Iowa Tribe Makes Progress in Efforts to Offer Online Gaming

Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

Iowa Tribe of OklahomaThe Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma is progressing to phase 2 of launching their real money online casino for worldwide game play. A new interface has been created to get the ball rolling internationally.

Online gambling in the United States is quite restricted as federal legislation is not in place allowing the activity nationwide. However, individual states do have the right to pass legislation and allow such gaming to take place. Only three states have yet to do so but many are considering the option as well. When it comes to gaming in the United States, Indian tribes have long been able to provide casino options. Tribes have also shown interest in online gambling, with the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma being one of the first to take steps to actually offer iGaming options.

A Step In A New Direction

The tribe was granted permission to offer online gaming and has taken great strides in setting up their offerings online to do so. Phase 2 has begun in this process with the tribe creating a new interface and working to launch their real money gaming site worldwide. The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma recently rescheduled the launch date of their international online poker site which would offer real money gaming via

The tribe is currently working with foreign governments with the launch of the site, trying to coordinate efforts for a successful site. The tribe started by offering a free play online casino for international players and worked with Universal Entertainment Group to provide the online casino gaming software for the site. Right now, the gaming licensee’s for each country must be taken care of as well as processing banking via international merchants. Partners in banking will include American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and more, including merchants in Europe.

Bobby Walkup is the Chairman of the Iowa Tribe who stated that the group is pleased with the progress that has been made in regards to launching the site for real money game play to an audience worldwide. The tribe plans on working with every country and the head of states to be able to create a relationship with the country to successfully provide such online casino gaming solutions internationally.

Making History

The Iowa Tribe is now part of history, having been able to be given permission by the Oklahoma State Government to provide an online gaming platform having worked with Judge Chapel as well as gaining federal certification from the District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma. With the award, the tribe is able to offer online gaming for covered games based on a Class III Gaming Compact that exists between the State of Oklahoma and the Iowa Tribe. This activity will not be in violation of the present or past state or federal laws.

Walkup stated in a press release that the tribe has completed each phase of the project precisely and the final phase will be the most important to ensure a successful launch to real money game play. This is why the tribe is rescheduling the date for launch. The free play site can be accessed by residents of the United States, except for those who reside in Oklahoma. International markets can also access the site, which offers such gaming as pull-tabs, bingo and poker. The next phase will include the site adding more games plus the option for real money game play.

On top of offering gaming to the international markets, the brand will also focus on offering their casino gaming options for cruise ships and international flights. The concept will allow visitors to enjoy casino games while in-flight or on holiday.

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