval

For the most part, republicans tend to be conservative and gambling does not fit into what they feel is appropriate. Republicans have long been against gambling, especially of the online variety. It would not be surprising to see Trump speak out against online gambling but it does not seem to be an issue that the presidential candidate feels needs to be discussed currently.

Looking at Adelson in regards to Republicans, the CEO of the Las Vegas Sands is a strong supporter. The casino mogul has spent millions in donations to the party and in return would like to see support for what he believes in. Many republicans that Adelson has supported in the past via donations have shown support and thrown their name in the pot in regards to the Restoration of America’s Wire Act. This bill has been passed around several times in the hopes of banning online gambling in the United States but has yet to see any headway. It seemed that Adelson was focusing his efforts elsewhere, but with Trump and Pence in the limelight, Adelson may soon try to buy his way into getting consideration yet again for the measure.

Poker Players Alliance Points Out Pence’ Support of iGambling Federal Ban

The Poker Players Alliance is a group that works to see poker players treated fairly in the United States that is in support of online gambling legislation. The PPA is very vocal about the topic and stays in the know when it comes to anything involving online gambling. When Pence was nominated as the running mate for Trump, the PPA talked about Pence and how he may still try something in regards to banning online gambling.

The PPA issued a press release which stated that in the past, Pence had wrote a letter to the Indiana Congressional delegation to ask for support for the bill created by Adelson. He also sent a copy of this letter to Representative Jason Chaffetz, the sponsor of the legislation, to show support.

Surprisingly to many, the popularity of Trump seems to be growing. Individuals feel he ‘tells it like it is’ and is a fresh face for the United States presidency. If Trump were to win the election then he may have several people in his ear trying to make changes in regards to online gambling. Changes were made by the Department of Justice in regards to the 1961 Wire Act to allow states to pass legislation to allow online casino and poker gaming to take place if they so choose. Essentially, new legislation would have to be created on a federal level to make such gaming options obsolete.

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