5 Ways You Can (Still) Bet on Trump’s Chances for 2024

Former President of the United States Donald J Trump

Despite his indictment this week — or maybe because of it — it seems the odds of Donald Trump’s winning in 2024 have increased. After weeks of speculation, the former president was officially indicted on 34 felony accounts for allegedly falsifying business records on March 31st, 2022.

Trump’s presidency was full of surprises, from his upset win over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election to the events of January 6th, 2021. So, it should come as no surprise that the former President has continued to make headlines. The MAGA faithful continue to support Trump as he gears up for another run in 2024.

Thanks to the top sports betting sites, you can still wager on both Trump’s current legal troubles and his potential 2024 Presidential campaign. I will break down everything you need to know about betting on Trump’s chances in 2024 and his upcoming legal battles right here.   

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How to Bet on Donald Trump

Modern sportsbooks offer odds on more than just popular sporting events. The best sportsbooks will offer novelty betting options, allowing you to wager on everything from the Oscars to Politics. Here are three easy steps you can follow to bet on Donald Trump.

Find the Right Sportsbook

Before you can place any bets, you need to find a place that offers the odds you are looking for. In this case, you will want a sportsbook that offers political betting odds. You also have to make sure that the sportsbook is allowed to operate in your state.

So, if you are betting from the Sunshine State, you need to sign up for a site that fits Florida’s gambling laws. Even offshore betting sites have to have the correct license to operate in specific states.

Bettors should also consider factors like banking methods, security, and the fairness of the odds themselves. Finding a safe gambling site that has great payment options and fair odds will help ensure you have a positive betting experience. 

Do Your Research

Once you have chosen a sportsbook, it is time to decide which bets offer you the best odds of winning. This will require some research on your part into the chances of Trump winning in 2024.

Researching your bets regarding Trump at this time can be somewhat hard to do. No former President has ever been indicted before. As a result, there is a lot of speculation and misinformation floating around in these unprecedented times.

But this should not scare you away from betting on Donald Trump’s 2024 odds or his upcoming legal battles. All you need to do is make sure you are getting information from reliable, unbiased sources.

Reliable polling organizations, like FiveThirtyEight, are great resources. FiveThirtyEight already has resources detailing how this indictment could affect Trump’s chances in 2024

Place Your Bets

After picking your sportsbook and completing your research, you can finally make your wagers. If you have not already, you will need to make a deposit so you have funds to wager with. New members of sportsbooks can usually claim welcome bonuses, which can give you more money to bet with.

When placing your bets, it is important to be as unbiased as possible. Politics are naturally a polarizing topic in the US and Trump has been a divisive figure since starting his first Presidential campaign.

For many bettors, this may mean betting against their preferred outcome. But if you want to win money wagering on politics, then you need to bet on what you think will happen not what you want to happen. Remaining unbiased is a critical part of any betting strategy.

Where to Bet on Trump

From his criminal case, to his political career, to where he’ll move next, there’s still plenty of lines running on Donald Trump. Sportsbooks like Bovada and BetOnline are offering bettors the chance to wager on this unprecedented case.

1 – Bovada

Bovada has been one of the top betting sites for years, so it should come as no surprise that it offers great political betting markets. This sportsbook has multiple prop bets available regarding former President Trump’s indictment in New York.

At the time of writing, Bovada has five prop bets available for this topic. You can wager on everything from whether Trump will serve prison time to if he will move to Russia before 2025.

Some of my favorite wagers currently being offered by Bovada on this topic are:

  • Will Donald Trump be found guilty of one or more felonies in New York?

  • Who will serve prison time first: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

  • Will Trump avoid prison time with a plea bargain?

The great betting markets are just one reason to consider betting at Bovada. New members can also claim great welcome bonuses to help fund their political betting bankrolls. Also, there is a well-rounded rewards program that offers a ton of benefits for existing members.

Place Your Bets Now at Bovada

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2 – BetOnline

Another great option for wagering on Trump’s current legal battles is BetOnline. This sportsbook has a ton of futures bets available regarding the former President. Five wagers specifically about Trump’s indictment in New York.

  • Trump’s total indictments before the 2024 Presidential election: over/under 2.5

  • Will Trump cut a plea deal with prosecutors?

  • Donald Trump to move to Russia before 2025?

  • Will Trump serve jail time before 2025?

  • Trump to serve jail time before 2026?

As you can see, the oddsmakers at BetOnline are not favoring Trump being convicted on any charges before the 2024 Presidential election. This is in line with most news organizations, who are not predicting that Trump will serve prison time.

Even left-leaning news sites like CNN are not predicting that the former President will serve time. CNN’s Elie Honig recently detailed several reasons why Trump could avoid prison.

The bets above from BetOnline still offer plenty of value to bettors. One option for Trump to avoid jail time could be accepting a plea deal. The sportsbook is currently offering 3:1 odds that Trump will accept a plea deal from New York prosecutors.

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Sportsbooks With the Latest Donald Trump 2024 Odds

Even if the former President is convicted of his current charges, he will still be allowed to run for President in 2024. Here are three sports betting sites offering Donald Trump 2024 odds.

3 – BetUS

BetUS is one of the top sports betting sites available to US bettors. It has a ton of wagers already available for the 2024 Presidential election. The election is not until next November, but discussions are already taking place regarding potential candidates.

Even if Trump is convicted of the charges he is currently facing, he would still be eligible to run for President. BetUS has several betting markets revolving around a potential 2024 run by the former President.

Some of the current wagers available involving Donald Trump include:

  • Trump to be elected as a third-party candidate?

  • Will Trump campaign even if he is convicted of a crime?

  • Who will be the Republican nominee for the 2024 election?

  • Will it be Trump vs. Biden again in 2024?

Create Your BetUS Account Today

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4 – MyBookie

Another fantastic option for betting on the 2024 Presidential election is MyBookie. This betting site already has several betting markets available for the next US general election. Donald Trump is available as a betting option in several markets.

Trump’s chances in 2024 compare favorably to many candidates according to MyBookie. He has some of the shortest odds in many election betting markets, including:

  • Who will win the next US Presidential election?: Trump (+244) has the second-shortest odds in this wager. He is behind only Joe Biden (+175) and slightly ahead of Ron DeSantis (+340).

  • Which candidate will be the Republican Presidential nominee?: Trump (-125) is currently favored in this wager. The closest candidate to the former President is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (+150).

MyBookie also offers odds on Democratic candidates and which party will ultimately win the 2024 election.

Bet Now With MyBookie

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5 – Everygame

One of the most important techniques for any sports bettor to master is the ability to shop odds. Finding the best value is an important part of being a successful bettor. For instance, if you are serious about betting on Trump to win the 2024 election, you should connoisseur betting at Everygame.

This sportsbook has both Ron DeSantis (+225) and Joe Biden (+250) ahead of Trump. Everygame has Donald Trump’s 2024 odds listed at just +333, giving him the third-shortest odds to win.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that a wager on Trump at +333 will pay more than the same wager at +244. Simply put, betting on Trump at Everygame gives you the chance to make more money than wagering at other sites.

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Will You Bet on Donald Trump’s 2024 Presidential Odds?

Former President Donald Trump has been indicted in New York on 34 charges of falsifying business records. Despite facing felony charges, the former President is still a leading contender to win the 2024 Presidential election. You can still bet on Trump to win the next election, and you can wager on the outcome of his current legal battles.

Stay up to date on our latest coverage of Donald Trump and other Presidential candidates by reading these betting blogs.

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