iGaming Wins in 2023: New Markets Open Up in the US

2023 loading into 2024

The year is almost at an end, and we have seen a minimal effort to bring more online casino gambling to states in the US. This is unfortunate, as the industry is booming in areas like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, where players can easily explore slots, table games, live dealer, and more. Over the past year, a handful of states have considered iGaming, with no movement within the legislature.

Lawmakers seem less keen on approving iGaming bills and more focused on sports betting or land-based facilities. Read on to see how a few states tried their hand at passing legislation but did not have enough support to see bills legalized for more revenues and gaming options.

Indiana Efforts Rocked by Scandal

Proposals were headed to the Indiana Senate and House, only to be stopped by corruption issues. Officials in the state and casinos were named in a corruption case, which led to a pullback of iGaming legislation.

Former legislator Sean Eberhart pled guilty to corruption charges after he pushed for gaming bills in exchange for a job position with a gaming company and compensation of around $350,000 from Spectacle Entertainment. Former State Senator Brent Waltz received ten months in federal prison for taking illegal campaign contributions from another gaming company.

Lawmakers are afraid that the people of Indiana no longer have confidence in them and do not feel the Statehouse has integrity. This perception will make passing legislation regarding online casino gaming or lottery ticket sales difficult.

Illinois Has Until January 2025 to Approve iGaming Bills

Legislators in Illinois have been working on a poker and casino online gaming bill since February 2023, with a deadline of January 11, 2025, for passage. This gives lawmakers ample time to work out any kinks and get legislation to approve the new activities.

Two bills were filed in February to give players access to online poker options and casino games. The state would be able to join a multi-jurisdiction compact, with efforts still hopeful in the General Assembly.

The legislature meets biennially, so both bills are still alive. The efforts next year will be important towards approving the measures. The state currently has the most promise to join the industry in the United States, above others trying to pass legislation.

New York Senator Joe Addabbo Has Hope for iGaming

Senator Joe Addabbo of New York has been a firm supporter of online gambling within the United States for many years. He has played a vital role in the industry and hopes to see efforts revived for New York in 2024. Addabbo and Assemblyman Gary Pretlow may introduce gaming legislation next year, including a $25 million fund for land-based casino workers.

The money will hopefully cause the New York Hotel & Gaming Trades Council to stop lobbying against online casino gaming and get on board. The goal is to prove to the council that there is no cannibalization of land-based venues.

Senator Addabbo would also like to prove to local unions that the online casino industry would create more jobs with the live dealer games featured via iGaming services. The senator visited Atlantic City recently to see how the live gaming operations function and feels like this is a good opportunity for more employment in New York.

The online casino bill would also include an online lottery, hopefully bringing an additional $1 billion or more to the state.

A Hopeful 2024

For iGamers, the hope is that more states will institute online gambling legislation and lawmakers will get on board to show support. Most states need a majority even to push a bill forward, so lawmakers must agree on what they will allow and how such services will move forward.

We will update the news section in 2024 as new legislation is added, and help players be in the know for upcoming iGaming potential.

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