Winter Storm Grayson and NJ’s Online Casino Gaming

Winter Storm Grayson

Winter Storm GraysonAs a winter storm hits the East Coast, casino gamers are logging online in New Jersey to play while stuck indoors.

Residents along the upper east coast of the United States have been stuck indoors for some time as Winter Storm Grayson approached. The winter storm brought about what is called a bomb cyclone and areas are being hammered with huge amounts of snow. In New Jersey, the temperature are cold and almost two feet of snow can be found in some areas. To stay out of the cold, residents are staying indoors and finding things to occupy their time, including online casino gaming.

New Jersey is one of only a few states that offers online gaming for real money and players are logging in and creating accounts in high volumes due to being stuck indoors. According to PlayNJ, sources have revealed that online casinos in the state are seeing unusually high numbers of signups for new player accounts. Usually, January is a slow month when it comes to signups. However, being trapped indoors has residents bored and taking advantage of online casino gaming options.

Let’s Play Casino Games

New Jersey is already the top performing state in the US when it comes to online casino gaming. The boost in signups is sure to affect the bottom line and only help the state to continue to have a stronghold of the industry. For 2017, the online casinos of the state brought in more than $20 million every month. More than $250 billion was earned in revenues by the gaming sites and since 2013, when online gaming first began, more than $700 million has been generated in earnings.

New signups mean more players online and hopefully more revenues for the state. Players who might not have been particularly interested in online gaming now have found an activity they can enjoy in their spare time. Once the month is up, it will be interesting to see the totals, from new player sign ups to monthly earnings, to see just how the winter storm impact the industry.

Taking Advantage of Promotions

Since players in New Jersey are confined at home, they should definitely take advantage of the promotions on offer. Take for example, the Tropicana Online Casino. Starting today, players can take part in the Winter Winnings prize drawing. $7,000 in bonus money is up for grabs via this prize drawing. The contest began today and will end on January 15th.

Players can play their favorite casino games within the week time frame and when $50 is wagered on any game, 1 entry into the drawing is earned. Players can earn as many as five entries each day for the drawing. The money will be broken down into segments once the week is over. One player will earn $500 in bonus cash while four will earn $250. $100 will be presented to 5 players and $75 will go to 20 players during the drawing. $50 will go to an additional 20 players as well as $30 and $10 going to 50 and 100 players during the drawing respectively.

This is just one example of the many promotions players will find when taking part in casino gaming online in New Jersey. Players have access to bonuses for extra cash, tournaments, prize drawings and more. Each online casino offers something different so players constantly have something to enjoy and earn extra cash or prizes by competing.

So, if you find yourself stuck in New Jersey due to winter weather, log online and take advantage of all that online casinos in the state have to offer!

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