Raymond Lesniak to Propose iGaming Player Pooling Legislation

Senator Raymond Lesniak

Senator Raymond LesniakSenator Raymond Lesniak is planning to introduce legislation that would allow for player pooling in New Jersey.

For online gaming sites to be successful, operators need to have a strong pool of players. With heavy traffic, online casino and poker sites thrive as players are participating and they have competition to enjoy during competitive games like poker ring games or tournaments. In the United States, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are the only states that currently offer online casino and/or poker gaming. Nevada and Delaware currently have an agreement to share player pools when it comes to poker and now it seems New Jersey may be getting in the mix.

Online Gambling Player Pooling Legislation in the Works

Senator Raymond Lesniak is a pro-gambling legislator located in New Jersey. The senator has announced that he has plans to propose a bill that would allow his state to share player pools in Delaware and Nevada as well as into other online gambling markets in the US and internationally. On Wednesday, Lesniak spoke with local media stating that he has not yet prepared the legislation but once it is ready it will help to create an online gambling mecca in New Jersey.

Lesniak gave a little away as to what his plans are for the legislation including telling the media that he wants to all international gambling companies to operate in the state as well if they wish, providing services to players around the world while based in New Jersey.

Once created, the bill would see players from outside the state be able to play on the online gambling sites offered in New Jersey. Participants would be allowed to take part only if online gambling is considered a legal activity within their jurisdiction. Agreements will need to be made with the state and regulated markets before gaming can begin.

Successful with Online Gaming

New Jersey has been quite successful with their online gaming industry since first introducing online casino and poker games in November 2013. The state has seen increasing growth over the years and earned $196.7 million in 2016, a more than 30% increase from earnings produced in 2015.

The overall gambling industry is supported by online gaming as land based casinos in Atlantic City had been suffering. While casinos are beginning to see a turnaround, the online gaming options of the state have helped the area recover by bringing in much needed revenues. The industry has seen a revitalization and appears to only be on the path to see continued success.

The senator has been one individual that has stood by and supported online gambling from the very beginning. He worked to see the industry come to pass and knew that the gambling expansion would help to bring additional revenues to the state.

Lesniak continues to be a strong support of iGaming and was one of the first to speak with US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in regards to looking at the online gaming laws on a federal level. On top of this, Lesniak has been involved in the sports betting efforts of the state to be able to offer such wagering options.

Overall, New Jersey has seen great success when it comes to online gaming and opening up their industry to international markets as well as other states in the US should only work to further increase revenues and ensure New Jersey stays the top state when it comes to online gambling options in the United States. It will be interesting to see what all the legislation entails once Lesniak finishes up with the bill and makes his proposal.

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