Sports Gambling May Soon Become Federally Legal

With PASPA now gone, many states around the country have chosen to legalize and regulate the sports betting industry. It’s proving to be massively successful for these states, many of which are earning millions of dollars a month from their sports betting markets. Several lawmakers are now calling for sports gambling to become federally legal. Sportsbook In US Casino

It’s an extremely exciting time for sports fans around the country. Let’s take a quick look at who’s calling for federal sports betting legalization, and how this would affect the country’s gambling industry.

More States Continue to Regulate Sports Betting

In case you’re unaware, the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018. Before this happened, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports betting odds. With PASPA gone, every state can set its laws on the sports gambling industry.

13 states now have active sports gambling platforms up and running. Six other states have approved bills to legalize sports gambling and will begin offering betting platforms over the next few months. Many feel that in time, every state will regulate this industry.

Several states are already profiting massively from their legal sports betting markets. New Jersey, for example, offers both land-based and online wagering options. Each month, the state of New Jersey earns millions of dollars in sports gambling revenue.

Many lawmakers across the country now realize how lucrative this industry is. This week, several powerful politicians have begun calling for US sports gambling to become federally legalized. This is now beginning to look like a real possibility.

Senators Pushing for the Federal Legalization of Sports Gambling

Not long after PASPA was struck down, gambling advocates began pushing for the federal legalization of sports betting. In December of 2018, Senator Orrin Hatch presented a bill that would make sports gambling legal across the country. Unfortunately, the bill was not approved.

Many states with strict gambling laws claim sports betting legalization would go against their state constitutions. For a time, it looked like a country-wide sports betting industry seemed impossible. This is now begging the change.

Several major sports leagues including the NCAA are now supporting the move to make US sports gambling federally legal. Additionally, Senators Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney have begun supporting this move. Naima Stevenson Starks, vice-president of the NCAA, believes it would help protect the integrity of sports. She spoke to the media this week about her desire to see a universal set of laws on the industry.

“We are absolutely supportive of federal regulation,” she said. “It’s fairly daunting to think that every state would have a different set of regulations. Having some minimum standards, we are very supportive of and have been an active proponent of.”

Many gambling supporters feel the same way. Sports gambling laws change from state to state. With a national set of laws on the industry, it would be much easier for states to regulate and earn money from this popular form of gambling.

Several States Remain Hesitant to Embrace Sports Betting

The sports betting industry is growing extremely quickly around the country. Even states with harsh gambling laws such as North Carolina and Georgia are interested in launching sportsbooks. A few states, however, remain hesitant to allow sports gambling.

Today, only six states have chosen not to present any bills that would make sports betting legal. Many gambling analysts still feel that in time, this will change. Utah has specific laws that completely ban all forms of gambling and may be the one US state that chooses to stay away from this industry.

Even in states with harsh sports betting laws, there are options to make wagers online. There are some fantastic US online gambling sites available in every single state. Many of these sites offer both casino and sports wagering options. The best ones offer safe payment options and a huge range of amazing odds.

Several senators and major sports leagues are pushing to make US sports gambling federally legal. It seems very likely that within the next few years, this could become a reality.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US gambling news over the next few months!

Rivers Casino & Resort in NY Benefits From NFL Kickoff

The 2019/2020 NFL season is now officially underway. It’s an exciting time for sports betting fans around the country, many of whom now have access to state-regulated sportsbooks. The Rivers Casino & Resort in NY is reporting record sportsbook earnings thanks to NFL bettors.

NFL Logo In Black And White

It’s not a major surprise to see sportsbook earnings increase right now. The NFL remains the most popular sports league in the US. Let’s look at exactly how much the Rivers Casino sportsbook has earned, and what other states are earning money through the sports betting industry.

NFL Betting Brings Rivers Casino & Resort in NY Major Revenue Earnings

Immediately after PASPA was struck down in May of 2018, lawmakers in New York began taking a close look at the sports betting industry. It was a surprise to see this state interested in sports gambling, as politicians here had actively campaigned against legalizing daily fantasy sports for years. On July 16th of this year, the Rivers Casino & Resort in NY offered its very first sports wager.

Today, sports betting is now allowed in several New York casinos. Under the current set of laws, mobile sports betting is banned in New York. Many gambling analysts feel this will change in the next few years.

Rivers Casino is one of the most popular casino and sports betting venues in the state. Officials at this casino are now claiming that the NFL kickoff is helping to bring in record revenue figures. Justin Moore, general manager of Rivers Casino, stated that the start of the NFL season is bringing in more bettors than expected.

“Today is by far the biggest volume we’ve seen since the sports book opened,” he said. “We’ve never had a line for kiosks. Huge demand today. It’s really exciting.”

This casino’s sportsbook features seven live betting windows and 14 automated betting kiosks. There’s also a 53-foot wide wall featuring a giant screen that plays all major sports games at the same time. Based on the way things are going, this year’s NFL season is going to bring in serious money for Rivers Casino.

Other States Profiting Off the Sports Betting Industry

New York isn’t the only state cashing in on the sports betting industry. Today, 13 states have live sports gambling options available. Six more have approved sports betting bills and will officially launch sportsbooks within the next few months. It’s an extremely profitable industry for many of these states.

New Jersey is considered by many to be the hottest new sports gambling market in the US. This was the first state to legalize sports gambling after PASPA was removed. Today, every casino in Atlantic City operated a land-based and online sports betting platform. The state earns millions of dollars annually through its sports betting market.

Pennsylvania also recently launched its first regulated sports betting options. This state is working to significantly expand its gambling market, with several new mini-casinos set to open in various cities. Nearly $25 million has already been spent on sports wagers here, bringing the state more than $8,800,000 million through taxes.

A huge number of states currently have pending sports gambling legalization bills. Politicians across the country recognize how much revenue this industry can bring in. It’s very likely that within the next few years, every state in the country will allow sports betting.

Fortunately for the state without regulated sports gambling options, there are still some great ways to make bets. Today, there are fantastic online sportsbooks available throughout the entire country.

Online NFL Betting Options in the US

The US sports betting industry has never been stronger. Even in states without regulated sports betting options, individuals are choosing to make wagers online. There are some great internet sportsbooks available in every single state, one of the most popular being Bovada.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Bovada. This site launched years ago and is now one of the most respected sports wagering companies in the country. It offers a huge range of amazing odds and safe payment options for all members. There are several NFL betting options at Bovada that you can wager on right now.

On Thursday, several teams will compete in their second game of the season. One of the most popular games to bet on is taking place between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Seahawks are entering as the underdogs with current odds of +165. Pittsburgh comes in as the favorites with odds of -190, according to Bovada.

Feel free to check out our review of Bovada today. We dive into everything that’s available here. You can also look at the full list of NFL betting options.

It’s great to see Rivers Casino & Resort in NY profiting off the NFL season. Hopefully, other New York casinos can also begin to see their sports betting profits increase this year.

Make sure to stay tuned for more US sports betting news over the next few months!

Sports Betting at Buffalo Wild Wings is Almost Here!

The most popular sports bar chain in the US is getting a major upgrade. According to multiple reports, sports betting at Buffalo Wild Wings is just around the corner. The popular chain has officially teamed up with MGM Resorts to offer sports betting platforms around the country.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sign

It’s clear that the US is embracing the sports betting industry. Now is the perfect time to look at why BWW is choosing to offer sports betting. We’ll also look at what this decision means for the US sports betting industry overall. Let’s get into it!

Buffalo Wild Wings Announces Move into Sports Betting Industry

In case you’re unaware, the US has been actively embracing sports betting for more than a year. In May of 2018, the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, giving every state the option to legalize this form of gambling. Today, 13 states have live sports betting options available and six more are set to launch their sportsbooks over the next few months.

Sports gambling is proving to be an incredibly lucrative industry. Some states, such as New Jersey, are earning millions of dollars every single month from their new sports betting platforms. The revenue potential is the key reason why so many states are now interested in regulating this industry.

This week, Buffalo Wild Wings has announced that it has entered into a partnership with MGM Resorts to officially offer sports betting services in their restaurants. In an official announcement, MGM CEO Jim Murren said the goal is to offer a new digital betting option, called BetMGM, inside these sports bars within the next few months.

Lyle Tick, president of Buffalo Wild Wings, also commented on the partnership to the media today.

“As the largest sports bar in the country, Buffalo Wild Wings has the opportunity to pioneer sports gaming experiences for fans, and we are taking the first critical step on that journey through our partnership with BetMGM,” Tick said. 

Where Will Sports Betting at Buffalo Wild Wings Be Available?

As we just mentioned, 19 states have outright legalized and regulated sports betting. Many more states have presented bills to start regulating this industry. When sports betting at Buffalo Wild Wings begins, it will only be available in the states that have approved sports betting bills.

Fortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings has restaurants in every state across the country. This means that in time, the restaurants in states with regulated sports gambling industries will begin offering sports betting services. It’s great news for those looking to make wagers outside of their local casino.

It’s very likely that MGM Resorts and BWW will initially focus on major states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Both of these states have extremely successful sports betting markets.

That’s not the only new thing coming here. Today, Buffalo Wild Wings and MGM Resorts have announced that they will soon offer a new mobile football game that allows players to win great prizes. This “betting” platform is set to launch over the next few months.

‘Picks and Props’ Will Soon be Available at BWW Restaurants

It will be some time before official sports betting at Buffalo Wild Wings is available. Fortunately, a new unique form of sports wagering will be unveiled at BWW restaurants over the next couple of months. MGM and Buffalo Wild Wings have announced details of the ‘Picks and Props’ service.

This unique mobile football game will feature point spreads and prop bets to customers. Players can pick on which players they believe will different games. Some amazing prizes will be awarded to the top players including free trips to Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

The official sports betting platform will become available sometime before the end of 2019, according to company officials. Buffalo Wild Wings is making it clear that the restaurants will remain the same, and not turn into full-blown sportsbooks.

“We’re a sports bar that is based on being social, watching the game, having a good time,” Lyle Tick said to ESPN. “We’re very conscious, with second and third screens, the way people engage with content has evolved. The more you can make it fun … that’s to the benefit of the guest, to us and BetMGM as well.”

More US sports betting platforms are becoming available every day. Make sure to stay tuned for more sports gambling news over the next few months!

NFL Betting in the US is Growing Extremely Popular

The US sports betting industry is exploding with popularity right now. It seems like every month, a new state chooses to legalize and regulate the industry. This week, new reports indicate that NFL betting in the US is growing at an unprecedented rate. NFL Logo

It’s exciting for sports fans around the country. Today, we’re going to look at the top sports betting states in the country. We’ll also talk about how popular NFL betting is becoming right now.

US Sports Gambling Industry Growing Extremely Quickly

Just a few years ago, sports gambling in the US was only regulated in Nevada. This was due to PASPA, a set of laws that made it illegal for states to set laws on the sports betting industry. The US Supreme Court struck down PASPA in May of 2018 and now, every single state can set its laws on this form of gambling.

More than 10 states now have fully-regulated sports betting markets. Some states allow both online and land-based betting. Others only allow sports betting to take place inside casinos.

Several states with legalized sports betting are now profiting massively. New Jersey, for example, now has a huge number of land-based and online sports betting platforms available. This state is earning millions of dollars every single month from this industry.

Even New York, which has previously implemented some extremely strict laws on gambling, now allows sports betting. It’s great news for sports fans in these states. They are able to place wagers on their favorite teams quickly and easily.

The 2019 football season is just around the corner. New reports show that NFL betting in the US is going to bring in an incredible amount of money.

NFL Betting in the US Will Bring in Billions of Dollars This Year

The NFL remains the most popular sports league in the United States. The upcoming season will officially begin tomorrow, on September 5th. The first game will take place between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers.

With sports betting now available throughout much of the country, gambling on the NFL is expected to bring in more money than ever before. A new report from the American Gaming Association claims that 38 million Americans are expected to bet on this NFL season.

That represents 15% of all adults in the country. Seven million of these adults claim they will make their bets through regulated casino sportsbooks. Millions of others claim they will make their wagers through online betting sites, or with privately with friends.

It’s clear that Americans love to bet on sports. According to the AGA poll, 75% of sports gamblers claim that they are more likely to watch a game that they bet on than ones that they do not. Nearly 30% claim they are also more likely to attend a game that they’ve wagered on.

There are still a huge number of states that have not yet regulated the sports betting industry. Fortunately, there are some great internet sports betting websites available throughout the entire country right now.

Online Sports Betting Sites Available Throughout the US

Many states are currently in the process of regulating sports betting. Unfortunately, most of these states will not have their sports gambling operations up and running by the time the NFL season concludes. Fortunately, there are some fantastic internet sports betting websites that are currently available in almost every state.

One of the most popular US online football betting sites available right now is Bovada. This site has grown extremely popular over the years with both casino and sports betting fans thanks to its safe payment system and a wide range of different wagering options. Members of this site can still place their bets on tomorrow’s game between the Bears and Packers.

The Chicago Bears enter this game as the considerable betting favorites. Bovada lists the team’s odds to win at -160. The Packers aren’t the team they were just a few years ago, and enter this game with odds to win at +140.

There is a complete set of this week’s NFL betting odds available through Bovada. Check out our Bovada review today to learn more about what this US gambling site offers right now!

Sports betting is growing quickly around the country. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates to US sports gambling laws over the next few months!

Diamond Jo Casino in Iowa Launches its Sportsbook

The state of Iowa officially began allowing sports betting on August 15th of this year. Many casinos around the state now offer sports betting odds. This week, the Diamond Jo Casino officially opened its sportsbook.

Iowa Welcome Sign

It’s great to see Iowa embracing sports gambling. Hopefully, this industry brings the state millions of dollars in additional revenue every year. Let’s take a quick look at why lawmakers here decided to make sports betting legal.

Iowa’s Road to Sports Betting Legalization

Iowa is thought of as a very liberal state when it comes to gambling laws. For years, most forms of gambling have been legal here. There are 19 casinos spread around the state, as well as several horse racing tracks.

For decades, only Nevada was legally allowed to offer sports betting. This changed in May of 2018 when the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Immediately afterward, every state had the right to set laws on the sports betting industry.

Many states around the country have now legalized sports gambling. A sports gambling bill was introduced here earlier in the year and approved during the most recent legislative session. Eight casinos officially began offering sports betting odds on August 15th, and several more have begun to offer sports betting since that time.

Several casinos offer online sports betting, as well. In order to make online bets here, however, you will need to register inside of a land-based sports casinos. It’s the same set of laws that states like Nevada have in place.

This week, the Diamond Jo Casino officially launched its sports betting platform. It’s great news for sports fans in the Worth County area. Let’s look at what this casino is now offering.

Diamond Jo Casino in Iowa Unveils New Sportsbook

Competition in Iowa’s casino industry is extremely competitive. As you might expect, many casinos are trying to lure in gamblers with their new sportsbooks. The Diamond Jo Casino brought in a number of famous sports stars to give their sportsbook new exposure.

Visitors to this casino were surprised to see former Minnesota Viking and NFL Hall of Famer John Randle make the casino’s very first sports wager. Like several US casinos, Diamond Jo is teaming up with FanDuel to offer sports bets.

Scott Smith, general manager of this casino, spoke about the process of launching a sportsbook to the media this week.

“It is just training but we hire great people to work at the sportsbook and the property itself,” he said. “It’s been pretty smooth. We have great partners and are excited for this opportunity.”

“Be safe, have fun with it and good luck,” he added. 

Diamond Jo’s online sports betting platform will soon be up and running. We’ll need to wait and see how successful this sportsbook is compared to others in the state.

More States Will Soon Offer Sports Betting

Iowa is the 11th state to officially legalize and regulate sports betting. Many other states have pending legislation to allow this industry. Several gambling analysts predict that Montana will be the next state to officially launch sportsbooks.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock officially signed a sports betting bill into law back in May of this year. The state’s lottery will be in charge of regulating this industry. Land-based and online sports betting will become available here sometime over the next few months.

Tennessee is also scheduled to launch sports betting this year. Lawmakers approved a sports gambling bill in May, with a 20% tax rate applied to all sports betting operators. Like the rest of the US, Tennessee requires you to be at least 21 years old in order to place sports wagers.

There is also a wide range of great online sportsbooks available in the US. These sites are based in other countries and are not regulated by state governments. One of the most popular gambling sites is Bovada, which offers great casino and sports betting options to its members.

In time, it’s likely that every state will have regulated sports betting options. Make sure to stay tuned for updates on how the Diamond Jo Casino fares with its new sportsbook!

Lucky Las Vegas Parlay Earns MLB Bettor $38K

One baseball fan in Las Vegas is celebrating this week. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a lucky Las Vegas Parlay on the MLB was cashed out for $38 thousand this week. It’s the kind of win that all fans of parlay betting hope to get someday.

Sportsbook Inside Casino

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at how this bettor managed to win so much money. We’ll also look back at some of the biggest sports parlay wins in history. First, let’s look at what exactly a parlay bet actually is.

What is a Parlay Bet?

If you’re a fan of sports betting, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of a parlay bet. Essentially, these are single-sport wagers that involve two or more teams winning. The more teams that you bet on at once, the larger and more lucrative your odds will become. As we’ve seen this week, these bets can earn you some serious money.

Parlay betting is also more difficult than traditional one-team betting. If you wager on three teams to win one week and just one of them loses, your entire bet is void. It’s one of the most exciting ways to make sports bets today.

Let’s look at a parlay example from Bovada, one of the most popular sports betting sites in the US. Here, we’ll look at a parlay that involves three teams from the MLB that are playing on August 29th.

  • Oakland Athletics win vs. Kansas City Royals: -190
  • Chicago White Sox win vs. Minnesota Twins: +150
  • Texas Rangers win vs. Seattle Mariners: -175

With this parlay, you could wager just $10 and if each team wins, walk away with almost $50.

It’s that easy! Parlays can be made at almost all US online sportsbooks and inside most sportsbooks in casinos.

Las Vegas Parlay on the MLB Earns Bettor $38K

One MLB bettor in Las Vegas managed to turn a $250 wager into $38 thousand this week. The unnamed sports bettor made his wager at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, one of the most popular hotel-casinos in Las Vegas.

The MLB fan bet on eight different teams to win this week. He bet on the Cardinals, Reds, Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Athletics to win. He also took the under on the Braves-Rockies game, and the over on the Pirates-Phillies game. All of these bets proved to be successful, making it one of the luckiest Las Vegas parlay bets in recent memory.

$38K is a solid amount of money to leave Las Vegas with. Now is the perfect time to look back at some more of the biggest sports parlays to ever take place.

Biggest Sports Parlay Wins in History

Sports betting has never been more popular in the US than it is today. With PASPA now gone, every state in the US has the ability to set its laws on this industry. Many states now have legalized and regulated sports betting markets.

Most of the biggest bets in history have taken place in Las Vegas. For years, Nevada was the only state legally allowed to offer sports odds. Here are some of the biggest parlay bets ever won.

20,000 – 1  NFL Parlay Bet

Just a few years ago, Tayla Polia wagered $5 on an incredible 15-team parlay. Against all the odds, 20,000-1, to be exact, each team managed to win. She walked away from the sportsbook with an astounding $100,005.

2,500 – 1 NCAA and NFL Parlay

In late 2017, an unnamed bettor placed a $25 12-team parlay bet in Reno, Nevada. Each of the teams managed to win, earning the sports gambler $62,475. It was the biggest parlay win in Reno that’s been reported on.

232 – 1 MLB Parlay Bet

The recent lucky Las Vegas parlay bet in Las Vegas isn’t the only time that a bettor has cashed out wagering on the MLB. Just a few years ago, a baseball fan bet the under on four MLB games with a $500 parlay. Incredibly, the bets were successful, earning the gambler $115,971.

You don’t have to be in Las Vegas to make parlay bets right now. There are several great online sportsbooks available throughout the country right now. Almost all of them let you make parlay bets on major sports including the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Will you be the next person to make a lucky Las Vegas parlay bet? If so, good luck!

Bovada is Offering a Great New Sportsbook Bonus for NFL Betting!

One of the best and most popular online sportsbooks in the US is offering its new members a fantastic new way to boost their spending money. This promotion from Bovada is one of the best that you’ll find today. Today, we’ll be looking at the details of the great new sportsbook bonus for NFL betting.

NFL Helmet In Front Of American Flag

We’ll also be looking at some of the other incredible betting odds available through Bovada. Let’s get started!

Details of Bovada’s Sportsbook Bonus for NFL Betting

Bovada is known to some as one of the best US casino websites currently operating. It’s also famous for offering its members some fantastic sports betting promotions. This week, the company is ramping things up. New members here will soon be eligible to receive an incredible 50% first deposit bonus up to $1,000!

This means that if you deposit $2,000 into your account, Bovada will automatically credit you with an additional $1,000 to wager with! The terms and conditions of this incredible offer will become available in the next few days.

For a limited time until October 1st, Bovada is boosting their current welcome bonus. Using the promo code BVNFL1000, members will be eligible to earn this amazing offer. As we already mentioned, this is one of the best sports betting site bonuses that you can find today.

The 2019/2020 NFL season officially kicks off on September 5th. Bovada is offering a massive list of odds for every single game of the season. There are also some great odds on the season’s future outcomes and individual players. Let’s look at what you can bet on here right now.

2019 NFL Prop Bets Available at Bovada

Making bets on individual NFL bets is great. Some bettors prefer to make more unique wagers. Along with offering an amazing sportsbook bonus for NFL betting, this site is also offering some incredible NFL prop bets. Here are a few that are available right now.

Bet on Who Earns the Coach of the Year Award

It’s never easy to predict who will win the coach of the year. A coach’s success is determined by teams. There are, however, some betting favorites to win the Coach of the Year award this year.

Freddie Kitchens is leading the odds right now. The Cleveland Browns coach is working hard to transform the Cleveland Browns from one of the worst teams in the league into a world-class franchise. He’s notoriously strict on his players and may be the man to help the Browns reach their full potential. Bovada lists Kitchen’s odds to win this award at +650. 

At the moment, Kyle Shanahan is another favorite to win the Coach of the Year award. Much like Kitchens, he’s being tasked with turning around a team’s luck. The San Francisco 49ers coach has his hands full yet with roster additions like Rod Streater, they may have a chance to make an impact in the NFC West. Shanahan’s odds to receive the award are set at +1100.

Bet on Which Player Earns the Most Regular Season Interceptions

This is another prop bet that’s attractive to sports gamblers. There are some incredible defensive players in the NFL right now, many of whom are known for their ability to record interceptions. Donte Jackson is currently listed as the favorite to earn the most interceptions during the 2019/2020 season.

Jackson is a cornerback for the Carolina Panthers. He’s just 23 years old yet is considered by many to be one of the most impressive players on defense this year. In his first season with the Panthers, he earned a team-leading four interceptions. Jackson’s odds to record the most this season are set at +1400. 

If you feel like wagering on an underdog, consider placing a bet on Eddie Jackson to earn the most interceptions this season. He’s a free safety for the Chicago Bears with a unique ability to catch the opponents ball. With six interceptions last season, he’s a solid bet. Jackson’s odds are set at +2500.

Bovada is currently offering an amazing sportsbook bonus for NFL betting. Feel free to head over to our Bovada review page today and take a look at some of the other football betting options available here!

Sports Betting in Oregon Set to Launch on August 27th

Another state is officially set to allow sports betting. It’s been confirmed that sports betting in Oregon is launching at the Chinook Winds Casino on August 27th. It’s great news for sports fans throughout the state.

Oregon State Sign

More US states are beginning to embrace the sports betting industry. Today, we’re going to look at the current set of casino and sports gambling laws in Oregon. We’ll also talk about the state’s decision to allow sports betting. Let’s get started!

Gambling Laws in Oregon, Explained

Oregon is thought of as one of the most liberal states in the US. Over the past few decades, lawmakers here have embraced most forms of gambling. Casino-style gambling was legalized in 1992. Today, there are nine land-based casinos in the state, all of which are operated by Native American Tribes.

Sports betting has taken longer to open up here. Oregon is one of the states that was grandfathered into the Federal ban on sports gambling in the early 90s. For decades, the only state legally allowed to offer sports betting in the US was Nevada. This changed in May of 2018 when the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA.

Once this happened, every state had the ability to set laws on the sports gambling industry. Many different states quickly presented sports gambling legislation, including Oregon, which presented a bill to legalize the industry in 2019. Sports betting in Oregon is now legal and is set to launch in a few days.

Unfortunately, Oregon’s laws on internet gambling are restrictive. This is one of the few states that states it’s illegal to accept payments from internet gambling websites. Many analysts feel these laws don’t apply to online casinos in Oregon, as they are based in other countries. Hope is that online casino gambling will become regulated here within the next few years.

Sports Betting in Oregon is Coming to the Chinook Winds Casino

Lawmakers in Oregon realize the huge revenue earning potential from the sports gambling industry. Many states with legal sports betting markets are earning millions of dollars a month from this industry. Politicians here were quick to approve the sports gambling bill presented earlier this year and have been working on plans to officially launch it.

Starting on August 27th, Oregon sports fans can finally begin making wagers on their favorite teams and players. The Chinook Winds Casino, located in Lincoln City, is the first gaming establishment to offer sports betting odds. Over the next several months, more of the land-based casinos in this state are set to begin operating sportsbooks, as well.

Will Roberston, director of casino operations at Chinook Casino, expects the new sportsbook to be a major hit with Oregonians.

“We’re expecting it to be pretty busy,” he said. “There may be lines to get your bets in.”

Interestingly, Oregon is also preparing to launch a state-run online sports betting platform through the lottery. The goal was to have the app up and running by the start of the 2019/2020 NFL season. Based on what’s being said by state officials, this isn’t likely to happen.

Oregon Sports Betting Lottery Gets Delayed

Part of the new sports betting laws in Oregon allow the state to run a lottery that offers sports betting. The lottery will launch an app that’s available throughout the state. Unlike the sportsbook at Chinook Casino, this app will not allow players to bet on NCAA games.

It seems unlikely that this app will be ready by the start of this year’s NFL season. Based on numerous reports, the app won’t launch until mid-September. Lottery spokesman Matt Shelby confirmed this to the media this week.

“It’ will likely be two, three weeks into the season,” Shelby said. “Testing is going fine.”

Shelby also commented on the reason that the app is being delayed. He claims that the lottery needs more time to design interfaces between the games and different payment technologies developed in recent years. Fortunately, online sports betting in Oregon will be completely available for the majority of the football season.

Sports fans in Oregon can begin placing bets on their favorite teams next week. In time, every state may begin offering legal sports gambling options. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on US sports gambling law changes over the next few weeks!

Online Sportsbooks in Nevada May Be in For a Change

Nevada is considered to be the top sports betting destination in the United States. Almost all of the state’s casinos offer sports betting platforms, some of which are online. This week, gaming analysts began calling for online sportsbooks in Nevada to change their registration process.

Nevada Sign On Highway

With growing competition all over the country, Nevada is looking for any way to increase their gambling revenue. Changing the way people sign up to the state’s internet sportsbooks might just work. Let’s look at what’s being discussed.

Nevada’s Online Sports Betting Industry Continues to Grow

For decades, Nevada was the only US state that was legally allowed to offer sports betting. This changed in May of 2018 when the US Supreme Court struck down PASPA. Today, every state can set its own laws on the sports gambling industry.

Several states including New Jersey and Pennsylvania now have successful sports betting markets. Despite this, Nevada’s revenue from sports gambling continues to grow. During the first four months of 2019, sports betting revenue in this state reached $104.62, up 22% from the same time period last year.

A month-by-month revenue breakdown looks like this.

  • January: $14,626,000 (-41.7%)
  • February: $35,816,000 (+235.1%)
  • March: $32,523,000 (-4.7%)
  • April: $21,656,000 (+32.6%)

It’s clear that even with the rise of sports betting around the country, Nevada continues to generate money from this industry. Interestingly, some of the top gambling analysts are now calling for online sportsbooks in Nevada to change.

Registration Process for Online Sportsbooks in Nevada Should Change

As we’ve already mentioned, many states now allow sports betting. Several of these states have also legalized online and mobile sports betting. Nevada is one of these states, yet the registration process for these websites is not quite as simple as it is in other parts of the country.

Nevada made online sports betting legal in 2010. Here, individuals looking to make sports wagers online need to register at a land-based casino. It’s significantly more difficult than in states like New Jersey, where gamblers simply verify their identity and enter their credit card details.

There are many that feel online sportsbooks in Nevada are at risk of failing if the state doesn’t change the way that players register. This is especially true as more states begin to legalize and regulate internet sports betting.

A 2017 report from Eilers & Krejcik claims that 71% of individuals in the US would rather gamble through unregulated gambling sites based in other countries than visit a local casino to place sports wagers. Gambling analyst Chris Grove believes it’s time for Nevada to change its current laws on the online sports betting industry.

“Las Vegas needs to be able to offer a sports betting product that is equal to, if not better, than what they can do at home,” he said. “If the remote regulation stays in place, Las Vegas will have a materially worse sports betting experience than most of the rest of the U.S. If that’s the case, it’s going to be difficult for Las Vegas to capture all of the upside from sports betting being legalized across the rest of the U.S.”

NV Gaming Control Board Doesn’t Seem Concerned

Based on what’s being said, it doesn’t look as if the Nevada Gaming Control Board is overly concerned with most people’s opinion about the state’s online sports betting system. Last year, lawmakers in this state briefly talked about changing the way registrations work for online sportsbooks in Nevada, yet nothing came from it.

Sandra Morgan, chairwoman of the NV Gaming Control Board, commented on the internet sports betting industry to the media this week.

“I do think we have a great and stable statutory and regulatory scheme, but there’s always room for improvement, and to be able to modernize regulations that have been in place for a very long time is definitely going to be a focus of mine,” she said.

Analysts believe that the current set of laws are in place to drive people into land-based casinos in Las Vegas. This city relies on casino gambling to generate revenue. Forcing individuals to register in these casinos in order to play at online sportsbooks in Nevada is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this.

Perhaps in the next few years, lawmakers in the state will realize that the system needs to change. Make sure to stay tuned for updates to Nevada’s online sports betting laws over the next few months!