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Millions of people every year flock to casinos across the country. During their visits, there are certain casino games they expect to find. Popular gambling options at casinos in the US include slot machines, poker games, and, of course, craps.

Craps tables are so popular that they have even made the jump to online casinos. As any experienced casino guest will tell you, you need to have a plan. That is why we had our gaming experts compile a list of the best craps strategies for 2022. Keep reading to see the best craps gambling strategies for retail, online, and mobile craps games.


At the top of our experts’ list of the best craps betting strategies is the Martingale system. The Martingale system has been employed successfully by millions of craps players. It works best on craps bets that have even-money wagers. Also, it can be adapted to work with other casino games as well.

Part of the appeal of the Martingale system is that it is easy to learn. Essentially, you just double your wager after each loss. Doing so allows you to recoup your losses, plus extra winnings, when you do win. However, it is important to note that the wagering amounts can increase very quickly. Also, many casinos place a limit on the maximum amount you can wager on each bet.

Some detractors of the Martingale system point out that it can be volatile. However, as long as you do not use it with a volatile game, you should be fine. The Martingale system would not work with a game like online slots. However, it can be an effective strategy for winning at online craps.

There are several even money wagers in craps. The variety of bets is what makes craps a good candidate for the Martingale system. Craps games online usually have lower betting limits, which allow you to double your wagers more. However, it is an advanced craps strategy that should not be used by newer players.

Reverse Martingale

In response to the Martingale system, bettors developed the reverse Martingale. One popular critique of the Martingale is that prevents the player from benefiting from hot streaks. The reverse Martingale seeks to remedy that. It is also considered a low-risk craps strategy compared to the original Martingale system.

The reverse Martingale, or anti-Martingale, is just what it sounds like. It is a positive progression betting system. That meant that instead of double wagers after a loss, you double your wagers after wins. When you lose, you decrease your bet. Many players enjoy the reverse Martingale because it helps to increase their winnings while limiting their losses.

However, the reverse Martingale is not without its flaws. For instance, this aggressive craps strategy limits the amount of profit going into your bankroll. That is because you are constantly increasing your wagers after wins. Some players choose to only increase their winnings a few times before banking their winnings.

If used correctly, the anti-martingale can be one of the best online craps strategies. In theory, the reverse Martingale gives players the chance to win 3200% of their original bet in just five games. Experienced players that are disciplined enough to rein in their hot streaks can use it to win big.

Doubling Down

Another simple craps strategy that is similar to the Martingale system is doubling down. Like the Martingale, doubling down requires players to increase their bets with each loss. Specifically, you keep doubling your wagers until you win. In so doing, you guarantee that you will at least win back your previous wagers and a small profit.

In a perfect world, doubling down is arguably the best mathematical craps strategy. Over time, you are guaranteed to win at least once. The doubling down strategy ensures that you recoup any of your previous losses. It also results in a small profit in the long run.

Indiana casino craps table
The problem with doubling down is that we do not live in a perfect world. Casinos place limits on your maximum bets. Also, responsible gamblers restrict their bankrolls. Both betting limits and limited bankrolls doom the doubling down system. It may take you a dozen attempts to finally win a round of craps. During that time, you could easily hit the maximum wager limit or run out of funds.

Despite the criticisms, doubling down can be an effective strategy in small doses. It may be more useful with online craps games that have lower betting limits. Also, it is important to remember the key to doubling down is that you walk away or reset after you win. This allows you to keep any profits that you do make.


One of the most popular craps betting strategies is using combination bets. For this method, you take advantage of the best craps bets by placing multiple wagers. Craps has a number of low-risk wagers that can be used for combination bets. Combination betting is generally viewed as a safe craps strategy.

Combination betting is a popular strategy because it allows you to turn small wagers into big profits. Essentially, you wager on two bets that can have the same outcome, such as pass and come bets. If your bet hits, you double your winnings. This strategy can also be used on opposite wagers, such as don’t pass and don’t come.

Cautious bettors like combination betting because it allows you to increase your winnings quickly. It is a good strategy for players wanting to learn how to win at craps with a small bankroll. However, it requires a strong understanding of all the types of bets available. That is why combination betting is still considered an advanced craps betting strategy. It can also be used during online craps games.

You can increase your bankroll very quickly with combination betting. However, the opposite is also true. At its core, combination betting is just placing more wagers per roll. If you are winning, then combination bets are great. However, placing multiple wagers can quickly deplete your bankroll if you hit a cold streak.

Dice Setting

Many players have become accustomed to shaking the dice before they throw them. That is exactly the opposite of what you want to do with a dice setting strategy. Studies suggest that the position dice are in before you throw them affects the end result. Some players attempt to capitalize on this by placing the dice in a specific set before throwing them.

To capitalize on dice setting, you will need to have strong control over your throw. New and casual craps players will likely not benefit much from this method. However, experienced craps players who are controlled shooters have reported success from dice setting.

The aim of dice setting is to help reduce the number of possible outcomes. In theory, dice setting and controlled shooting could eliminate 20 of the 36 possible outcomes. It can decrease your chances of rolling a seven, while increasing your chances of rolling a six or an eight.

The problem with dice setting is that it is hard to use. Sure, you can pick the position of your dice before you throw them. However, a controlled throw is hard to master and takes a lot of practice. Also, this strategy is limited to in-person games.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The final craps strategy on our list is the Gambler’s Fallacy. Many new players wondering how to win craps at the casino will fall into this strategy. Essentially, the gambler’s fallacy says that numbers that have not appeared recently are more likely to appear. It has also been called the fallacy of the maturity of chance or simply the Monte Carlo fallacy.

Players using the gambler’s fallacy strategy are basically betting against unlikely events continuing. For instance, let’s say a player has not rolled a seven for ten throws in a row. Some people argue the chance of the next throw not being seven decreases with every throw. As a result, they place their bets accordingly.

Craps dice on a casino table
Unfortunately, the Monte Carlo fallacy is just that, a fallacy. The results of one throw are not tied to the outcome of any previous rolls. However unlikely it may seem, the outcome of each throw is still random. The Monte Carlo fallacy itself was named for an unlikely event at the Monte Carlo in 1913. In a game of roulette, black came up 26 times in a row.

Players lost millions betting against black in the infamous 1913 incident. The outcome of each throw is independent, so the results of previous rolls do not affect the current throw. As a result, many, experience players stay away from the gambler’s fallacy.


Craps is one of the most popular casino games on the market. Search “how to win at the craps table” will bring up dozens of strategies. However, not all strategies are created equal. In the end, it is important to remember that craps, especially online craps, is a game of chance. For more on craps, check out our real money online craps page.

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