6 Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever Recorded

Row of Slot Machines on Left and a Woman Holding a Large Check on Right

Slot machines are the most popular casino game in the US. The possibility of winning a life-changing jackpot on just one pull is too good to pass up. Part of the reason people love slot machines is that they do not require a ton of strategy. Also, many of the best real money online slots offer a ton of bonus features.

Everyone dreams of hitting a large jackpot on a slot machine, but who has actually done it? The history of slot machines stretches back over a century, and plenty of players have it big during that time.  Let’s take a closer look at the biggest slot machine wins ever.

3. $27.5 Million at Palace Station in Las Vegas

We start our list of the largest slot machine wins with this huge win. This win happened all the way back in 1998 at the Palace Station casino in Las Vegas. Despite occurring over two decades ago, it is still one of the largest slot machine jackpots ever.

At the time, the $27.5 million was the largest slot machine jackpot. The winner chose to remain anonymous. However, we do know that she was a 67-year-old retired flight attendant. The winner received her payout in installments, with the first deposit coming in at $1.1 million. She received similar installments every year for 24 years.

Even though her identity remained anonymous, we do that the winner was a Las Vegas resident. Also, she described herself as a recreational player. It was also reported at the time she had recently won another jackpot just before her record win. She hit a $680,000 jackpot while playing a Wheel of Fortune slot machine.

We also know that both of her large jackpot wins came at the Palace Station casino in Las Vegas. The record-setting jackpot was hit on a Megabucks slot machine. According to the winner, her $27.5 million win came after only investing $300 into the game.

2. $34.9 Million at Desert Inn Casino

The record for the largest slot machine payout in history did not last long. Just two years later, a woman named Cynthia Jay Brennan hit a $34.9 million jackpot. The win occurred on January 26th at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. According to Brennan, her win came after wagering only $21 into the machine.

Prior to her win, Brennan was a cocktail waitress at the Monte Carlo casino. After winning the largest slot payout at the time, Brennan still returned to work and finished out her two-week notice. She was also generous with her winnings, including making large donations to charity.

Cynthia Jay-Brennan Holding the Check From the Megabucks Jackpot

Unfortunately, many people may remember Brennan for an incident that happened shortly after her record-setting jackpot win. On March 11th, Brennan and her sister were in a car that was struck by a drunk driver. Cynthia was paralyzed and her sister was killed.

Brennan has used her winnings to benefit several charities, including the Free Wheelchair Mission. She has also made major contributions to organizations that raise awareness about drunk driving. Brennan herself has even appeared as a public speaker at schools in Nevada. All her efforts were made possible by her win on a Megabucks slot machine.

1. $39.7 Million at Excalibur Casino

The biggest jackpot ever won on a slot machine occurred in 2003. A software engineer decided to try his luck on a Megabuck slot machine at the Excalibur Casino. Just a few spins later, the man was $39.7 million richer. It has been nearly two decades, and the win is still the biggest slot machine payout in history.

The 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles agreed to have his winnings paid out over the next 25 years. Once again, the record-setting largest slot machine payout came on a Megabucks slot machine. At the time, the odds of hitting the jackpot were one in 16.7 million.

There was a brief moment in 2016 when the record appeared to be broken. A woman at the Resort World Casino in New York hit a $42.9 million jackpot. Unfortunately, this win was nullified as it was an error. The maximum payout on the machine was only supposed to be $6,500.

The would-be winner was identified as Katrina Bookman. She ended up taking Resort World Casino to court over the issue. The case has since disappeared from court and Bookman does not appear to have received any additional winnings. Bookman received the false jackpot while playing on a Sphinx slot machine.

Biggest Online Slot Machine Wins

Retail and tribal casinos have had slot machines for decades. In recent years, online and mobile slot games have become increasingly popular as well. So far, the biggest online slot machines have not quite reached the heights of their in-person counterparts. However, they are not far off. Here are some of the largest payouts from real money online slot games.

$24 Million on Mega Fortune

Currently, the biggest slot machine win from an online game belongs to a Finnish man. He was playing at a Scandinavian online casino when he hit a $24 million spin. The win came on just a $0.25 bet. Our record-setting winner chose to stay anonymous. However, we do know that he typically plays online poker, not slots.

At the time of his win, the man was just 40 years old. He even captured his record-breaking win for the world to see. The winning spin came on a Mega Fortune slot game in 2013. In the game, players can unlock a bonus wheel with major prizes.

Slot Machines

The record-setting win came during the bonus round. As the wheels lined up, the player moved on to larger and larger prizes. Eventually, only one prize remained, the progressive jackpot. In less than a minute, a 25-cent bet turned into nearly €18 million. At the time, that equated to roughly $24 million.

For this win, the size of the bet did not matter. The winner was about the win the Mega Jackpot, so his winnings would have been the same regardless. This record underscores the importance of playing online slot games that have great bonuses.

$22.5 Million on Might of Ra

The largest slot payout from an online game was won using a progressive jackpot. Recently, a twitch streamer nearly broke the record. The streamer, who goes by the name Trainwreck, won $22.5 million. What makes Trainwreck’s win more impressive is that he won without hitting a jackpot.

Trainwreck won during a live stream while playing Might of Ra. The online slot game was developed by Pragmatic Play. Trainwreck, whose real name is Tyler Niknam, won the record-setting prize using the game’s wild features. Niknam was able to get max wilds across all six reels. That paid out 22,500x his max wager of $1,000.

In the end, the $22.5 million win fell just short of the record for the biggest win. However, Trainwreck can say he holds the record for the largest non-jackpot online slot machine win. The win occurred in March of this year.

$11.6 million on Zodiac Casino App

Online slot games are a great way to win real money from home. However, they used to require a desktop computer to use. Luckily, that is no longer the case. Many of the top online casinos now offer mobile casino apps. Many people have discounted the legitimacy of mobile casino apps. We can assure you that these convenient mobile apps give you plenty of chances to hit it big.

One player, known only as D.P., found that out in 2016. D.P. was using Zodiac Casino’s app on her iPad to play Mega Moolah. The game, which was developed by Microgaming, uses a progressive jackpot. D.P. was lucky enough to hit the jackpot, which was worth over $11.6 million at the time.

Screenshot of Mega Moolah Slot

D.P.’s win was the biggest ever on a mobile device. New players join the mobile slot machine community every day, so the record could go down at any time. For your chance to break the record, check out our experts’ ratings of the best slot apps.


Slot machines have made plenty of players millionaires with just one spin of the reels. Regardless of how you choose to play, slot machines can offer you staggering jackpot amounts. The records for the biggest slot machine wins are astounding.

Many of the biggest wins have come with relatively small stakes. With a little luck, you could find yourself on the next list of the biggest slot machine wins. For help getting started, read this list of the best online slot games.

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