Millennials Opt for Online Gaming Instead of Land-Based

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A recent study has revealed that millennials prefer online gambling to land-based options.

Over the past few years, land-based casinos have been focusing on millennials, the new generation of gamblers. This group is not so keen on the traditional casino games like craps and slots, so casinos are having to rework their offerings. Many casinos in Las Vegas opted to offer skill based gaming options to provide a new gaming option for the millennial group. This group grew up playing video games and having access to mobile devices, so casinos are having to reconsider what they offer in order to appeal to this group.

A new study was recently made public that found the millennial generation are more interested in online gaming than land-based. With only a few states offering online gaming for real money in the US, it seems the potential is there to be able to make a profit since the younger generation and those to come over the next few years will be more receptive to online gaming.

YouGov Profiles Study

YouGov ProfilesYouGov Profiles completed a general study recently which showed the customers in the United States ranging from 18 to 34 are more apt to play online gambling games if they were legalized on a nation-wide basis. Around 50% of those surveyed would back legislation to approve online gambling across the country. Those who disagree with the idea of online gambling represent just around 30% of those who participated in the survey.

American citizens ranging in age from 35 to 49 also would prefer to have access to online gambling. Participants ranging in age from 50 to 64 are not so keen on the idea with the group split on whether or not online gambling should be legalized across the board.  Those surveyed over the age of 65 do not want to see online gambling legalized, which is really not surprising.

Millennials Say Casinos are Not Fun

The study also found that customers in the millennial category are for online gambling and they would prefer this option instead of visiting a land-based casino. Close to 50% of those surveyed age 18 to 34 feel that casinos are depressing. It seems the younger generation want nothing to do with casino gaming if it is land-based form. Older players are still happy with visiting the casino and playing table games and slots.

This year, Pennsylvania will begin offering online casino and poker gaming, marking the fourth state to offer iGaming in the US. Things are progressing slowly but if lawmakers take this survey to heart, they may work faster to pass online gambling legislation. Eventually, the millennials and younger generations will be the only consumers that casinos can rely on and the venues must make changes to cater to their needs.

A land-based casino that offers online gaming would be able to reach out to the millennial demographic by providing casino and poker games online. They could then entice the players to visit their land-based venues by offering special incentives online to bring players to their casinos. With the right marketing campaign, casinos can still offer gaming in both sectors and be successful.

We shall see over the coming months if online gambling will be considered in other states and if any changes will be made to appeal to the millennial generation. Now that sports betting has been approved for states across the US, we should see online gambling begin in that sector as well, which will give millennials an option for gambling that they should enjoy.

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