High Stakes Online Casinos for 2024

Life is never boring as a high roller! Along with great risks can come great rewards if you play your cards right. It never hurts to try your hand at online high stakes casinos. But you’ll want to choose the right site for the best possible gambling experience!

You have come to the right place to find the best in online high stakes casino games. Not only will high rollers and VIPs at our favorite sites have access to better banking and table limits, but high stakes players can also enjoy having their own private host and casino team, access to special bonuses and promotions, and receive invitations to private events and exciting tournaments.

Join one of our favorite online casinos below to begin enjoying these amazing benefits and perks in no time at all!

Best High Roller Online Casinos

We have searched the online gambling market high and low. These are, without a doubt, the best VIP and high roller rewards programs and loyalty schemes to be found! Sign up today at one of our favorite casino sites.

Table of Contents

Use the links below to navigate this review with ease! Each bullet point will represent a section and clicking on the link will take you directly to that information.  This way, you can get to the information that is most relevant for you or you can skim through in a breeze.

What Is a High Roller?

In its simplest definition, a high roller is an individual who spends a lot of their money and time playing online casino games or games at a land-based casino. These are players who aren’t afraid to live life on the edge or take risks when it means reaping a fruitful reward. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’re playing at high roller status, there are two definite signs that will solidify you as such.

High Deposit and Bets

A high roller is someone who will load up their bankroll at an online casino or will buy a ton of chips at a land-based casino. They will establish their bankroll to a point where they can afford to take big risks.

Poker Cards, Poker Chips on Poker Table, Hand Opening Wallet with Money

They will also place large bets on whatever games in which they are engaged. They might spend $25 to $75 for just a few spins of a slots reel and make large bets on table games that could start with $100 then increase it to $1,000 or more!

You can typically spot a high roller bet when the player is regularly making bets of $500 or more.

Spending Much of Their Time Playing Casino Games

Just as they spend a large amount of money on their favorite casino games, high rollers will also spend a large amount of their time playing at these high stakes gambling sites. In the case of online casinos, high rollers will quickly find themselves in the site’s VIP program or loyalty scheme.

It could take as little as a month, a couple of weeks, or as low as a few days. But these players will be inducted into the high roller program at the gambling site they are patronizing. Frequent use of or time spent at an online casino will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded.

For additional information about high stakes online casinos and land-based casino programs, check out Why Do High Roller Casino Tables Exist?

High Roller Rewards and VIP Programs

Let’s take a deeper dive into each high roller casino’s VIP program. We will break down how each program works and how they can end up benefiting each player in a major way!

This information may just help you decide what you are looking for in a VIP program or loyalty scheme at a high roller casino.

Ignition Casino: Ignition Miles

Ignition Casino Logo
This top-rated VIP program at Ignition Casino comes in two parts: Tier Miles and Ignition Miles. Tier Miles are also referred to as “points.” These points are cumulative and are used to mark each player’s progress through the various levels of the rewards program.

Ignition Miles are points that can be accumulated and used to earn players various real money bonuses, cashback on losses, and invites to poker tournaments.

Below are the various ways that players can earn Ignition Miles! Check out the chart to see what games earn you the most points.

Type of Casino Game # of Ignition Miles
$1 wagered on slot games 5
$1 wagered on video poker 1
$1 wagered on table games 1
$1 wagered on specialty games 15

As you can see slots, poker, and table games are always a great time but, in this case, specialty games are the way to go!

Ignition Miles at the Poker Room

There are also rewards to be had for Ignition Casino’s poker room! Each Ignition Mile is earned from the following buy-in or rake placed by the high rolling customer.

As seen below, customers at Ignition Casino can earn Miles for participating in cash games, tournaments, and jackpot sit-and-go games.

Buy-In or Rake # of Ignition Miles
Rake $1 on All Cash Games 15
Pay $1 in Tournament Fees 15
$1 Buy In at Jackpot Sit and Gos 1

Ignition Casino Rewards Program Details Screenshot

Ignition Miles Redemption Chart

When players need to redeem their Ignition Miles, they can head over to Ignition Casino and click on “Get My Bonus” at the “Rewards” section. Players can select the number of miles they intend to redeem, but it will be dependent upon their current tier’s redemption rate.

Rewards Tier Miles Needed for Tier Cash Bonus Redemption Cashback for Losses
Steel 0 2,500 Miles = $1 6%
Chrome 2500 2,250 Miles = $1 7%
Bronze 10000 2,000 Miles = $1 8%
Silver 60000 1,750 Miles = $1 9%
Gold 150000 1,500 Miles = $1 10%
Platinum 500000 1,250 Miles = $1 11%
Titanium 1000000 1,000 Miles = $1 12%
Diamond 2500000 1,000 Miles = $1 15%

Ignition Miles: Terms and Conditions

  1. All miles are earned though real money wagers placed at Ignition Casino.
  2. Miles are earned at a rate set by the game being played.
  3. All miles expire 12 months from the date of issue.
  4. Miles can be converted to cash bonuses any time.
  5. Miles cannot be used in the poker room or in the casino.
  6. Tournament tickets are valid for 90 days.
  7. Rollover for bonus cash is 10x.
  8. Cashback on losses only applies for players will a balance of $10 or less. Cashback is applicable for both the casino and for poker.
  9. Cashback on losses rollover is 1x Casino and 5 Poker Reward Points for every $1.
  10. Those in the Chrome Tier and higher will qualify for a weekly $2,500 Poker Freeroll Tournament.
  11. Those in the Platinum Tier and higher will receive exclusive bonuses on their birthdays.

If you want to learn more about Ignition Casino and their top-rated high roller rewards program, check out Ignition Casino VIP Rewards Program. If you have already seen enough and cannot want to create a new account, sign up today!

Café Casino: Café Casino Perks

Cafe Casino LogoThis VIP rewards program is simple and straightforward. Players earn points or perks by wagering on and playing their favorite real money online casino games. Café Casino perks can be redeemed at any time for cash.

Players can also get cashback on losses and can become eligible to receive weekly bonuses! Pretty simple, right?

How to Earn Café Casino Perks

Here is a complete breakdown of the tiers at Café Casino and what it takes for player to rise up through the ranks!

Rewards Tier Cash Casino Perks Required for Tier Cash Bonus Redemption Rate Cashback for Losses
1 0 2,500 = $1 10%
2 2500 2,250 = $1 11%
3 10000 2,000 = $1 12%
4 60000 1,750 = $1 13%
5 250000 1,500 = $1 14%
6 1000000 1,250 = $1 15%
7 2500000 1,000 = $1 16%
8 5000000 1,000 = $1 18%

Rollover Requirements at Café Casino

Rollover for cash bonuses using Café Casinos Perks is 10x. Rollover for cash bonuses received when a loss is incurred is 1x.

Type of Game Percentage to Contribute
Slots 100%
Specialty Games 100%
Table Games 20%
Video Poker 10%
Blackjack 10%
Single and Double Deck Blackjack 5%
Roulette 5%
Baccarat 5%
Craps 0%

Cashback on Weekly Losses

Here are a few things you should know about the cashback program at Café Casino.

  • Players are eligible for the cashback deal if their account at or below $10, not including money tied up in play.
  • Cashback eligibility is calculated from your first deposit or your last cashback bonus.
  • Ending balances and total withdrawals are deducted from your total number of deposits. A positive number means the player can get a cashback bonus.
  • Your percentage of cashback will depend on your rewards tier.
  • Cashback comes as a cash bonus and is eligible for use with all casino games.

Perks and Bonuses of Cafe Casino Banner

Café Casino: Addition Terms and Conditions

  • To claim your perks, go to “Get My Bonus” under the “Perks” tab. Choose the number of perks you want to redeem, and they will be deposited into your account as a cash bonus.
  • Tier points advance you from one tier to the next and cannot be converted to cash bonuses. Perk points are the points that can be redeemed for cash bonuses.
  • Perk points cannot be earned by using bonus cash or locked cash.
  • Your redemption rate is different based on your tier.
  • Perk points are redeemed on a prevailing rate.
  • Players can never lose their tier status. They can only advance.

To find out more about Café Casino Perks, be sure to read Café Casino VIP Program for more information about this awesome VIP loyalty scheme. Sign up for a new account at Café Casino today and experience the benefits of this amazing rewards program firsthand!

Bovada.lv: The Loyalty Rewards Program

Bovada CasinoFor every game you play at Bovada.lv, you will be rewarded with loyalty points! Tier points will help you climb the ranks and reward points can be exchanged for cash prizes. Players who earn the maximum number of rewards points will also become eligible for membership in Bovada.lv’s beloved Red Room.

There is so much to do and experience with Bovada.lv’s Loyalty Rewards Program.

Rewards for Different Casino Games

If you love playing slot games, this is the rewards program for you! High rollers and VIPs will find that slot games will make for a much more lucrative experience at this top-rated online casino. Your number of rewards points earned though various games will be different based on which game is being played.

Games Amount Wagered Rewards Points for Each Dollar
Video Poker $1 1
Table Games $1 1
Single Deck Blackjack $1 1
Double Deck Blackjack $1 1
Blackjack $1 1
Slot Games $1 15

Some Must-Knows on Bovada.lv

  • To claim a cash bonus at Bovada.lv, click on “Get My Bonus” under the rewards section. Choose the number of points you want to redeem, and they will drop into your account at a cash bonus.
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed for cash bonuses at any time.
  • Cash prizes are determined by the number of loyalty points being redeemed.
  • Players will not receive rewards points for play involving bonus money.
  • For every transaction a player makes, their rewards points will automatically updated.
  • Rewards points will expire after 12 months if they are not used.

VIP Program at Bovada Casino is a great read for those who want to discover more about Bovada.lv and the exciting perks and benefits that await players who join the loyalty rewards program. If you are ready to get in on all the fun at Bovada.lv, join today in just a few minutes!

Bovada Security

Slots.lv: MySlots Rewards

Slots.lv LogoThe setup for the MySlots Rewards is fairly simple, but don’t let that fool you! This is an excellent rewards program where players can climb from the tiers by wagering and playing real money online casino games.

These include a large variety of slot titles, a slew of table game options, some great video poker titles, and an assortment of specialty games. All rewards points can be redeemed for amazing cash bonuses at any time!

How to Earn MySlots Rewards

Below is a breakdown of how many rewards points you can earn playing various real money games across Slots.lv. We recommend focusing on slots or specialty games in order to be successful in the MySlots Rewards program!

Type of Game Slots.lv Points
$1 wagered on slots 5
$1 wagered on video poker 1
$1 wagered on table games 1
$1 wagered on specialty games 15

Players at Slots.lv will always earn points by playing casino games for money but there will be two sets of points accrued. Tier points are one type, and these allow players to advance from one tier to the next. They cannot be redeemed for cash bonuses. On the other hand, rewards points are eligible for players to collect cash bonuses from!

Slots.lv Slot Games

Below are the various reward program tiers. Keep in mind the number of points needed to advance and the cash bonus redemption rate based on the points.

Rewards Tier MySlots Rewards Required for Tier Cash Bonus Redemption Rate
Cherry Boom 0 2,500 = $1
Candy Wrap 2500 2,250 = $1
Triple Charms 10000 2,000 = $1
Wild Jacks 60000 1,750 = $1
Dollar Rush 150000 1,500 = $1
Lightning Blitz 500000 1,250 = $1
Gold Frenzy 1000000 1,100 = $1
Diamond Flurry 2500000 1,000 = $1

MySlots Rewards: Terms and Conditions

These are some extra things that are extremely helpful to know while you make your way through the comprehensive rewards program at Slots.lv!

  • Rewards points are earned by playing any games for money at Slots.lv. All points can be redeemed at any time for cash bonuses.
  • Tier points only track your tier progress and cannot be redeemed for cash bonuses.
  • Points must be used within 12 months after they have been issued to the player.
  • Players can become eligible for special bonuses for events like a birthday or wedding anniversary.
  • Points balance is automatically updated after every transaction a player makes.
  • Players can never lose their loyalty status.

Check out Slots.lv Casino VIP Program as an additional resource for learning all about Slots.lv’s awesome rewards program. This is a great place to play as a high roller! Create a new account at Slots.lv and experience some excellent benefits in their VIP rewards program.

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  • How Comp Programs Can Save You Money

Land-Based vs. Online Casino Programs

There are different perks and benefits that await high rollers when playing online compared to playing at land-based casinos. Each is its own unique experience, so rewards will look different. Much of this has to do with the player either participating from their mobile device or physically being at a land-based location.

Land-Based Casino Rewards Programs Online Casino Rewards Programs
Players can enjoy adjustable stakes and access to exclusive VIP rooms. Tier points for players to rise through the rewards program.
Players can get discounts on lodging at various Vegas hotels. Rewards programs that can be redeemed for cash bonuses.
Free limousine service to and from the casino is made available. Players can get cashback on their weekly losses with a balance of $10 or less.
Many rewards programs will cover the expenses of food and drinks. Players can enjoy cash games, tournaments, and jackpot sit and gos.

Land-based rewards programs are geared toward the expenses surrounding lodging, food and drink, and access to various rooms and high limit areas across the casino property. Online rewards programs have more to do with the accruing points system that customers can use to redeem for great cash bonuses.

Top Benefits of the High Roller Lifestyle

The high roller lifestyle is not for everyone! Not everyone will have the financial resources or time to play in the aggressive fashion that high rollers are known for. And even if you do have the means, you must be comfortable with making large risks if you are looking to potentially rake in a large reward or payout.

If you can realistically adopt the practices, there are so many benefits and perks that await those who play high stakes online casino games and are active members in an online casino VIP program. Here are some of the best reasons to become a high roller today!

Invitations to Private Events and Tournaments

As a high rolling VIP, customers who play high stakes games and put in a lot of face-time at their favorite site will have access to private events and tournaments, courtesy of the online casino they are using.

This is one of the major perks that comes with being a high roller. These special events come with unique table limits and are exclusively for high rollers alone!

Playing On an Online Casino on a Laptop With Bonus On Right

Access to Special Bonuses

Being a high roller also means that you will have access to several special bonuses that are not offered to the regular player. This means there are more opportunities to get ahead with your money.

When it comes to building their online bankroll, they will have more resources at their disposal in order to increase their bankroll.

Access to Private Host and Casino Team

One of the most tangible benefits of the high roller lifestyle is having access to a private casino host as well as a private casino team.

This means that high limit players no longer have to go through the general customer service channels at the online casino in order to get issues resolved or their questions answered. Their personal host and team are available 24/7 to handle all their needs.

Higher Limits

This makes sense, right? High-stakes players will have access to higher limits when they become part of the casino’s VIP program or loyalty scheme.

It only makes sense! Higher limits means a higher ceiling for placing bets. And this equates to enhanced opportunities for players to build their bankrolls to new and exciting levels!

Better Banking With Enhanced Limits

Not only can high-limit players get better limits for their bets, but they can also get better limits for their banking options as well! This includes both deposits and payouts.

With deposits, high-limit players can increase the amount they put into their online account. They also have the option to up their daily withdrawals by getting enhanced payout limits.

Consider joining one of our recommended gambling sites. It only takes a few minutes! Signing up is a breeze, and you will be well on your way to amazing benefits in no time at all!

To discover more benefits found at top-rated high stakes casinos, be sure to read How Casinos Treat High Rollers! This will give you some more insight as to the rewards and perks of being a high roller, both online and at a brick and mortar casino.

Group of People at Casino Gaming Table, High Roller Logo on the Bottom Right Hand

How Do I Find a Top-Rated High Stakes Online Casino?

If you are wondering how we compiled our list of the best online casinos for high limits players, check out the criteria below that we used to determine the sites with the best online casino VIP programs and loyalty schemes.

This can serve as a great template for anyone who is looking for a reputable high stakes gambling site. These are the attributes and aspects that players of all types should be looking for in their online casino!

Full Licensure and Completely Legal

We made absolutely sure that each casino site on our list could legally accept bets from players in the US.

We also made sure each site was fully licensed by a legitimate gaming commission or gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. This might be the single most import factor in determining a great high roller site.

Safety Procedures and Security Protocols

This is another major factor in deciding the best sites for our list. We made sure each one of the high roller gambling sites was using encryption technology.

This ensures that all financial and personal information that is shared with the site by the customer is kept safeguarded and completely confidential.

There are also vetting procedures in place for new customers such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

Wide Selection of High Stakes Games

We made sure each site had a large variety of games that are great for high rollers and VIPs. This includes games with low house edges and high RTPs like blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, and others. As with any online casino for high stakes, these games come with enhanced betting limits!

If you’re looking for a wide selection of games, we encourage you to check out Ignition Casino! They bring a new definition to the concept of game choice and variety. Create a new account today!

Special High Roller Bonuses and Promos

The best high stakes online casinos come with special bonuses designed especially for the high roller clientele and these online gambling sites deliver strong on this promise. There are a ton of great ways to build up your bankroll using the amazing bonuses and promotional offers available at our favorite high-stakes sites!

Bovada.lv has been in the market for a long time, and they know how to appeal to their customers’ high limit sensibilities by offering the best in special real money bonuses! Join Bovada.lv today and play at one of the best online casinos with high roller bonuses.

Great Customer Service

Customer Service

We made sure to include sites that give the full VIP experience in terms of customer service. This means that all high stakes players have access to their own private VIP host and team. They are available 24/7 through phone call or live chat. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Café Casino is a great choice for anyone who is looking for great service and support. They come highly recommended in the realm of service.

Varied Banking Options

This is another important factor for the best online casinos for high stakes. Each site we recommend comes fully equipped with a large variety of banking methods for both deposits and payouts.

Big money players will also get better limits than the average customer using this perk of the online casino VIP program or loyalty rewards.

Fast Payouts

These would not be fantastic sites for high rollers if the payouts were not speedy!

Our research team made sure each site could conduct fast payouts, as low as 48 hours, before they included them on our recommendations list! Who wants to experience slow payouts, anyway?

They were strong with a variety of banking options, and they deliver on payouts fast as well! We are talking about Slots.lv, of course, and you should consider sign up for a new account today!

Online Casino

Best High Stakes Online Casino Games

What are the best real money online casino games to play as a VIP or high roller? We will cover each of the best game types that really offer high stakes players a better edge and can set them up for success. The right games for high rollers have a perfect blend of low house edge and a high return to player (RTP) percentage. Here are the best real money games online for high stakes to perform in the strongest manner possible!


Blackjack Banner

Blackjack is one of those perfect games for aggressive players (and especially for high rollers) because of the use of strategy to improve the game’s outcome! Blackjack players who know what they are doing and use a strategy to attain optimal play can force the house edge down about 1.5%! In terms of the best house edge for the player, this game is the all-time reigning champion.

Average Return to Player (RTP): 80% – 90%

Average House Edge: 0.5% (using optimum strategy) or 2%


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Baccarat Banner

Not only does this real money casino game use an interesting strategy that is great for high limits players, but it also allows players to increase their chances of winning big by betting on the dealer to take it all! By placing the right type of bet, players can drop the house edge off an additional .18% down to a low 1.06%.

Baccarat has a lower house edge than blackjack in that those who play blackjack without using strategy are less likely to win than the average baccarat player. But once optimal strategy is used, blackjack blows baccarat out of the water. Baccarat is a close second in terms of house edge.

Average Return to Player (RTP): 89.64% – 98.95%

Average House Edge: Banker Bet: 1.06% or Player Bet 1.24%


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Craps Banner

Third on our list of best high roller casino games is craps! Like blackjack and poker, craps requires some skill in knowing winning combinations and the probabilities of those numbers coming up. Like baccarat, craps allows players to place bets on the house which can really allow for some crazy payout opportunities for those who take them. Naturally, this one is really popular amongst high rollers!

Average Return to Player (RTP): 98.64%

Average House Edge: 1.36%


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Poker Banner

This is another classic casino game where a strategy involving bluffing your opponent and a basic knowledge of probabilities can really open up the right doors for great success! Poker is one of the most-played and beloved casino games across the world, so it’s no surprise that it has made it onto our list of best real money high roller games. Aggressive high stakes players will want to play the best version of the game as each version has a different house edge.

Average Return to Player (RTP): 95% – 98%

Average House Edge:       Three Card Poker: 1.5%

                                                Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em: 2.19%

                                                Pai Gow Poker: 2.5%


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Roulette Banner

This is another great staple found at nearly at online casino and offers a really low house edge. It’s the perfect game for a high roller to sink their teeth into! Similar to playing poker, players need to choose the right variation of the game to play. European Roulette beats out American Roulette by a huge difference of 2.56% when it comes to the house edge.

Average Return to Player (RTP): 97.30% (European Roulette)

Average House Edge:       European Roulette: 2.70%

American Roulette: 5.26%


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The Best Destinations in Vegas for High Rollers

Bellagio in Vegas

These are some of the best places for high rollers and VIPs to go for the greatest action in Sin City! These places are perfect for those who are looking for the classic casino experience but also want to enjoy higher table limits and a slew of extra amenities. Do the Las Vegas Strip in style and visit one of these of great casinos for your high stakes needs!

Casino Square Footage Betting Limits High Roller Amenities
Aria Resort & Casino $150,000 $0.01 – $5,000 Marker Limit, High Limit Lounge, Adjustable Stakes, Up to $5,000 per slots spin
Bellagio 116,000 $100 – $20,000 One Night at the Bellagio Villa, Bellagio M life Rewards, Access to Bobby’s Room, Limousine Service
Caesars Palace 124,181 $50 – $50,000 Suite Dealers, Caesar Rewards, High Roller Lounge, Packages and Special Offers, Luxurious Accommodations
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 110,000 $100 – $300,000 Fast Pay Technology, Negotiate Stake Limits, High Stake Areas designated for High Rollers
Luxor Resort and Casino 120,000 $100 – $5,000 Hight Limit Area Designated for High Rollers, Negotiate Stakes Limits, Up to $5,000 per hand
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 135,000 $0.01 – $5,000 Table Games with High Limits, Up to $100 per Slots Spin, Various Rewards Available
MGM Grand 171,500 $100 – $5,000 Exclusive VIP Room, Limousine Service, “The Mansion” Casino Floor, High Limits Areas Available
Palms Casino Resort 95,000 $0.01 – Not listed High Limits Lounge, Palms Sky Villa, Loyalty Club Rewards
Westgate Resort and Casino 95,000 $100 – $2,000 High Limit Table Games and Poker, Casino Events, Loyalty Scheme and VIP Program, High Stakes Casino
Wynn Resort and Casino 190,000 $500 – $10,0000 High Stakes Poker and Table Games, Dining and Entertainment Amenities, Red Card Membership

Responsible Gambling

One of the greatest keys to success in being a high roller is gaming responsibly and doing so without developing any sort of gambling addiction. There is a difference between taking large risks and doing it well and simply spiraling out of control.

For information on gambling responsibly, we encourage you to check out some of these resources and extra reading materials:

  • What Does Responsible Gambling Look Like?
  • What Does “Responsible Gambling” Mean?
  • 7 Ideas of How to Spend the Money You Didn’t Lose Casino Gambling
  • Gambling Mistakes That Lead to Devastating Casino Losses

FAQs About Playing for High Stakes

If you still have questions about high roller casinos and high stakes gambling sites, find more answers below in our comprehensive FAQs section!

  • How Much Do I Need to Bet to Be Considered a High Roller?

    High rollers will typically spend around $100 for their initial wagers on table games and will often begin increasing their bets into the thousands soon after.

    When it comes to slots, it is not shocking to find a high roller betting $25 to $75 for just a few spins! It is safe to say that they will easily spend $500 or more to make account deposits or to place bets on the high stakes games they enjoy.

  • What Are the Best Perks to Being a High Roller?

    Being a high roller at an online casino comes with many benefits. There will be invitations to exciting tournaments and private events. High stakes players will have access to their own private host and casino team.

    Games come with higher limits and high stakes banking comes with enhanced limits compared to banking for regular customers. To top it off, there are also special bonuses available to high rollers, bonuses that are not available to the typical player.

  • Where Are Some of the Best Spots in Vegas Where High Rollers Play?

    High rollers can enjoy high limit gaming in Las Vegas at places like the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Wynn Resort and Casino, Luxor, Aria, Westgate, Mandalay Bay, and many more!

  • What Makes for a Good High Roller Online Casino?

    Good high roller casinos online are ones that are fully licensed by a legit gaming commission and legal for US players. They provide customers with bonuses that have higher limits, banking methods for deposits and payouts with higher limits, and the best in high limit online casino games.

    Top-rated customer service is also available with high rollers having access to their own private VIP host and casino team.

    • As a High Roller, What Are Some of the Best Games to Play Online?

      High rollers will typically play games that over a high return-to-player rate and a low house edge. These players are serious about making the most money that they can while gambling online and choose their games strategically and intentionally.

      These games are typically the ones where players can use a basic strategy to increase their chances of winning like blackjack, poker, baccarat, craps, and roulette. High rollers also enjoy playing slots as well and will spend large amounts of money on just a few spins!

    • How Do You Become a VIP?

      In order to become a VIP at an online casino, you must be frequently playing high limit games and making large deposits and bets of around $500 or more. Once you begin practicing these behaviors and actions, you will be on your way to VIP status in no time at all! In fact, most high rollers attain VIP status in a short amount of time once they join an online casino.

    • What Are Some Good Online High Stakes Slots?

      There are plenty of great online slots for the high stakes players out there. For great high limit action, we encourage you to check out Danger High Voltage by Big Time Gaming, Space Wars by NetEnt, Dead or Alive II by NetEnt, Book of Dead by Play ‘n Go, and Jamming Jars by Push Gaming. Each contains an excellent RTP percentage and an impressive maximum payout!

    • Who Is the Most Famous High Roller of All-Time?

      Kerry Packer is largely considered the greatest high roller of all time. The Australian media mogul was worth $4.5 billion at one point in time and was known for regularly betting around $450,000 for each hand of blackjack he played! His wins in Vegas totaled $33 million as well as an astounding $28 million won in London.

    • Why Are High Rollers Called “Whales?”

      A high roller is sometimes also referred to as a whale because of their habit for spending large amounts of money playing online casino games. Many casinos and gambling sites describe whales as, “People with money to spend and who are likely to spend it on us.”