Online Gaming Continues to Thrive in New Jersey

Summary: The online gambling revenue numbers are in for September, with New Jersey operators falling just short of setting a new record.

Online gaming is alive and well in the state of New Jersey, the current top operating state in the US when it comes to casino and poker games. The state has easily surpassed Nevada and Delaware, with no additional competition as of yet.

Pennsylvania will be starting online gaming soon, but in the meantime, NJ continues to dominate. The New Jersey Gaming Control Board has released the September figures and the numbers show that the online gaming operators of the state came close to breaking another monthly record.

Falling short of a record month:

New JerseyIn September, the combined revenues for online poker and casino gaming came in at just over $25.75 million. Online casino gaming contributed to over $24 million of that number. The total amount of revenues earned marks the second-highest monthly total for the state since launch. For online casino gaming, coming in at $24,142,472 is the most the state has ever earned in this category since launching in 2013.

The month also marks the ninth one running where the online casino industry has surpassed the $20 million mark. In total, the state has been able to earn more than $20 million in total revenues for 19 months in a row. With the September revenues, the state has been able to see an over 26% increase in revenues when comparing September of last year.

Monthly Highlights:

Overall, the total gaming revenues came in at $25.75 million, which is a 7.3% increase month to month and a 26.3% increase when comparing September of last year. For online casino earnings, the state saw $24.1 million earned, which is an 8.5% increase month to month and a more than 30% increase when looking at yearly totals. For poker, the total gaming win came in at $1.6 million, which is a drop in both month to month and yearly totals. When compared to August, the online poker earnings were down 8.4% while yearly totals came in at 15.4% less.

For the month, the Golden Nugget continues to be the top operator. The operator earned over $8 million for the 7th month running, coming in at just over $9.2 million. The numbers mark the second time the state has surpassed the $9 million mark for monthly earnings.

Other operators are far behind, but still doing well. The top earners seem to get near the $5 million, such as the Borgata. None have been able to reach that milestone as of yet, though. The Borgata came close last month, earning $4.5 million in overall revenues.

As far as poker is concerned, Caesars is doing quite well. The brand is able to see a nice gain due to multi-state poker as they are associated with the WSOP/888Poker partnership. The brand earned just over $670,000 in revenues for online poker, which is pretty good considering poker does not do very well overall in the state.

The Hard Rock AC and Ocean Resort Casino are still considered newbies to the industry and were unable to earn $1 million when their totals were combined. The Ocean Resort continues to be at the bottom when it comes to revenues.

Overall, the online gambling industry is thriving. It will be interesting to see how October, November and December fair. The state is easily on track to break new records and continue to be the dominating state when it comes to online gambling in the US.

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