New Jersey Online Gambling Industry Surpasses $1b in Revenues Milestone

Summary: After the December online gambling totals were tallied in New Jersey, the state was able to surpass the $1 billion mark in lifetime revenues.

New Jersey continues to be the top operating state when it comes to online gambling. Offering online casino, poker and now sports betting, the state continues to be the top producer when it comes to revenues earned as well as wagers placed. Top brands operate in the region and help to solidify large numbers month after month by way of revenues. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has now released the December 2018 totals, with the state having finally reached a new milestone, earning over $1 billion in lifetime revenues since starting in 2013.

December Totals:

New JerseyFor the month, the state was able to earn over $29 million via casino and poker online gaming. They surpassed their previous monthly record amount by over $2 million. The state continues to hit records when it comes to online gaming revenues. With the numbers being so large for the month, it allowed the state to finally surpass the $1 billion mark when it comes to overall lifetime earnings.

In total, the state has brought in $1,013,752,368 in revenues. Online gambling came in at just over $29 million, the highest monthly total ever since the industry launched in 2013. For online casino gaming, revenues came in at just over $27.2 million, which was also a record setting amount.

Add in the poker gaming numbers and the state was able to surpass the $25 million mark for the fourth month in a row. When compared to 2017, the state was up almost 40% with year-on-year revenues.

Individual Breakdown

Every month, there are operators who outdo the others in the online gaming industry. Time and time again, the Golden Nugget holds the number one position, easily outpacing the competition. For December, the Golden Nugget, was the first to earn an eight figure earning, bringing in just over $10.1 million. This is the most ever earned in a single month by an operator.

Not to fall too far behind, the number two operator usually is the Borgata and they were again in December. The brand was able to reach a new milestone for the month, finally surpassing the $5 million mark. The Borgata continues to do well, but remains millions behind the Golden Nugget regarding monthly earnings.

Caesars and Resorts were up to over $4 million for the month, while the Tropicana continued to struggle, sitting around the $3 million mark in earnings. Online poker remains a low earner for the state, but December did see the industry up for the first time in several months. Total online poker revenues came in at $1.7 million.

When reviewing the overall totals, the online gambling industry of the state was up 4.2% from November and a whopping 39.75% from December 2017. For online casino gaming, the state was up 3.9% from November and 44.8% from the previous December. Online poker saw the highest monthly jump, increasing by just over 9% but surprisingly, this was a decline from December 2017, by about 8.9%.

Overall, online gabling continues to be strong in New Jersey and is showing no signs of slowing down. It will be interesting to see how they fare in 2019 and if the industry continues to break their own records month after month.

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