MA’s Casino Industry is Finally Beginning to Recover

Encore Boston Harbor Casino

Over the past few years, Massachusetts has worked hard to develop a large and successful casino industry. Much of the progress being made here has been undone due to the events that unfolded last year. Fortunately, it is now looking like MA’s casino industry is finally starting to recover.

It’s great news for the gaming companies operating in this state. It’s also exciting for those employed in this industry here. Now is a great time to talk about how much the casinos in MA are bouncing back right now.

Let’s get into it!

Lawmakers in Massachusetts Continue to Discuss Sports Betting

The US sports betting industry has been expanding rapidly since 2018. That year, the US Supreme Court decided to strike down PASPA. This was a huge decision and ended up giving every single state around the country the ability to legalize and regulate sports gambling.

Some states immediately chose to start regulating this form of gambling. Places like New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania got their sportsbooks up and running quickly. All of these states are earning a huge amount of revenue from their regulated sports gambling platforms.

New Jersey is now the sports betting capital of the country. Here, both online and land-based sports wagering is allowed in the state. The money earned from this industry is helping the casinos in Atlantic City deal with the major drop in revenue over the past year.

Interestingly, Massachusetts hasn’t decided to get its sports betting industry up and running. It’s a major disappointment for the state with arguably the most passionate sports fan base in the country. It is now beginning to look like laws toward this industry could finally start to change soon.

Lawmakers in the state are meeting to discuss sports betting regulations on a regular basis now. These state officials are beginning to realize how much revenue they are missing out on. It seems likely that a bill to legalize sports betting will appear on the ballots before the end of 2021.

There are now some world-class casinos operating in this state. We’re starting to hear about how these venues are faring into 2021.

Here’s a Promising Update on MA’s Casino Industry!

For decades, lawmakers in Massachusetts pushed against the legalization of casino gambling. No commercial casinos were permitted to operate here, despite the huge demand. Finally, in 2011, a law was passed to allow three commercial gaming venues in the state.

Some of the biggest casino companies in the country now own and operate casinos here. That includes MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts. The Encore Boston Harbor quickly began taking over the state’s casino market after its opening in 2019.

Back in March of 2020, MA’s casino industry completely shut down. Health officials warned that these venues could help to fuel the country’s health crisis. The casinos were eventually allowed to reopen during the summer, yet revenue has remained low since that time.

There have been some major improvements thus far in 2021, though. Reports have confirmed that this past March was the best month for the state’s casino industry since the pandemic began. The state’s three casinos brought in a combined $83.9 in gross gaming revenue that month. The state earned approximately $23 million in taxes.

It’s a great sign and many analysts predict even more impressive numbers as the year goes on. Casinos were recently given permission to offer craps and add a fourth seat to table games. This, combined with the vaccine distribution around the state, will likely result in a massive surge of visits to casinos in Massachusetts.

After months of discouraging reports, it finally seems as if MA’s casino industry is on the road to recovery. Stay tuned for more reports on the revenue figures here over the next few months!

Major Casino Hubs Reports Tourism Increases

Massachusetts isn’t the only state to see a jump in its gaming revenue lately. Some of the country’s biggest gambling hubs are beginning to report major increases in their revenue figures. That includes places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Tourism numbers are a good indicator of how casino hubs are faring. For the majority of 2020, tourism numbers in Las Vegas were extremely low. Fortunately, there has been a steady increase of visitors to the city over the past couple of months.

Things are expected to continue getting better. Some incredible new casino-resorts are beginning to open in different areas of Nevada. Resorts World Las Vegas cost $4.2 billion to construct and will be opening its doors to the public this summer.

Resorts World is opening its doors in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. Many believe this venue could help to bring more visitors to this area of the city. It’s an exciting addition to the country’s biggest casino destination.

Atlantic City’s casinos are preparing for a major tourism boom, too. Restrictions are slowly being lifted here. It seems very likely that gambling revenue in the city will begin to truly surge as summer rolls around.

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Casino Restrictions in Texas May Soon be Lifted

Texas State Flag

The state of Texas is well-known for having some tough laws towards the gambling industry. No casinos are allowed here, despite the recent push by many lawmakers. This week, we heard more about how the casino restrictions in Texas could eventually change.

A growing number of individuals here are pushing to see legal casinos in the state. It’s a long, complicated process to get these venues up and running, though. Now is a great time to discuss what needs to happen for casinos to open in Texas.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Revenue is Jumping Around the Country

The land-based casino industry is beginning to recover from the events that unfolded last year. It’s been a long-time coming. For more than 12 months, gaming revenue around the United States was lower than it had been for years.

As vaccine distribution ramps up, travel is beginning to increase around the US. Many are choosing to head to major gaming hubs such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Tourism rates here have been gradually increasing as the months go on.

Las Vegas is benefiting in a big way. The casinos here are now seeing a steady increase in their visitation rates. Many analysts now believe that this summer will end up being a hugely successful month for the casinos in this city. On June 1st, the gaming properties here will be given permission to operate at 100% capacity.

Atlantic City’s gaming industry is bouncing back in a big way, too. Officials have been reporting consistent jumps in revenue lately. Some of the casinos here are now preparing to see a major influx of tourism as June approaches.

Most of the country’s smaller casino markets are also seeing a revenue increase. It’s great news for the industry and proves that gaming companies have found a way to recover. Now, many of these companies are interested in expansion.

Texas is currently prohibiting any traditional Class III casinos from opening their doors. It appears that could change in the near future.

Las Vegas Sands Pushes to Change Casino Restrictions in Texas

The gaming laws in Texas are notoriously strict. Casinos here have been completely prohibited for many years. As a result, many Texans head to nearby states such as Oklahoma to play their favorite games. Many in Texas are tired of seeing this money flowing to neighboring states.

Several prominent lawmakers have been pushing to get legalized casinos in the state. Others believe it could increase crime and gambling addiction. It’s become a major talking point and Governor Greg Abbott claims it should be up to state residents to decide on whether or not to allow gambling venues.

Las Vegas Sands has been one of the biggest casino companies pushing to get casinos legalized in Texas. This week, the company began undergoing a major marketing campaign to help gain support for casino legalization. These ads focus on the fact that so much revenue is flowing into nearby states.

“This November, the Legislature can allow Texans to vote to build four world-class destination resorts and casinos, bringing those dollars back to Texas,” one of the advertisements claims. “Let’s boost our economy, create tens of thousands of jobs and help fund vital services like schools and public safety.”

Lawmakers in Texas met today to further discuss the gambling industry. Many are hopeful that a majority of leaders here finally begin to see the upside in having a regulated casino industry. It seems likely that Texas could develop one of the largest casino markets in the country.

Las Vegas Sands is certainly doing everything it can to change casino restrictions in Texas. This company is also focusing its efforts on operations overseas.

Is Macau Still an Attractive Destination For LVS?

Macau has been going through a lot of changes lately. Earlier this year, Las Vegas Sands founder Sheldon Adelson passed away due to cancer. It was a tough blow for one of the country’s biggest gambling operators.

Not long afterward, the company announced it was selling two of its biggest properties in Las Vegas. LVS claimed it would begin focusing more of its operations on Asia. This company owns and operates several major casino-resorts in this part of the world.

Some are now questioning if this was a wise decision. The economy of Las Vegas is beginning to bounce back in a big way. Casinos here are finally beginning to see a steady increase in their monthly revenue figures.

Macau, however, continues to struggle in a big way. There are still some intense travel restrictions set in place between here and Mainland China. Fewer Chinese nationals are making the trip to Macau with these rules set in place.

There’s no doubt that Macau remains one of the world’s biggest gambling destinations. It may take longer for this city to recover than Las Vegas, though. We’ll need to wait and see how LVS chooses to focus its operations as the year goes on.

Do you think 2021 is the year that casino restrictions in Texas will change? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Tropicana Las Vegas is Being Sold for $308 Million

Tropicana Las Vegas

Las Vegas is doing everything it can to promote its tourism industry right now. It seems to be working, yet many of the casino companies here are still making deals to cut down on costs. Reports have surfaced today that claim the Tropicana Las Vegas is now being sold for an astounding $308 million.

This property has gone through some major changes over the years. Some are surprised to see it once again being sold. Now is the perfect time to talk about which company has bought this venue and why.

Let’s get into it!

Las Vegas is Expecting a Successful Summer

Summer tends to be a successful season for many of the country’s biggest tourism destinations. It’s a time for vacations for millions of people around the US. That certainly wasn’t the case in 2020, though.

Last summer ended up being the worst in history for the city of Las Vegas. A staggering low number of visitors made the trip to the city. It wasn’t a surprise when considering the health crisis the country was facing, yet it showed how vulnerable many of the businesses in the city are.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the summer of this year for Las Vegas, though. Tourism rates in the city are gradually increasing right now. Many of the casino-resorts here are seeing huge surges of revenue, too.

One of the most impressive gambling properties ever built in Las Vegas will also be opening its doors this year. This is called Resorts World Las Vegas, set to open its doors in the northern area of the Las Vegas Strip. It cost an incredible $4.2 billion to build and is expected to be one of the most incredible gaming venues ever opened.

This new casino-resort should help to draw in tourism to the city. Many gambling proponents are excited to see what this venue has to offer. If all goes according to plan, Las Vegas will experience a major comeback over the next six months.

There have been some major property sales in Las Vegas over the next few months. We’re now beginning to hear about another sale taking place in the city.

Bally’s Corporation Agrees to Buy the Tropicana Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been home to many of the world’s biggest and best casino-resorts for decades. One of the first major gaming venues to open its doors on the Strip was the Tropicana Casino-Resort. For a long period of time, this was a premier gaming venue in the city.

Time has caught up with this property in recent years. It’s still a popular option for many visitors to the city, yet it’s not nearly as revered as other, newer casinos in the city. As a result, it has gone through several major sales over the years.

Today, news broke that Bally’s Corporation had agreed to pay $308 million for the Tropicana Las Vegas. The Rhode Island-based gaming company has worked hard to expand recently. It now sees some major potential in the recovery city of Las Vegas.

George Papanier, president and CEO of Bally’s Corp, released a statement on this new deal shortly after the news broke.

“Landing a preeminent spot on the Las Vegas Strip is a key step for us,” he said. “The Strip is visited by over 40 million players and guests per year, which we believe will significantly enhance Bally’s customer base and player database, as well as unlock marketing opportunities to leverage the iconic Bally’s brand. This expansion will also support the growth and development of our online and interactive business. We look forward to exploring significant redevelopment of the property, which we believe will enhance its financial profile.”

Bally’s has also entered into a sale-and-leaseback deal for several of its properties in Colorado and Illinois. It’s a huge move for the company and will hopefully pay off in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Is Atlantic City Poised for a Comeback This Year?

There has been a huge amount of attention placed on Las Vegas over the past year. This major casino hub was the worst-affected city from an economic standpoint in the country due to the events that unfolded last year. Many have also been paying attention to the economic situation over in Atlantic City.

This city has struggled immensely over the past year, too. Gaming revenue dropped by an astounding 80% here in 2020. Fortunately, there are online gaming options set in place here to make up for some of the land-based revenue lost.

Things seem to be improving. Restrictions are slowly being lifted and tourism numbers are increasing. Many analysts are expecting this summer to also be very successful for the casinos in Atlantic City.

Several major companies are now making a push here. News recently broke that the Icahn family had purchased a major stake in the Ocean Casino Resort. The corporation clearly sees some upside in the future here.

It wouldn’t be a shock to see several casino sales take place in Atlantic City soon, too. Things are constantly changing in this industry. Sales like these are proving to be extremely valuable.

Are you surprised to hear that the Tropicana Las Vegas has been sold? Let us know in the comments section below!

Atlantic City’s Casino Revenue Fell by Over 80% Last Year

Atlantic City Casinos

The US casino industry is still in a precarious position. Fortunately, things appear to be improving in most parts of the country. We are continuing to hear more about how devastating the events of last year were for this industry, though. New reports have surfaced that shed light on how much Atlantic City’s casino revenue fell in 2020.

Today, we’ll discuss the revenue figures here. We’ll also talk about how Atlantic City is faring through 2021.

Let’s get into it!

Tourism Numbers are Increasing in Major Casino Hubs

A huge number of US industries have taken massive revenue hits over the past year. Essentially any business that relies on tourism has been suffering. The casino industry, in particular, saw massive revenue declines over the past year.

There have been many reports on these fluctuating revenue figures. Cities such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City were simply unprepared to see their tourism industries come to a screeching halt. To make things worse, no one knew when things would begin to recover.

It’s now clear that this industry is beginning to recover. There has been a major surge of tourism into Las Vegas over the past couple of months. Interestingly, the city is seeing a huge increase of visitors over the age of 50 lately.

Atlantic City is seeing its tourism industry bounce back in a major way, too. The casinos here have been adjusting their hours as a result of this new surge. The entertainment options are increasing and new travel deals are appearing.

It will likely take years for Atlantic City to completely recover. There is a lot happening in this city that will help to speed up this recovery. Several major companies are now choosing to invest in the casino industry here with hopes of seeing a major revenue surge over the next few months.

As the months go on, we’re starting to hear more about the effects that 2020 had on different casino hubs. Here’s a look at how much revenue Atlantic City lost last year.

Here’s How Much Atlantic City’s Casino Revenue Dropped in 2020

Between March and July, the casino industry in Atlantic City was completely shut down. Governor Phil Murphy did not allow any land-based gaming venues to open their doors. Doing so would have likely resulted in a spike in infections.

Officials in Atlantic City immediately began complaining about the regulations set in place. Tens of thousands of individuals were left without work due to the casino shutdowns. Many businesses were forced to shut their doors, too.

New reports have just surfaced that show Atlantic City’s casino revenue dropped by an astounding 80% over the course of 2020. Overall, the casinos here reported $117.5 million in gross operating profits last year. That is down considerably from the $594 million earned the year prior.

James Plousis, chair of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, spoke about this situation to the media this week.

“Atlantic City and its casinos endured their most challenging year in history,” he said. “Yet, through responsible management, the casinos proved that in-person gaming could happen safely. As tourists return to the shore, they can have every confidence Atlantic City is safe for the summer.”

Plousis is correct in his assertion that Atlantic City is poised for a comeback. As we mentioned earlier, gaming revenue here is gradually increasing throughout the year. As vaccine distribution increases, tourism will surge and the economic situation here will improve. Stay tuned for updates!

2021 is Shaping Up to be Huge for the US Sports Betting Industry

The casino industry may take years to completely recover. Things are beginning to recover in a big way, yet no one can accurately say when this will be completely recovered. The sports betting industry, however, continues to surge.

The US Supreme Court struck down PASPA back in May of 2018. This decision gave every state in the country the ability to legalize sports betting. More than half the country has already chosen to do so.

It seems as if 2021 will be the most successful year for the sports gambling industry to date. All professional sports are up and running again and fans are beginning to be allowed back inside arenas. There are likely to be millions of Americans that choose to bet on sports for the first time this year.

February ended up being a poor month for this industry. Winning Super Bowl bets led to revenue declines for many states. March is expected to be a fantastic year for this industry and many expect states to set new records.

Atlantic City’s casino revenue is beginning to increase. The sports betting industry set in place here will help to make up for some of the losses. It is finally looking like the gambling industry is ready to recover.

Are you surprised to see how much casino revenue dropped in Atlantic City last year? Let us know in the comments section below!

The Economy of Las Vegas is Recovering Quicker than Most Expected

Las Vegas Sign

For more than a year, Las Vegas has been doing everything it can to boost tourism and gaming revenue. It seems that these efforts are finally beginning to pay off. New reports claim that the economy of Las Vegas is recovering faster than many analysts initially expected.

It’s exciting news for many of the individuals and businesses here. Las Vegas has faced some serious adversity over the past year. Today, we’ll discuss how things are improving in the city.

Let’s get into it!

Casino Companies are Reporting Big Revenue Increases

There have been countless reports documenting the struggle that the US casino industry has faced over the past year. As most are aware, casinos were forced to be shut down for months in 2020. Even after reopening, the majority of them saw very little revenue coming in throughout the year.

Gaming analysts were torn on how long this situation would last. Some feared that the major casino-resorts in Las Vegas would be forced to file for bankruptcy. Without players, these venues simply cannot survive.

2021 is already proving to be a far more successful year for this industry. Vaccine distribution is ramping up around the United States. As a result, more individuals are making the trip to major gambling hubs such as Las Vegas.

Casino companies are now reporting large increases in their revenue figures. That includes companies like MGM Resorts International and Wynn Resorts. Based on the current trend, these revenue figures will continue to increase as the year goes on.

Las Vegas Sands may be somewhat disappointed at the surge of gaming revenue in Las Vegas. Not long ago, the company sold several major properties in this city to focus more on operations in Macau. That may have been a mistake.

All eyes are now on Las Vegas and the tourism situation here. Fortunately, it seems that things are improving here much faster than most anticipated.

Here’s an Update on the Economy of Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas remains the biggest gambling hub in the world. It’s here that many multi-billion-dollar gaming venues are up and running. It was also the worst-affected city in the country from an economic standpoint due to the events that unfolded last year.

There have been serious debates raging over how the economy of Las Vegas will fare throughout 2021. There is good news on that front. The city’s tourism and gaming industry are bouncing back quicker than just about everyone anticipated.

Reports are now indicating that resort foot traffic and occupancy levels are quickly reaching pre-pandemic levels. In fact, hotel occupancy is at about 95% during most weekends. That is a staggering increase from just one month ago.

Even midweek visits to Las Vegas are surging right now. It’s becoming clear that many people around the country are taking long-overdue vacations to the city. Special deals and discounted entertainment options are helping to fuel this recovery.

Prominent gaming analyst John DeCree spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal this week about the economic boom here.

“There is a significant pent-up demand for entertainment from the US consumer, and Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the US,” he said. “With limited entertainment options over the past year, and national savings levels at record highs, coupled with robust stimulus from the federal government, we believe consumer entertainment such as Las Vegas will be the recovery ladder.”

This has to be the most exciting news for casino companies to hear in quite some time. Las Vegas is recovering in a big way. We’ll be sure to continue offering updates on the economic situation here over the next few weeks.

Will More US Casino Companies Focus on Macau This Year?

The country’s gambling industry has been through a lot over the past year. For a time, it seemed as if Macau would end up being a saving grace for the country’s biggest gaming hubs. That didn’t necessarily end up being the case.

In fact, Macau’s recovery has been significantly slower than many expected. Many intense travel restrictions have been set in place to and from Mainland China. As a result, tourism and gaming revenue here has remained low.

Some of the biggest US casino companies own and operate many casino-resorts in Macau. MGM Resorts, Wynn Resorts, and Las Vegas Sands all own gaming venues here. Some are now wondering whether or not these venues will end up out-performing the ones in Las Vegas.

Based on the current trends, that doesn’t appear to be the case. The economy of Las Vegas is improving in a big way recently. Macau may end up taking longer to see the same type of recovery.

Things are still changing at the drop of a hat, though. No one really knows how the world’s land-based gambling industry will be looking in just a few months. Stay tuned for more information on how this industry is faring as the months go on.

Are you surprised to see how quickly Las Vegas is recovering? Do you think we’ll see pre-pandemic revenue figures this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

More Plans to Open a NYC Casino are Coming Out

New York City View

New York is home to a large casino industry. Unfortunately, revenue from this industry has been low for more than a year and many are looking at new ways to bring in money. We’re now beginning to hear more about the plans to open a NYC casino.

Many officials are pushing to allow a Class III gambling venue in New York City. It seems that some progress is being made on this front. Today, we’re going to discuss exactly what needs to be done for a casino to be approved to open its doors in the Big Apple.

Let’s get into it!

Gaming Revenue is Beginning to Surge Around the US

It’s been more than a year since the US casino industry completely shut down. This proved to be one of the biggest moments in the casino industry to date. It took months for any major casinos to begin operating again.

The country’s larger gaming hubs were impacted more than the smaller ones. Places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City immediately began to suffer. These cities are unique in that they rely massively on their tourism industries.

Las Vegas began allowing its casinos to operate again in June. Of course, these venues were only able to operate at a limited capacity with intense regulations set in place. Tourism in the city remained low even after the casinos opened their doors again.

Atlantic City wasn’t given permission to reopen casinos until July. It was a tough few months for the East Coast’s biggest gaming destination. Like Las Vegas, tourism here remained very low for months.

Things are beginning to improve, though. Tourism rates are steadily increasing in Las Vegas. Casino companies across the country are beginning to see an increase in revenue. It seems likely that there will be a major recovery reported throughout the summer.

New York has been trying to improve its casino industry for years. It’s now looking like a major gambling venue could finally be making its way into NYC.

Here’s What We Know About the Plans to Open a NYC Casino

The idea of opening a major Class III casino in New York City has been floating around for years. There has been pushback by several prominent individuals in the state who feel this could end up resulting in more crime and gaming addiction. Lately, however, more have gotten on board with the idea of getting a casino in New York City up and running.

Several prominent politicians are interested in this idea, as well. New York City mayor-hopeful Andrew Yang has been supporting the plans to open a NYC casino. He believes this gaming venue could help to bring New York a huge amount of valuable revenue.

This week, news broke that a bid to open an official casino in New York City came up during the state budget talks. It’s the first time this has happened and shows how much progress is being made. Governor Cuomo is now said to be working on a “community advisory board” to find an adequate site to host this new casino.

One anonymous lawmaker spoke with the New York Post this week about the current casino plans here.

“Cuomo is like a mad scientist in his lab drafting language for a new casino. Legislators in the Senate and Assembly are rejecting budget language giving the governor the authority to locate a casino in Manhattan,” the lawmaker said.

It’s clear that more individuals are now beginning to support the idea of opening a major casino in New York City. Reports have surfaced showing this property could bring the state a massive amount of tax revenue every single year. One anonymous lawmaker seems to indicate that not everyone is supporting this idea, though.

Finding a suitable location for this venue seems to be the main priority right now. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this situation over the next few weeks!

Atlantic City’s Casino Industry is Poised for a Big Comeback

Casinos around the United States are beginning to see big increases in their monthly revenue earnings. It’s great news for the companies that own these properties. Most major US casino operators have seen unprecedented revenue drops over the past twelve months.

Atlantic City may end up seeing a massive comeback this summer. This small city is home to many of the best casino-resorts on the East Coast. Most of the restrictions here have been lifted and these casinos are beginning to report major increases in their visitation rates.

Some big companies are now investing into this city’s gaming industry. Not long ago, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase half of the Ocean Casino in Atlantic City. They expect major jumps in revenue over the next few months.

The sportsbooks here are likely to see a major revenue boost, as well. Online sports gambling revenue has been flowing into New Jersey for the past year. As more visitors flock into Atlantic City, land-based sports betting revenue will increase.

It’s a great time for the casino industry. If all goes according to plan, there will be a surge of tourism into the major gambling hubs around the country. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting situation.

What do you think about the plans to open a NYC casino? Do you think a casino will open here in the next few years? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ilitch Family Purchases Stake in Ocean Casino Atlantic City

Ocean Casino Atlantic City

Atlantic City is slowly but surely recovering. Casino companies here are now working hard to bring in more players from around the country. According to new reports, the Ilitch family has agreed to purchase half of the Ocean Casino Atlantic City. 

This venue has been operating in Atlantic City for less than a decade. Its owners are hoping for a successful summer this year. Today, we’ll discuss what exactly is happening with this property. 

Let’s get into it!

New Jersey’s Casino Industry is Beginning to Bounce Back 

New Jersey has been home to a successful casino industry for decades. Back in 2008, however, this industry took a massive blow. The economic crisis hit Atlantic City hard and several popular gaming venues were forced to close their doors here. 

In recent years, this city has been experiencing a revival. The legalization of sports betting here in 2018 seemed to bring new life to the city. Tourism numbers continued to increase for years and gaming revenue was on a steady incline. 

In March of 2020, Governor Murphy ordered all of the casinos in New Jersey to close their doors. These gambling venues remained closed for months. It wasn’t until summer that the casino industry in New Jersey began to open back up again. 

Casino revenue in the state has remained low. Fortunately, New Jersey has a regulated online casino industry set in place. Even with this additional money, however, the casinos in the state have been hurting badly. 

Some analysts now believe that this summer will prove to be an extremely successful one for Atlantic City. As more vaccines are administered, travel is ramping up around the county. Many are making the trip to major gambling hubs such as Atlantic City for some relaxation. 

That is great news for the companies operating gaming venues here. We’re now hearing more about a major organization making the move into this city. 

Here’s What is Going on With the Ocean Casino Atlantic City 

Atlantic City is home to many of the biggest and best casino-resorts on the East Coast. Some of these properties have been around for decades. Others are fairly new. All of these properties are hoping for a successful summer. 

The Ocean Casino Atlantic City opened its doors to the public in 2018. Before that date, this venue was called the Revel Casino Hotel Atlantic City. The thought was that a major rebranding would help to bring more players to this venue. 

That hasn’t necessarily been the case. Ocean Casino Resort has been one of the worst-performing properties in the city. Some major changes were made in 2019 that seemed to be helping to improve things. 

This week, news broke that the Ilitch family had agreed to purchase half of the ownership of this venue. The Luxor Capital Group, which currently owns this venue, has agreed to sell the half this year. The company released a statement expressing excitement about this deal to the media this week. 

“We are extremely excited about the proposed investment by the Ilitch organization, which, if approved, will give Ocean access to growth capital and provide a strategic partner to Luxor,” the statement said. “We look forward to continuing to grow Ocean in partnership with the Ilitch organization for years to come.”

The Ilitch family owns several major sports teams, a pizza chain, and a major casino in Detroit. The organization now sees potential in the recovering New Jersey casino industry. We’ll be sure to offer more details on this sale over the next few weeks! 

Las Vegas Casinos are Seeing a Boom in Visitors

Atlantic City is far from the only major casino hub to face difficulties since 2020. The entire land-based casino industry shut down at that time. No city has been as economically challenged as the city of Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas is known for being home to some of the most expensive casino-resorts on the planet. That includes properties like The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, and The Wynn Las Vegas. All of these venues have seen massive revenue declines since March of 2020. 

Fortunately, there has been a major surge in tourism in this city. Reports are indicating that an older demographic is now making the journey into Las Vegas. Things are improving and this summer should be a successful one for the gaming industry here. 

As many are aware, some exciting new venues are coming to this city that should help to boost tourism, too. That includes the newly-opened Virgin Hotel-Casino. This property opened recently and has been a hit with both locals and tourists. 

Resorts World Las Vegas is finally opening its doors to the public this summer. It cost $4.2 billion to construct, making it the most expensive gaming venue ever built in the city. This property is expected to be one-of-a-kind. We’ll be sure to offer updates on this property once its opening date draws closer! 

Are you surprised to hear the Ilitch family purchased a stake in the Ocean Casino Atlantic City? Let us know in the comments section below!

JACK Thistledown Racino Opens New Two-Storey Outdoor Gaming Patio

Casino Floor

The JACK Thistledown Racino recently unveiled a brand new 12,000 square foot outdoor gaming patio.

Called the Revel Oak area, the open-air venue is the Ohio racino’s first major improvement since 2017 and is unmatched in the state when it comes to concept and technology, this offering its customers with a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Said JACK Entertainment general manager Angela Matthews in a statement:

“We have committed ourselves to delivering an exceptional space that is not only unique but unrivaled in the area. Our devotion to this expansion is not just representative of our investment in our guests but in the community in which JACK Thistledown Racino calls home.”

The Revel Oak Area

Located on the front side of the Ohio racino and accessible from the racino floor, the Revel Oak is open of three sides to permit smoking, which is banned inside Ohio casinos. The two-story space has 250 video lottery terminals and a 10-seat bar on the top floor of the patio. It utilizes intelligently designed louvers, open spaces, and a commercial-grade exhaust system. These state-of-the-art facilities gives guests an unobstructed flow out outside air coming to the gaming space. At the same time, it is equipped with a climate-controlling feature that mitigates the cool Northern Ohio temperatures through spring and provides indoor-like warmth.

Its striking design includes wood accents, unique lighting, and greenery elements to accentuate the outdoor setting. A double-radius grand staircase surrounded by a Sapele slat wood wall is the focal point of attraction of the Revel Oak. It also has a terrazzo floor featuring an outline of the state, with the Ohio racino’s location marked with a heart. It also boasts of a custom hand blown chandelier by local artist, Cleveland Art.

Originally a Horse Racing Track

Thistledown began as a horse racing track in 1925 and horse racing still takes place there four days in a week from April to October. The casino opened in August 2013, owned at that time by Rock Ohio Caesars and managed by Caesars Entertainment. It is now owned and operated by JACK Entertainment, the company previously owned by Cleveland Cavaliers team owner Dan Gilbert.

According to the Ohio Lottery Commission, the Ohio racino posted $13.6M in revenues for the month of February 2021 which is an 8.7% increase from its February 2020 figures. This numbers represent the money kept by the house after the payout of winnings. Thistledown also reported $115.3M in total revenues for 2020, which included three months where it was forced to shut down by the state due to the pandemic. During the pre-pandemic 2019, its revenue totaled $142.5 M

Legends Bay Casino in Sparks Has Broken Ground

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Olympia Gaming announced on Wednesday that the long-planned Legends Bay Casino in Sparks has broken ground.

The Sparks casino, located adjacent to I-80 at Sparks Boulevard in The Outlets and Legends shopping center, approximately 15 minutes from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, is the first casino built from the ground up in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan in the last 26 years. Construction is expected to be completed in 2022.

Said Olympia Gaming Chief Operating Officer DeCourcy Graham in a statement:

“This project is 14 years in the making. After successfully completing the first phase of this project with the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton and the Residence Inn by Marriott, we are now in a position to begin the next phase of development. We thank the City of Sparks and RED Development for helping bring this project to reality. We plan to build a project that the community will be proud to call their own.”

Part of the Original Plan

The Sparks casino was part of the original plan of the shopping complex that opened in 2009 but construction was put on hold due to the recession and the decline in casino revenues in the Reno-Sparks area due to competition from tribal casinos in Northern California.

Since then, it has taken more than a decade of planning. In October 2020, Olympia Gaming received an approval to change its original floor plan of the exterior of the Legends Bay Casino. The ongoing pandemic held back construction plans for the Sparks casino. But with the state of Nevada slowly easing restrictions, the project has finally broken ground.

Integrated to The Outlets at Legends

The 80,000 square foot property will include a a casino equipped with new slot machine technologies, a variety of table games, multiple dining options, a handful of bars, a sportsbook, plus large space and valet parking.

Olympia Gaming officials said that the planned casino will be seamlessly integrated to The Outlets at Legends shopping mall to provide its guests with retail and entertainment options aside from enjoying its casino games. According to Graham, having a casino experience at the heart of the shopping center is a big “opportunity” for the company.

NC’s Casino Industry Could Bring the State Billions in Revenue

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Lawmakers in North Carolina have been talking about expanding the state’s gambling industry for years. It appears that this idea is now being seriously considered. New reports have surfaced that claim NC’s casino industry could help to bring the state billions of dollars in revenue.

The country’s land-based casino industry is finally beginning to recover. Many areas of the country are now showing interest in embracing this form of gambling. Now is a great time to talk about what could be coming to North Carolina soon.

Let’s get into it!

The US Casino Industry is Set for a Big Rebound

In the years leading up to 2020, the US casino industry was growing at a steady pace. Major gaming hubs like Las Vegas and Atlantic City were seeing massive revenue surges every month. It seemed like the country was entering a golden age for the gambling industry.

Then, in March of 2020, casinos around the country were ordered to shut down. It was an unprecedented situation and one that no city was prepared for. The biggest gambling cities in the country were hit harder than others.

No city was as affected as Las Vegas from an economic standpoint. A massive number of businesses here rely on tourism. When the casinos across Las Vegas shut down, tourism into the city came to a screeching halt.

Fortunately, it now seems that this industry is ready for a rebound. Vaccine distribution has been ramping up and travel is beginning to increase once again. A huge number of people around the country are now interested in making the trip to fun casino destinations like Las Vegas.

Many believe that casino revenue is going to begin surging by the time summer rolls around. It’s great news for the many casino companies operating right now. These companies have experienced historic revenue drops for more than a year.

North Carolina is one state that seems interested in embracing its casino industry. New reports are beginning to shed light on how much money the industry can bring the state.

Analysts Provide More Information on NC’s Casino Industry

North Carolina once had some of the strictest gambling laws in the country. State officials were extremely hesitant to embrace any forms of traditional wagering. Things have begun to change in a big way in recent years, though.

Back in 2019, Governor Cooper signed a new law that legalizes the state’s sports betting industry. Unfortunately, North Carolina has been extremely slow to get this industry off the ground. Today, there are still no regulated sports betting platforms operating in the state.

Not long ago, NC officials ordered the North Carolina Education Lottery to file a report on how expanded gambling options would impact the state. Initially, this report focused on the impact of legal sports betting. It then began looking into how a larger casino industry would change things.

According to these reports, NC’s casino industry could help to bring the state $2.2 billion in revenue within five years. Matt Roob at Spectrum Gaming spoke about these reports this week. He claims the gaming industry could be a major revenue generator for the state in the future.

“It has been used in the past as an economic development tool,” he said. “You take a look at what behavior has been like in other states. Where would be logical places to put these things? Kind of like you want to go where the money is, right? I understand that people don’t necessarily want this in their neighborhood, but that’s why there’s a legislative process.” 

Leaders in North Carolina will need to take a good look at these numbers. They may decide to embrace the casino and online gambling industry more simply due to the money it will bring in. Stay tuned for updates over the next few weeks.

Sports Betting Revenue Slowed Down in February

The casino industry is still a long way away from a total recovery. It could be years before the country’s casino companies see pre-pandemic revenue figures. It seems likely that a rebound will begin to be experienced sometime this summer.

Interestingly, the US sports betting industry has been surging lately. Throughout 2020, sports betting revenue was increasing rapidly throughout the country. That trend continued in the first month of 2021.

New reports claim that sports betting revenue dropped in most states this past February. Over in New Jersey, sports betting operators earned just $743 million this February. That’s a rather large drop from the $996 million earned in January.

Tennessee also experienced a large sports gambling revenue drop. The sportsbooks in this state saw a 40.4% drop in sports betting revenue month-on-month. That is the first revenue decline for Tennessee’s sports betting industry since it launched.

Even Rhode Island saw a decline. The state’s sports gambling platforms reported a massive 58.5% drop in revenue when compared to January. Fortunately, most expect a major recovery due to March Madness in March.

Do you think NC’s casino industry should expand? When will sportsbooks finally launch here? Let us know in the comments section below!