$225 Million Casino and Hotel Proposed for Des Moines Airport

Plane on Airport Tarmac, Poker Cards, Red Dice, $225 million Price Tag
The development group, Highview Development Group, presented their plan to build a $225 million casino and hotel to the Des Moines Airport Authority board on Tuesday. The group said the project would effectively help cover a funding shortfall for the airport’s planned new terminal. The airport board has tabled discussion of the proposal until their February meeting.

The proposed complex will include a 350-room hotel connected to the airport via a skywalk. Other winning features are a fountain, rock garden, restaurant and wedding and banquet facilities.

Highview Development Group is led by Reggie Sinha, head of a business and development consultant firm, and includes Wild Rose Entertainment, a company founded by Des Moines entrepreneur Gary Kirke, which would operate the casino.

In a statement released Wednesday, Wild Rose said:

“It should be noted that Wild Rose is not the first nor the only casino organization approached by [Sinha] and his Highview consortium. The company supports and is part of his efforts to put forth a creative solution to generate a long-term, continuous funding stream for the airport’s much needed improvements.”

Terminal Funding Projects

Two former major Des Moines construction projects valued at $16 million, the FedEx building and the South Cargo Apron project, took four years to complete and were the first of two partnerships in the new terminal vision.

Kerty Levy, Des Moines Airport Authority Board Chair, said this of the recently completed projects and their valuable connection to the new terminal vision:

“This project is part of our vision to build a new terminal. A vision that will support our local economy and enable us to grow cargo operations and air service to continue connecting Iowans to anywhere.”

The primary purpose of the $6.7 million FedEx facility was to open land on the south side of the terminal to relocate Signature Flight Support and Des Moines Flying Service to where FedEx currently sits, clearing the way for a new terminal north of the existing site.

The total South Cargo Apron project cost $9.16 million, including the cost of roadways and new pavement.

Current Casinos in the State

As of now, Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona serves as the sole legal gambling house in metropolitan Des Moines since it opened as a horse track in 1989. In 1995, it added slot machines and in 2004, added table gambling.

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission twice rejected investors’ proposals for a casino in Cedar Rapids — in 2014 and 2017 — citing a “saturated market” and potential “cannibalization” of income for other casinos in the state.

Proposed Opening Date

The new, 18-gate terminal, a $500 million project, is planned to have an opening in 2028. Officials have been seeking to cover the project’s funding shortfall, a whopping $194 million, from various sources in order to complete this ambitious project.

The proposed casino-hotel could be the winning ticket to securing the additional funding needed to get the new terminal off the ground. According to the Highway Development Group’s proposal, the casino would generate $85 million per year and create 1,000 jobs.

Kayla Kovarna, an airport spokeswoman, said:

“It’s our duty to consider all proposals that might benefit the airport and greater Des Moines.”

Reno’s Historic Harrah’s to Be Sold, Transforming Into a Non-Gaming Property in the Future

Harrah's Reno Casino, Reno Biggest Little City in the World
Reno’s historic Harrah’s hotel-casino is set to be sold for $50 million to Reno City Center LLC, after being a landmark presence in the Northern Nevada city for nearly 83 years. Sources told The Nevada Independent that the sale announcement will be given by the casino’s owner, VICI Properties, and is expected to happen later this week. The buyer plans to get the 940-room hotel-casino closed within the next six months and converted into a non-gaming “business entity” in the future.

John Payne, President and COO of VICI Properties, said this of the sale:

“The sale of Harrah’s Reno demonstrates our ability to continuously work constructively with our tenants to improve our individual businesses. This disposition will allow VICI to optimize the quality of our real estate portfolio and redeploy the proceeds toward other attractive growth opportunities while maintaining the existing financial terms of the Non-CPLV Master Lease with Caesars.”

Possible Motivations Behind the Sale

Currently, Harrah’s Reno is operated by Caesars Entertainment, which leases it from VICI Properties. After Caesars went through bankruptcy in 2017, VICI Properties, a real estate investment trust, formed as a spinoff of Caesars. Most VICI Properties are leased to Caesars.

According to industry analysts, they’re pointing to the in-progress merger between Caesars and Eldorado Resorts, a $17.3 billion transaction, as the driving force behind the sale. Eldorado, who already owns three downtown Reno casinos, known as “The Row”: Circus Circus Reno, Silver Legacy, and its namesake, Eldorado, would form a near downtown monopoly if it added Harrah’s to its roster.

Analysts speculate that Eldorado Resorts has no desire to add a fourth casino, when The Row forms the bulk of casino gaming in downtown Reno, all conveniently located on downtown’s main drag. Harrah’s is located just south of the Eldorado Casino. Additionally, they could run into federal antitrust concerns with one company owning that many gaming properties in the area.

Harrah’s Brief History

Harrah’s Reno first opened on North Center Street and Virginia Street on October 29, 1937. It was originally a small bingo parlor and casino. Founded by William F. “Bill” Harrah, a successful American businessman, Harrah’s Reno was the original casino in Harrah’s chain that now includes 17 casinos in 11 states, with four being in Nevada – Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Laughlin.

Throughout the years, Harrah acquired other casinos and expanded his flagship resort. In 1969, a 24-story tower was completed. In 1981, Holiday Inn, the then-owners of the property, commissioned a 100-room tower addition. By the time Harrah died in 1978, the company was already one the industry’s largest regional casino operators.

In 2005, the company was apart of the casino industry’s largest merger at the time: The $9 billion acquisition of Caesars Entertainment. Five years later, Harrah’s changed its corporate name to Caesars.

Future Plans for the Property

While the specifics of what the future property will be remain unclear, what’s clear is that it will be converted into a non-gaming business entity. The transaction is subject to the closing of the Eldorado/Caesars combination, regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions.

Tony Radio, CEO of Caesars Entertainment, said this of the property’s redevelopment and its intended positive future impact on Reno:

“We recognize the long legacy of Harrah’s in Reno, where the brand began 82 years ago and our role in the community. We are pleased the Buyer is committed to the community and supports the redevelopment of this wonderful asset.

We have worked closely with the Buyer to provide a reasonable closure plan that allows our great staff in Reno ample time to secure their next jobs, including priority consideration for relevant openings at our other properties in Nevada, including Lake Tahoe and Las Vegas.”

Robot Bartenders to Serve Drinks at Wynn’s Encore Casino Soon

When Encore Boston, Boston’s first casino resort which opened last June, it was met with tremendous fanfare and anticipation. The pre-opening projections were high, estimated at $800 million, but a short seven months later, the excitement wore off.

Because the casino didn’t hit their lofty protections, and blames soft revenue from slot machines, they had to come up with ways to cut business costs and help round out their bottom line. One of the ways they did this? Automating service jobs, essentially using machines to replace some 70 non-union workers.

Encore Workers Face Unpredicted Cuts

Around 70 bartenders, apprentices and casino workers, namely bartenders working ‘Back of the House’ service bars, hidden from customers, were told they were being cut at mandatory meetings. What were they told they would be replaced by? Dispensary drink machines that cocktail servers would be able to operate on their own “at the push of a button.”

The news came suddenly, with workers being told that cuts would go into effect on January 17th.  For the affected workers, Boston Encore held a job fair at the Everett casino in an attempt to help alleviate some of the shock caused by the new lack of job security, although employees reported feeling there were not enough full-time or comparable jobs for everyone. As a Wynn spokesperson wrote in an email:

“Should any employee become displaced, we do everything we can to provide alternate job opportunities for them within our organization. Given the amount of related openings in other areas of the business, we cannot project the number of positions that may be impacted as a result of the automated beverage dispensers at this time.”

In a statement to Boston 25 News, Encore Boston said:

“The addition of the drink dispensers allows us the opportunity to significantly improve both the speed of service and provide a better guest experience. These dispensers are not unique to Encore.”

MGM Resorts: First to Use New Bartending Technology

It turns out, the MGM Springfield casino in Western Massachusetts pioneered the digital bartending movement. They’ve been using the automatic drink dispensing technology since opening in 2018. Springfield’s parent company, MGM Resorts International, has also began experimenting with the technology across Las Vegas properties as well. The gaming industry giant plans to install the same machines in Las Vegas Casinos, in an effort to cut $100 million in U.S. payroll costs, over the next two years.

MGM Resorts International Director of Corporate Media Relations Brian Ahern, said this of the new job-replacing technology:

“These technologies are an example of our work to drive innovation that enhances customer satisfaction and support the most important factor in personalized guest service: our employees.”

According to Ahern, these machines are essentially the “smarter cousin” of the automated soda dispensers used in fast-food drive-thrus, and have the ability to mix thousands of drinks.

The Future of Robot Bartenders: Is It a Safe Bet?

Talk about getting your drinks served with a twist. While job security for front-of-house bartenders who more closely interact with guests remain in the clear, it’s hard to predict the impact these automated drink dispensers will have on the hospitality industry as whole. While the intent for reduced casino costs, better drink efficiency, and guest experience has been spoken on heavily, the plan isn’t a sure bet just yet. We’ll have to wait and see once robot bartenders start being used in full-blown operation across properties in the US.

Reno Local Wins $880K at the Penny Slots

A local Reno man is starting off his new year with a big win from Atlantis Casino Resort Spa.
Exterior Atlantis Casino in Reno Nevada
Luck was with Lawrence Fuller when he sat down at a penny slot machine on January 5th. Fuller placed a bet of $1.80 that wound up changing his life when he received a jackpot of $880,000. To top it off, he continued his winning streak with five more slot machine jackpots that same day.

Fuller called the win “life changing” and planned to put his winnings into the bank until he could figure out exactly what to do with it. One thing is for sure, this is a win he’ll never forget.

More About Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, NV

The Atlantis Casino Resort Spa is one of Reno’s high-end resorts. It’s located at the south end of Virginia Street with a connection to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. Inside the hotel sits a 60,000 square-foot casino that draws affluent gamblers, convention goers, and couples on a weekend getaway. The casino floor hosts a variety of casino games ranging from the latest in slots and video poker, dynamic table games, Keno and a non-smoking poker room.

Odds of Winning at Slot Machines

All slot machines are equipped with random number generators, constructed in a way that gives the casino an edge. So how does a player beat those odds? The answer is to look for a “loose” slot machine.

Many slot machines are put together in a way where players can get many little wins but no big ones. Other machines are manufactured to offer big wins but no little ones. Players should learn the subtle and not so subtle differences between the two types of machines.

It’s also a good idea to get to know the pay table. How much and how frequently a slot machine pays out will be subject to the variance of the slot machine. Starting small means keeps you in your own comfort zones without losing money unnecessarily. When you become more comfortable with the method of payment you then increase your bet. Practice combined with patience will take you a long way.

Slot Machine Strategy

A successful slot machine strategy should begin before you ever start to play. Ask yourself what your goal is at the casino. Are you playing to have fun or to win as much as you can? Prioritizing your game time will determine the focus of your slot machine strategy.

Next, decide how much money you’re willing to spend and can afford to lose when playing. Once you decide how much you are willing to lose, it helps you to figure out how long you plan to stay at the casino. This also helps you decide which slot machine to choose.

Slot machines come in different denominations like the penny slots Lawrence Fuller won his $880,000 on. Dollar slots have bigger payouts, but also include more risk. Don’t forget to bet the max amount per spin!

It’s also a good idea to avoid progressive slots as they have life-changing prizes but terrible odds. Instead, look for machines with moderate jackpots and mid-value prizes. You can find this out by reading each machine’s pay table to determine their payouts.

Remember, if your goal is fun, the more intricate video slots might be your best option. If your goal is to spend a long time at the casino, you’ll want to concentrate on lower-cost machines like penny slots. Just like Lawrence Fuller, you never know how your play at a penny slot might turn out!

Rumors of a Las Vegas Tropicana Sale Are Circulating

Over the past year, several of the biggest and most popular hotel-casinos in Las Vegas have been sold. Many companies are now focused on selling properties and reinvesting the money earned into new properties domestically and abroad. This week, rumors of a Las Vegas Tropicana sale began to circulate.

Tropicana Las Vegas

As of now, these are still just rumors. Penn National Gaming, which owns the hotel-casino, has not officially confirmed this sale. Today, we’re going to talk about the history of this popular venue, and why it could soon be sold.

Let’s get into it!

History of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

For decades, the Tropicana in Las Vegas has been a popular venue for tourists looking to save a little money. Its prices are fantastic, yet the hotel still offers a fantastic casino floor and some solid amenities. It’s impressive, considering it’s been around since 1957.

Back in 1955, Ben Jaffe came up with plans to open a new venue on the Las Vegas Strip. Before long, construction began on this venue and in 1957, it officially opened up. Over the first few years of opening, this property changed hands several times. Las Vegas city officials raised concerns that the owners had ties to organized crime.

By the 1970s, the Tropicana Las Vegas was struggling financially. Major hotel-casinos such as Caesars Palace were attracting the majority of visitors. By 1978, mob activities once again took over Tropicana.

Columbia Sussex acquired Aztar, which owned Tropicana Las Vegas, in 2007. The company then announced a massive $2 billion renovation which was scheduled to be completed in 2010. The financial crisis eventually put a hold on these plans.

In August of 2015, Penn National Gaming purchased this hotel-casino for $360 million. Hope was that this company could finally turn things around. It now appears another sale is on the horizon. Rumors of a Las Vegas Tropicana sale have been circulating for the past few days.

Is the Las Vegas Tropicana Sale Taking Place in 2020?

This isn’t the first time people have speculated about a Las Vegas Tropicana sale. This hotel-casino continues to struggle against some of the other, larger venues in the city. Rumors of this sale first appeared back in October.

This week, Vital Vegas announced that the sale was nearing completion. Officials within Penn National Gaming refused to comment on the rumors. Nevertheless, many are claiming that this sale will be completed sometime in 2020.

If this sale is completed, it will be the first Las Vegas Strip venue sale of 2020. As we already mentioned, Penn National acquired the property in 2015 for $360 million. Analysts claim that the company could earn $700 million from a Las Vegas Tropicana sale.

It’s still unclear which company will purchase this venue. Several major companies have expressed interest in acquiring a Las Vegas Strip property.

Penn National Gaming is still dealing with billions of dollars in liabilities. Selling the Tropicana could help to put a serious dent in this debt. We’ll need to wait and see whether or not the company decides to officially put this venue on the market.

More Las Vegas Strip Properties Are Coming in 2020

The Las Vegas Tropicana sale seems highly likely for 2020. This is probably not going to be the only Las Vegas Strip sale taking place this year. Based on the way things have been going, there will be several more of these sales that take place in 2020.

MGM Resorts International is still considering more property sales. Last year, this company sold both Circus Circus and The Bellagio. The latter earned the company $4.2 billion, making it the largest hotel-casino sale in Las Vegas history.

Officials within MGM Resorts claim they are interested in putting more of their major venues up for sale soon. This company is focused hard on breaking into Japan. In order to do this, the company needs capital and property sales are the best way to acquire the money.

The Las Vegas Strip is changing fast. Over the next few years, several brand new hotel-casinos will open here. It’s an exciting time for locals and tourists in the city.

Stay tuned for more Las Vegas casino news over the next few months!

Will Tribal Gambling in Oklahoma Be Made Illegal in 2020?

For years, Oklahoma has boasted one of the largest Native American tribal casino markets in the world. A huge number of tribal casinos are operating here, yet they’re in danger of soon being banned. Many are now wondering whether or not tribal gambling in Oklahoma will be made illegal next year.

Governor Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma’s governor is making it clear that he’s against the gambling industry. Today, we’re going to look at exactly why casino gambling could be made illegal here. We’ll also talk about the chances of this happening in 2020.

Let’s get into it!

Oklahoma Lawmakers Continue to Fight With Tribes

As we just mentioned, Oklahoma has a long and rich history of gambling regulation. In the 1980s, lawmakers here began allowing horse race gambling and Class II casino gambling options. It was a major step forward, as in the past, state officials banned almost all forms of traditional gambling.

Unfortunately, these officials seemed unwilling to legalize real casino gambling. Class III games, which include table games and slot machines, were banned for years. In 2000, lawmakers here finally entered into negotiations with tribes over this subject.

In 2004, Class III gambling was officially legalized in Oklahoma. This breathed new life in the state’s gambling industry. Almost immediately after this legalization, a huge number of tribes began immediately pushing to open new gambling venues. Online casinos in Oklahoma remain unregulated but are hugely popular.

The state began benefiting from this industry right away. Hundreds of millions of dollars started flowing into the state. These casinos attracted many visitors from nearby states such as Texas.

Unfortunately, Governor Kevin Stitt may end up killing the state’s gambling industry. Tribal gambling in Oklahoma could actually become illegal soon.

Kevin Stitt is Fighting Against Tribal Gambling in Oklahoma

Native American tribes in Oklahoma have been fighting with certain state lawmakers for months. It all stems from a disagreement with the state’s gambling compacts. Initially, the state granted tribes here a 15-year contract to offer Class III gambling options.

Under this contract, the tribes agreed to pay the state a certain amount of their revenue via taxes. The 15-year contracts are now expired, and Kevin Stitt believes that it’s time to renegotiate the terms of the agreement. The tribes in this state disagree.

It’s become a serious issue. Tribal leaders are under the impression that the 15-year agreement auto-renews. They are continuing to operate in the same way they have for the past decade and a half.

Stitt wants to see the tribes start paying more money to the state. Until this happens, he argues, these tribes are operating illegally. It’s a complicated issue with no real end in sight.

Not long ago, it appeared that the tribes and lawmakers were ready to negotiate. Unfortunately, these negotiations seem to have fallen through. Now, many of these tribes here are taking legal action against Governor Stitt.

Tribes Officially Sue Kevin Stitt Over Casino Dispute

Kevin Stitt isn’t backing down. He maintains that the state deserves more money from its legal casino gambling options. To their credit, the tribes aren’t backing down, either.

This week, the three most powerful tribes in the state officially filed a lawsuit against Governor Stitt. The Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw tribes are all taking legal action against the governor for not renewing the gambling compacts. The tribes all claim that they’ve met all the requirements to obtain new gambling licenses.

Chuck Hoskin, the Cherokee Nation Chief, commented on why these lawsuits are now taking place.

“For some time, we have tried to establish meaningful intergovernmental engagement regarding our gaming compacts, but you have continued to reject our compacts’ plain terms,” he said. “Recently, you have gone further, stating allegations against us and threats to our operations.”

Stitt is telling the media that he’s still open to negotiations. Until this takes place, he maintains that Class III gambling is illegal here.

Tribal gambling in Oklahoma is still available, despite its legality sitting in a grey area. Make sure to stay tuned for more updates on this situation over the next few months!

The Sportsbook at Circus Circus is About to Improve

Not long ago, MGM Resorts International officially sold Circus Circus. Since that time, the new owner has claimed he wants to significantly upgrade the property. Recent reports indicate that the sportsbook at Circus Circus is set to improve dramatically.

Circus Circus Hotel-Resort

It’s extremely exciting news for fans of this venue. The new sportsbook is expected to be fantastic. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at why this property was sold, and how it may change in 2020.

Let’s get into it!

The Sale of Circus Circus is Officially Complete

Las Vegas is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts in the world. Some of these venues have been open for decades. Others are fairly new. Circus Circus first opened its doors to the public in 1968. Years ago, MGM Resorts International acquired this venue.

For a time, this was a popular hotel-casino that attracted visitors from around the country. Over the past few decades, however, the popularity of Circus Circus has declined. It’s gone through very little renovations and does not offer nearly as many amenities as most other hotel-casinos in the city.

The location of Circus Circus also leaves a lot to be desired. It’s in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip, which has struggled to attract tourists. Officials within MGM Resorts eventually decided that it was time to sell this property.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for MGM to find a buyer. Phil Ruffin immediately expressed his desire to purchase the hotel-casino. He eventually agreed to purchase Circus Circus for $825 million.

Not long ago, members of the Las Vegas Gaming Commission officially approved this sale. Now, Mr. Ruffin can begin to officially come up with new plans for this venue. It now appears that he’s interested in upgrading the sportsbook at Circus Circus. Will this help to bring in more visitors?

Plans to Improve the Sportsbook at Circus Circus Are Announced

Not long after Ruffin purchased Circus Circus, he teamed up with William Hill to operate the casino’s sportsbook. William Hill is one of the largest sports betting operators in the world. It’s based in the UK, yet it’s begun to push heavily into the US market over the past year.

This week, William Hill announced its plans to upgrade the sportsbook at Circus Circus. Joe Asher, CEO of William Hill US, claims the improvements will come after the Super Bowl in February of 2020. He spoke to the media and claimed that the improvements will help to bring new life to the Strip’s northern area.

“The north end of the Strip has so many new and updated offerings opening over the next few years and we’re excited to plant another flag in this part of town,” Asher said.

The upgrades to this sportsbook include updated video screens, odds boards, and direct access to William Hill’s mobile betting application. It will be one of the largest changes to this sportsbook since its opening.

The new sportsbook at Circus Circus will certainly help this venue. It’s been criticized in the past for its outdated amenities. Hopefully, more people begin choosing to stay and gamble here.

The Northern Las Vegas Strip is About to Get Better

As we already mentioned, the northern area of Las Vegas has struggled over the past couple of decades. Many of the city’s most impressive venues are located in the central area. Fewer individuals are now choosing to stay in the north.

This may be changing soon, though. Several impressive projects are underway in the northern Las Vegas Strip that will have a major impact. This includes the upgrades to the sportsbook at Circus Circus.

The biggest project here is called Resorts World Las Vegas. This is a massive casino-resort being constructed by the Genting Group. It’s costing more than $4.3 billion to construct, making it the most expensive hotel-casino ever built in the city.

Resorts World is expected to be incredible. Many believe it will completely transform the northern area of the Strip. Resorts World will finally open to the public in 2021.

It’s an exciting time for both locals and tourists in this city. We’ll need to wait and see how much this city changes once Resorts World is built. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

Atlantic City’s New Year Celebrations Sound Incredible

2019 is just about to wrap up. Many on the East Coast are now trying to decide how to spend New Year’s Eve. From what we’re hearing, Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are going to be incredible. Anyone in the area should check them out! Fireworks Show

Atlantic City is having a fantastic year. Gambling venues here have experienced revenue gains almost every single month. Today, we’re going to take a look at what’s happening in this city right now.

Gambling Revenue in Atlantic City Continues to Increase

Over the past year, we’ve reported on the rising revenue earnings in Atlantic City. For almost every month of the year, gambling venues here have experienced rising gambling earnings. Much of this is thanks to the legalization of sports betting.

In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court officially struck down PASPA. This gave every state the ability to legalize sports betting. Almost immediately afterward, officials in New Jersey announced that sports betting was being made legal here.

Both land-based and online sports betting are now legal here. It’s proved to be a highly profitable industry. A huge number of sports bets have already been placed here. At times, sports betting revenue in Atlantic City surpassed the revenue earned in Las Vegas.

Casino revenue has been surging here, as well. Some of the casinos are earning considerably more than others. The Borgata Hotel & Casino continuously earns the most money in Atlantic City.

The year is coming to an end and overall, it was a great one for gambling venues in the city. Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations sound amazing.

Here Are Some Of Atlantic City’s New Year Celebrations

It’s not surprising to see Atlantic City gearing up for a major New Year’s Eve. This city is known for putting on a good party. After such a successful year, it makes sense for casinos here to put on something special.

Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are kicking off tomorrow! Several major casinos here are offering their customers some fantastic deals. The discounts being offered change from casino to casino.

Interestingly, many of the celebrations are catering primarily to loyal gamblers. Casinos in the city want to reward those who are considered “regulars” with a night to remember. This year, visitors here can expect fireworks, live music, catered food, and more.

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is putting on one of the most exciting events of the holiday. Here, guests can purchase the “Rock n’ Roller Package” for $2020. It’s expensive, yet it comes with an ocean-view suite, a custom Fender guitar, champagne and strawberries, a couples massage, and a private dinner with wine pairing.

It’s an extremely exciting time to visit. Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are expected to be fantastic. If you’re in the area and want something to do, feel free to stop by for a visit!

Will 2020 Be As Successful for Atlantic City?

There is certainly reason to believe so. For almost all of 2019, the city has experienced a massive surge in gambling revenue. Based on the way things are heading, 2020 will be an even more successful month.

Even during the wintertime, gambling revenue is increasing here. In November, for example, casino revenue came to $223,943,722. That’s considerably more than casinos here made just a few years ago.

Of course, competition is increasing around the country. In nearby New York, lawmakers are working to open new forms of gambling. Sports betting is now legal in New York and more casinos are set to open here over the past few years.

In time, Atlantic City could grow to become the hottest gambling destination in the country. Many casinos are undergoing renovations here. A huge number of major US casino companies are investing money here, too.

Atlantic City’s New Year celebrations are expected to be fantastic. Stay tuned for more New Jersey casino news over the next few months!

What’s Happening in Vegas? December 29 – January 4

There’s always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. More entertainment options are available in this city than anywhere else in the world.

What's Happening in Vegas Banner

Here’s a quick look at what happens in Las Vegas over the next few days:

Sunday: December 29th


One of the hottest names in music right now is set to perform inside the XS Nightclub on Sunday. Diplo has released several major hits over the years including “Revolution.” He’s performed alongside legendary artists such as Major Lazer and Skrillex, yet on Sunday he’ll be holding things down by himself.

XS Nightclub is one of the best venues to watch musicians perform live. It’s located within Wynn Resorts Las Vegas and has hosted a huge number of world-class artists. If you’re in town, make sure to check out Diplo’s performance! Tickets can be purchased starting at just $30.

Tuesday: December 31st

Calvin Harris

Speaking of famous musicians, Calvin Harris is performing his New Year’s Eve set inside Omnia Las Vegas this Tuesday night! Harris is without a doubt one of the most famous EDM musicians in the world today. There’s no better way to kick off 2020 than inside a Las Vegas nightclub listening to some of the best electronic music in the world.

If you’re looking for a fun way to cap off the decade, this is it. Incredibly, tickets are still available. Prices to see Harris inside Omnia are starting at around $150.

High Roller NYE

Want to celebrate the New Year but don’t enjoy nightclubs? Consider checking out the High Roller NYE celebration at The High Roller. Here, guests have an incredible view of the Las Vegas fireworks show from above. Drinks are also included.

This massive Ferris wheel is located inside The LINQ. It’s larger than both the London Eye and Singapore Flyer. As the name suggests, this is one for those with some money to spare. Tickets are currently available for $350.

Thursday: January 2nd

Flyers vs. Golden Knights

Just because New Year’s Eve wraps up doesn’t mean the fun stops in Las Vegas! On Thursday, the Golden Knights will be taking on the Philadelphia Flyers in what should be a highly competitive matchup. A huge number of fans should already be in town for the celebrations and this game’s atmosphere should be electric.

It’s taking place inside the T-Mobile arena and begins at 7 pm. Tickets to see the first home game of 2020 are still available. Seat prices are starting at just $98.

Friday: January 3rd – Saturday: January 4th

The Fortress Invitational

On Friday and Saturday, some of the best collegiate ice hockey teams in the country are competing in The Fortress Invitational. Ohio State, Westpoint, Cornell, and Providence will all be looking to secure the invitational trophy. It’s anyone’s guess which team will reign supreme.

Some fans claim that college hockey is more entertaining than the NHL. If you want to check out the action for yourself, head over to the T-Mobile Arena. Tickets are still available for just $30.

Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, and enjoy the celebrations in beautiful Las Vegas!

More Casinos in Arkansas Set to Open in 2020

Arkansas’ casino industry has been undergoing some major changes. Several Native American tribes in the state have been pushing to open new gambling venues here. More casinos in Arkansas are now set to open in 2020.Arkansas

The state is dealing with several issues right now. One area, in particular, has been at the center of debate between two different tribes that believe they should be granted a gambling license. Today, we’re going to look at what exactly is happening in Arkansas right now.

Let’s get into it!

Arkansas’ Gambling Industry is Growing

Arkansas isn’t typically thought of as the gambling hub of the United States. To date, only a few gambling venues have opened up here. The state does not allow privately-run casinos to operate here, meaning only Native American tribes have permission to run these venues.

Recently, however, many individuals have looked at Arkansas as a hot casino market. There are several neighboring states that currently ban this form of wagering. That means that many individuals in these states may make the trip to Arkansas in order to gamble.

Some of the Native American tribes in Arkansas realize this, as well. Over the past few months, many of these tribes have begun pushing to open more casinos in Arkansas. In Pope County, a debate is raging over which tribe should be granted a casino to operate a casino here.

It’s an interesting time to be a gambling fan in this state. Never before have so many tribes pushed to operate gambling venues here.

Construction is currently taking place on one major new gambling venue in the state. This week, we were given an update on when this casino will open.

Quapaw Nation Casino Set to Open in June of 2020

In April, lawmakers in Arkansas passed a law that greatly expanded the number of gambling options casinos in the state could offer. This breathed new life into Arkansas’ casino industry. Before long, many tribes here began requesting permission to construct entirely new casinos.

Earlier this year, the Quapaw Nation was given permission to open one of these venues. For the past few months, construction of this new gambling venue has been taking place. According to new reports, it’s set to open in June of 2020.

A massive crew of workers has been pushing to get this 500,000 square-foot casino-resort opened by the proposed date. Once it’s completed, the casino will feature more than 2,000 slot machines, 50 table games and several exciting amenities including a spa, theater, and several restaurants.

Allen Dixon, a construction supervisor on the project, commented on what’s taking place to the media this week.

“We’re doing the mechanical piping underground for the chillers, and we need to be out of the way for a crew to come in and pour concrete on the 30th,” he said. 

It’s exciting news. When this venue finally opens, it will become the biggest and best gambling establishment in the state.

Debate Around Pope County Casino License Continues

As we’ve already mentioned, many of Arkansas’ tribes are working to obtain a casino license. For months, two major tribes have been seeking to obtain a casino license in Pope County. This is in the north-west area of the state.

Both the Cherokee and the Choctaw tribes are seeking to obtain a casino license in this area. It’s obviously important, as it’s the last commercial casino set to open in the state. The Choctaw Tribe commented on the licensing application to the media this week.

“The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has consistently advocated for a fair, open and transparent process,” he said. We hope that the state will take action to allow all proposals to receive fair consideration.”

On January 6th, the Arkansas Racing Commission will decide on which tribe to offer the license to. Hopefully, more casinos in Arkansas will open next year.

Stay tuned for more Arkansas casino news over the next few weeks!