Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry is Now Officially Legal

  • Colorado residents officially took to the voting booths this week
  • Proposition DD to legalize sports betting was introduced
  • Voters officially decided to legalize Colorado’s sports betting industry

Over the past year and a half, a huge number of states have begun taking a closer look at their sports gambling regulations. Many are beginning to see the huge potential for revenue earnings from this industry. This week, Colorado’s sports betting industry was officially legalized after a public vote on the subject.

Sports Betting

It’s fantastic news for sports fans all over the state. Soon, both land-based and online sports gambling options will be available here. Let’s look at how this all came about.

PASPA’s Removal Opens Door to Legal Sports Betting

For many years, only Nevada was legally able to offer sports gambling options to residents. This was due to the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which was intended to protect sports integrity. It was thought that limiting sports betting options around the country would help keep sports fair.

Many have voiced their objections with PASPA over the years. Finally, after a strong push from New Jersey, a change was made. In May of 2018, the US Supreme Court officially removed this set of laws. Just like that, every state had the ability to set its own laws on the sports gambling industry.

Many states immediately began presenting bills to change their laws on this form of gambling. New Jersey was one of the first states after Nevada to legalize sports betting. Delaware, Mississippi and New Mexico followed soon after.

Today, almost every state in the country has presented legislation to open their sports gambling markets. Several major Senators have voiced their support for this industry. Even states that were previously known for their harsh laws on the gambling industry are beginning to embrace sports gambling.

20 states have now officially legalized this industry. Colorado’s sports betting industry was the most recent to become legal. It was officially passed this week by a very slim margin.

Colorado’s Sports Betting Industry is Approved By Voters

Colorado is well-known for having an extremely passionate sports fan base. The Rockies, Broncos, and Avalanche all call this state home. Since 2018, there have been many calls to finally make sports gambling legal here.

Several bills were presented. Finally, Proposition DD made its way to a public vote. If approved by state residents, Colorado’s sports betting industry would officially be made legal.

Voters ultimately decided to approve this proposition. It was passed by a very slim margin, though. 50.8% of voters agreed that sports gambling should be made legal. The other 49.2% went the other way. Regardless of how close the vote was, sports betting is now officially legal in Colorado.

Under this bill, both land-based and online sports gambling are legal. Wagering on sports on land can only be done inside a brick and mortar casino. Online sports betting platforms can only be operated by companies running a land-based casino in Colorado.

With Colorado’s sports betting industry now legalized, many expected they could immediately start placing wagers on their favorite teams. This is not the case. Here’s when these options will officially become available.

When Will Sports Betting Options Become Available in Colorado?

If you were expecting to be able to drive down to your local casino and throw money down on the Broncos this week, you’re out of luck. There is still time needed for lawmakers to set specific regulations on this industry. Sports betting licenses will also need to be handed out.

Colorado’s sports betting industry will officially go live on May 1st of 2020. This wipes out any hopes of placing some wagers on this season’s Super Bowl.

Fortunately, there’s a date set. Soon, a huge number of fantastic sports gambling options will become available to residents in this state.

Soon, almost every state in the country is likely to have legal sports betting options up and running. Analysts recently predicted that the US sports betting market would generate between $6-8 billion annually by 2025. It will become the world’s largest sports gambling hub.

In less than six months, Colorado’s sports betting industry will be live. We’ll need to wait and see exactly how this state’s betting revenue compares to the others.

Stay tuned for more updates over the next few months!

Will Online Poker Struggle in Pennsylvania Once Services are Live?

Summary: Online poker has continued to struggle in the United States. Will the industry be successful in Pennsylvania once services are live?


Since 2013, online poker gaming has been offered in three states within the US; Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. Each state has offered the activity for five years but none have been able to see great success in their online poker offering. Players are not as drawn to iPoker as they are with online casino games and the numbers have shown this struggle. New Jersey has the largest online poker market in the US currently and they barely manage to hit the $1 million mark in revenue each month for the industry. With Pennsylvania set to offer online poker soon, along with online casino gaming, it has many wondering if there will be a turn around for poker in the new state.

Is Interest There?

If you go back to the early 2000s and think about the poker boom, when Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP after earning a seat from an online qualifier, the interest was there. Players wanted to be like Moneymaker so they got online to play cards for real money. However, a few years later, Black Friday took place and the options to play online poker became nonexistent.

It seems that the shift from the poker boom to no poker at all has led the US to suffer when it comes to online poker revenues today. New Jersey has top operators in the mix, from the WSOP/888 alignment to PokerStars, yet the industry continues to barely cross the $1 million mark time and time again. Neighboring Pennsylvania will be launching services soon and it was just announced that PokerStars will be operating in the state as well. So, now experts are considering if Pennsylvania’s online poker scene will be busy and if the industry will succeed. Because so far, no state has seen great success with online poker.

To put things in perspective, month after month, New Jersey brings in over $20 million a month in online casino revenues. This is from table games, slots and live dealer. Basically, the online casino industry in the state is bringing in $19 million or more A MONTH when compared to online poker. This is a huge difference.

Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement

To try and make things better, Nevada and Delaware created and joined the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement. New Jersey would take some time but they eventually joined in as well. Now with Pennsylvania about to offer online poker, they have also decided to join the group. Basically, poker operators pool players, allowing individuals from one state to take part in gaming in another state. The goal is to create more traffic for everyone.

With another state in the mix, we could see online poker revenues begin to climb, though in the beginning it may be slow going. PokerStars will most likely be the first to launch, which will be good because the brand is recognizable. We have learned that PokerStars is investing in customer acquisition in the region, hopefully bringing new players to Pennsylvania once gaming is launched.

Only time will tell what online poker will turn in to with another state in the mix. All eyes will be on Pennsylvania as they begin to offer online poker services and move forward with providing players in their state with both online poker and casino gaming options.

Online Gambling & DFS Bill Approved in Illinois

IllinoisThe Illinois Senate has approved a bill that would legalize online gambling and daily fantasy sports within the state.

Online gambling as well as daily fantasy sports continue to be a hot topic in the United States. Several states are considering legalizing both activities or one or the other this year. The main state that everyone has been watching as far as online gambling is concerned is Pennsylvania. This state has been in the running to become the next to offer online casino and poker gaming for some time now. However, a surprising turn of events may put another state as the next to join Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey in the online gambling industry.

Illinois Senate Approves Bill

The state Senate of Illinois has stunned the online gambling community in the United States by passing a bill that would approve online gambling as well as daily fantasy sports activities. The bill was passed in the Senate by a vote of 42 to 10. This was surprising to many as the vote was overwhelmingly in approval. The state has yet to consider such legislation and in most cases, legislators decide to vote no in the beginning when such bills are up for consideration.

Currently the House of Representatives have adjourned without considering the legislation. They will not be back in session until the 8th of June so there is still some time before we will know if the measure will continue to move forward. In the meantime, online gaming enthusiasts are encouraged to call local representatives to hopefully persuade them to pass the legislation when it is considered for a vote in the House.

Understanding the Bill

The current bill was created in the beginning to push for legislation of daily fantasy sports. However, online gambling was added to the measure in order to provide a way for the casino operators of the state to become involved. Operators of casino gaming see DFS as a competitor so providing online gambling gives such operators equal footing.

It is unknown as to if the House will be on board with the measure, specifically since it involves online gambling. The House is in charge of approving a new budget for the state and online gambling would be a great way in which to bring in much-needed funds.

The bill being considered is known as HB 479. With this measure, an Internet Gaming Act would be created as well as a Division of Internet Gaming in the Gaming Board of the state. The bill would allow online casino gaming as well as poker options. Licenses would be up for grabs only to those who currently operate horse racing facilities or state licensed casinos.

Horse racing operators will have had to conducted over 30 days of live racing last year but two licenses will be up for grabs that can be obtained by operators who have been issued a license for racing after last year. Those who are successful in the application processed and approved, will need to pay $10 million in upfront fees as a deposit against tax obligations in the future. Taxes will have a set rate of 15% on gross gaming revenues.

Within the first five years of the licensing, operators will only be taxed 10% on the first $100 million of their annual revenues. Anything above $100 million will be taxed at 15%. Licensees for online gaming will be limited to no more than two online gaming skins and each must be created in line with a brand that is owned by the licensee or those affiliated with the license holder within the US.

This is a surprising turn of events and we are sure to keep track of the state when the House is back in session to see if this legislation is able to move forward.

Toby: The Secret Mine

Toby The Secret MineToby: The Secret Mine takes players to a small village in the mountains where life was once peaceful and quiet. However, now this town is in a state of disarray and disorder. Most of the residents have been kidnapped and are now missing. This has caused a state of chaos throughout the entire village. There were a couple of brave residents who set out in an attempt to rescue the missing people, but they have now gone missing as well.

Little Toby found himself in the position of wanting to do more than simply sit and wait for something to maybe be done, so he took it upon himself to go out in search of the missing parties. He soon found himself at the beginning of the forest and realized that there is much more to it than he had originally thought. The game has a darkness designed into it that works well when it comes to creating that scary atmosphere one can imagine poor brave Toby having to endure along the way.

Players are invited to join Toby on his mission where he will take them into a very creepy environment that’s full of enemies and danger, as well as puzzles that can be quite challenging. Toby will make his way through the game’s different levels while he attempts to solve those difficult puzzles in an attempt to rescue his missing friends and acquaintances. The bulk of this game will have Toby going from puzzle to puzzle as he makes his way through the various levels. While there are a lot of elements to the game, they are all presented in a way that still offers players a very straight forward player friendly gaming environment. This makes the Toby: The Secret Mine game a good choice for players with all different levels of video gaming experience.

This is a good game of choice for players who are looking for an exciting game they can make their way through while using more of their problem solving skills than their hand to hand combat skills. Something else players will like about this game is the fact that they will get to enjoy plenty of variety with regards to the backdrops of the different levels they will find themselves making their way through. While some games can take a very, very long time to get through, this video game can be completed in a relatively short amount of time. This can definitely be a benefit for those players who are looking for more of an instant gratification type of game. However, all players will find that this game is one they can enjoy playing over and over again as well.

The Graphics

The graphics in Toby: The Secret Mine help to bring the story together nicely. There is a real sense of urgency and danger with the overall look and vibe of the game. While there are some puzzles that will need to be completed in a daylight setting, there are also those that bring the darkness of nighttime with them. Once night falls in this game, players will get a real sense of the true creepiness that Toby faces as he tries to find those he is in search of. Extra touches like leaves blowing around to set the stage of a windy atmosphere help give players a real sense of what Toby is encountering along the way.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in the game go right along with the graphics to create a solid gaming experience. Along with a soundtrack that works well for the storyline, there are also a lot of other great little sound bites that help to bring the game to life. Players will hear the howl of the wind, the stirring of the leaves, the slight crunching of the ground with each footstep and more.

The Conclusion

Toby: The Secret Mine is an entertaining video game with a fun storyline players will find easy to get into. The character of Toby is unique and adds another enjoyable touch to the game. Players will find this game simple enough for even the newest of gamers, yet involved enough for even the more experienced players.

I had a very fun time playing the Toby: The Secret Mine video game and I do plan on playing a lot more of it in the future. I liked Toby and I found the graphics to work well with the story. It was an easy game to get the hang of but also offered me the right amount of excitement.

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel for Xbox One

Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Racing WheelWhen gamers set down to play their favorite racing game they want to have access to all the tools and gadgets possible that will help them play comfortably while excelling at the game. Anyone serious about their racing games will want to pay particularly close attention to the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One which is also compatible with Windows. This racing wheel will prove to be a real asset to those looking to enjoy a whole new level of racing on their Xbox Ones. This racing wheel will be automatically recognized by a gamer’s Xbox One console so they can get right to all that great gaming without worrying about taking extra steps to get set up.

Benefits and features of the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel Xbox One

Along with being able to get started right away with the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel and the Xbox One console, gamers will also find the racing wheel to be compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/10 and they can get started quickly by getting the appropriate drivers available online. One of the things that tends to draw true gamers to a racing wheel is a particular wheels ability to offer them one that is as close to the real thing as possible, while offering them all the extra features needed to excel in the games they play.  This racing wheel is a fantastic replica of a true racing wheel and it caters to gamers in many ways. Another thing that should be pointed out about this racing wheel is that it is a good choice for gamers of all levels of experience. New gamers will find it to be a racing wheel that makes their games easy, smooth and comfortable and the more experienced gamers will find it to offer them all of the other bells and whistles that enhances their games.

The Thrustmaster racing wheel for Xbox One only begins with a great design that helps gamers to feel like they are really racing in a real race. It then continues on to offer many elements, benefits and special features that a gamer will be grateful for and impressed with. The drive system on the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel offers adjustable force feedback that lets gamers feel every detail and movement while they are racing. A few examples of these include such things as a loss of tire grip, the braking, all the bumps and every other little impact one would feel in a real race.

The rotation angle is adjustable from 270 up to 900 degrees. Gamers who have played with other racing wheels will also appreciate the fact that this fantastic Thrustmaster racing wheel has a mixed belt pulley and a gear system that’s smoother and quieter than most others. It also has a metal ball-bearing axle that offers an enhanced sturdiness. The racing wheel has nice feeling grips on it that makes it easy to hold on to. All the gaming buttons are also conveniently located.

Another area of this racing wheel that gamers will be concerned with is its pedal set which is also impressive. The pedal set is large which makes it comfortable and easy to use while gamers are involved in an exciting race. The angle of the pedals can be easily adjusted so all gamers can fix them to suit their stature and other physical and comfort needs. The pedals are also a good width from one another and this helps them to feel natural when the gamer is using them.


The Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One is a great addition for anyone looking to get the most out of their Xbox One racing games. Everything from the look and feel of this racing wheel to the numerous features it offers helps make it a great choice for most gamers.

I can be quite picky when it comes to racing wheels for my Xbox One. I could tell right away that the Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback racing wheel for Xbox One was going to be a good fit and I was right.

Xbox One Media Remote

Xbox One Media RemoteWhen gamers get set to play on their Xbox One’s they will be in a frame of mind that’s all about the game they are going to be playing. They won’t want to have to deal with anything else at that moment. In fact, the more a player is allowed to simply focus on the game and all the tasks at hand, the faster they will make it through the levels, the higher scores they will achieve and the more achievements they will earn. A distracted player will be one that won’t do as well in the game they are playing and to a real gamer, this can be a very bad thing. There are many gaming gadgets on the market to help gamers to do better in their games and to offer them more in the way of comfort and even convenience. Some of these gadgets will come in the form of comfortable gaming chairs or controllers, some will be racing wheels and some will be simpler, but equally as important like the Xbox One Media Remote. This remote is just the thing for anyone who wants the ultimate gadget when it comes to convenience in gaming.

Benefits and Features of the Xbox One Media Remote

When gamers sit down to play a video game they want to have the convenience of having everything they need right within their reach. This way they can put all of their focus on the game and not have to get distracted needlessly along the way. The Xbox One Media Remote is one of those conveniences that gamers don’t want to pass up the chance to enjoy. It’s easy to use and it’s compatible with both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S consoles. The remote also stays on so gamers won’t need to continuously turn it on every single time they want to use it. The Xbox One Media Remote also has a OneGuide button on it which provides players with the added benefit of a one-touch quick access option for accessing all of their favorite selections in one place.

Another thing gamers like are gadgets that have good ranges so they aren’t committed to sitting in just one area when they are playing their games. This is also another area where this remote shines. The Xbox One Media Remote has an impressive 30 foot range to it. This is more than enough of a range for most players gaming areas. The remote is 5.5 x6 x 1.6 in size and this makes it small enough to fit in a gamers pocket it they like, but large enough to easily find if they decide to set it somewhere beside them while they are playing. It also weights just over 6 ounces, making it a nice lightweight remote. It takes two AAA batteries and players can choose to use rechargeable batteries if they want. Using rechargeable batteries will let them know they won’t need to worry about getting caught without working batteries all of a sudden.

The Xbox One Media Remote will control more than just the players Xbox. It will also control the TV’s power, the volume, Blu-ray movies, streaming videos and other apps. Another nice thing about this remote is it features backlit keys that make it easy for gamers to see the buttons even when they are playing their games in a dark room. The remote is simple to set up as well and this isn’t the case with all remotes, some of them can be quite confusing.


The Xbox One Media Remote is a great solution for gamers who don’t want to keep getting up and down to mess with their Xbox power button and the buttons on their TV. It works well, is a nice size and has a backlight for ease of use.

I found the Xbox One Media Remote to be perfect for my needs. The size of the remote allows me to fit it in a shirt pocket or set it right beside me without worrying about it getting easily misplaced. I also appreciate how long the batteries seem to last in the remote control even though it stays on all of the time.

War Commander: Rogue Assault for IOS

Genre: Strategy

Rating: M

Developer: Kixeye

The Storyline

War Commander Rogue AssaultThe War Commander: Rogue Assault video game is an impressive and exciting 3D real-time strategy style game. There is a lot going on in War Commander: Rogue Assault, so players want to be sure they clear their schedule and have a comfortable place to play before they bother logging in to get started. This way, they can get full enjoyment out of every second.

Players will have a lot of missions to take care of in this game. Some of the things they will be in charge of include building a base, defending that base, recruiting and leveling up soldiers, military grade vehicles, military grade aircraft, keeping the troops in line, directing the troops to complete their missions and even advancing solo to partake in some PvP battles with other players.

This tactical wargame is a 3D game where players will be able to put their strategic talents and knowledge to good use and see how successful they can be at accomplishing their missions. This is definitely a game for those who like strategic war games, as well as for those who are able to take the blood and guts that these types of games are also often known for.

Such frames of thought goes into this game as scouting out situations before determining the best course of action, learning the layout of the land, Keeping up one’s own defenses, knowing when to lay low, knowing when to defensive strike and coming up with a good attack plan and following through. A good attack plan and excellent follow through are two of the main missions of the game, as well as staying alive and leveling up.

Players can enjoy a solo campaign in War Commander: Rogue Assault or they can enjoy multiplayer matchups. Both of these modes can be accessed right from the start of the game and they play much in the same manner.

The Graphics

The Graphics in War Commander: Rogue Assault are more than impressive. The colors all come together to help create a fun and entertaining environment. The graphics are also nice and crisp so each individual object and thing will stand out from everything around it. Plenty of details have gone into giving this game a realistic look that helps to leave players feeling as if they are really a part of the action appearing before them. The graphics also make it a lot easier for the players to plan an attack and even survive since they won’t have to do so while working around blurry and unclear images that leave them guessing.

Everything is so clear in the War Commander: Rogue Assault game that even the different characters are easily noticeable. The weaponry can all be enjoyed in detail and even the shadows off of the landscape comes together to create even more realistic special touches.

The Sound Effects

The sound effects in War Commander: Rogue Assault are fitting and can be a bit loud at times, but this works for a game with this type of theme. The sound effects move quickly along, meeting the action happening on the screen. The lack of lag that some of the video games can have definitely helps to give this game even more of a realistic feel. Wearing good gaming headphones is not necessary with this game, but can help players feel even more in the moment.

The Conclusion

War Commander: Rogue Assault is just the thing for players looking for the chance to show off their tactical talents to other players. The fact that players can also enjoy the game on their own or in the PvP environment gives them the freedom to play in the setting that works the best for them.

I have always been a person who likes games that keep me on my toes and make me think during the whole thing. For this reason, the War Commander: Rogue Assault game appealed to me right away. I found the graphics to be superb and the sound effects also helped to make the game so much fun to play. I get really involved in this game and I can easily pass by hours without even realizing it when I am playing.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One HeadphonesWhen gamers are playing the video games of their choosing, they want to be in an entire gaming environment that caters to them. Their environment should be one they can do their best gaming in, one that they can focus well in, one that’s at a comfortable temperature, one with the right lighting and one that offers them all of the elements and features that help them to have the best time possible and to achieve the results they are hoping for. There are a lot of different gadgets on the market that players can turn to in order to create the gaming space they want. There are chairs, controllers, remotes and even headphones. Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones are some great headphones that serious gamers should know about. This review will educate them on these headphones and the features and benefits that they offer.

Benefits and features of the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones provide gamers with very comfortable headphones that are lightweight. When they are wearing these headphones they will be able to enjoy all of the benefits of having them on without feeling like they are wearing them. This can save them the frustration and distractions that can come from wearing a pair of headphones that weight down a gamers ears, tug on them, put pressure on their head or bother them in many other ways. The ear cup design is a closed over-the-ear design and this really helps to cut out a lot of the background noises that gamers don’t want to have distracting them when they are involved in a serious gaming session. The ear cushion material is a black soft material that has a nice foam cushioning to it. The material is also durable so the headphones will last for a long time.

These headphones also work with a variety of gaming consoles and other devices that have a 3.5mm connection to them. A few examples of these consoles and devices include Xbox, PS4, PC, Mac, Tablets and more. These headphones also come with a cable that’s 3 feet in length, giving gamers a freedom of motion they will appreciate.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones are high quality 50mm speakers that allow the gamers to enjoy crisp highs and thundering, roaring lows. The mic is one with high-sensitivity and this means that it will pick up the gamers voice in a nice loud and clear manner so the other players they are playing against can hear everything they are saying; this can be extremely important to the excitement level of the game for all of the players involved in it. Another nice benefit is the gamers will be able to turn off the mic when they are using the headphones for other things like listening to music or watching movies. Gamers can even remove the mic completely if they feel the need to do so.


When gamers are involved in an exciting game a lot of that excitement can be taken away by background noise from the things that are going on around them at the time. Young kids running through the house, neighborhood dogs barking, mailmen leaving packages, rain pounding on the roof and many other noises can all interfere with the gamer’s ability to tune out everything and completely submerse themselves in the game. However, a good set of headphones such as the Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One Headphones can change everything for the gamer.

When I’m playing a game I like to get as into it as much as possible. I don’t like for there to be anything going on around me that will distract me. For this reason, I knew I had to find myself a good pair of headphones to help cut down on all that noise. Plus, I do like to play games online and to do so properly, players really should have a pair of headphones with a mic that allows them to easily and clearly communicate with the other players in the game. These headphones proved to be a perfect choice and they served every purpose I could ask for and they did so in a fantastic manner.

Siegecraft Commander: For Xbox One

Genre: Strategy

Rating: T

Developer: Blowfish Studios

The Storyline

Siegecraft CommanderSiegecraft Commander is the newest addition to the very popular Siegecraft series. The object of this game is to build a fortress in an existing branching structure that has specialized towers and indestructible walls. The building of this structure is done by angling and adjusting projectiles. Players will appreciate having the ability to enjoy the combination of twitch mechanics, as well as positional tactics, while facing the objective of using offensive and defensive weaponry to attack and destroy the enemy while taking on as little injury and destruction as possible.

As soon as this game loads the player will be presented with a menu screen that offers them the options of Campaign, Multi-player or Commander. While campaign and multi-player options are pretty self-explanatory, the commander option allows the player to customize their online persona. The more the player plays the game online they will move further up the levels and unlock more abilities and other elements they can use in the game.

Players who want to learn how to play the game with the least amount of pressure should think about going into the campaign mode. Once there, they can choose to play as the Lizardmen or as the Knights of Freemoi. It’s a good idea for the players to play as both sides so they get the best-rounded education on the game.

Once the player has poked around in the different gaming options and checked things out thoroughly then they will be in a better position to head into the game at full speed in any of the gaming modes that they want. Another nice thing about the designing of this game is that it is fairly simple to play with the controller, even though there is a lot happening on the gaming screen. Most of the gameplay is handled with the left thumb since this will position the shot, as well as control its power. The A and B buttons are the ones used to select, cancel, and fire. It’s the player’s goal to destroy and protect simultaneously and this is where experience and learned strategy comes in to play.

The Graphics

Siegecraft Commander is a great looking game with impressive graphics and a lot of fantastic details put in place that bring it up a whole other level. The game plays well and everything loads quickly. The graphics are clear, crisp and colorful. Players will also get to enjoy plenty of spectacular looking landscapes they can battle on. The 3D appearance of the graphics also helps to give the game an added touch of realism that makes players feel as if they really are a part of the action. The game keeps up with the movements and everything loads immediately with no lagging so players won’t get frustrated while they are playing.

One of the things that helps to make this game an easier one to play is the fact that its graphics include a nice arrangement of light and dark shades that help to separate the important features so players can immediately spot everything they need to in order to accomplish their mission. The small little touches like the random stones scattered in the grass and the vastly different colors in the different sides add to the game in a way that makes it even more player friendly.

The Sound Effects

A video game can be ruined with bad sound effects, or a lack of enough sound. Luckily, the sound effects on Siegecraft Commander are just what they need to be to help add to the real feel of the game. They can be loud at appropriate times, so players may want to consider having gaming headphones for times when the sounds rapidly increase.

I tend to like the more strategic games like Siegecraft Commander that also offer lots of chances for battle and other exciting elements. The graphics in Siegecraft Commander helped make it extremely entertaining for me. I found the game to be just challenging enough to keep me entertained and coming back to play it much more in the future. This is an all-around good game for players who like games with many elements.

X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair

X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game ChairThe right gaming chair can make all of the difference to a players gaming experience. If a player is sitting in a chair, couch or other seat that doesn’t feel right then they may be surprised at how stiff they feel when they get up after playing their games. Luckily, there are gaming chairs that are designed specifically for gamers. These chairs are contoured to fit the common sitting positions of players involved in their games and the chairs often come with many other features to enhance their video gaming experience as well. One of these great chairs that deserves plenty of recognition is the X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair. It has been designed specifically with the needs of gamers in mind.

Benefits and Features of the X Rocker SE Wireless Black Game Chair

When players are looking for the right gaming chair for them to incorporate into their everyday gaming routine, they want to know that they are choosing one that feels good, accommodates their moves, looks good and has a lot of other features that are going to help them in their gaming by catering to it or even enhancing it. This great game chair is compatible with many different video game systems and more. It’s compatible with Playstation, Xbox, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS and even MP3/CD/DVD. This flexibility makes this chair a great option for a gaming room, as well as for any other home theater environment. The fact that this chair also has wireless audio transmission makes it the extreme in convenient gaming chairs. Plus, it also has a side control panel built into it that’s easy to access.

This chair has a nice and sleek design to it that should work well with just about any gaming room. It is made of black vinyl and it has grey mesh sides that adds some depth to the entire look of the chair. Another added benefit this chair has to offer is it is filled with a fire retardant foam for safety reasons. The chair also folds in half in a way that makes it easy for players to store it out of the way when they aren’t going to be using it for a while. The cover is easy to clean and the material is durable so players can count on the chair to last them for a long time.

The X Rocker Game Chair has that wireless transmission that will keep the players right in the action while they master their games and have a great time. The wireless transmission will also be there for them while they enjoy other entertainment venues, such as watching movies, listening to music and even enjoying a marathon day of their favorite series. The side control panel that’s easy to reach is where the players will go when they need to turn the volume up or down, adjust the bass and even connect input and output jacks.

The speakers in this chair are also worth reviewing. These speakers are installed with built-in subwoofers that have been installed in the shoulder area of the chair. This puts them right where the players want the sound to come from. There is also a headphone jack included so players can use their headphones anytime they choose. A hardwood frame covered in contouring and comfortable materials makes the chair both secure and nice feeling.


Comfort and convenience are two things that are very important to gamers who want to play their video games in the ultimate gaming environment. Luckily, this great gaming chair offers them both of these things and a whole lot more. All of those other added elements the chair has is just icing on the cake. Comfort is extremely important to me because I find once I get in front of my games I can have a hard time getting up from them. This means I tend to feel stiff and tired after a long gaming session. However, this chair gave me the right support in all the right places. I found myself enjoying my games even more in this chair and it has become the perfect addition to my home.