7 Secrets to Winning More Playing Online Slot Machines

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Casino slot machines often get a bad rap from gambling talking heads. They come with an inflated house edge and move incredibly fast from spin to spin. Casino slot machines are indeed bankroll busters that don’t give much entertainment value for the high cost.

Online slot machines are different animals. The games that you love and enjoy in the casino are bountiful in the online casinos.

A world of familiar titles and exciting new games is only a click away. All you need is a laptop, smartphone, or tablet and a stable internet connection.

The online casinos entice players with bonuses that help extend their bankroll and give them better short-term results. Still, that’s not the best part of playing online slots.

The house edge in online casino slot machines can be as low as 1%. That means for every $1,000 you gamble, you’ll have an expected loss of only $10.

These secrets to winning more playing online slot machines will give you all of the information you need to stay close to the black playing slots.

Do Your Homework to Find the Best Games

The first step you’ll need to make to win online slot machines more often is to find the games that offer the highest return to the player.

Return to player, often referred to as RTP, is the percentage of money a slot machine game takes in over its lifetime than it’s programmed to payout. In land-based casinos, the RTP typically ranges from 88% to 95%.

The top end of slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos isn’t terrible when you consider that it’s paying out $95 for every $100 it takes in over the course of its tenure on the casino floor. Unfortunately, that’s still a house edge of 5% at the very best.

Online casinos have slot games with an RTP of as high as 99%. The online sites don’t cost nearly as much to operate, so the proprietors are able to make a comparable profit by taking a much smaller piece of the action.

Before registering an online casino account, shop around and find the casinos giving players the highest RTP. More specifically, look for the highest RTP for the games you enjoy playing.

It won’t be a tremendous benefit if you’re unfulfilled by the high RTP games you’re playing or abandoning better RTP for games you prefer.

Weigh Your Betting Options Carefully

Anytime you’re playing slot machines, your wager amount should be something that is carefully considered.

In many land-based casino jackpots, you must bet the maximum dollar amount to be eligible for the jackpot on the machine. Yet, because they reside in a digital realm, many online casinos offer a wide range of denominations for a single game.

More importantly, you’ll want to look at the minimum bet amount. You can readily find a vast number of games that are only a penny per line. However, almost all of these games will require you to bet all available lines to achieve the 99% RTP.

Slots at Wynn

That could put your average bet amount anywhere between a penny and a dollar, depending on the game you’re playing. So, it’s critical that you carefully examine all wagering requirements to match your goals to the highest payout possible for the games.

You should keep in mind that $0.25 doesn’t sound like much money, but it adds up quickly. At 600 spins per hour, you’re putting $150 in the pot.

Luckily, the high RTP should keep most of that in your bankroll. At least in the short term.

Look for Sites That Have What You Want

Many online casino gamblers make the mistake of signing up in an online casino before weighing all of the crucial data. The massive appeal of the casino’s welcome bonus is a strong draw. People love the sound of free money and go all-in.

However, there’s no actual benefit to joining an online casino and getting hundreds of dollars in free casino cash if you can’t find the appropriate places to bet the funds.

You may be among the millions of casino gamblers that enjoy more than one game when you walk into the casino. In that case, you should probably take care in exploring the online casino.

You’ll want to verify that you can play the games you want at the stakes you prefer. Suppose you’re locked into a casino that doesn’t have a good baccarat selection. In that case, you could be missing out on one of your casino favorites.

And you also need to confirm that the casino is giving players the best rules for their favorite games. Anytime I walk into a casino and see blackjack tables paying 6:5, I’m immediately headed for the exit.

Playing the best games with flawed rules is as bad as playing terrible games; they’re the same picture.

Practice Is the Key to Success

I bet you’ve never considered practicing slot machines before. It’s on the outer realm of what most casino gamblers deem warranted. However, it can prove to be incredibly fruitful.

The main goal of practicing slots is to become familiar with game controls. This step will cut down on unnecessary errors and costly mistakes.

The last thing you will want to do is bet the minimum for a series of spins by mistake and miss a gigantic jackpot. So, practice until you’re entirely at home in the online casino, then practice some more.

Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots Casino Floor

The most prominent benefit from practicing slot games online relates to bankroll management. Bankroll management is paramount for launching and maintaining a successful online gambling career.

By treating the play money in free online slots like your actual cash bankroll, you’ll learn to make the cash last you for as long as possible. Since gambling is a form of entertainment, the longer you can gamble, the more value you’re getting for your money.

Are You Shooting for Progressives?

Progressive slots give players a chance at life-changing sums of money. These machines take a small percentage from every penny and add them to a jumbo pot for one lucky winner.

Winning a million dollars on a progressive machine is highly unlikely. Still, the feeling of being only one theoretical spin from striking it rich draws a massive number of players.

Some gamblers prefer more of a chance at winning some money. Almost anyone could use an extra $1,000 out of nowhere.

So, when shopping online, slot machines pay close attention to the types of progressive slots offered on the sites. Do they have vast jackpots in the millions that are hit every 18 months or smaller jackpots that hit as frequently as twice a month?

Matching the types of jackpots you’re going for will significantly enhance your experience and may be the key to winning a lot more playing online slots.

Maximize Your Bonuses

I spoke briefly about online casino bonuses. These bonuses are a brilliant way to draw more players to the casino.

The bonuses also benefit the players by extending their bankroll. It’s as close to free money as you’ll get in a casino.

However, there are essential terms and conditions that you need to be aware of before you sign up for any such offer.

Most critical are any wagering requirements set by the casino. Wagering requirements force you to gamble a predetermined amount of money before you’re allowed to withdraw any winnings.

Column of Casino Slots

It should be a breeze for slot machines, right?

Not entirely; the casinos often count a minuscule percentage of the money gambled on slot machines to the tally. This is especially true for penny slots or high RTP games.

So, you may be forced to gamble through the wagering requirement four or more times before you’re allowed to access your casino wins.

The best way to avoid some genuinely tricky times down the line will be to carefully read the terms of any casino bonuses you accept.

Get Your Money When You Want It

Following the lines of accessing your bonus money or wins when you need to make a withdrawal, you must check your online casino’s payment schedule.

Online casinos operate on payout schedules that can vary greatly. This leads to confusion and frustration among gamblers.

Let’s say you request a withdrawal on a Thursday, but the casino only processes withdrawals on Tuesdays. That leaves four days of dead air between you and your money.

Don’t think that you’ll have the money on Tuesday in the above scenario. Online casinos operate exclusively overseas, which means there will be further delays in receiving your funds.

It’s not uncommon for an online withdrawal to take a week from making the request to funds being available in your bank. The best way to ensure that your money will be available when you want it is by checking reviews before making a deposit.

You can also significantly decrease your possible frustration by providing the online casino with all personal and banking information needed before making the request.

Knowing the ins and outs of the withdrawal process for the online casino you choose won’t win you any more money. Still, accessing all of those slot machine winnings when you need to will feel like a win.

Thankfully you can find some online casinos that offer instant withdrawal of your funds, you just have to read through the terms and conditions of casinos to find them.

In Summary

Online casino slots will give you a solid shot at nearly breaking even. Include the magic influx of cash provided by bonuses, and you could see short-term positive expectations.

You’ll never touch these kinds of odds playing casino slot machines.

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